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Hi guys! Join the new community: Anthem! You can find new friends,or relax, and find people to game with.

请大家坚持支持discord (。ŏ﹏ŏ)

We are mainly active in steam stand-alone gamers and welcome everyone to join us.
We are very happy to play games with everyone
[chinese waring] most of member only using chinese..
Мы приглашаем Вас вступить в игровое сообщество "МЯСО - Мы Явно Сильнее Остальных!".
Играем в различные игры, ПРИСОЕДИНЯЙТЕСЬ.
If you still need a squad for Anthem and you are playing in the EU, we got you. Just join the server and search some allies for the system you are playing on!

We support pc, ps4 and xbox one.
Hello Y'all!!!! This is a server me and my friends made for all warframe players where ppl can involve in events, join each other for missions ,talk abt stuff , ask for help to veterans ,share builds , show off their fashion-frames rivens, discuss abt stuff and many

We have all the notification for all events, alerts , invasion, tridolon timer, fissures, and every important thing

hope to see you soon there <3
Gaming community for all systems. Was mainly focused on Anthem, but also interested in Borderlands (mainly BL3) and Dauntless. Planning to branch out to other games if enough interest is shown.
Up and coming community based around the idea of dropping in anytime you'd like to game with friends.
Too many clans/communities nowadays have rules/regulations/trial periods.
We throw all that away and if you want to jump right into the action we aim to provide that for you.
No weird registrations or ridiculous sign up process, no restrictions on what games you're allowed to play.
We aim to be your casual laid back hangout spot to play games with your friends/family.
Hi all gamers just want to say a big 'Hi, and welcome' from all of us at Terminal Velocity. We are a PC gaming community who enjoy getting together to play a variety of games, we have a good Elder scrolls player base and are growing in number. We are keen to give tips and guides in the games we play to create a good solid gaming community. We run gaming event weekends, with prize draws. We are looking to set up Guilds/Clans in certain games and have specific channel dedicated to those games, so if guilds or clans are not you thing then they won't show on your role.There is something for everyone, and there is space for any game enjoyed by the community. We look forward to seeing you.
Anthem™: Freelancers is a RP based on the world that bioware has created.

-Create your own freelancer!-
Even If you're new to anthem, we have the appropriate info for even a newcomer to enjoy.

-Make friends and go on quests in a DnD GM-Player like manner!-
Unlike DnD, Dice will not be used...just use your head and come up with smart decisions!

-Friendly Community!-
Our staff strides to keep toxicity out of the server, and will not tolerate harassment of any kind.
Hi all,

Currently - to my knowledge (; - the biggest AUS/OCE based discord/community

Join up and suit up!
New(er) server looking for members to come chill, say offensive things, and play some games
Suntem o comunitate special creata pt jocul Anthem . Va asteptam la un pahar de vorba si distractie !
Welcome to Anthem: Legions of Dawn!
This is a roleplay server based around the game Anthem by Bioware and Motive Studios. This is a relatively new server yet it is waiting to grow.
We provide:
1 - A lot of features
2 - An active owner
3 - Help services
4 - Constantly Updating
We hope to see you come aboard to join us!
Pale Gang is a unique group of gamers with a chilled back vibe. We have various groups of members playing various games and urge you to check us out. Currently set up for battlefield squads. We are a growing community. 18+ English speaking Server.
Welcome to Anthem Game LFG. We are welcoming community for the upcoming game Anthem. This server is going to focus on LFG and clans. We will have other areas you can talk in. Feel free to join so you have a place to have when the game comes out.
Just a fun little community to play Anthem! Anyone is welcome we will be hosting many events etc. Dating is allowed and we hope you enjoy your stay! Hope to see you here!
This is a community server for the upcoming game Anthem. There is a lot of information about the game here as well. This server is ment as a haven for high and low level players to share their unique javelin customization and builds.
Nouvelle communauté (ouverte depuis le 08/03/2019), serveur Discord Français, basé sur le jeu Anthem ... Nous jouons bien-sûr à d'autres jeux (Overwatch, Rainbow 6 siege, brawlhalla, Minecraft, Starbound, etc ...)

Nous demandons au utilisateur une certaine maturité, pour être clair, nous ne voulons pas de gamins. Nous interdisons formellement tout contenus nsfw sur le serveur.

Le serveur est très restreint et sélectif sur nos futurs membres.
Une fois le nombre d'utilisateur suffisant atteint, nous lancerons des giveaways et des événements sur divers choses.
ENGLISH - Welcome to The Great Europa! This is a server to discuss things such as military marches, anthems, politics, and vexillology.
A new Anthem Community. Chat with others, arrange squads and simple to use role selections!