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Casual ARMS is a friendly and welcoming community that hosts many weekly public play events for ARMS, Splatoon 2, Smash Bros. Ultimate, and more. All of our primary events are complete with leaderboards tied to monthly eShop giveaways as well as role and badge collections based on your progress! Come join us for the good times!
Welcome to the world's most epic server. If you join this server you get an n word pass.
you can also regularly engage in conversations with the most epic people in the server.

The official Discord server of the /r/ARMS subreddit, a community dedicated to the fighting game for Nintendo Switch! This server has people of all skill levels from all over the world!

This is Kingler's Kingdom. We offer Pokémon, Smash, Splatoon, Animal Crossing and Arms specific channels. We also have Pokémon and Smash Tournaments. In terms of our bots, we have a few moderation bots, Pokecord and Rythm. We are trying to limit the amount of bots on our server, but still enjoy any polite people who care to join. This is a constantly updating server and more will come when you join. We hope you'll join in the fun!
The most active ARMS server for competitive 1v1 Friendlies! We have a wonderful community of people excited about ARMS, and you could be one of them!
A newly made server based off the game ARMS, slice of life mixed with ARMS combat. It's survival of the longest, come one come all and enter the ring for honor, glory... AND A CHANCE TO BECOME ARMS GRAND CHAMPION...!!

ready... ARMS~!
Méta Stream est un groupe de créateur de tournoi sur plusieurs plateformes de jeux-vidéo.
Désormais, nous rejoignons la communauté Française sur le jeu Brawlhalla pour ainsi pouvoir développé la communauté eSport Française du jeu en étant un tournoi officiel.