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Anime, and gaming for those who wish to make friends in a welcoming and growing community. Ease going and drama free with 3k+ members and a advanced anti-raid/spam system.

No paid ranks, no asking for donations just passionate fans of anime looking for other fans.
1 hours ago
TKO [Deutscher Discord Server / German Discord Server]
TKO bietet dir die Möglichkeit neue Kontakte zu knüpfen und durch aktives Schreiben mit unserem eigenen Levelsystem Ränge aufzusteigen!
Messe dich mit anderen Mitglieder anhand der Chatlevel und spiele unser einmaliges Serverspiel!
Eine aktive Community und viel Individuelles erwartet dich bei uns!
4 hours ago
We are a chill community of true nakama who love anime, manga, gaming and simply enjoy eachother's company! Anyone is welcome to join!

- Friendly staff
- Gaming
- Non-toxic environemnt
- Custom emojis
- Level system with role rewards
- NSFW Channel
7 hours ago
A new community server made for having fun, memes and making new friends. We have channels for gaming, anime and much more. Friendly staff and a warning system before bans.
8 hours ago
a small weeb server with optional nsfw channels ooh
1 days ago
A relatively new Discord server that's looking for cool people to join, and be part of our ever-growing community! We offer many different things to our members such as:
- Custom Leveling System
- Dedicated Staff
- Fun Bots
- Great Community
- Music Bots
- RPG Bot
- Unique Events
1 days ago
This is the lounge for you to discuss anime, League of Legends and other bizarre interests you have. Please come in and enjoy our fresh cup of coffee or tea.
1 days ago
This is just a community for people who watch anime, play games basically it's a community for anything.
We host weekly movie nights for you the community to choose what we watch with suggestions and polls.
2 days ago
Disboard is a new server that's No Game No Life themed. It's a fun place to meet new people with similar interests. Our server is for chatting about both casual stuff and anime/manga; a plaza to meet new friends and get to know eachother. Join now!
2 days ago
MinecraftOnly - сервер, где вы можете найти себе напарника по игре и пообщаться с другими пользователями.
2 days ago
Our primary goal is to grow and support an active, quality community. Our focus is yandere culture, relationships, and life in general. We provide a structured environment for people to chat, share, and discuss. Members 18 years in age or older can have the option to access our dating channels.
3 days ago
VA is a BNHA(My Hero Academia) Role-play server, based on a school set in Colombia(South America), full of new adventures, characters, and events, as well as a different education system to that of UA. It is set in the same time period as MHA, thus, events in the anime and manga will be mentioned in due time, but will not affect the main plot or plots of the server at the time!
4 days ago
A place to have fun and talk to others, we're a small starting up server. We'd love for you to join!
19 days ago
A server where we talk about many things. More info on the server.
21 days ago
Welcome to Axis Cult!
Join our anime/Japanese server!


We're an English/Japanese speaking community, have English teaching mentors and are growing, join us today and drop by and chat!

We have:
Qualified teachers and natives who can help you on your trip to learning Japanese!
Specific channels for videogames!
NSFW channels
Anime channels!
Active voice channels!
Karaoke sessions!
Active and nice members!
Open for partnerships!
440+ members and growing!
And more!

PS; Eris pads her breast.

Permanent Invite Link:
25 days ago
Arcania's a casual multi-gaming community that has it's main focus on social activity in our Discord server.
Channels for the popular games (you can always suggest more if there's people for it), places to share your memes & IRL pictures, a channel for anime and more. Also, no @mention spam, I consider that quite the problem in most servers these days.
We also have a few streamers around so if you're active in the content creators community we'll give you a place to potentially grow :)
Give us a shot if you want, our doors are always open. Free to stay, free to leave and always honored to have you as a member!
27 days ago
Anime type server. Mainly for chatting, talking about anime and meeting new friends!
27 days ago
Long descriptions suck. Join if you feel like, we are waiting for you! (:
31 days ago
A lovely and rapidly growing anime & gaming & music community! Join us and discuss about anime, games, music or just how you've been. Giving away a $15 itunes and google plays gift card when server reaches 250+ members!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
32 days ago
Wanna join the Gang? You are friendly and look for guys who are fun and want to meet new people? The Gang is open for everyone, who shows respect toward others!
35 days ago
We are a discord for everything tho we revolve mainly around anime, music, and, gaming. Come grow with us. Become apart of the Equilibrium.
36 days ago
A friendly and growing community. Talk about anime, manga, games, or just general chit-chat. 5000+ Members. Active Staff. Weekly Events.
37 days ago
hey! this is literally just a server to hang out and talk with friends; it's not insanely active right now, but I hope it will be evnetually!

Anyone who wants to make friends and talk about anything, play games, etc. , has come to the right place 'v '
39 days ago
Welcome to the Dystopian Utopia. We are a small roleplay community looking to grow a little bit, make friends and just all around have fun and roleplay! We offer a few things like;
✧Different Tiers of Roleplay
✧A few emojis(Were open for requests)
✧Self Assignable roles
✧Chats for art, poems, and stories
✧We have a few for fun bots and are open to requests
48 days ago