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In a world where superpower-like traits arise are known as “Quirks” have dawned upon humanity. Strength, speed, fire, all sorts of powers began appearing one by one until 80% of the world population had a quirk. The use of such quirks in public is deemed illegal, punishable by imprisonment. Those who fail to obey the law are labeled as villains. They wreak havoc on the city of Musutafu, the greatest threat this city has ever encountered. There are several people deemed Pro-Heroes, who protect this great city. There are also students, training to become heroes to one day protect this city as well. These future heroes go to U.A. Academy, a place where they can enhance and refine their quirk and abilities. Will you be a villain or will you be a hero?

Fair and fun role play, with understanding admins to make your role playing worthwhile and joyful. Custom quirks can be requested to create more flexibility with members and to keep unique quirks always in play. Daily school schedules to keep students on their feet and train for upcoming villains. Didn't get accepted into U.A.? Don't worry! You can still be a junior high student so you can learn more about the world!
this is a general server where you can talk about anything and make new friends. you can date idc just dont harass
We're a small, but growing anime/gaming community who welcomes all members. Don't feel like you'd fit in anywhere else? You'd fit in great here! We stand out by being a laid back, welcoming community for new members, we're glad to have you!

Welcome to Questful Love!

We are a chilled back small community hoping to grow large and to be strong as one.
We are currently working on our server right now!

Thank you for reading this if you plan on joining here is what to expect when joining our community:

[Roles and Ranks]
[More to come soon]


We have a Vent channel and a FAQ channel.
If you got a problem with another user please contact one of the admins.

Remember we are here to have fun, thanks for your time.

Neetworks is a chill place for people that want to play games, art, modeling, composing, and hanging out in voice chat. Feel free to join!!!!
Remember to stock up on unhealthy snacks while you're here. ⧕(゜д゜)⧔
Steam Group:
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Dota 2
Grand Theft Auto V
Team Fortress 2
Mount & Blade
Garry's Mod
War Thunder
Phantasy Star Online 2
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Music Production
FL Studio
3D modeling
We have lots of emotes too, and an active VC (Voice chat)
☯ Touhou Overdose ☯ is a chill Touhou environment for everything Touhou! We have everything Touhou related. Feel free to join if you don't own a fedora. [No NSFW channel. We aren't lonely 16 year olds]
Touhou 16.5
Touhou 16.5
Server in the making! Needing new members, New MODS, and New Trainers! Be attentive! JOIN NOW!
Experienced or not, feel free to join anytime! A sociable server and make new friends along the way...
This is LJN, a fresh start, we're striving to be a chill community that caters to everyone's taste, so please, join us and have a good time.
Join Neko Heaven, we are a friendly and a dating server! We have FREE ROLES for new members and we welcome all who joins! This server includes:
Custom Reaction Roles
Fun Bots
Catch Nekos
Growing Community
Friendly and Experienced Staffs
We interact with our community unlike every other servers, and we're looking for staff and active members as well. What are you waiting for? Come be a part of the growing community with nekos!
————Welcome to Supernatural Academy! (超自然)————

Welcome to Supernatural Academy! Our server is a Super Powered Anime World where everyone can freely role-play whenever they want to! Send some memes, enjoy an event, or join in on a giveaway! You choose what you wanna do!

💠We have loads of channels that you might like!💠

💠————————Channel Categories————————💠
Role-play Character - This category is where you get one of our many role-playing roles! This includes students, teachers, citizens and more! New roles are still being added every so often, so there's no need to worry about a lack of variety. You can also make your character bio, we just suggest you read the character-help channel first!

At The Academy - Located in the midst of a fictional Tokyo, Japan, this is where all of the students, teachers, or anyone welcome would like to hone their powers. Locations inside the Academy include the Computer Lab or the Training Dome!

Dorms- After roleplaying in the server for a while, you will be given a dorm key which gives you access to a four person dorm! These are great for meeting new people as well as making new friends to roleplay with!

Chat & Chill - Category with normal channels for if you don't want to role-play! These include the rant channel if you want to get something off your chest, or shitposting, if you like to spam memes.

Off Campus - Places like the Shopping Mall, the Nightclub, the Beach, or even the Maitī Restaurant!

————————💠Features in our server💠————————

High Moderation - Our staff monitor the chat seriously and Kick or Ban those who break the rules!
Fun Bots - We have fun bots like DankMemer and NSFW bots!
Currency - Which you can earn money and buy some Special Tags & Other Stuff!
Custom Events - Exciting events that happen at random moments, so be aware at all times! They could be related to the good or the evil, with some of them even revealing new locations!
So join us in Supernatural Academy to train your powers and conquer the evil focused on destroying Tokyo, Japan! This is your story, and it's your job to lead it!
hi shit server please join ily - if u read this and u havent clicked join yet ur like cursed or smth idk bye
Do you enjoy talking to people and making new friends? Do you like playing games? Do you like anime? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should join our community! And it doesn't have to stop there, we are a community open to many different kinds of people! We try to keep things active with events and polls so that everyone can have a chance to engage with the community. Join 3AM today!
Welcome to Rockstar Games
This is a server made for EVERYONE, we are a loving a community. We prevent our members from getting discriminated. We try out best to make our fellow members comfortable in our server and I hope you will too. So if you're looking for a server that has an almost every content this is the place.
this place is a friendly server where everyone can interact and socialize, we would like people to enjoy their time and moments in our server, also meet new people and as soon as possible have new friends. We accept and don’t discriminate anyone, we would be more than happy to see the server rise and be more alive than now.
Hello, and welcome to Serenité Lounge! This is a new server dedicated to meeting new people, playing games, and talking about all sorts of stuff! We offer a variety of bots and level up roles. Join to help us grow!
The Multiverse of Sora is a small community where everyone and anyone can roleplay with OCs of their creation or any canon character in a highly action packed manner! The majority of our content is sort of based off of Dragon Ball, but we branch out as often as possible! We follow a very forgiving power scaling system, and have tons of fun action sequences alongside a nice taste of slice of life! There are also a few branch servers, so your character can always experience something new and entertaining! We hope to see you join. Don't be shy; we welcome everyone!
ஓ๑❥❦❧๑ஓ 𝕰 𝖓 𝖔 𝖙 𝖎 𝖙 𝖆 ஓ๑❥❦❧๑ஓ

Welcome to Enotita. It's a bridge server for fun and games that works as the connection between several other writing platforms.

You wanna start a story within our manga we are developing? Come on!

Complex Role-play and combat system? Check!

Drama based role-play with deep messages? Check!

Relaxation and fun housed in voice chats for everyone to enjoy? Check!

We hope to keep rising and become a well recognized community that's capable of wonders!

Join our world and come to the Winter-Flow region. A place where you have powers and these powers are fueled by science.

However; this is a place where knowledge is scares and instead of money you trade your memories and knowledge instead of currency.

Be of three insane races and shift the worlds history with the choices you make.




Anteiku is a community driven community with lots to offer! Even though we're small we have a lot to do such as...

🌹 NSFW Area's
🌹 Dating Area's
🌹 Roleplay Area's
🌹 Gaming Area's

All of which are locked under Self Assigned roles, so if you don't want to see it you don't have to! Along with all of our area's we have...

🌹 Active Members
🌹 Active staff
🌹 Auto-Moderation
🌹 Anti-Raid
🌹 Spam Protection
🌹 A Chill-Area
🌹 Anime / Music / Gaming chat area's
🌹 Game Bots
🌹 Music Bots
🌹 Marriage Bots
🌹 Lots of fun bots pretty much!

and we are currently looking for Partners! If you have a server with above 50 members feel free to join and message me @Ghoul#6455 and we can talk about a partnership.

Hope to see you soon!
Hey welcome to this server where we talk about our lives and chill.
We're just a pretty chill server with pretty chill people, we also have a nsfw section so I guess that's cool
(Edit: the server is dead right now so don't join unless you plan on staying because we would've had so many members by now if people would join and just wait for more people to join instead of leaving)
Hello, I am reaching out to gamers. Join this server to play with other gamers. Some games that we have are: fortnite, PUBG, CSGO, and more.
We're a chill community that loves to joke around. Talk about gaming, anime, music, or anything really. smash ult hype
This is My Hero Academia Love, where we all join together to express our love of all things My Hero Academia! Join to gain access to a swell community, well moderated roleplay, and plenty of fanart! We love our MHA babies here!
hey if you like multi topic servers this is the place for you
also a really chill server, join we need people lmao
in this house we snatch wigs shister
The server is for people who are interested To have friends, our server has lots of topics like gaming and anime, movies and TV shows! I hope you like the idea and join!! C'mon it's fun!!! ~ Bent