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Largest most active Conspiracy Theory server.
Conspiracies, Politics, Current Affair's, History, Paranormal, Philosophy, Aliens!
24/7 Text and Voice!
Nuclear warfare. It all started on this fateful day of December 21th, 2019 when a thermonuclear bomb was dropped on the most secretive base in America, and it wasn't even from another country, it was from a opposing force of the Area but.. America saw this as an act of attack and well... Fired their weapons at who they think dropped the bomb, this in turn cause the "nuclear domino effect" and turned this once.. beautiful world into a hellish wasteland where people fight over resources, survival and power against one another, but maybe.. One day there will be a light shining in the darkness and will bring the world back to what it once was, but right now, what you should expect to see are..
- Custom and extensive lore for plot and factions
- Different unique IRP factions fighting each other and for the wasteland
- Interesting and different wastelanders all with their unique backgrounds and struggles to live a life in this new world.
- Political movements between different settlements and factions.
- An overall feel on how our world could have (or could be) become.
Besides that.. Some OORP and OOC stuff we do :D
- IRP and OORP giveaways.
- QoTD (Question of the day)
- Competitions
- Friendly reminders
- Active and friendly staff
- Suggestion/Question board.
- And so much more!
Come on down! I've heard from a little birdy that you can survive a nuclear winter.. Well let's see if that's true
Did you miss out on area 51?
Are you sad you didn't get shot?
Well good for you. You get the expirence of all sides of area 51. You can be a Alien/anime waifu, Military and Naruto runner.
This is a Server about Area 51, it's a fairly alright server once you get use to it. The staff is generally nice people.
Year is 1969. Apollo 11 have just landed on the moon. Richard Nixon is our new president. You are living in a small town in the middle of Nevada desert, not far away from Area 51 military base. Living a happy life and be part of the nice town. Suddenly weird things start to happen... People see bright lights at the sky and hear weird noises at night. Some citizens disappear without a trace, also there are reports of weird shadows and creatures out in the desert... You must choose - work for the government and keep their secrets or be lawful citizen, without a clue what is going on... Welcome to Desert Nights roleplay!
Interplanetary conventions! We need them! Play as an alien (or human) in the Milky Way galaxy, and make relationships with your neighbors beyond! We offer partnerships, but you must make a character and stay with us for a bit before journeying out to the edge of the server void again! We are LGBT+ owned and ran, and we encourage you to invite your friends! The more the merrier!
The Area 51 raid is in progress. The aliens that have turned out to be in there are beginning to be released. Will they be peaceful, be hostile, or be something different?
Largest most active Conspiracy Theory server.
Conspiracies, Politics, Current Affair's, History, Paranormal, Philosophy, Aliens!
24/7 Text and Voice!
Are you looking for a FUN community server based upon memes? Then we're the ones for you! Join our Area 51 Memes Community BETA Discord server for positive vibes, friendly staff and active users!

(Server is still NEW, we're changing things every single day)

A few features we have and are still adding more:
- News & Updates regarding any server changes!
- Voice Channels for you to communicate with your meme buddies!
- No RULES at all, just no advertising any servers/links etc.
- Brand NEW XP Levels, rank up to Lvl.5 to get a RANK by communicating with the others in the community!

- Meme channels
- Fun Channels
- NSFW channel
- Pokemon channel
- Gaming channels

Staff Applicants:

We're also hiring! Do you have what it takes to become a Discord Helper? If you show the dedication and time towards the community, you will receive a promotion to Discord Moderator which players will look up to you as a role model of our server! If you're interested in this opportunity, join us now and we can provide you with all the information regarding applications! :smiley:

We are interested in the individuals who are good with these traits:
- Good enough with Discord Bots.
- Good knowledge on how to use Discord well.
- Ready to help others at any given time.

Owner ID: Redeemless#0001
Hey fags,it's time to raid'em area 51 fools.Grab ur stuff and join us on our journey.
Shit goes wild in our server,like the stupidest kind of stuff ever.
Quit that depressing mood of yours and cheer up with our fellow edgy teens...
We are a Area 51 based server what is wanting to gather recruits to raid the famous Area 51. Join and become a Recruit or even a Stormer!
╔══════════════════════ .·:·.☽✧✧☾.·:·.═══════════════════════════╗

Welcome to Offical Area 51 Raid!

WHAT ARE THEY HIDING BEHIND THOSE WALLS? Join and lets plan this together! We will find out on
September 20th when we take over Area 51 and free the ALIENS!

╚══════════════════════.·:·.☽✧ ✧☾.·:·.═══════════════════════════
Variety of Channels
Very friendly community!
Post your selfies!
play games, have fun, or make plans

Gaining members!

『 L I N K 』
『 O W N E R 』 @Mami Alien👽
『 C O - O W N E R 』 @Daddi Alien👽

The government has started building walls surrounding area 51 to keep people out aliens hve started to appear alot next to area 51 is
This the beginning of a war
Hello we are a multi purpose SFW server that is based around Area 51 we are a smaller newer community the getting started channel will fill you in. Enjoy!
This server is for people who would like to raid area51 with us. Every one is welcome
>>>>>>>>>Area 52<<<<<<<<<
>talking about kpop
>league of legends
>ranks = alines,kyles,karens,naruto runners
Set in 2052, years after the Area 51 raid happened. Aliens and humans have joined forces and now co-exist!

Be any kind of alien you want!

This server has some actual effort in it!

This server is newly made, so it might be a little empty.

A fun role playing experience!
LGBTQ+ friendly!