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hi everyone!

this is a server full of friendly people who enjoy idol anime and rhythm games. we have nice staff and many awesome members.

we do fun events like:
- question of the day
- movie/tv nights
- game nights
and more!!

we have many custom roles for you to choose from and many channels and voice chats that you can join! we are always taking suggestions on what more to add so everyone feels like that they have a space to talk!

we'd love to have you join!
︵ . .#Nozomi_Idol~ ⌒⌒
↷ . . . Chu chu ✩ ✩ ✩
De que trata esta comunidad?
Un servidor amigable y bonito
aqui puedes conocer gente y
amistades con la tematica
Idol|Bandori|[email protected]
que ya todos se copian de
esta tematica por cierto
-ˏˋ :maple_leaf: ˎˊ- ︿︿︿︿

❝Ofrecemmos 。゚⊹
╰╮ㆍ望む . . .
ୱ +9k Usuarios en la comunidad
ୱ Decorativo tipo aestethic|Kawaii
ୱ Colores y Autoroles
ୱ Hacemos alianzas con +40 users
ୱ Beneficios para boost VIP
ୱ Roles por niveles de EXP
ୱ Actualizaciones constantes
ୱ Encuentas variadas
ୱ Eventos y sorteos disponibles
ୱ Y muchas cosas mas!!!

• Disfruta del servidor ˘͈ᵕ˘͈ 望む
✎ (❁ᴗ͈ˬᴗ͈) ༉‧ ♡.✧
A community for any and all Bang Dream fans! Come discuss anything you have been itching to talk about, from not getting your 4* card to full comboing that hard song! It also has an update bot bot for t100 and t1000 cutoffs for events! We can't wait to have you here!
Fan club server for the mobile game, BanG Dream! I hope this server can promote BanG Dream!, introduce and help newcomers to the game, and create a fun atmosphere to discuss BanG Dream!
Welcome to Idol Festival! This server is an idol-anime crossover roleplay where you can sign up as any characters as long as they're from any idol shows!
Such as Utapri, Aikatsu, Bandori, A3, Love Live and etc etc.

Throughout the year, you'll be meeting others and making units/bands of 2-8 people per group!
Events such as festivals, concerts, and competitions will happen throughout the school year and you'll have the chance to improve and aim to the top!
Are you stuck in the world of Idol Hell? Well fear not! This discord was made to discuss about idol hell and to make new friends down there! It has scouting simulators and a news bot for sif and bandori!
Welcome to the BanG Dream Fan server!

★◆-Created: 05/15/20
★◆-Released and bumped: 06/13/20

A fun and exciting server!
What do we have to offer?

~]-->Fun and harmless community!
~]-->LGBT+ friendly, everyone is welcome
~]-->Friendly and active staff!
~]-->SFW server! Comfy and safe!
~]-->Looking for some staff/admins
~]-->Small server partners
~]-->Fun bots to play around with
~]-->Many other off topic channels

Come join the fun! Bushido!
Welcome to 2027, the year of board beats and cliché melodies. Who would've thought that robots could take over the music industry? They call it Beat-BOxTs, and as the name claims, it's all computer made material. And the crazier part? Society seems to love it! It's one of the fastest growing musical genres in this past year or so, and none of it is even- well,- real music!

That's not how music should be, right? Where's the soul? Where's the thoughtful lyrics, the heartfelt melodies, the passionate solos and the different sounds? Where has it all gone? Why, it's in you! Yes, you! We're putting our faith into you, our world's upcoming generation, to bring back the meaning of music, and what it really means to be a musician. Or, more specifically, what it really means to be a band.
A new server (as of June 28) that has idol franchises like Love Live, Bandori, EnStars, Vocaloid, some Utaites, and much more series! Hope you enjoy your stay in this newfound hell~
A server made by and for fans of the Japanese multi-media series, BanG Dream (or Bandori)! Come and make new friends, talk about your favorite band/best girl, share your FCs and gacha pulls, and much more!
꒰ 🍴Come to..
       ˚₊· ͟͟͞➳❥``Fandom Corps!``⋆* ✉️ ⁺⑅

-`, What is Fandom Corps? ꒱ ↷🖇🥛
➫ Fandom Corps is an enjoyable server where you are able to speak about your favourite fandoms and make new friends!

-`, What’s there? ꒱ ↷🖇🥛
➫ Small, wholesome community
➫ Categories just for fandoms
➫ Lovely Staff team
➫ Movie and Game nights

❁ Looking for active members!

Welcome! (。◕‿◕。✿) We greet you with open arms to our Bandori RP server! ^_^ This server is fresh, which means nearly every girl is open to roleplay including Morfonica and RAS. Have fun! \(◡̈ )/♥︎
an English and Spanish server for talking about idols and japanese music! | un servidor en Español e Ingles para hablar sobre de idols y música japonesa!
Discord Community for Mobile, PC, Arts, Music, Anime and Oshi Worship.
Join the Doge House Group is Active Check Announcements for Roles
Basically a hub for all things Bandori!! You can talk about the anime, although the server is mainy for the game! Have fun!!
Hi! Welcome to the Squid, a definitely-not-cult dedicated to a spelling error of the name of our lord and savoury, Koaru Seta. This server can be for general shenanigans or actual Bandori content~
➳ We ship Sayohina (and every other Bandori incest ship), so if you don't like it you can go on your way

We have...
♡ Shipping roles
♡ Shipping chats
♡ Color roles
♡ Some roleplay
♡ Sayohina
BanG Dream! / Bandori RP ☆

───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ─────

Have you been searching for a Bandori roleplay community? If so, then you're in luck!

You can choose to roleplay a character from any of the main bands, as long as they're still available. However, if you don't want to roleplay, you can always just spectate instead! There are a handful of non-rp channels as well if you just want to chat with fellow Bandori fans.

The roleplay will feature things such as:
• Channels for various locations
• Band chatrooms, along with a main group chat & DM system
• Occasional roleplay events

The server is still small, but we're hoping to keep growing! Suggestions for the server are appreciated, so make sure to let us know if you have any ideas.

We hope you consider joining us! ・゚✧

───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ─────

Current # of Slots Full : 19/35
[ Last updated July 3rd ]
Hi! We are a new server with friendly members and admins, tons of fun bots, extra stuff like "Bandori Card of the Day" and lots of awesome rules! If you're a kinnie or you like love live, idolmaster, vocaloid/utau, bang dream/bandori, BNHA, danganronpa, or other animes/games, This is the server for you!!!
Consider joining us today! We have game nights and multifandom fun!