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We are Bloons TD Battles + BTD 6/5 related server with OVER 1200+ MEMBERS at the moment. 

What do we offer:

# We have BTD6 Co-op match request channel and special BTD6 Co-op role! So you can get easily co-op matches with others!
# Special MEE6 level roles going up to a Moderator! Like: Dart Monkey|Level 1, Super Monkey|Level 4 and of course many more!
# Special roles for matchmaking! Like: Late game, BTD6 Co-op, Modders, Club Member and many more!
# Active staff whenever you need help!
# Channel #advertising! Where you can advertise your own discord servers, YouTube channels and anything else you like.
# Special BTD 6 roles! Like Race Top 1%, Expert CHIMPS beaten, level 80 and many more!

# Special BTD Battles badge roles! Like Prestige Gold, World Gold, Regional Gold and many more!
# Strategy pro! Will be applied to players who can make working strategies themselves and can help others with strategies.
# A lot of awesome and useful bots! Like MEE6, Dyno, Dank memer and many more!
# **Late Game guides! We have 7 channels dedicated for late game strategies.
# Channel #suggestions! You can suggest any changes or improvements we can make because all messages will be read by admins and owner!
# Awesome meme emojis! Pepe, monka and other emojis!