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𝙔𝙤𝙪 𝙖𝙧𝙚 𝙞𝙣𝙫𝙞𝙩𝙚𝙙 𝙩𝙤: 「ᴊᴏᴊᴏ ʙᴀ: ᴀƦᴏᴜɴᴅ ᴛʜᴇ ᴡᴏƦʟᴅ™」! Please read the info below:

➠ [𝐍𝐎𝐓𝐄]: This is a fan-based RP that is influenced by JoJo, but not the same story or plot (Somewhat) as it is a AU. Anyone is welcome, just please be respectful upon joining. Also this is a JoJo reference.

➠ [𝐋𝐎𝐑𝐄]: 1969, the year where Stands notably began to appear throughout the world by unknown means at fast rates. Some may have been born with them while others gained the potential in their older years, yet there are those that say that were shot or stabbed with a unique arrow by robed men in order to gain their stands, but regardless of their origin, all of these Stand users would being to meet and collide with one another through fate. The influence of this user has had great pull on many stand users as many are recruited to work for them, or killed if defying them. Years later in 1986, the mysterious Stand user "Over Heaven" announces a large inconceivable bounty of immortality, riches, and vast power under their rule should they retrieve the rumored 'Stand Arrow' used to create Stand users. While many have searched for it in their name, others have had other intentions of keeping the arrow for themselves, creating armies of Stand users at their will or even to bribe the mysterious Over Heaven. Regardless of this, those in the underground or Stand user world have begun to search for the legendary arrow, clashing with one another in attempts to finally cease it, for this is a journey that will take place... Around The World. (Part 1)

➠ [𝐑𝐔𝐋𝐄𝐒/𝐈𝐍𝐅𝐎]: There’s no dice roll system, so it’s free form but I will remind you Meta/Godmodding obviously won't be allowed and is monitored by Staff, and will leave certain RP arguments between players up to a dice roll or Staff intervention if need be. You can make up to 5 various characters, and explore wherever and whenever you like around the world! I am owner and main host, and I have only 1 active Staff member. If you’d like to help, I’d appreciate it by giving me a DM and seeing if I can accept your application for Staff duty. Any information needed can be asked upon joining, so I hope to see you here soon! - Outlaw



We can be a bit of a rowdy and rambunctious community, but we aim to also to maintain a friendly and safe space for players to get along and have fun together! Excessive troublemakers or those disrupting peace and disturbing others will be dealt with by staff, and if not please report it to us!

Our staff is understanding and respecting to all who join, and I always make sure no favorite/elitism is done that puts staff before players with rude or false allegations. We like to see ourselves as part of the community too and offer help for those in need as soon as we can, but remember action will be taken if you disobey the servers rules!

No roleplay server would be complete without these! We offer plenty of unique roleplay location channels for your characters to roam and explore, while meeting with other players!

Everyone can get involved in these events to give you a chance to role-play with anyone within the server. We usually plan these beforehand, so nobody misses out and can partake as they wish, with the benefits of possible OC rewards!

There are an infinite amount of possibilities with Character and Stand creation, as we also provide many unique abilities that do not need to be Stand based! Be it something like Hamon or being a Vampire, there are a few more homemade powers you can try out!

We have many channels outside of RP for those to talk in casually, discuss RP or other topics of interests, share content such as videos, music, art, memes, and many more!

Welcome to Smol Beans House!
We are a friendly and generally relaxed community server for
people of all types! We have been around for quite some time
but were not completely open to new members but that has changed.
Smol Beans House has one very important goal... to make a relaxed
server for the people of Discord! We would appreciate it if you
can join! UwU!
What We have to Offer!
►A collection of bots with more coming soon!
►Awesome staff willing to help you with your problems!
►Philosophical daily QOTDs!
►Philosophical Daily Quotes!
►Suggestion channel so we can listen to YOU!
►Private Voice channels!
►Voice channel events!
► Confessions channel!
We are Also open to Partnerships!!! DM on request
Welcome to SPICY PLUM COSPLAY! We are the BEST cosplay distributor, you will ONLY find the HOTTEST and BEST cosplay MODELS here!

We're also gamers too <3

Come check us out! We all have loads of fun, are very friendly, and there are so many options of entertainment. So what are you waiting for? Click the JOIN button NOW!
___*** SENPAI ***___

13,000 + Members

1:1 Male to Female Ratio

Giveaways & Events

Venting Session & Confessions

A Place where you can be yourself, and not try to act out on someone you are not!
Love haze rebirth is a chill place where you can come to date, chill, talk about anime, and game. Our mods are very laid back and we have few rules. Come have some fun in a 13-18 year old environment where you can basically do whatever you want!
Welcome to Deja vu

🧬looking for a place to chill and chat to new people and have a good time then come join us
•a server for chill hangout spot that is expanding everyday,
•both as gaming hub and social hub
•We have good staff members who listen to your need and suggestion.
•We are looking for more staff

Szukasz schronienia przed deszczem? Wchodź! Witamy na najlepszym serwerze wielotematycznym. Można u nas doświadczyć niezwykłej atmosfery oraz wrażeń. Możesz tu poznać wiele ciekawych osób, nieciekawych także, lecz każdy znajdzie swoje miejsce dla siebie! Jak sama nazwa wskazuje, często rozmawiamy po nocach i staramy się, żeby na serwerze nie było shitpostu tak jak na większości dużych serwerów. Zapraszamy!
Hej! Dołącz do nas! Znajdziesz z pewnością coś dla siebie! Posiadamy 3 strefy! Dla zboczuszków, normalna oraz RolePlay! Strefa RolePlay jest w trakcie prac, potrzebujemy osoby która by pomogła nam to przygotować oraz lore, osoby które pomogą uhonorujemy odpowiednią rangą! ♥
bisoux ~
french for hugs / kisses

what we offer - ! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
• a caring community and staff
• an easy leveling system
• cute emotes for everyone to use
• not really a theme.. just purple-!
An all girls high school which recently turned coed. With the school being 90% filled with girls thus set the perfect chance for guys to make their move. With guys and girls crashing together in dorms it sets the mood for the perfect harem story

Before i tell you the story here are the rules,

18+ 16 at the least

please be respectful no one likes shit heads

we are indeed NSFW

no bullying or racism that stuff is straight up fucked up

A girls school who have barely seen men was filled rogue boys who were in and out of Jail, they were forced into rooms with the girls whether they liked it or not it was a sort of prison high school.
A home to all creators and aesthetic freaks, with the artsy and pastel theme, followed by friendly members, you're welcome to join in, invite your friends to help us grow this promising community and share our talents.
We love anime, manga, and games! We have many bots to play around with and a sizeable userbase. We are looking for new, active members to populate our server. We are always open to suggestions and improving roles, etc.
Please, come and join the cult!
Fun new little server.
We have a lot of voice channels and a lot of text channels.
You can earn money and buy things (rp)!
Reaction roles too.
Fun bots and people.
Looking for staff!
Heey ~ ~(˘▾˘~) ~(˘▾˘)~ (~˘▾˘)~ Willkommen ~

Hast du auch öfters Langweile?

Wir sind ein Treffpunkt für Anime-Otakus und Zocker.
Sind aber nicht wirklich auf ein Thema fokussiert.
Hier kannst du ein Bisschen chatten und chillen.
Wir quatschen über banale Dinge und Humor ist an der Tagesordnung.
Alles in einen sind wir ein bunter Verrückter haufen UwU.
Du solltest mindesten 14 Jahre alt sein!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Wir bieten:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

🌺Aktiver Support und freundliche Community

🌺Rollen zum selbst auswählen

🌺Rollen- und Levelsystem.

🌺 Aktiver VC

🌺 Sprach- & Musik Chat

🌺 Giveaways.

❀ヅ❤♫\(^o^)/ *. Trau dich ruhig zu uns *.* \(^o^)/
Wir würden uns freuen wenn du mal vorbei schauen würdest!!

Wil je internetvrienden die ook in het echte leven vrienden voor het leven kunnen zijn? Vind jij praten leuk en ben je opzoek naar een actieve server? Twijfel niet en wees welkom door te joinen!
Regular auditions for all characters are closed, but join us for event-exclusive auditions coming up soon!

Roleplay with immense quality and character development in our canon-based BNHA server. Get your chance to become one of your favorite canon characters or even an OC to interact with them!

Starting just before the Summer Training Camp prior to season 3, Purple caters to more developed and intricate villains, with carefully-crafted plots that you can plan along with us! We pride ourselves on our exclusively thorough audition process, for the sake of quality and ease that we want to bring to our community. Unlike other servers, Purple provides extensive but productive critiques for you and your character even, before you start roleplaying!

So, what's not to love about Purple? Need more convincing?
We highly encourage character development, unique quirks, and community feedback! If quality is what you're searching for, please consider giving our server a chance. Purple strives for a 'family' feel, where everyone in our community is willing to collaborate, help, and inspire each other.

Our server summary:
💜 A supportive and judgement-free community!
💜 A constructive environment where you can develop your writing skills with peer feedback!
💜 An array of dedicated, down-to-earth staff, willing to help with any issue!
💜 OC appreciation and inclusion!
💜 LGBT+ safe spaces!
💜 VILLAINS (Including villlain OCs!)
💜 A place to just hang out with other geeks and appreciate art, fics, and spoilers!

What are you waiting for? Get on in here and join in on the fun!
Remember to go beyond! Plus Ultra!
Yokai is a brand new community with a focus on building bonds and lasting friendships.
We have a 16+ age restriction.
Some of our features:
❀Level roles, profile roles, color roles❀
❀Game nights & Movie Nights❀
❀NSFW themes & Channels❀

>Discord Dungeons
Join here cause why not. Like talking shit and screwing around? Then just fucking join all we do is talk you can just fuck around with the bots you can talk shit to other people but not too much and only in a somewhat friendly way or else your ass gets kicked. We have a certain set of rules so check them out and don’t be a little bitch. You might not know anyone here but that doesn’t mean we wont help you if you need it and a couple of us aren’t afraid to be honest so get your ass down here and join and have fun. Join our fuckin neighbourhood bab!
A Discord server created by the Instagram page @meccha.memes. Community is great and supporting. Lots of events hosted by the staff and meccha himself with cash prizes monthly.
This is Hentai Reborn! We are a server dedicated to hentai, anime, gaming, art, memes, and more! We are here to promote a relaxed and friendly environment for every member of our discord community and family. We have tons of NSFW content for your browsing pleasure or you can simply chat it up with fellow weebs, otakus, gamers, or normies in our large variety of text and voice channels. We also host events weekly (movie nights, anime nights, etc) so join in on the fun!

Everyone is welcome to become part of this family.

Let’s start 2019 with a party!
In a world where magic isn't just a fantasy, where different species co-exist with one another, where dreams can come true. That was the world of Utopia.

...was the world of Utopia of course...

Unfortunately, the peaceful land of Utopia was wiped out by the gods of the universe, powerful beings with the abilities to destroy entire civilisations in an instant if they wanted to. Utopia, with no experience in war or conflict, were no match against them and were eradicated.

But not all lived were lost. There were survivors who either fled or hid from the terror of the gods. They repopulated the world and lived on, never forgetting the massacre they were forced to witness To this day, no one knows why the gods did what they did.

One thing was clear though, for some reason, the magic flowing around the planet was stronger, leading to the births of children with magic power surpassing their parents. The survivors thought this was a blessing, however, this turned out to be small moment of hope as evil creatures began to be born around the world, from demons to ogres to other horrid beasts, putting the world at more risk. It was this that caused the world to learn to fight back, where the people became "hunters".

Over time, the world of Utopia had grown, eventually leading to the current society having no idea of what occurred in their ancestor's past. There have been more conflict between species as the years go by, not enough to cause war, but enough to put people on edge.

Schools began to be built around the world to train the next generation of hunters and huntresses to protect the world of the evil creatures.

It may not be the same friendly world as before, but with magic and power at the disposal of teenagers, will co-existence remain? Cause in this new world, only the strong matter.
╬ INFO ♡

╰> This is a cute friendly server based on
╰> gaming,arts,animes,musics and other things ♡


╰> ୨ 🌙 ୧ New friends
╰>୨ ✨ ୧ Friendly members and staff
╰>୨ 🌙 ୧ 50+ cute emojis
╰>୨ ✨ ୧ Aesthetic channels
╰> ୨ 🌙 ୧ Non toxic peoples
╰> ୨ ✨ ୧ Self roles
╰> ୨ 🌙 ୧ Level roles

╰────> The only thing that's missing is you so what are u waiting for ^^
Netter Server mit aktive Leute, idk, schaut vorbei, klingt aber nicht vielversprechend