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an autistic server that's:
designed horribly
shitty community
has impractical rules
shitty porn channel
Hello and Welcome to the Vulture's Inn!
We are a strictly anti furry server!
We have many bots for entertainment purposes, NSFW, and protection from raids. Come on down to say your opinion without furry nerds hating on you for your beliefs!
Come for the freedom, stay for the memes.

Owner: Slake_ ıllıllı#0856
Co-Owner: green bbean#7553
Welcome to Pizza Time Inc. a Anti Furry server disguised as a pizza company. Shhhhh.
A raiding server that mainly targets furries. If you hate furries, and want to trigger the hell out of them, this might be the place for you.
Welcome to furry lynchers,
Join if you want a clean server without the dirty furries polluting the air
Courtesy of,
Boardy boi and basil
And racist god we miss you and we need you
A place where you can chill and be part of an association that has multiple departments. It is a fair, friendly and fun server. Come and join the gang.
AFN Is a (Joke) Server made for people who hate Furrys!
(We do not condone raiding or any form of raiding discussion in this server so don't join for that reason.)
We are a (kinda) friendly community of a bunch of people who Hate Furries.
We are designed like a Nazi Server but do not believe in any of the racist or offensive things a Nazi did or does now.
We offer Staff applications, promotions and even Partnerships (Contact Server owner)
We try to be as nice and welcoming as possible but there are times that might not happen.
If you are a Furry, a Weeb, think Nekos are cute, or a Fageto Burrito then we suggest you don't join.
This server is a joke so please don't take it seriously.
This server is specifically for raiding furry servers to start a real internet war.
This is the filter for the Kool Kids Klub raiding group. Join in our efforts to end cringe
This organisation is to stop any and all furries on Discord
Wanna experience true communism? Then join this server! NO FURRIES ALLOWED!!!
AFU Community Server. No FURFAGS Allowed.
Furries are scum of the earth. We will make sure they no longer exist.
This is a server for people who fight against the furries and if your not from the Benelux region your still welcom in this server.
P.A.F.F.F stands for "People Against Feminist, Furries, and Flat-earthers."THE P.A.F.F.F, Zike47, and TheAceBeta, were the three original creators of P.A.F.F.F


We are the eyes for people who can't see
We are the mouths for people who cannot speak
We are the ones who stand when others sit down
we are the people
we are the rights for mankind
we are the P.A.F.F.F
Ecce Romani! Join this server to protest against furries and online dating servers. Join the ranks of our legions to raid furry discord channels and twitch streams.
Here’s A Link If It’s Buggy:
This is family freindly christian antifurry gaming server remember no countryhumans or furries
This server can have anything posted in it. I won't stop you
Welcome to the Insurgency an anti furry server based of the chaos insurgency from SCP.
Owned by: Crimson#4404
Predecessor to one of my old severs: MTF Alpha-1 Red Right Hand
The Beelzebub Foundation is a anti furry and somewhat scp inspired server. Here we test on furrys, scalies, and rarely broneys. If you are a furry you will be given a classification and a item number. Example SCP-7173 (the numbers are based off your tag). if you are an anti furry then you become a d boi. you can apply for jobs if you are an anti furry. Administartion is given to those i deem worthy. - Director Beelzebub (this server is in no way affiliated with blackhawk or BoBBiN's Coalition)