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This organisation is to stop any and all furries on Discord
Right Wing / Far Right Wing Gaming Discord server Protesting for freedom of speech and opposing degeneracy
Wanna experience true communism? Then join this server! NO FURRIES ALLOWED!!!
Welcome to the A.F.A!
As you can already PAINFULLY tell, this server is about eradicating furries once and for all~

What we have:
NSFW content for the horny mates :P
Staff who will be ur fren (Except Haibane, he's an ass)
Many bots who will aSsIsT you in any way!

What we DON'T have:
any hope of surviving if you ARE a furry
s' about it, rlly...
Sooooo... Anyyyways!
I hope you join, comrades!
More info when you do!
Merry furry-hunting, my dudes!
AFU Community Server. No FURFAGS Allowed.
Gaming server for all platforms. Cussing and offensive talk is the point of this server.
This is a server for people who fight against the furries and if your not from the Benelux region your still welcom in this server.