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CODM Media BR Tournaments runs professionally organized battle royal tournaments for cash prizes. If you play Call Of Duty Mobile you can come to our server to find a team and compete or if you already have a team you can register for the next tournament and compete. Each tournament is professionally streamed with commentary.

Join now and get registered for the next tournament!
Hey Everyone!

ムSavage is recruiting active players!

We are a Battle Royale and Zombie clan with over 20 members! We are a clan based in NA/EU. We have a very active discord server and play with each other all the time!

With that said, we still do enjoy multiplayer and Ranked, but that is not our focus.

ムSavage is a Casual clan - this means we don’t force anyone to participate in tournaments nor do we expect you to practice every day at a certain time.

Requierments :
- Able to speak English
- Lvl 100+
- Ability to voice chat in both discord and game
- Active in the ムSavage discord channel
- Willing to add the "SVGム" clan tag to your name

Savage is a mature adult clan. If you would like to join Savage or just check out the clan join the Server :)
Team Serpents is an OCE based Fortnite clan. We are currently looking for underrated players that are based in Oceania (OCE).

Here are some player requirements and qualities we are looking for;
- You have to be Division 4 or higher in Arena
- You have to be older than the age of 10 (10 years or more)
- You have to be experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to scrims
- This means you also have to be a good builder and aimer
- You have to have good communication skills with your teammates
- That means it is a necessity to own a working mic
- We don't accept toxicity of any forms within our community
- You have to be dedicated to our clan
- That means you can't play for another clan/org or team
- It is a requirement that you are active in our Discord server (roughly 1-2 hours a day).

To join you need to make an RC (Recruitment Video) and post it to youtube. When uploading the video to youtube please use these tags, #SerpentsOnTop or SerpentsRC

If you are interested in joining or think you have what it takes, please contact Toefee on Discord.
Tired of playing with bots? Come join our discord and play with some real players! If your good enough maybe try out for our team!
This is a discord simulation of a battle royal. Be assigned a squad, drop in and fight everyone to the death. Last squad standing wins!!!
Gaming Universe is a gaming server (and clan) for amateur, beginner, and pro gamers alike and the server of the streamer
What we do:
We will help you with online games. If your stuck on a challenge or mission we are here to help.
We will help you grow your YouTube/Twitch channel. The more members we get the more we can help your channel grow. we will also help any Youtuber/Twitch Streamer with channel art, thumbnails, ect
join this server for hours of fun!
>>> ** Ao is recruiting **
**Ao is a new upcoming legal organization thriving to achieve the best and enter the competitive scene. We want our players to reach success and have fun while they are in this organization.**
```What we are looking for?```
- NAE, NAW, and EU players
- Managers(Past Experience)
- Editors
• Must be active and Mature(Doesn't mean you have to be older than like 18 just means you most not be toxic)
• Must be able to record and send clips
```We offer```
• Free designs and edits
• Skilled players
• Amazing community
• Daily Scrims and Customs • Future contracts (2020)
nuovo server per giochi come fortnite e altri. Siamo aperti a suggerimenti per migliorare il server

Welcome to PUBG INDIA
1. Vc (duo,trio,squad)
2. Fun bots
3. Tournaments
5. Revealing of Hidden prizes!!(Falcon frame to parachutes)
6. Tier role
7. Clan advertisement
8. Active community
Zapraszam na mój serwer na discordzie!
->Granie w Battle Royal
->Granie w Ratowanie Świata
->Dużo konkórsow na bronie do Ratowanie Świata
Жду всех на свём сервере.
Я сам стример на твиче.
Вскоре тут будут проводится турики кастомки и т.д.
🐼Panda Trading🐼

We Offer^

🔫Gun Trading🔫

🚨Notes: This is A New Server!
Disclaimer: We Are Recruiting Staff To The Next 5 People To Join Server.

The official Discord server.

Here we will host pro scrims, snipes (solo/duo/squad), and tournaments for various games.

Games include but is not limited to:
- Fortnite Battle Royale
- PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)
- Overwatch
- Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

Regular gamers who are not interested in scrims and snipes are also more than welcome to join <3
Want to sell an account for money? or buy an og account. Here is the place to join. Many players are here selling/trading/buying

We offer:

✦ Staff / Recruiting staff

✦ Trusted Middle Mans

✦ Reputation System

✦ No scammer / Scammers get Instant Banned ❌

✦ Giveaways

✦ +more Come find out! Join now!

+Voice Channels
Ανερχομενη ελλινικη clan για εμπειρους gamers που θελουν να αφιεροσουν χρονο στο game τους !
Μπορειτε να κανετε promote!
Επισης μπορειτε να μπειτε μονο για χαλαρωση και για να μας γνωρισετε!
GPG UP!👆👆👆
We are a Pro scrim server that hosts 10 scrims or more a day very active.
🎖 Scrims/Tournaments-weekly
🛡 -Competitive players needed
🎮-casual players needed
📱community players welcome here

The Red Renegades Are Recruiting!

We are a brand new causal Fortnite clan of Burnouts and Redlines looking to grow! Do not think of us as your typical competitive clan, think of us as a group of friends who you can squad up with anytime! However there are a few requirrequirements that you should be aware of. Said requirements may involve you altering your appearance in-game as well as in discord for a more formal look for the clan, but if you can meet these requirements, I assure you that you won't regret it or we will welcome you with open arms!

• You must own Burnout or Redline
• You must bear the Red Chevrons as your banner
• You must include the clan tag into your Epic Games username
• You must bear a picture of our choice as you Discord's profile picture

• +16 years of age
• A headset with a microphone
• A good sportsmanship
• A non-toxic personality

The recommendations are not required but the requirements are, obviously. If you can agree to our terms, then consider yourself invited to the The Red Renegades and remember, All Roads Lead To Victory!
DragonHeart is a place to come and meet other people playing simalar games and to have fun while doing it.
we aim to be a respectful and welcoming community so come join play some games and meet some new freinds!
Nous sommes la belle contré de Noob Land nous somme convivial amical nous accueillons toute personne désireuse de nous rejoindre et nous somme tjrs dispo pour nos membres alors vient rejoindre notre aventure 😉😊
Orb Gaming is a growing Fortnite clan. Language must be English. How to join? We do not do simple 1v1’s we want to see you in action such as zone wars, customs ect. Must be older than 10 and younger than 20. No NSFW content.
We are a Pro scrim server that hosts 10 scrims or more a day very active.
🎖 Scrims/Tournaments-weekly
🛡 -Competitive players needed
🎮-casual players needed
📱community players welcome here