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Güzel,eğlenceli ve sıcak bir ortam
Sunucuda belirli roller mevcut ve rol seçerek elde ediyorsunuz
Arasıra oyun etkinlikleri düzenleyerek toplanıp oyunlar oynuyoruz
Town Of Salem,Gartic io,League Of Legends,Minecraft,Garry's Mod ve dahası
Sunucu şuanlık yoğun olarak anime üzerine ama oyunlar hakkında da konuşuluyor
Umarım sen de aramıza katılırsın! 🙂
✨Hello! This is just another server, but for losers! I’m joking, but on this server we mostly talk about random things, voice chat, and/or do some debating.✨
✨You can talk about manga, anime, youtubers, or other things!✨
✨But please remember to follow the TOS, and stay safe.✨

THE Hentai Emoji/Emote Server! Full of all kinds of SFW, NSFW, LEWD and AHEGAO emojis!
Come and join and make your friends jealous with your new collection of hentai emojis!
❤️ meet new friends
🧡 playing smash with the bois
💛 we got some movie nights if y’all are interested
💚 anime watchers in here.. you’ve been warned
💙 Minecraft tiiiimmme
💜 all in all it’s an epic fucking server
🖤 if you like dark/ sometimes offensive humor the door is open
We do respect your opinion on topics and if something is bothering you we won’t make fun of it, although we have offensive humor we also have boundaries. So if you aren’t comfortable with something tell and admin or moderator and we’ll try to fix it to our best ability.
-remember to read the rules channel
-if something is troubling you please tell someone
Have fun gamers! 🗿
✨~Omae wa mou shindeiru~✨
This server which was created for socialize with people from all over the world, in a fun environment.

An examples of the type of things we do:

🌸•Active community
🌸•Self-Assignable roles
🌸•Leveling system
🌸•Your own profile
🌸•Play games with people
🌸•Fun and useful bots
🌸•Everything you need and more
Attention, you dirty hentai-wanking peasants! Do you seek for a server where the owner is 80% guaranteed to rape you within 2 minutes of joining? Are you addicted to anime so much that you wanna become them? Are you such a pathetic loser who can’t get any friends because you have the cancer that is weebism? Are you such a failure in life that you desperately rely on other people aka communism? Lol you’re on Discord of course you are. Say hello to the Anime Communist Reject Headquarters. Pretend to be your favorite anime character (or make up your own) and come talk to the other lonely weebs here. As men and women of culture, we relish in the sweet savory Japanese juices that is hentai, so feel free to douse us in that glory in our send-nudes channel ;). Embrace communism with vodka and weaponry. Who needs food when everyone has tanks? We got some bots that you can play with as well if you're into them (I'm warning you, don't talk to Miki or I'll fecking kill you). I’m the owner, Urgei, and I’m a totally real oncologist (that means cancer doctor). I got my PHD (Pretty Huge Dic) that I totally didn’t steal off the black market, so I’m trustworthy, right? I’ve only killed like 6 patients this year (might be 7, Idk if that one girl survived) but I think you’ll be fine. I’ll always be open to any suggestions, so enjoy our stupidity I guess
Welcome To Heisei!

Here you can:
- meet new people
- make new friends
- possibly find your soulmate
- have a fun time and more!

Make sure to follow the rules & get roles so that we can all have get along! (: Don't forget that this server is a safe for work server and for 13 to 19 years old only!
Hallöchen Darling! 👋
Wie schön, dass Du Uns gefunden hast!

Was können Wir bieten:

- ✴️ Eine kleine und ausgewogene Community ✳️
- 👩‍💻 Ein nettes und kompetentes Team 🕵️
- ✏️ Aktive Chats 📋
- 😂 Meme's & Fanart's 🎨
- 🗣️ Sprach- & Musik Chat 🎧

Bist Du bereit, der Deutschen DitF Community beizutreten?
Dann nicht's wie los!!
Wir freuen Uns auf Dich!
  ✨Welcome to Toe Bean desu~✨
┗━━━━━━━ ☆ ━━━━━━━┛

We are a chill, non-toxic server made for people who absolutely adore toe beans! Even if you don’t like toe beans ( you’re missing out, by the way ), you can still enjoy this amazing, cutesy server made just for me, you, and your friends!

It’s a pretty small server and we’re constantly growing and trying our best to make sure you and your friends are nice, snug, comfortable, and toe beanilicious.

So what are you waiting for? Come bring your cute little toe beans and fluffy paws on over to ✨Toe Bean desu~✨

You'll love The Bursty Server, since it's still little small, but with more people and a channel or chat request, you can have alot more stuff, rps, erps, everything, absolutely everything
An all age server seeking active members who want to talk. This server is meant to be a non-toxic environment for people to feel safe and free of judgement. If you are interested, here's some of what we offer:

[⛥] 50+ Custom Emotes (Animated and Still).
[⛥] Partnerships!
[⛥] Many Roles (Assignable and Earnable).
[⛥] Nitro Boosters get rewarded (Custom Role).
[⛥] Tons of fun bots.
[⛥] Fashion, Grunge, Metal, Anime, JPOP/Rock.
[⛥] Dedicated NSFW chat for those who need it.
[⛥] Memes.

If you're interested, don't hesitate to join! You're all welcome here =D
Misie to nowo stworzony serwer dla wszystkich osób chętnych kogoś poznać, popisać czy pograć. Każdy nowy Misio będzie ciepło przez nas przyjęty i mamy nadzieje, że z nami zostanie na dłużej. c:

Pokud jsi fanoušek anime/mangy a japonské kultury přidej se k nám! Jsme CZ/SK server (nejen) pro milovníky anime, mangy, hraní her či všeobecně pro milovníky Japonska. Zábavní weeb boti a cz/sk komunita otaku, co víc si přát! Máme sice zatím málo členů, ale věř nám, jsme aktivní každý den (a až pozdě do večera) a stejně jako ty, chceme si pokecat s dalšími otaku. Má našem serveru také najdeš roleplay, je mu věnována celá kategorie a neustále se v něm něco děje. Své si najdou i gameři, máme zde i komunitu programátorů... vlastně ať jsi kdokoli, najdeš si zde svou komunitu.

Co více zde najdu?
- Eventy a giveawaye (např. o Spotify Premium, Nitro, Crunchyroll PREMIUM atd...)
- Spoustu kanálu pro chat
- NSFW kanál(y) (který je doslova nekonečně dlouhý xD)
- Voice kanály, do kterých se můžeš kdykoli připojit
- Voice kanály pro hudbu (včetně 24/7 rádia)
- Boty: Tatsumaki, Neko chan, Mantaro, Waifu, Waifu bot, Rythm, MarriageBot,Dong (speciální bot pro náš server), YAGPDB a mnohem více
- Vlastní role, které si můžeš přidělit v rolemenu
- Role, které získáš za aktivitu
- A hlavně aktivní (nejen) otaku komunitu!

Takže neváhej a připoj se. Těšíme se na tebe! UwU

This server is only for Czech and Slovak community! If you want to stay but you don't speak Czech, let the admins know.
Join this server for anime,lolis,waifus,and more~!(btw theres aton of bots so dont mind the bots)
Yo! Feel free to join my server if you wanna meet new chill people to add to your friendslist. There are the classic bots, miki, tatsumaki, rythm, fredboat etc. Since the server is new there are tons of open staff positions if you wanna join the staff team.

The server also features alot of kirby emojies :)
It's a place where anyone can worship our goddess Kawakami as well as interact with others about life, gaming, and even anime. Come and join us~!
Mostly 18+ members, but anyone is welcome. We're just looking for new friends who are pretty cool to vibe with to music.
Welcome to peepz zone! We've got loads in store for you, we're a friendly server and a growing one. We try to be as active, non-toxic, friendly and interesting as possible. We accept anyone with different backgrounds, believes, interests and e.c.t I hope you enjoy our small server!💖

★What we have in store for you! ★

🍒│ Many channels + with different genres

🥧│Nontoxic community, LGBT+ , Furry friendly and e.c.t

🍧│100+ So members


🍭│Fun events

🥀│Self-assigning roles!

💝│Much more!

* ★ . ⊹ ˚.
. ✦ ⊹ ˚. ✶ ◢

Anime Island is a chunk of a once large community, split off to drift into the ocean independently onwards~

This may sound dark, but it's quite exciting! Anime Island is a server that focuses itself on anime of all sorts, as well as memes and dark offensive humor. We do not prohibit expression of opinion unless it violates our rules.

If you have been seeking refuge from snowflake servers and places where staff are held to no standard then drift on with us into the never-ending ocean as we explore different types of memes, anime's, and your fellow server members!
4) Have almost ur favorite music bots like Astolfo, rythm etc. & other bots too.
5) Have special pokemon channel for pokemon fans!
6) Have different meme channel.
7) Have a level role System! more u chat higher the level u reach eventually.
8) RP is coming soon!😍
9) Weekly events on every Saturday & Sunday night according to indian timezone (indian timezone is 9hrs ahead of usa)😃
10) Have mudae bot! make ur favorite anime character ur waifu or husbando!

Note:- checkout rules Channel and take verify role to gain full server access.
Demon Slayer RP--A literate Kimetsu no Yaiba roleplay server set in an alternate world without the main cast. Make your Demon Slayer oc and join us to partake in various missions that are as intense and well thought out as in the anime. We're a kind, non-toxic community that will definitely become a new home for you! You can also just come and chill with us in main chat to gush about the latest episodes.

We also have:

>Possibility of playing as a demon and even twelve moon
>Kind, helpful staff
>Assignable colored roles + kny RP related roles
>Mudae and Ayane bot