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JustSan's Lounge is a new gaming community looking for people that want to socialize and game! But we have a little something extra, but you will have to join and see what that is! *hint* look at tags* BlackMarket*
This server gives you an opportunity to make some friends, play games together, enjoy some good tunes or just talk about your everyday life!

What we offer:

An active chat!
Friendly and active staff that keep the place fun and safe~
Bots to make the chats just a little more interesting and fun.
Home to our unique BlackMarket
Music bot for the best songs!
No NSFW content, everyone is welcome!
Place to share your creations
Custom roles! New ones can always be added.


So don’t be afraid to join! Grab a drink and a snack and go have fun with everyone!!
Welcome to "The Portal". Here you will find a great community of seller looking to make life easier for you by getting mainly anything you want for a fraction of the cost. In your assurance all people found guilty of scamming will be banned, and to prevent this I recommend going to the OwnerShop to see if he can take care of you beforehand. With that being said welcome to The Portal.
Hello Everyone, Welcome To Carding Central
On this server you will be able to build relations with other people that are familiar with the dark web, and you will also be able to purchase others services so feel free to sell your services or to purchase any.

And last but not least WE DO NOT TOLERATE SCAMMERS.

If u r caught scamming you will be banned from the server
| Welcome to Gray Trading | The server for trading and selling methods
This server is a one-stop spot to find and sell methods from other users. We have verified sellers and a custom discord bot to make sure your experience is the easiest and most efficient one you've had. Scammers will be immediately banned from this server, report them in our chats.



Hey do you suck on making YouTube Art/banners, thumbnails, intros, editing, can't find any images for editing, thumbnails, banner etc? Or you're just lazy and don't wanna do anything. Well here We can make you those stuff and the prizes are cheap only 5 dollars and below. Also we need people to do some (but you can get paid full money). People you can sell you're stuff here. (Legal only). But if you want to be the ones who can edit, make thumbnails etc DM me and you can get paid :)
Just a casino server for gambling virtual or actual currency. In the casino you are able to advert your items, business, in-game loot in our new marketplace ! We even have a blackmarket, but shhhhhh. So join if your a gambling addict
Sell and buy goods
Do not join if you are not looking to buy and sell
Not everything here is legal
Come to make money easy!!! ;)
Notre discord BlackMarket et Legale !
Aucun problemes d'achats , pour petits prix des grosse choses !
Des reductions pour les Vip et les Acheteur !
Venez voir pas vous meme !