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A hangout/stream/discussion server for fans of Avatar the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra! We host streams, games, and discussions relating to the shows. We're dedicated to creating a fun server to spark conversation and enjoy the avatar universe together! In our server you can train as a bender, unlock chakras, and work your way towards becoming a strong avatar!

🌏📜🔆📖 🗺
feel free to indulge yourself in wan shi tong’s vast channel collection, chill out with fellow members in the library’s lounge, or learn the secret to taking down the fire nation--just kidding. whatever you do, don't steal knowledge from wan shi tong....or else. and no food or drinks, this is a library after all.
we hope you enjoy your stay!

- LGBTQ+ friendly
- social and inclusive environment
- all ages and SFW!
- offers staff-moderated RP
- frequent events and streamings
- MASTER your chosen bending element, and unlock pets and sub-bending by battling friends or our AI bot!
『 Order of the White Lotus is a server based on Avatar the Last Airbender! A place where fans can come together and talk with one another. 』

🌸Movie Nights
🌸Game Nights
🌸ATLA/LOK streams
🌸Community contests
🌸Nitro giveaways
🌸Voice Chat Parties ...and more!

We hope to see you there!
Hey you there, do you want to become a bender? Well here we can make that possible! Just submit an OC (Original Character) and start your roleplay journey!

What we have to offer!

-Movie Nights (We will watch anything related to ATLA if it's SFW)
-Great Staff
-Active Community
-And much more!!!

Here is a little info and a few key rules!

-The 100 year war ended 6 months ago
-The Avatar will be chosen once we have at least 15 rp members

Key Rules
-Be Respectful
-Not a NSFW server
-Canon Characters aren't allowed
-Do not make your character you. This means don't put your real name, a picture of you, or anything personal to you in the backstory!

Join the ATLA Discord Server!

This is an role playing server for fans of Avatar the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra.


—The Roleplay takes place 100 years after Legend of Korra
—You can choose to be from any nation and be any kind of bender
—You can even be apart of the red of white lotus
—We’re LGBTQ+ friendly
—There’s also non-RP chats to chat with other fans.
—We’re all super nice (And mostly sane) so come hang out with us.
We are a small PG-13 Avatar and LoK themed Server with about 140 members, it's a chill server and everyone is welcome. The server has an easy role system that will only show you the things you want to see. Select the role of ships and fandoms that you are interested in.

We also have other funny roles you can get such as DnD, Writer/Artist, Suit Lovers, etc.

Channels we have:

-ATLA general channels
-ATLA shipping channels

-LoK general channels
-LoK shipping channels

-Kyoshi books channel, shipping channel
-Memes, Fanfictions,...
-Other Fandoms (She-ra,...)

-NSFW Channels (18+ role)
-IRL Channels (Food, Health, Pets,...)
-DnD Gameplay
-Pokemon bot
| + -𝚜𝚘𝚖𝚎 𝚎𝚕𝚜𝚎 - + | is a ATLA and LoK themed Discord server. You can select your nation and climb the ranks to become a bender and even more! We host ATLA and LoK live streams and other shows. We play lots of games on the server such as Roblox, Overwatch, Minecraft, and others! We have recently also just hit level 2 so we are growing fast! Hope to see you there! <3
Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. And... you know the rest. Welcome to Avatar: The Last Roleplayers, a roleplay server for ATLA fans like you! Join Aang and his friends in epic adventures! Wander the halls of Fire Lord Zuko's palace! Use your OC! Play a canon character! Give Momo a gun! (Please do not give Momo a gun.) I hope you enjoy it here!
Hello, Toph Beifong here!
⇘ ⇙
I'm here to welcome you to....
The Avatar Homelands!

Here's a couple things we include:

~ A safe place for all types of Avatar fans to hang out and make new friends!

~ A nice environment to roleplay and chat normally!

~ Many bots!

~ A themed server!

~ And tons more!

Come check us out!
Welcome to Avatar: Inner Destiny! A brand new server dedicated to honoring the iconic television series. Here you will find a progressional, faction, and giveaway system. Your progression (belts) serve as a means to gain xp from server activity. Your faction is selected at the beginning, so chose your preference in #faction-selection. Finally the most reoccurring Community Event we will have is the bending giveaways. We are currently looking for leadership positions i.e. (Avatars) so if you’re interesting in helping lead this server, master the 4 elements as soon as you can.
This server is an avatar universe server with Role-playing, events, competitions like writing and drawing, trivia, watch alongs etc. We need to grow much more to make all of these happen as this is a fairly recent server.
Looking for a place to talk about your favorite videogame and play with other people! Then join this server! Love anime and tv-shows, like Avatar the Last Airbender, One Piece etc, than come join this server! I look forward to talking to you!
Avatar The Last Airbender RolePlay

Based 150 years after the end of Avatar: The Legend of Korra. We are looking for players. We are a new community, but we are growing and were looking for people to join our ranks if you are a fan of the Avatar Series this place is perfect for you! If you'd like to join to roleplay, we welcome new and experienced players. We use a dice system to determine if you are a bender or not as well as determining what nation you belong to. Others than that character development is all up to you, so feel free to join us and experience The Nations like never before!!
Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them, This roleplay takes places 20 years before the return of anng
*Greetings, and welcome to the Midnight Melody RP. We are a 18 and over RP group that is based off of the Avatar the last air bender series and Korra but with a twist. MidnightMelody Originally started on the App Smule 5 years ago as a RP/ singing group and was moved to the Line server during 3 of those years. We are a Friendly group and see one another as a family , this is a passion project in the work with the dream of being bigger and making a name for it's self. Now with that all out in the open lets get down to the needy greedy..
The time takes place roughly 1,880 a.g (after Aang) the old Dragon emperor (Fire) is finely defeated after the 100 year war, wiping out the northern Hydro (Water) tribe only leaving one survivor who escaped during the raid. She is the only one who possessed the ability to bend all for elements. Taking refuge on her island of La Manera, she faced the daily obstetrical of learning how to bend each element , defending her island for all seeking sanctuary as she strives to bring all four nations to peace along with her friends fighting for the same cause. Putting there differences aside and working as a team on this amazing RP about standing up for what is right.*

~ Will you Join the Fight?~