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We're just a pretty chill server with pretty chill people, we also have a nsfw section so I guess that's cool
(Edit: the server is dead right now so don't join unless you plan on staying because we would've had so many members by now if people would join and just wait for more people to join instead of leaving)
Hello, I am reaching out to gamers. Join this server to play with other gamers. Some games that we have are: fortnite, PUBG, CSGO, and more.
We're a chill community that loves to joke around. Talk about gaming, anime, music, or anything really. smash ult hype
This is My Hero Academia Love, where we all join together to express our love of all things My Hero Academia! Join to gain access to a swell community, well moderated roleplay, and plenty of fanart! We love our MHA babies here!
hey if you like multi topic servers this is the place for you
also a really chill server, join we need people lmao
in this house we snatch wigs shister
The server is for people who are interested To have friends, our server has lots of topics like gaming and anime, movies and TV shows! I hope you like the idea and join!! C'mon it's fun!!! ~ Bent
Just a friendly server to hangout and meet new's a small community but its still growing. Talks are about Anime, Games, Music, Photography and Life...

We Offer you:

➽Self Assignable Roles
➽Fun bots and games
➽Helpful Staff
➽Music Channel
➽We have art channel and we're giving events
➽Same Goes to Photography

We offer Partnership ( Just dm the owner or the mods)
Well hey there Kiddo's! (This is my business pitch)

Have you ever felt down, and in the dumps? Have you ever felt SAD? Have you ever felt like you needed a kicker-awesome discord server to cheer you up? Weeelll luckily for you, I'VE GOT JUZ THE THING!

Look no farther then Carter's Crazy Awesome Server to cheer you up! We have a lot of things...

Such as:

Gaminnnggg Oh yeah!

YouTube Oh yeah

Comics and Superheroes Double Oh Yeah!


And if you're Still feeling skeptical here's a couple more things we have:

Memes We got it!
Self Promotion Of Course!
Art n'such Psh, we got that too!
Server Suggestions Great customer service!
Easy Ranks to get into So easy!

So what are you waiting for? Come on over, and enjoy your stay at Carter's Crazy Awesome Server! (Batteries Sold Secretly)
Hello, and welcome to Heartz Dezire! In this server, you will meet and chat with people who seek what you seek!

In this server, you will meet and chat with people who seek what you seek!
° Friendly: A warm server to chat with people and establish connections.
° Genuine: An active honest community server.
° Security: The terms of service are a solid document that ensures no catfishing, spam, derogatory language or posts, and liers.
° Staff: Friendly and always around to help and fix issues present in the server. There is always one online to chat and to remove toxic users if need be.
° Acceptance: We don't discriminate against sexuality or different gender members.
° Fun: Games to be played such as truth or dare, gambling, families and more.
° Selection: A specialized role selection catering to your hobbies, age, gender, sexuality, location, searches, astronomical sign and statuses.
° Community: We are a wide growing community allowing anyone of age to chat and post anyway they please. Just don't be toxic. Thank you!
In the year x913 the remnants of a faction of dark mages once poised to bring Fiore to its knees are recruiting fresh blood to reopen old wounds and spread a fresh wave of terror across Fiore in preparation of their master's return. Showing no regard for Ankhseram they use forbidden tools and spells to pervert life in the pursuit of immortality while reanimating the dead and creating new forms of unnatural life with the sole purpose of sowing destruction. Bowing neither before gods or man they will not rest until the waters of the Veiled Sea return to them the one who will usher in a new age where the Great Serpent gives everlasting life to the worthy and punishes those who rebel.

Welcome to our Fairy Tail roleplaying server which is set in a future Fiore where original characters can join a collection of guilds taken from the series as well as a few new ones that were made specifically for this roleplay. Explore familiar and new locations as your character grows as a mage alongside their friends and tackles jobs to help out their communities and find answers to the questions being raised by strange occurrences around Fiore.

Our server features mature and laid back staff who enjoy helping members as well as a fun-loving, creative, and supportive community which seeks to foster an inviting and inclusive atmosphere for new members who join. While we do not enforce a specific format of writing and are lenient with new roleplayers as far as overall post length we encourage plenty of details and expect effort to be put into such things as grammar and punctuation.

There is an overarching story which will be tied into general roleplay, but members are free to engage in their own subplots and pursue growth and development for their characters with others outside of the main story. Come play with us!
welcome to nekocake!
hi there! we're a small chill and friendly community, where everyone can talk, have fun, chill and do many more! ❀
if you find any kind of toxic people, feel free to DM and report! ♡

what we have:
➳ friendly peeps
➳ tons of cute animals
➳ animuu (=´∇`=)
➳ custom emotes
➳ bots!

we're a new server!
feel free to join us~ (´・ω・`)
Welcome to Shy,
Shy is a server for people that are younger than 18 to hang out and talk to each other

💗 - 13+
💗 - Dating
💗 - Vent
💗 - Giveaways
💗 - Economy
💗 - Selfies
💗 - Fun!
a fun little server for fans of the popular anime and manga, My Hero Academia, or Boku No Hero Academia. we have some snazzy memes too i guess. we're very laidback, and anyone is welcome! *currently looking for moderators*
We are a new, starting community that is growing fast. It is ofcourse still on the small side, but yet it’s more active then many big servers. We are still looking for members ofcourse, and are always open for suggestions. Looking for some coochie? Well why don’t you give us a visit!
🔪 💖 Yandere Headquarters 🔪 💖

We offer:
⭐ Yandere related content ❤️
⭐ Yandere channels 💛
⭐ Weekly events 💚
⭐ A lot of self roles 💙
⭐ Games 💜
⭐ A friendly community 💖
⭐ Well sorted channels 💛
⭐ And much more 💗

🔪❤️Join our amazing community now 🔪❤
LAVA is a discord server that aims to bring gamers and nerds together, creating a fun community to stay and chat and also play games with.
At 𝕒𝕖𝕤𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕥𝕚𝕔 we offer
-A fun and friendly community
-Server economy and shop
-Giveaways and events
-Levelling System
-Activity and Invite perks
-Fun bots
-Game channels
☆ One, Two, Three, Four, Five... ☆

Ponys... jk no ponys... only potatoes.
Overwhelmingly positive reviews.
This server has jokes and stuff.
Active in vc and chat.
There are many roles. So many...
Owner needs a hobby.

☆ Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten...☆

KPOP, ANIME weebs, koreaboos
TEXT GAMES so many bruh
KARAOKE sing to your hearts content
COOL BOTS (idleRPG, pokecord, marriage...),
NO STRICT ADMINS chilly pilly
PARTNERSHIPS uuhuu partner
EVENTS (movienights, game nights, karaoke nights)
NSFW ....for pigs like you (and me)!
POTATOES cooked, baked, roasted, with a face

Age group: 13 - 36

Server looking for more new friends to join in on the fun! We are a chill server, just enjoying good talks and good friends. You can really do anything, just not the things in the rules (which isn't a lot) , other than that; hope you join in on the fun! i really don't know what else to say my dude
Hello. Welcome to Kalopsia 2999. This is a cyberpunk roleplay server that focuses on the needs of you, the character. The possibilities are endless.
Join a gang. Create a posse. Become a scientist. Sacrifice yourself to justice. You'll fit right in. But be warned....the worse you do, the greater the consequences.
This is a server for all things JoJo. Fans, roleplayers, people who have just recently discovered the series or play the games: are all invited to this server to chat among fellow JoJo fans and have a good time! There is some NSFW content but it's kept to special channels. We're always looking for new members!
[German Discord Server | Deutscher Discord Server]
Dieser Server hat den Schwerpunkt Anime und Gaming.
Unser Server eigene Bot erweitert den Server um verschiedene kleine Text-Commands und ein eigenes Level System mit eigenen Level Belohnungen.

Jeder ist herzlich willkommen, wir schließen niemanden aus! Viel Spaß bei uns! :3
We are a tight-knit and welcoming social community of dedicated hentai admirers, RPers, and gamers. We have every type of hentai allowed by discord law and a great community of people down for everything from high-stress ranked games to just chatting about your day and plenty of ERP. We hope you'll join us and enjoy your time! NSFW! Now over 1k!