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Come on over to our CGL based server, all littles and daddies welcome :)
18+ ONLY

We have over 100+ interactive roles to choose from
NSFW chats / media
SFW chats / media
Voice chats just for the littles
Active store with many purchasable roles
ID Verification
This is a server where birbs and birb lovers alike can hang and chat! UwU we also allow anyone who likes anime and other sorts!

- Birbs

- LGBTQ+ friendly

- we’re supportive of everyone!

- if you have any complaints of anything or anyone in the server pm ( phat birb~#0975 )
Witamy na Umieralni gdzie jedynym zadaniem jest to by nie umrzeć!
Znajdziesz tu:
>Rysunki z ładnymi paniami (czasem też trapami) leczące depresję
>Memy, przez które twoja depresja wróci tak szybko jak zniknęła
>Miejsce do dzielenia się swoją twórczością by dalej się oszukiwać, że życie wciąż ma sens
>Prawdopodobnie społeczeństwo bez kręgosłupa moralnego i chęci do działania
>Nowych przyjaciół do dotrzymywania ci towarzystwa na tym padole łez
>Kącik, w którym legalnie możesz drzeć ryj


(Na serwerze bezwzględnie zakazane jest rozpowszechnianie furry, yaoi oraz koniarskiej propagandy)
•You have been invited to join NSFW Paradise•

Our staff at Hentai Paradise have years of experience in the hentai community, and our huge library of hentai proves that.
With over 25 (and growing) hentai tag and irl porn channels, we most definitely have what you're looking for.
We also feature great & fun bots to play with, lots of memes and shitposts and of course our infamous 'Daily Hentai & IRL Porn Feed' which updates every minute so you get your daily dose of lewdness delivered every minute (or even second) of the day!

Of course, that's not it, we also have lots of community based channels for you to express yourself in! Such as: Gaming, Selfies, Art, Venting, Confessions, Hookups and a lot more!

We also use a leveling system, and we are against kink-shaming!
So everyone is welcome here.

(After you join make sure to assign gender, age and misc. roles)
:heart: คllนrคŞ ¢คŞtlē ໐f li໐ຖŞ is a fast growing community of weebs and is a place to have fun and chill and chat with other people :heart:

:hearts: いち
We have friendly and active members

:hearts: に 二
Cosplay, Anime, and Gaming Channels!

:hearts: さん 三
Sh*tposting and Meme Channels!

:hearts: よん
Talk about other social medias!

:hearts: ご 五
NSFW Channels!

:hearts: ろく 六
Pokecord, Waifus, Husbandos, and more!

:heart: LGBTQ+, Colored Person, or whatever you are, you're always welcome in คllนrคŞ ¢คŞtlē ໐f li໐ຖŞ! :heart:
The Cosmos is a chill server for meeting awesome new people around the world. We don't take things too seriously and welcome everyone. Come say hi and be greeted by our friendly members and staff!
Come join ♛Sʜɪᴏʀɪ Pʀᴏᴊᴇᴄᴛ♕! We're a gaming/anime community for everyone who enjoys these sorts of things and find mates that have similar interests to you. We are a kind and friendly server and your chance to make your mark on the server by just being active and having a good time!
Welcome to 🌸『The Crippled Angelsツ』🌸
This is a server where you can just chill and talk about whatever you'd like to, so come join on in with the fun!
•🌸300 Members!!!
•🎀An active chat
•🌸Fun Bots 🤖
•🎀Friendly staff!
•🌸 Hentai channels
•🎀Self assignable roles
•🎀Music bots 🎶
•🌸And much more!!!
Permanent Invite~
Fun social community, active chat and people to talk to in text and voice. Has waifucatch! Lots of members enjoy playing video games and watching anime. Growing community with self color roles and level up ranks. 50 cute emotes and more original animated emotes being added!
We're a group of 'otakus' who like to talk about music, life, current events, politics, anime, games, and anything you could imagine really! We're a great place to chat and make friends, and we have channels for all your interests! ❤
We are a chill community where we mainly relax, sit back and have some great laughs and overall fun. we have rules just like every other server of course but of them are pretty minor and easy to follow or should be. We would like you to join us as a respectable community member and become one with our society here. We also play games have discussions roast each other and enjoy being VERY random, weird, and occasionally one of our staff members we'll do a giveaway for the whole sever. So i hope you decide to join and chat with us.
Un servidor creado con el fin de divertirse. Buscamos gente nueva con ese propósito. Hablamos de anime y muchas cosas más! ¿Qué esperas? Oh, olvidé mencionar que nuestra raza predominante aquí son los trapos. Vale, eso es todo. Te veo allí!
Come & join Space , we have multi-purpose bots, level ups, supportive people & helpful tips :)
Join this anime fan based server! It’s well built and has great features such as self assignable roles, prizes for leveling up, & even events!
We have plenty to offer like occasional giveaways and several channels for discussing anime, including channels where you can play all sorts of different games with others!
We also offer you a great amount of people to talk to and a dedicated staff team.
We're open for partnerships so feel free to partner with us.
It's an anime server with a bunch of anime related channels and also some Roleplay channels. We have videogame channels and also a hentai channel.
The community server of Brago D. Ace, a One Piece based YouTuber. This is the most active server within the One Piece community.
New growing server trying to expand. Everyone in the server is pretty chill so if you need a new hangout spot this might just be the place for you. We have a bit of bots to entertain members. All we ask is you to read the rules and follow them. Otherwise enjoy!!!!! -Look forward to seeing you there.
A friendly Tokyo Ghoul server, set 100 years after the death of Ken Kaneki and the peace which had been created. The CCG have been reformed and realigned with a new goal in plan, destroy all factions and put an end to the ghouls ways.

Everyone starts out the same, but there are prizes to be won and ways to rank up to become the best that you can possibly be. This is no easy feat, and each persons strength will be pushed to the limit.

With factions old and new on the rise, it’s a battle for turf and leadership. While some are looking for a more peaceful life, others are corrupted and twisted in their views. The fate of Tokyo is now grim and blurred, though an absolute outcome is now none existent, the new rise of anarchy means a horrible fate to the state of Tokyo.

Events will be an occurrence, wanting to focus on creating plot for all involved and encouraging the community to meet new people. As well as this, there will be giveaways ranging from canon Kagune and Quinque.
🌸▬▬★▬▬🌸𝓤𝓷𝓲𝓽𝓮𝓭 𝓒𝓱𝓸𝓹𝓼𝓽𝓲𝓬𝓴𝓼🌸▬▬★▬▬🌸

😊My server is a community of Asians that discuss their interests.😊Whether you are into Anime, K-POP, Gaming, Manga, the whole shabang you are welcome to discuss it here.😊 (っ◔◡◔)っ


★ Even if you are not Asian its alright, you are welcome to join anyway! ★
★ We have daily polls and discord bots that you can mess around with. ★
👉Trivia Bot
👉Box Bot
👉Groovy Bot
★ Music bots that you can listen to! ★
★ Game update bot that gives updates on the games listed on its website! ★
★ Custom roles based on ethnicity!(only for Asians) ★
★ You can apply roles to yourself! ★
❤ Emotes ❤


👉Currently we consist of:


★ Expand the family! 😊 (っ◔◡◔)っ
This is the Discord Server for art, music, and just to talk with new people!

This server I discuss art with other people who are into the subject. Also, I like rock/metal, or just music in general. So, if you like anything of that sorts come join as well. I want to improve my art by talking to the community about it, and also learn new music as well.

Pretty small community currently, but hopefully it'll become bigger with time. Thank you, and hope to talk with you guys soon!
。୨🐰୧~🍼⋆。˚ ⋆🌸⋆。˚ ⋆🍼~୨🐰୧。
welcome to sweetiebun! ₍⑅ᐢ..ᐢ₎♡
。୨🐰୧~🍼。˚ ⋆🌸⋆。˚ ⋆🍼~୨🐰୧。

sweetiebun is a lovable and welcoming server that is open for every little sweetie online! ♡

ʚ🌸ɞ Sweetiebun is a sweet and safe place that allows users to join and make friends with other sweeties!

ʚ🐰ɞ We accept everyone no matter what differences they may share!We hope everyone can enjoy and love our super bwerry cyoot server!

ʚ🍼ɞ Our server includes a ton of super cyoot emotes for everyone to use and a sweet family for chu to meet!

ʚ🌸ɞ If you’re looking for a super cyoot soft and friendly server for sure you will love this server!

ʚ🐰ɞ What are you waiting for? Run along now! Join here and create cyoot memories with everyone in here! Be you and stay comwfy! ♡
Looking For Partner Managers!!!
» M E E T - people of the same interests!
» S E L F - R O L E S - With a simple click!
» S E L F I E S - Browse and post your own!
» C R E A T I V I T Y - Show your creations!
» M E M E S - Very Dank Memes!
» P R O G R A M M I N G - Dedicated Channels!
» P A R T N E R S - Ready To Partner And Affiliate!
» S U G G E S T I O N S - Open To All Suggestions!
The Best EdgeLord Server To Find Friends!

Let yourself be amazed and JOIN TODAY!
💙 Welcome to the Lewdie erps!~ The place where you get all the succ!
💜 You can create an character after that you'll have plenty of areas to play around with People! etc!
💕 Quality RP & Amateur & Beginner RP!
💕 Hot nudes & hentai
💕 Gaming-Sections
Lewdie ERP is a server dedicated to erotic roleplay and being as lewd as you'd like, as the name implies. Regardless of that, original characters (OC) are more than welcomed to join in the fun. The server has many different channels, including a variety of roleplaying settings, NSFW channels for the lewd art, and NSFW chats for the lewd talk! There is also an LFP (Looking for Partner) channel, which can be helpful to find a roleplaying partner or group or perhaps even find someone to play games with.
Hello (name!)
You have been accepted to come to Grey Peaks Academy, here we have many ranges of activities for you to do! Class, make many friends, join any club as you wish and most importantly...have fun! In your free-time, you can exit school grounds and wonder around the town! How cool is that? You'll be offered your own dorm, and in the dormitories, we even have more activities for you to do there! However when it's 2AM, we will lock the gates. Have fun at GPA!

Now, you may be wondering, Grey Peaks Academy? Meh. Well, don't leave just yet! Shit just got exciting! This school has a dark dark past, and we'll need your help to find out. This school has some...weirdness to it...And we'll need you to help us.

Things we require:
Anyone is accepted!
I have a 12 bots in total, many to mess around with!
I'm free to partner with, just join then dm me!
We're a friendly server, mainly based on RP.
This isn't any fantasy roleplay, so powers (like mind reading) aren't allowed.
You can choose to be in the plot or out.