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Come join my ANIMALJAM Discord Chat group:

Animaljam-trade is usually the most active because people mostly come here for trades. Players always make their own giveaways so come join! We had tons of spikes, den betas, etc. given away. Tons. There are also text channels where you can talk about other games like chickensmoothie, transformice, flight rising, etc. There's much more, come join and check it out!
We are currently a small community, but you can make us bigger! We have no main focus, though our original purpose was Animal Jam. Come talk about music, swear, post your art, whatever! Just make sure to abide by our rules and share our server with your friends.
Jamma warriors is a community, based upon saving jamaa from the wicked evil of phantoms and the mischief. In this server, you can jump into adventures, host and create your own, trade, do giveaways and most importantly make new friends.
Animal jam paradise is a fun AJ server for people to talk about animal jam, roleplay, and many other things!
-We ask that you are not 18+ since this is a game mainly for kids/teens. (There are some exceptions. If you are an artist/youtuber/Jambassador/etc then please DM an admin about it if you want to join!)
-You don't necessarily have to play the game to join! If you watch AJ youtubers and just like the game, you are welcome!
Become an acorn-nut by joining this server! This is an animal jam hangout hosted by leopardspots142 AJ. You can do adventures, trades, host give a ways and more! Please join to make this a larger community! If you join, it will get bigger (obviously). Also please don't join and leave right away. I'm sorry that that this isn't a very larger server, but you will make it larger by staring (:

In this server you can win new items from Animal jam, Chicken Smoothie, and even more! I hope you'll be a winner eventually! Or you can win contests that will happen when this server grows!
Share with friends! Level up! Meet new people! And play with the bots!
I hope you will enjoy! (3
A place for animal jam roleplayers of all kinds to connect and chat. You can advertise your group here, set up rps, and make friends that share your interest! It's a new server and it will hopefully bloom into a fun place for all
-Fun Bots
-LGBTQ+ Friendly
»»————-General Info————-««
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Welcome to my den!
This server was created to connect Animal Jam artists, Traders, and others together to share similar interests.

I ( Wiccane obviously ), also will occasionally do free art giveaways, as well as rare giveaways.

【 F E A T U R I N G 】
- Art sharing channels.
- Commission channels.
- Masterpiece sharing.
- Trading Posts.
- Self Assignable roles.
- Bots.
- Vent Channels.
- LGBT+ Safe spaces.
- Meme channels.
- Live Stream sharing.
- Voice Channels.
we play animal jam and do random stuff! :)
Need a place to chill and hangout? Or just a place to talk and have fun? Then you should join Freedom Fox's Hangout. Freedom Fox's Hangout is a fox-themed community server. We have plenty of text channels to chat in and we have animal jam channels for those who play animal jam, we have plenty of bots such as Pokecord For pokemon, Rythm for music, Giveaway Bot for awesome giveaways, Dank Memer For dem' DANK MEMES and more! We have plenty of nice members and staff, are open to new suggestions and partnerships are availible with almost no requirements! Hope you join and have fun at Freedom Fox's Hangout!
Owner: Freedom Fox#3116
Animal Jam Server dedicated to giveaways and the community! Come here and chat, show off your artwork, or go on adventures with your friends in voice chat!
Hello! Welcome to the server Animal Jam Cakes!!
This game isn't only for animal jam you can play roblox or chicken smoothie!
(This is mainly an Animal Jam server btw)

In this server you can-
1) Create give a ways! (Or win any of them if your lucky!)
2) Chat with other people
3) Trade with other Animal Jam users
4) Win an Animal Jam den decorating or outfits contest!
5) And play with bots!!!


This server is brand new, I just made it yesterday!
I'm looking for some users I will trust to become admin!
Also if you join you can get a "First 10" role! Which only the you can get for now... So get that special role!!