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Ello there! Hope to see you join this small yet friendly community.
You may be wondering what this server has to offer. I have prepared an answer:
This server includes:

**- Super fun bots including Bob (DankMemer)
- Voice chats that go from 2 - 69 members total 😏
- MEMES! 😂🔥
- Music (Rhythm) 🎶 🎵
- Reaction roles (coming soon!)
- Anime 🔥🔥
- Minecraft ⛏️
- And much more!
What are you waiting for mate? Join this server!
This is my official discord server although, The rules are strict, if broken the can easily result in a ban
First rule, no homophobic photos or bullying
Second rule, disrespecting staff can result in a mute or kick and if serious enough a ban
Third rule, harmful speech or suicide talk is NOT TOLERATED
Fourth rule, do not ping me or server staff for no reason unless you find something wrong, do not dm us
Fifth rule, please have fun here at our server this is a non-toxic bully free zone
idk what to put here just join if you want and do whatever the hell you feel like doing
Adding more and more spam ping bots larger the server grows and adding more spam chats.

=24/7 Bot hosting
=Fast ping service
=Active Owner
Our Community Offers a variety
-Bot spam
-An anime community
-Kinda Child Friendly Enviorment
-We Offer Marage dating therapy and Relaxation
-We are getting the best we can done
Come down to Lanoak for some fun and gaming! We are new so we reccomend not leaving for the shortage of channels
A server mostly thrown together by a group of friends for nothing more than fun and chaotic pastimes. As far as we've decided, the only thing not allowed is NSFW (for now, most of us are underage, it's more just safety than anything) and racism, anything else is pretty much fair game.