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If you still need a squad for Anthem and you are playing in the EU, we got you. Just join the server and search some allies for the system you are playing on.

We support pc, ps4 and xbox one.

Our Team is also decently active if you got any questions,
or if you need help ingame.
Welcome to Anthem Game LFG. We are welcoming community for the upcoming game Anthem. This server is going to focus on LFG and clans. We will have other areas you can talk in. Feel free to join so you have a place to have when the game comes out.
Hi guys! Join the new community: Anthem! You can find new friends,or relax, and find people to game with.
I play anthem. Come join me
We are Prime Lancers.

Our guild is solely for the game Anthem on PC. We are focused on the Hardcore Aspect of Anthem and Achieving Great Feats within it. Team comps/synergy, builds, strats, and endgame will be our tools and weapons for preparing our Primes for the greatest challenges. Focused on dynamic gameplay when needed with other likeminded Freelancers at the ready. Our honor-code and loyal Guardians will ensure a guild that has aspects of both interactive and dynamic elements.

Unity is key for our guild as it brings us together to become bigger and better. To push this, we will be working and listening to the our Primes and keeping Hardcore as a staple to ensure a healthy and powerful clan.
We only accept the ready, the willing, and the capable so one day we will have the prepared, the experienced, and the best.

With an emphasis on true endgame, we power together with The Vanguard.
The Vanguard System introduces both the social atmosphere and system of competitive Anthem. It incorporates multiple factions consisting of Lancers from across other guilds taking part in an organized endgame driven system.





Microphone or Headset
This is a universal discord for anyone - PC or console - playing or interested in Anthem by EA and BioWare. All we ask is that you bring your interest in the game and you're all set.
Wir sind eine recht Junge Multigamer Community und freuen uns über jedes neues Mitglied auf unserem Server.
Die Meisten von uns stammen aus vielen verschiedenen Games in denen wir immer wieder Aktiv waren oder sind.

Der Discord soll dazu dienen, die Kontakte aufrecht zu halten, neue Leute kennen zulernen oder einfach nur als
Treffpunkt. Und dies Spieleübergreifend.
Durchaus haben wir auch in dem einen oder anderen Game eine eigene Gilde oder Gruppe gegründet.

Wir wünschen euch viel Spass auf dem Server!!
Just a fun little community to play Anthem! Anyone is welcome we will be hosting many events etc. Dating is allowed and we hope you enjoy your stay! Hope to see you here!
ENGLISH - Welcome to The Great Europa! This is a server to discuss things such as military marches, anthems, politics, and vexillology.
Bractwo Ognia to społeczność zainteresowana grą Anthem PC, która nie wyklucza poszerzenia granic o kolejne tytuły. Znamy się od dłuższego czasu i przegraliśmy wspólnie ogromną ilość godzin w takich grach jak Destiny 2, The Division, The Elder Scrolls Online czy Monster Hunter World. Stawiamy na graczy lubujących się w wyzwaniach, jakie stawiają przed nimi gry video, ale również przyjmujemy z otwartymi ramionami osoby, które po prostu wspólnie chcą spędzić czas w grze. Poszukujemy osób pełnoletnich, ale potrafimy zrobić wyjątek, jeśli osoba poniżej 18 roku życia swoją postawą i zachowaniem na to zasługuje. Jesteśmy gildią składającą się z dojrzałych i dorosłych osób, które poprzez wspólną grę i wielogodzinne rozmowy, chcą stworzyć przyjazną atmosferę a przede wszystkim miejsce dla Polskich fanów gry Anthem.
Welcome to a Polish community channel for the Anthem Game by BioWare/EA
A community centered around playing games and chatting. Come join for a good time :)
We are trying to build a community, so if you decide to join, try and stick around for a bit and help shape the server into something great!
- Custom Designed Bot (constant updates)
- Friendly and open community
- Looking for Mods
- Building a community!
Greetings, Freelancer!

Hard work fighting against Scars and collecting shaper relics alone isn't it? Then why not join on up with our little server?

Anthem: The last bastion is a Roleplay server set in the up-and-coming Game by Bioware, and will follow a custom story with custom characters!

Anthem: The last bastion features:
- Literate role-playing
- Music and leveling bots
- Friendly staff!
- Plenty memes to share and steal :^)
Pale Gang is a unique group of gamers with a chilled back vibe. We have various groups of members playing various games and urge you to check us out. Currently set up for battlefield squads. We are a growing community. 18+ English speaking Server.
Server owner too busy to maintain the Discord server. Looking for someone to take over leadership and grow the community.

"We are a group of gamer artists, designers, artisans, writers and programmers sharing, collaborating and discussing art in pursuit of artistic growth.

Our goal is to bring together artist, gamers, gamer's who love art and people who just love art. We focus mainly on games that have team-based aspect to them. We are looking for people who would be interested in leading different chapters to organize teams, events and help others become better players."
We are a small, growing server for all of your gaming/communication needs! We have channels and VCs for Battlefield, The Division, CS:GO, Apex Legends, Anthem, and Fortnite. We have talk livestreams with guests and frequent gaming livestreams. Cant wait to see you there!

Up and coming community based around the idea of dropping in anytime you'd like to game with friends.
Too many clans/communities nowadays have rules/regulations/trial periods.
We throw all that away and if you want to jump right into the action we aim to provide that for you.
No weird registrations or ridiculous sign up process, no restrictions on what games you're allowed to play.
We aim to be your casual laid back hangout spot to play games with your friends/family.
Hi all,

Currently - to my knowledge (; - the biggest AUS/OCE based discord/community

Join up and suit up!
ANTHEM Group finding Discord server for PC players
Hey there, this Australian discord was created by gamers for gamers, we have 250 members and are growing daily. Many who have joined have called our server their home and don’t know what they did before they joined. We listen to our members and provide everything including the kitchen sink to keep things different.

Now to the gaming part;

we play a wide range from team based shooters, grinding & PVP. Right now we’re staying up to date and playing apex legends, soon anthem:

Hope so see you there!

We are growing more and more each day and would love to see the community become more diverse!
this server is mainly focused on anthem,apex legend and league of legend and other games for those who want to chill and hangout with us

for anthem we will be playing with each other for alliance xp, strongholds, casual play and for the upcoming raids and guilds

we welcome you in joining our server
Hi we are a chill Xbox Only Community that is coming together to deliver a
community of players for multiplayer games on Xbox```**__Never Play solo again__**

->Server is updated daily!!!
->Over 20 games to select from
-> We Got Music
->10 voice channels for party chat if needed
->Super Chill/Fun Server
->Clan/Guild/Alliance promotion
->self-assignable roles
a community dedicated to the people who like Destiny 2 the great game from bungie
Discord Anthem PS4 Community
-Ihr sucht Mitspieler ?
-Ihr habt einen eigenen Stream ? ....Willkommen