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Welcome the Yang's Hentai palace. Where we supply quality hentai for the masses. And a great environment to make friends. Our server supplies multiple things such as:

🎀 Capture waifus!
🎀 Monthly giveaways.
🎀 Contests
🎀 Currently hiring mods!
🎀 Custom roles and colors available for free grabs
🎀 Leveling system for ranks in the server
🎀 Fresh new Hentai daily!
🎀 Hundreds of pictures and videos of quality hentai!
🎀 Large selection of hentai categories (30 channels and climbing)
🎀 Music nights on the regular!
🎀 Erotic and regular role-playing channels available
🎀 Voice chat with custom music bot available
🎀 Friendly and talkative community worth staying for
🎀 And much much more.
Welcome to Marin's Castle, where in you can chill and have fun!
Now let us have a small talk about it!
Medieval Era ranking roles. But of course, we still have self assignable roles where you can add it to yourself. Suggestions are always welcome too. We chill, we game and more. Why don't you drop by and be friends with us? I cannot say that we are perfect, but I'm sure we are a very fun bunch to be with!

(I'm not good with explaining, man)

To make sure, I'll post here an invite link (just in case something happens)
Wir sind keine Community - Wir sind besser
Wir bannen nicht - Wir f****n
Wir haben ein eigenen Bot sowie eigene Interessen x)
Komm oder lass sein, juckt mich nicht
This server is a place where fellow digimon fans can get together and talk about digimon! We even have a digimon debate channel where you can debate certain things about digimon! Come on and join if you’re a fan of digimon!

Update: since I’ve been getting trolls and spammers ever since I made the server here’s my message to the trolls and spammers joining just to raid my server in advance
Screw you! It isn’t fun to deal with freakin spammers and trolls! Your crap isn’t welcome here! If I wanted spam I’d create a server for it! If I raided your server you wouldn’t be happy! So don’t go spamming and raiding my server!
A friendly, inclusive server where you can discuss and chat about Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and make new friends!
Hello ! Do you want to join this server where all kinds of people just chat for fun? Well this might be the right server! We are kinda new but we are doing our best to make this server the BEST!
❀ Oishii! ❀

Welcome to Oishii! We are an anime-themed 15+ community server friendly staff, friendly members, and active chats ツ Not a weeaboo? No problem! Anyone who likes having fun and meeting new people will definitely fit in here - whether you wanna be the next Hokage or just wanna chat ヽ( ᐛ )ノ

。・::・゚★,。・::・゚☆ 。・::・゚★,。・::・゚☆

❀ E-girls and E-boys
❀ Active community
❀ Self-assigned roles
❀ Active VC
❀ Chill staff
❀ Gaming
❀ Art
❀ Giveaways
❀ Karaoke & movie/anime nights
❀ Casino & other bot games

Olá gente ^-^

Gostaria de mostrar para vocês um servidor para conhecer um bom pessoal, para fazerem umas boas amizades. Não precise ficar envergonhado aqui, somos todos seus amigos ;)
Ficaria muito feliz que você entrasse, independende de quem seja, eu gostaria de ser seu amigo.
Hello people ^ - ^

I would like to show you a server to meet good people, to make good friendships. No need to be embarrassed here, we are all your friends;)
I would be very glad if you came in, regardless of who you are, I would like to be your friend.
Let me introduce you to
**UA High**,This server is for meeting new people enjoying My hero academia and anime fun, Roleplaying and having fun with bot

The server has fun activities like:

👑 Always evolving Role-play 👑

🎵 Music 🎵

😂 Funny people to meet 😂

✏️Skribblio ✏️

📝 Trivia 📝

🗳 Community voting 🗳

🔵 Colourful roles 🔵

👩🏼‍💻 Great Staff 👩🏼‍💻

🤳🏻 Open Memes 🤳🏻

🤖 Fun Bots 🤖

**Whoever is interesting we all invite you to join us and enjoy the sever**
Welcome to the Scarlet Devil Mansion! A server loosely based around touhou and it’s awesome characters. Here we want you to be able to chat and make friends with the other members. We hope you can join us and help grow this small community!
~Here are a few of the awesome things you can experience on the server:

-Tons of colored self-assignable roles and an NSFW role
-Admins ready to chat
-Lots of bots to play with and a fun ranking system
-and finally a bunch of cool emotes!
Nouveau serveur accessible à tout les fans de mangas/animé et qui veulent discuter avec des personnes partageant les mêmes goûts. Petits jeux au moins une fois par semaine dans ce même thème.
An up-and-coming variety, friendship-oriented for all your Discord chatting needs. Categories and roles cater to everyone's lifestyle and interest. Come get your daily dose of hugs and human contact. 100% autonomy, low moderation. Come get your daily hugs!♡
Welcome to Anime and Hugs, a small but very friendly community! You can talk about everything with us, from anime and games to music and much more! Are you ready for new friends, fun and hugs? Then join our server!

We offer:
A fun assortment of bots!
A talented and hardworking Staff!
A leveling system with fun perks!
Fun voice chats and gaming sessions!
Self-assignable roles with even more on the way!
This is a place where you can socialize and meet new people and hopefully become friends, we have memes, nsfw, art, photography, music, and etc. Hope we can see you here in the Thick Thighs Save Lives.
(Not a dating server just need the tag)
Just a chill server to make new friends and chat. We’re a small community but the more the merrier!

Age range: Mostly mid-late teens but we accept all ages :)

We have:
• Art
• Fandom
• Games
• Memes
• Music
• Pokemon (Pokecord)

We do not have:
• Roleplay
• Partnerships
• Politics or Religion
Hello! Yes, You looking at this!
Welcome to 百合
We are a Anime/ Manga Server! However, besides talking about anime stuff we are also friendly people who you can openly talk to ^^ We are also a LGBTQ+ Friendly server as you may or may not know, 百合 means Lily or Yuri in Japanese terms! If you love talking come and join :) Even if you're not its fine too! (I've been in your shoes before xD) You won't regret it ;)

We hope you're willing to join us and be part of us!
Hope to see ya there <3
🍦 ¿Quiénes somos?
Somos un servidor social, en este servidor podras encontrar todo tipo de personas.

💙 ¿Qué te podemos ofrecer?
Tenemos canales dedicados a varios juegos, géneros de videojuegos, noticias de estos y off-topic como series o animes también.

💜 ¿Roles?
Los hay, sí. Con sus respectivos canales, tenemos los tipicos roles por nivel pero no te bloquean nada, a no ser que tengas el nivel 1 de Mee6, esa es la unica restricción.

💚 Tambien nos renovamos cada temporada para darnos una tematica correspondiente a la festividades que se celebren, incluyendo cambios de emotes, nombre de los roles y hasta el propio servidor. ¿Quieres dar ideas? ¡Adelaante!

📂 Features📂

📰Noticias de videojuegos
💬Canales de distintos temas
🎮Canales exclusivos de videojuegos
🎤 Canales de Musica🎧

¿Y puede que mas? No puedes saber si no entras.
Welcome to FreeLand! 🍀

We are a small but growing Server with plenty to offer
♦ Friendly Community ♦

😈 Helpful Staff 😈

🎗 Events 🎗

🎉 Giveaways 🎉

🎵 Music bots 🎵

💎 Market and Gambling bots 💎

👾 And So much more soon to come!!! 👾

Come join FreeLand, to grow, and have fun with us!
Welcome to The Starlight Diner! We’re a kink friendly 18+ discord server that has a little something for everyone. We try to include everyone in daily conversation and a relatively drama free zone. Make sure to check out all of our media, voice and chat channels and be sure to fill out all requested information. Have fun!
Fun open community that likes to stick together and have some laughs online. We have bots, economy, voting and events among other things.

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hey if you like multi topic servers this is the place for you
also a really chill server, join we need people lmao
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Its a chatting channelwhere you can chat to people and get ideas or make new friends