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Hello random person looking for servers...You wanna join a communistic server?? Yes? OK ;D We are against Nazis and furries and if you join and we find out you are a nazi or furry you will be banned...Unless i let you stay

If you wanna apply for staff message the owner Michael
Just me and some buddys trying to keep a dyeing server afloat im trying to get more members to make it more active and it aint going so well so hope people will join the wild ride. cya soon hopefully. also we got some heavy anti furry morale and NSFW so yeah just a warning. and to all of those people are toxic or like to swear and such that is perfectly acceptable
Hate anime? Want to rebel against it? You sound like the perfect member for the Anti Anime Association, one of the few servers AGAINST anime! Here you can: Coordinate attacks against anime groups in our death squad, scout out targets, record your findings in our research labs, and more! Join today!
Hi, we are Gamers HQ, and we are a friendly community of gamers and anime lovers. Everyone is welcome to join
Welcome to International Gamer Boys hq. We provide safety from the nomadic tribes of furries. Stand with us, and together, we shall destroy the furry menace! Some other things. First, we have a large selection of memes to take on your raids. We've got an NSFW channel, for those tryna beat their meaty wang. We have an anime channel, for the weebs that stand with us. We have much more, and we hope you'll join and see!
This is a server that is for communism, soveitism and the A.F.D.F (ANTI FURRY DEFENCE FORCE) The A.F.D.F is an organisation that raids furry servers, no mercy AND LONG LIVE THE MOTHERLAND
We are the syndicate, and our job is to exterminate all filth from this platform.
Welcome to the Hellhole Of Autism, this server is extremely toxic so if you cant handle it please leave.
This is a funny server. We joke around, do gaming and do mini events. Very fun community! Join now and become the ultimate meme star. There is also alot of swearing and it HAS an nsfw channel, enter at your own risk. Cheers!
enter at your own risk furries...
A Server against all LGBT groups. People from LGBT, don't join.
(We're looking for mods! Check out the rules channel for more information!)
shitpost community that has more than shitposting, i guess?
som basic stuff before joining:
be a retard and you die
no fortnite
no furries
hippity hoppity
women are property
subscribe to pewdiepie
you must
why the fuck am i
rhyming this gay

this server is also for my youtube channel (link on discord)
gaming server
its fucking retarded

also anti furry....
We So Lit Army is an ethical community against degenerative people such as weebs, furries and any other form of disappointment in society.
Absolutely no degenerates allowed, you WILL be banned. We are also anti-lewd. You can talk about games, PC hardware, technology, politics, anything.
Everyone that has ever been wronged by furry existence join Legion Gen, we are a strong force that will get stronger over time
we drink our windex daily and sacrifice furries
if you or a loved one suffers from furry trauma come to us and well help
▪Hentai Club▪
♡Loving Community
♡Fun Bots
♡Lots of NSFW Channels
《We change the server weekly!》
《♤Over 1k+ members!♤》
《□Looking for Partners and Partner Managers□》
Server Invite :
Banner :
Welcome to Pizza Time Inc. a Anti Furry server disguised as a pizza company. Shhhhh.
This is a good server to join if just wants simple meme chat with a close community. Also check out the new game Shapiro Libtards Die Twice (not really)
We go after furry servers. Nuff said.