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Welcome to F A T A L T E A M

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Here, we offer a chain of different features for you:


An awesome community! - You need friends? Well, say hello to our wholesome community!
Specialized text and voice channels! - Communicate and chat with others in a unique variety of channels
Fun and moderation bots! - Be secured and entertained with our approved and friendly bots
Verification System! - We enforce a verification system to prevent hackers or any raiders from trespassing
NSFW Channel! - Feast your eyes with different images and chats with adult content

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The server is for awesome people like me and you LOL.This is server for you to have fun,play games,advertise,etc
.Join if you are awesome.Thus server has lots of roles.Meme and music bot too.Join if you getting bored of your life
Ever want to advertise your server? Or want to hang out with us? Then this is the server for you! Hope to see you there!