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The Anti-Furry Organization specializes in finding and eliminating furries along with their servers. Join the fight with many different roles to help win the war.
Want to join the anti-furry and anime forces? Wait no longer, just click that button and good luck!
At this FOB gamers may Relax , talk and have a sandwich or share Intel about furries and strategize against the furry onslaught.

PS. we accept anyone lmao.

kpop, dating , gaming , rp , anime and much more. various vc
a server that wants to end all furries and just hangout
An anti furry server and its quest to beat the furries by doing god's work
Right Wing / Far Right Wing Gaming Discord server Protesting for freedom of speech and opposing degeneracy
A server where you can chat about anything you want but there are rules you must read them because some of the consequences are a ban of kick
Welcome to Anti-Furry Nut Ops. We are one of the many groups trying to take down the furries. When you join you'll be personally welcomed by the leader of AFNO General Todd Howard. also buy 5 more copies of skyrim.
Epic, loyal, friendly community of anti furries who aim to cleanse the internet of perverted, zoophiles and child molesters. We conduct anti furry operations on different platforms (but mainly discord) and welcome all new recruits!
This is a new anti-furry discord server.

We troll furfags.
Welcome to my gulag, where you can shitpost and say whatever you want without those gayass mods, and enjoy a clean chat without worrying about those nasty furries, LGBT people, bronies, feminist, flat earthers, pedos, weebs, fornite virgins, etc.. So come and have fun for the motherland! (Gamers are ACCEPTED) (ignore the server pic, thats a lemon car)
Join the furry hunters! This server was made to raid other furry servers! We raid raid furry servers elite and professional! Our experienced staff will lead us to victory whenever there is a war between us and furrys. Our server isnโ€™t just spam, our server has strategy using bots, in grabbers, @mentions, spam, and many other tactics! We combine our tactics and attacks together and raid in squads to insure heavy damage! We have community friendly staff and...No Furrys!
Join the hunt, hunter!
Welcome to the popes server, where you can go and enjoy chat without those nasty furries, feminists, bronies, flat earthers and othee sick mebers of humanity
This is a whole community of people who want to destroy furfags.
its the cheese hangout! follow the rules and don't be a bad boy. collect one-of-a-kind roles and trade them for other roles! with plenty of bots and MEE6 commands, I think the group is very good! though small, this group is still awesome (please join I need more members)
"" A server dedicated to hating furrys and everything about them we are soldiers of the emperor of mankind to fight against the mass threat incoming to earth we are the front line we are the guardsman to fight the retard overload of the furrys.""
A team to raid an conquer all furry servers as a massive crusade
A community of anti furries, united to purge degeneracy from discord and have fun.
the Anti Furry Brotherhood has been destroyed. We need your help to rebuild the server. Thanks gamers
The server was founded after a furry have been trying to outsmart me (the owner) and told me he/she was a furry infront of me (and then noted about her to her mates lmao) anyways, no furries allowed here!
this is an anti furry server if your a furry fuck you fuck off and Ben Shapiro is our friend.