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Come join ♛Sʜɪᴏʀɪ Pʀᴏᴊᴇᴄᴛ♕! We're a gaming/anime community for everyone who enjoys these sorts of things and find mates that have similar interests to you. We are a kind and friendly server and your chance to make your mark on the server by just being active and having a good time!
Anime ClOwOb

• Anime
• Gaming
• Bots
• Music
• Friendly People

This server is for all anime, manga, gaming related things.
Welcome to N.A.N.I (Need Anime Not Idols!)
"Why Should You Join This Server?"

-Events are usually hosted! (Ex: Movie Nights,,Town Of Salem,Giveaways,Anime Nights,ETC)
-Anime! Talk about Anime/Manga!
-Games! Find a partner with you or squad up in different games! (Ex:CSGO,Fortnite,SCP,ETC)
-Specific Bots for Games and Level System!
-Role and Color Selection!
-Active Community! Global Chat! Voice Chat!
Pings: @everyone/@here
Hello everyone welcome to the discord. here we talk about anime, video games and hentai related stuff. Here we respect each other and won’t be shamed for any kink that you might have. We also have bots that you might enjoy like the waifu bot

Don’t harass others
Don’t be a dick
Be respectful to others
Be active here
Have fun
No vore, gore and scat
No kink shaming
Be active
No lurking or be kicked

Have you ever dreamed of having the voice of narrator/anime voice?
Do you like to listen to people who are good at voice acting?

Well here both of those dreams come true.
Hey babes!
Come join

w e g o t y o u r a e s t h e t i c


The server is new so suggest and more things will be added.

PhoeSons is a small server that as long as you follow the rules, is about pretty much anything.
Its usually pretty chill so join if you want.
Du suchst einen Anime - Gaming - Hentai Server der auf eine Gemeinschaft basiert?

Dann bist du bei uns genau richtig, hier sind Sachen die wir anbieten:

- Mit den Leuten in verschiedenen Sprach-Kanälen reden.
- Mit Leuten in verschiedenen Text-Kanälen schreiben.
- Verschiedenen Bots mit funktionsfähigen Commands.
- Musik Bot der permanent läuft. (ILoveRadio)
- Sich den Hentai-Bereich zu nutze machen.
- Kleiner Chat-Support bei offenen Fragen.
- Angenehme Community Events.

Wir freuen uns auf dein erscheinen!
Euer Serverteam des Creamy World Discord-Server!

(Wir suchen immer mal wieder Moderatoren die den Chat moderieren)
Halluu und willkommen in der
Otaku Familie (^-^)/
Wir sind eine kleine aber feine Community
mit der man viel Spaß haben kann :3
Wir bieten:
- Bots
- WoP
- Spaß und Keksche x3
- Events!
- Ganz viel Chaaaooos >:D
Partnerschaften werden akzeptiert.
The one true Neko and Kitsune religion! We have all kinds of channels for all types of hentai. Our community is very nontoxic. With 3 owners, there are checks and balances to ensure no corruption (something many servers suffer). Come and enjoy the Nekitsune religion.
Welcome to Fairy Tail: Future Generation. A server for those who enjoy Fairy Tail, like to RP and don't like OP players. Come and chill with us.
Hello :)

We are a SFW warm and friendly community that talks about Anime, Manga, Games, Art, Pets, Food, and more interesting topics :D

♡ Everyone is welcome ♡
The inevitable tides of life and death continue to flow despite the end of the third great war, and the cataclysm that only left two nations.

Age of Shinobi is a roleplay server taking place in an AU of the popular anime: Naruto.
Unlike the many competitors, AoS has a wonderful plethora of benefits that make it a great place to enjoy an RP session.
* A combat system that is easy to pick up without at all limiting writer creativity. *
* Steady progression that allows the dedicated to earn power over time, newcomers to catch up reasonably, and people with a busy life to stay relevant.*
* A friendly community that properly balances respect with a competitive edge. Reason to kill, with admins preventing griefing, and maintaining universal roleplay rules.*

Become a god among shinobi, or destroy the last remnants of tranquility.
A Persona-focused roleplay server and general community! Come live out scenarios as your favorite characters from the series or stay for a fun and supportive environment to talk about all things Persona.
Join my server! Its full of fun bots and active members!!! Its fairly new so don't expect to many people. If you love anime this is the server for you! We also post our art on this server so if you have appealing art you want to get out there here is a good place to post it. Enjoy your stay!
Meet new people make friends
Hallo! =)
Wir sind ein neu gegründeter Server, der sich sehr freuen würde, neue Bekanntschaften mit lieben, freundlichen Menschen zu machen, die gerne Anime, Filme oder Serien schauen, Manga lesen, irgendwelche Spiele spielen oder einfach nur mit anderen über banale Dinge quatschen mögen.
Es gibt viele verschiedene Ränge durch Level ups zu erreichen und vielleicht wirst du ja bald Platz 1 der Server Ranklist sein?
Verbesserungen sind immer gerne gesehen und es würde uns freuen, den Server mit deiner Hilfe zu verschönern.
Vielleicht sieht man sich ja bald schon.
Liebe Grüße,

This is a Gaming Server
***___🔥All kinds of games
🔥PUBG,Da2,RoS,Fortnite Etc
🔥Lots of Active Memebers
🔥Very Friendly People
🔥Daily Giveaways
🔥 Legendary Pokémon Spawn and Giveawayas Daily
🔥And Many More___***

What Your Looking For
Join Fast

This is our Permanent Server Invite Link
Dokkan Akatsuki focuses on the gacha gaming community, but we’re so much more than that. We have an anime central for anime fans, a NSFW section for the dirty, and a meme section for the dankest. We have the best staff with little to no moderation.
Neko Palace is an 18+ Role-play Community of catgirls and catgirl lovers. With Erotic Role-play, non-erotic role-play, and plenty of channels and bots for chatting, hentai and gaming.

✅We have a custom role system✅
🤖Bots 🤖
🔞NSFW channels🔞
💖Chill People and Moderators💖

So come check us out ! 😘
TheHentaiCulture is a server for intellectuals specialized in gathering great minds from all over the world to educate the general population about a specific kind of art and culture ❤️❤️❤️

active chat - anime - chill community - emotes - memes - fun -gaming - nudes - giveaways - porn - hentai - hookup - dating - music - roleplay rp - social - friendly - other .

Join and appreciate the art 😉

#hentai #hentaii #hentaigirl #hentaianime #hentaiforyou #hentaiii #hentaifreedom #hentaiworld #hentaimemes #hentaiamiright #hentaiecchi #hentaihaven #hentaimeme #hentaiigirl #hentaiheaven #hentaiporn #hentaisexy #hentaigame #hentaiwedges #hentaitrap #hentaiirp #hentailover #hentaishirt #hentaipussy #hentaioujitowarawanaineko #hentaigod #hentai1girl #hentaibox #hentaiboy #HentaiBoyZ
A discord server for all people to come, relax and socialise with others who share interests and hobbies. With active staff and a whole host of bots, we have everything you need to enjoy our community.
Owner : Chris-P-Bacon#8315
・゚✧⎮ The Maid Cafe ⎮✧・゚
The Maid Cafe is an anime community that revolves around anime, manga, & hentai the 3 neccesities of anime culture! This server is full of all to talk about and it's full of all the maids and butlers who shall service you to your every whim~! The Maid Cafe is a perfect place for everyone to weeb out and talk about thier favorite anime & debate on which one is better! We hope you'll enjoy this server and have lots of fun~!

◇ Multiple Channels!
◇ Lots of Self-Assignable Roles!
◇ NSFW (Hentai) Channels!
◇ Roleplay!
◇ Anime & Manga!
◇ Small but active Community!
A recently made Roleplay server that takes place far into the future of the Shield Hero universe! The lore of this server involves the addition of 300 hero weapons, which allows everyone to be one of the heroes! This server is not for people who don't want to see the N-word and the like, as we use those terms all the time in a joking manner. This server also includes a rule that forces every In-Character post to be at least 3 sentences long, so keep that in mind. Due to the nature of the Shield Hero lore, you can play as characters from other anime (Without their powers and strength) or even as yourself!