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epic gamer server
no retards
no anime
no sensitive cunts
"Meme Community. However, please, we want to be a professional server that's not just memes and shit. We want atleast people with half a brain"
We're currently a small server, looking to grow.
Locate. Tranquilize. Exterminate. We are a group of Anti-Furry members, that often poke fun at furry communities. We do not hate the people that are furries, just the furry lifestyle. To us it is sickening, disgraceful, and betrayal to the human race, as they wish they were civilized animals. We believe they should be thankful that they're human. That they're lucky enough to be born a human. Lucky enough to have human rights. But they just don't get it. So we destroy them. One by one, server by server.
We are in need of troops!
This is a server that I literally just started like a fucking hour ago, we raid furry servers.
What makes this server different? Abso-fucking-lutely nothing.
N.F.A. Is a anti furry discord server Founded by Samantha [n0va] and Jevil The Memelord. We do raids and hate furfags. We are also looking for allies.
This is an anti furry sever. Join our cause and help rid the land of this disease
The World Famous Cloaker Discord is a sight to behold. Experience the mystery and lore behind this sacred space. Meet the legendary members in this hall of honor and hear the stories of countless adventures. No furries allowed.
Join us and chat about the problems with Discord, or whatever you want really. We have active staff, and are looking for new members and staff.
shitpost community that has more than shitposting, i guess?
som basic stuff before joining:
be a retard and you die
no fortnite
no furries
hippity hoppity
women are property
subscribe to pewdiepie
you must
why the fuck am i
rhyming this gay

this server is also for my youtube channel (link on discord)
Welcome to the Head Quarters of Anti-Furry Nut Ops. We moved servers.
We now have divisions. but not enough members to allocate enough people to them. Also if your allocated to Yharons division mute the NSFW channels. my old account was perm disabled so i moved the server so my old alt (now main account) would be in ownership. We need more recruits to get back into the servers prime.
Join the admirable fight against the furrys and the puffs.
We are a server dedicated to destroying Furry servers, If you would like to know more about our cause,access the server itself because there is more information on the server itself.
Used to be one of the biggest furry war servers now we are a nice fun home for our boys coming back from the front lines.
We are a server for all belgian gamer soldiers, we do not support furries and do not take prisoners
Here, in the Socialist Autocracy of Gloria, we strive to bring everyone as a whole. Other than dying of starvation and dysentery, and getting paid cents a week, we strive to come together every now and then.
We’re all comrades of the Soviet Union so let’s eat some kompot, squat, and murder all the furries.
Welcome to the Furry lynchers!
It is are sole objective to rid this world of the furries!
There is also:
Friendly staff
AFS is back and better than the old AFS.
AFS is under ownership of the co owner of AFS as elmo has not been seen on discord in so long...
but now its raid proof and ready to spy on the furfags.
The most dank memeing server that I have created we welcome gamers and memers alike we also hunt furries but I’ll allow you in if ur not cancerous
We are a Anti-Furry server planning to destroy furries (Fur Fags)