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Here it is, Artis Opus 🈺, all I ask is that you don't cause trouble. I'm surprised at how many scammer servers there are.
You don't even have to commission me.
All I ask is that you look around. This community is dead but there are still beautiful things in it.
Welcome to AJ | Giveaway Haven!
Your local source for Animal Jam Giveaways!!
We have:
...and SO MUCH MORE!
Join the FUN TODAY!
Welcome to the official Radz AJ Shop and Community.

We do not condone any illegal activity, nothing inhuman here, this is just a Animal Jam based community.

Instagram: Radz.AJ

#1 Animal Jam Item Seller

Hi! Welcome to Beam Team. Made by the slightly "famous"; Astrophobic AJ. Here, you can see all the new updates on my channel, talk with other jammers, and add buddies! With slight restrictions, you'll have a great time here. <3 Scammer or not, we'll accept you for who you are.
The official Animal Jam Item Worth Wiki Discord server :)

-Worth and Trading assistance
-Chat Channels (Art Channels included)
-Trade Channels
-Frequent Giveaways and Server Events
and more!
@animaljamitemworth on Instagram.
welcome to underwrld.

>chill server
>barely any rules
>chill staff
>giveaways+fun bots

hope you join! ~hyrax
Harmonyy's AJ fun is a safe haven for AJ users around the globe! Talk about AJ, trade other players, and even join giveaways. We are LGBT+ friendly and always want new members! What are you waiting for? Join today!
Teapot is a very neutral server, meaning very few rules exist. Please only continue to join if you are interested in joining the best server ever, and are 13+ or don’t care about exposure to PG 13 language or content. WARNING HOT TEA AHEAD!!!

🍵 Ran by instajammers and beloved individuals from the animal jam community!
🍵 Neutral server with no demeaning rules
🍵 Fun and exciting roles
🍵 Constant giveaways
🍵 Fast and reliable item and pet worth helpers
🍵 Exciting contests and events with special prizes and roles!
🍵 Awesome emojis
🍵 Spill tea
🍵 Gossip
🍵 Much more!
A friendly and pleasant server for the kind jammers of Animal Jam! Lots of giveaways for both ajpc and ajpw! We also now host minecraft and animal jam challenges!
Hello! Thistles is a place where you can chose to just hang out and chat or roleplay warriors in Thistleclan! Feel free to join us, everyone is always welcome! We'll become more active once the game fully releases. - Rainwish
Jamville; An Animal Jam Hangout

Hey there Jammers!
Jamville is a friendly, safe, non-toxic hangout server. We're completely non-judgemental, and accept anyone regardless of sexuality, race, religion, gender, etc.
We have easy-to-follow rules that follow the lines of common sense, and of course abide by Animal Jam's ingame rules.
What we offer;

✿ Giveaways
✿ Events
✿ Server Organization
✿ Close-Knit and friendly community
✿ Self-Role
✿ Channels for posting art, creations, etc.
✿ Trading channel
✿ Roleplay request channel
And much more!

We hope to see you soon!
¡Servidor para jugadores de Animal Jam! Todo tipo de gente bienvenida. Youtubers, roleplayers, o gente qur busca intercambios. ¡Todo aquí y más! Asegúrate de leer las reglas! Somos un servidor LGBT friendly.
Welcome to our server! It’s a little of a multi server- we have it all!

•Gacha life
•My hero academia

You name it!

Tho if you are joining don’t forget to read the rules!

See you in the server!!

Softy-Gamez and Floofer Gacha.
We are a welcoming community of Animal Jam players!
➢Safe space for all (LGBT+ friendly)
➢Cool roles and emotes
➢Scammer-free zone
➢New friends and buddies

Come join us! :D
Welcome to Silver's Server!
* Kid friendly
* Giveaways
* 30+ members and growing
* Advertise in some channels
* Partnerships
* Fun- Trivia, spam channel, and more
* Animal Jam and Play Wild trading, etc

It is very appreciated if you join!
Goals: 200 members and a banner, needed 15 boosts

Welcome to Animal Jam Giveaway Utopia!
We have:
➸ INVITE REWARDS (Invite your friends to get rewards!)
...and MUCH more!
Join us TODAY!

(Founded: 6/18/2020)
We are a server for Wildworks games mostly Animaljam, we are growing and we host giveaways, have tips for the game, and a bunch of other nice things! come join and stay iconic🤩
The purpose of the WildWorks Art Community server is to have a place for Animal Jam commissioners to go. A lot of commissioning art servers don't include Animal Jam commissions or they're very hard to find. this is server for people both looking for Animal Jam commissions and taking them, as well as adoptables and more.

We have:
Fun & Friendly Staff!
A bunch of unique art channels for Adoptables, Commissions, Comics and much much more!
Art & AJ Giveaways!
A lot of fun bots to interact with!

So what are you waiting for? Enter Wildworks Art Community now and explore our art world!