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Hello Animation Meme Wiki,

We have created a discord sever for the animation meme wiki, and for animation memes.

This is where you can go on and you can share your memes and give some tips about what pages on this wiki need to be edited for the admins.

A server for anyone who is a fan of animation memes. Currently a new server so not too many people are in the server yet.
The Art Corner (TAC)
is a community full of artists who show off their amazing art/animations!
You can send wips of your next project or even previews!
We have a gaming section for those gamers like myself :3
Find artists who have similar interests with you!
Help our server go into a big, friendly, and welcoming community :)
Join The Art Corner, Today!
We are a friendly countryhumans community, we do roleplays,and some other stuff! if you don't like roleplaying, you can do something else!
Heyo! This server is a fan group of Erenii! You don't have to be here if you're just a fan, you can also just do what a normal server does, as well! The youtube channel, Erenii makes some videos people don't know a lot about (Or maybe they do), which are animation memes! Not the ones that include dank memes and stuff, but they have short music playing and have their OC's (original characters) do some action in it! Erenii does some other things too! Every Saturday she makes a video called, "Art Saturday". She draws something random that comes to mind and draws it in Ibis Paint X! She is gonna make some gameplay videos too, but not a lot. When she is bored, she makes shitposts. Anyway, that's gonna be it! I hope you enjoy this server, I mostly talked about the YouTube channel OwO but anyway, yeah! We're hiring an editor who is talented to edit videos for Erenii at the moment. So yeahhhhh! Join if you are interested!
This server is typically to draw the attention of people who enjoy art, make animations, play games and etc. You don't have to be any of these things, but please respect others opinions.
hello,this is an normal fangirl discord server example:like an sans fangirl,(this is server is in work in progress you will win the old boios role)