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Here we go, A Second Chance for Heroes, Villains and others alike for something Super:

"15 Years after the Climax between Class 1-A and The League of Villains, Now Musutafu has been way better than it was before with much less crime and with many of the former students becoming Heroes themselves or just Retiring happily to a normal and peaceful life, Everything seems pretty fine with Deku and Co up the top, Right?

Well, If that was the case then there would be no strife but like all things there is problems, With the Number #1 Hero not really going out and about anymore and some new ideals being made, 15 years was enough time for many different Cabals to grow in the shadows and some to resurface from being destroyed prior and they will soon be ready to show themselves, This is not the only problem as well as now with the years, Few people have been showing unstable and extremely strong quirks which can become a problem for heroes, villains and practically everyone, It's not perfect but what happens next all depends on your characters!"

Hope to see you in the serv!
In a different universe, the villains have taken over. Gangs, petty criminals, and the League now run rampant. There's no one to stop them until an uprising starts. An uprising of heroes. You have a choice: Either be with the villains and cause chaos or be with the uprising and try to rebuild society. [Starts at the ending of season 3!].
Acho que nunca viu um server desse nê?-Brasileiro,Boku no Hero e Roleplay em um unico lugar,então o que esta esperando?
''Bots variados e divertidos
''Sistema de combate e de dado
''Liberdade para criação de poderes e outros
''Eventos de chefão e outros
''Uma cidade completa do anime para fazer rp
"ERP(Erotic-RolePlay) liberado!

..Estamos te esperando"..
Set in an Alternate Reality to that of the Anime, My Hero Academia: Alternative is a brand new Roleplay with a verity of Custom and Canon Quirks to chose from! So, why not give it a shot?
This a server where we hang out and roleplay on a certain roleplay game in roblox, we do professional roleplays.