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⇢「 This is a My Hero Academia Roleplay server, Where you can roleplay, chat about the anime, join events, gain special roles, and overall have fun! 」

⇢ 《 We are currently looking for 》
► Active/semi active members!
► Literate/Semi Literate roleplayers!
► Fun people to chat about anime and be friends with!

⇢ 【What can you do in this server】?
↳ Of course roleplay with literate/ semi literate people!
↳ You can use your own original characters to roleplay with!
↳ You can audition and take the spot as your favorite BNHA Character! Whether it's a hero, villain, or student! You will officially be them!
↳ You can have a custom background that the mods will partake in! Want to be a traitor?
↳ Events are always fun to do! We have the USJ attack, the Sports Festival, Contests, just popping in for you to join when open!
↳ Don't always wanna roleplay, or wanna just practice? Good news! We have a general chat, arts and oc's channel, writing practice, and even a development channel!

⇢ ◤ Partnerships always welcome ! ◢

❝And remember.. PLUS ULTRA !❞
this is a server for bnha! if you join we hope for you to have a lot of fun and make a load of new friends! uwuwuwu
Welcome to the UA Hero Academy! Here, you will train to become awesome heroes, and defend people against villains! We are super excited for you to join us on your journey!

This server takes place as a kind of next-gen after the main series. The staff is... interesting... We are a small server now, but with time, we will grow! We are super excited for you to come roleplay with us! Join us~
The famous class of 1A have all successfully moved on to 2A and are now beginning their second year of UA High. All for One and Stain have escaped and the League of Villains is ever growing, causing chaos as they plan for their most deadly year yet. Pro heroes are falling more frequently than ever and heroes in training must rise to stop the violence.

That's where your characters come in. Since Deku's class has made a name for themselves, the next ones to enter UA will be closely watched by both friends... and foes.
BNHA Chill is probably like any other chill place of any fandom. Mainly focused on the anime/manga Boku no Hero Academia, the server can also involve other animes and stuff. Come join! Also, this server is very new. Would appreciate it if you join and be a mod and stuff.
A My Hero Academia Role Play Set 10 years after Izuku Midoriya and the other protagonists graduate, so while Canon Characters are mentioned, they are rarely used outside of some school staff. We hope you have fun here, go beyond, Plus Ultra!
Hello! This is a relatively new server with only one member other than myself, if anyone is interested in joining, or wants to know more before joining, message me at VinceDood #7301 for more information or to apply.
It is a anime group dedicated to all genres of anime manga and literature of the same sorts! Enjoy anime topic quizzes and a ranking system based on hem to boot.
Welcome to Boku No Kinky Academia! a dubbing group!~ Where we dub comics , manga and or anime scenes which this topic is soon to where everyone is casted we welcome everyone!
Welcome to the best “college” young friend! In here it can be a total mess, configuring mostly about what should happen, how to deal with stupid fights *cough* Deku and Bakugo... Anyway, why don’t you stop reading this and join? Don’t be worried, dear friend!