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A new Boku no Hero Academia themed server, with a different universe than the original. In here you will be able to make your own Hero/Villain/Vigilante and to make your own quirk. The plot is detached from the original, as this is an AU (alternate universe) so of course there won't be the same quirks too. We also have a bunch of bots for you to play around with when bored, and are open to suggestions and ideas!

☢️non toxic☢️ ☮️friendship-starts☮️
♋️memes♋️ 🇯🇵anime🇯🇵 💮StarWars💮
In a different universe, the villains have taken over. Gangs, petty criminals, and the League now run rampant. There's no one to stop them until an uprising starts. An uprising of heroes. You have a choice: Either be with the villains and cause chaos or be with the uprising and try to rebuild society. [Starts at the ending of season 3!].
Acho que nunca viu um server desse nê?-Brasileiro,Boku no Hero e Roleplay em um unico lugar,então o que esta esperando?
''Bots variados e divertidos
''Sistema de combate e de dado
''Liberdade para criação de poderes e outros
''Eventos de chefão e outros
''Uma cidade completa do anime para fazer rp
"ERP(Erotic-RolePlay) liberado!

..Estamos te esperando"..
Set in an Alternate Reality to that of the Anime, My Hero Academia: Alternative is a brand new Roleplay with a verity of Custom and Canon Quirks to chose from! So, why not give it a shot?