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Welcome to Orcaquarium! We do art events (mainly logo designs). We hope to keep the community growing so we can partner with a bigger server. This is a community server with absolutely NO NSFW EVER. I REPEAT NO NSFW EVER. If you break that rule you will be banned immediately. Hope to see you soon!
A warm home for anyone who wants to make friends, enjoys art or wholesome memes 🍪🥛

Come to join us, we love meeting new friends 😊
We're a small, friendly server for artists, crafters, musicians, and creatives of all sorts to hangout and meet people. Not creative? That's ok too!
Preferably 18+, but not required.

♡ Self Assignable Roles
♡ Cat Themed Emotes
♡ A Custom Bot
♡ Safe, Fun Community

Come join us~
We'd love to meet you!
Naos is a place to share your interests in art and gaming. We also just like to talk in general about anything.
𝐁eing mainly written in absurd pop culture references, Caligoss is a fairly new and yet small community focusing on an all-inclusive and non-judgemental atmosphere - a place for different interest to gather around.

𝐖e are up for topics of all kinds in a guild with growing activity and a staff-team as active as possible and keen to maintain the servers positivity. Our LGBTQIA+, activism and venting chatrooms are private and require specific roles for access, so the members of those communities and allies of those movements can thrive in their own safe environments. This server is rather text-based and also welcomes shy and easily intimidated people into chatrooms with patient and kind members.

𝐍o matter if you're on a journey passing through or even end up as a trusted personality - Caligoss welcomes you to lean back and have some fun with discussions, themed events and bot-play, for as long as you wish. May your stay be rewarding.

♚ ╴ 𝐓able Of Contents:

▸ Building a non-toxic and cozy atmosphere. ┊ Chatrooms for pets, memes, and mental health.

▸ Messing with the bots, such as Sigma, Rythm, Pokécord, Cafe and Mudae ┊ You may waste your time with ridiculous trivia games and music to keep neglecting your responsibilities.

▸ A whole section solely for interests ┊ Including art, literature, games, tv-shows, anime, musicals, conspiracies, coding, science and even more. It's a free chatroom for you, Jim.

▸ A range of general and gaming voice-channels ┊ Including Overwatch, League Of Legends, CAH and other. Let the match begin.

▸ Self-assignable roles ┊ We're talking about Pronouns, Orientations, Hogwarts House, MBTI Personality Type, Moral Alignment, Zodiac, DnD Class and many more. Also colour roles for higher roles in the future.

▸ Regularly hosting small events ┊ Role events, games, listening parties and questions of the day. Yay!

▸ Watch that poor self-proclaimed Elementalist who created this server drown in perfectionism ┊ That much, that the FFXV soundtracks which he put on as motivational music can be heard at your own desk already, even though it makes him cry inside even more instead.

We're a multigaming community we offer multiple games, art, memes, roleplay, politics, etc. We mostly chat about anything play games and do server events such as movie night, karaoke, trivia, etc. Game events coming soon. We have different groups of roleplay, mafia, casino members, military police, and crews. We also have server ranks for the carnage all ranks are based off the air force. Game on and purge like the Ꮯᴀʀռᴀɢɛ!
Watch Movies with us on movie nights:
A decently sized and comfy [s4s] server with artists, musicians and shitposters! Join if you're interested memes, OC, or fun movie events!
『Innovative Leadership』
»»————- ✼ ————-««
Innovative Leadership is a place where people who have different hobbies come together to share knowledge on what people can make. People are polite and we care about everyone. No racist memes and jokes, you get to vote on things in #mod-chat.
»»————- ★ ————-««
We have many interests like Python, Business, Design, Photography, Language, Animation, Coding, Art, Drawing, Music, Personal Development, Software, IT, Marketing and Engineering.
»»————- ♡ ————-««
💎You get higher roles from being active in chat!
💎Display your Creation and get featured!
💎A non mod that reaches a new level first chooses the next one!
💎Give yourself roles!
💎 Everyone is welcome!

ps. partnership is OPEN
looking for partnership managers!
we play gmod and minecraft and stupid shit. good community looking for members also we do art on wednesday and have good music channels and also sexy eboys and egirls
Hi! We are a new community server that is hoping to grow! Everyone is welcome to stay! I hope to see this server grow with you all and I hope you stay! We are also LGBTQ+ friendly! Don't worry, There is a role locked furry corner! Thank You for considering TASK Defenders as your next server to join!

-A lot of bots
-Cryptocurrency features, especially Electracoin
-Nitro raffles if we got a certain user count
-LGBTQ+ Friendly
-Furries have their own corner
-Staff applications are open
-Trying to grow into a big community
-Elite Dangerous In game Faction
-Trained staff
-Elite Dangerous
♛ Our Community has something for everyone, we are very diverse and offering:

☯ Multiple Villages available to join each with unique perks

☯ Anime





♛ We also have Mod openings so come on over and apply! ♛

Hello, just here to make a new art community. The rules aren't that tight, you just need to be respectful!
SAD LOVE is a 16+ server.
We are a community that spreads positive vibes.
Artist's are welcomed: Rappers, Singer, Producers, Musicians, Digital Artist , etc.
Gaming, Karaokes, Events, Giveaways, Memes and more.
Active VC's and friendly members.
Seeking Trial Mods
Welcome to rabbit hole highschool! This is a brand new RP. You can be of any race, The principle; Rabbit had created this school just so people of whatever can get along.

We have the city; Downtown; and a school.

You can be a student or a teacher!
The 107 server also hosts monthly contests, mainly being art raffles, where prizes consist of free art commissions by the owner of the server.

This server was created to highlight Dentifri107's youtube channel, though quickly became a place to share thoughts, conversations and all types of artworks to other artists.
This would include :
-Digital art
-SFM work
-And much more!
NOTE: To be able to join, your Discord account must be seven days old or older.

Pretty much a place to talk, share art, and overall hang out.

*Questions of the day
*Several Discord bots
*Drama (no server is complete without it)
...and more!
Comunidad amigable donde Todos puedan Compartir Cosas,hacer amigos y pasarla bien ^.^. Si te gustaría unirte eres Bienvenido <3

Nuestro Servidor Tiene:
-🎮Chat De Juegos🎮
-Muchos Emotes & Gifs😀
-🎨Canal de Arte🎨

Y entre muchas Cosas Mas ^-^
Hey! Join Blu :) We have a NSFW channel, funny emotes, a gaming channel, Spanish channel and more! This server is mainly a community for people that want to go crazy and go stupid
Do you enjoy talking to people and making new friends? Do you like playing games? Do you like anime? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should join our community! And it doesn't have to stop there, we are a community open to many different kinds of people! We try to keep things active with events and polls so that everyone can have a chance to engage with the community. Join 3AM today!
Celebrating 1 Year! We are a tight-knit and welcoming social community of dedicated anime and hentai admirers, RPers, and gamers. We have every type of hentai allowed by discord law and a great community of people down for everything from high-stress ranked games to just chatting about your day and plenty of ERP. We hope you'll join us and enjoy your time! NSFW! Unfortunately we were hacked by another server but we will grow again.
A server dedicated to a variety of different art forms, but also includes sections for anime and video games if you're also into that.

From visual arts, to music, to even written stories, we'd love to see your awesome creations here in our server. We are a small but friendly server, and are always happy to see new faces around. ╰(◕ᗜ◕)╯

We host fun events from time to time as well, so come hang out with us and share what your imagination has to offer!
B l a c k l i s t is a NEW 18+ SFW server. We are a wholesome interactive community with a collective of gamers, socialites, and creative individuals etc. Join for us for gaming, selfies, debates and more! Voice Chat available, with many other features coming soon!
☆ Welcome to Mai's Hangout! We hope you have a fun time here.. ☆
[✧] LGBT friendly ♡
[✧] Variety of channels
[✧] Gaming channels [Including ROBLOX, MineCraft, ect]
[✧] A venting channel
Why not come check us out?
[NOTE] ~ The server is new, and may be inactive at times.
Welcome to Eric's Art, Music, And Chill! This server give out many possibilities to others, including:

~ Share your art with others and get their respectful opinion! ~
~ Listen to music with your friends! ~
~ Lay down, relax, and meet some new friends! ~
~ A good staff experience! ~
~ All ages allowed! ~
~ LGBTQ+ Friendly! ~

Thank you for joining our server! Now, enjoy your stay at Eric's Art, Music, And Chill!