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✧*:・ Welcome to Pink Horizons! ✧・゚
⛧ Animal Crossing server thats a chill place for fans to play and make friends

✭ Small and friendly community
☆ Channels for other Nintendo games
✭ Self-assignable Roles
☆ Useful + fun bots
✭ Level up system
☆ Lots of emotes

★⋆   Looking for **older** members (16+)
Chat, Play, and join events!

Nintendo Circle is a welcoming and fun community for all ages to meet new friends and fellow fans of games like Pokemon, Smash, Splatoon, and more! We're a level 3 server with Nintendo Themed member role tiers + tons of emojis! Not to mention that we hold a ton of giveaways for consoles, merch, Nitro accounts, eShop cards, and more!
SplatFiesta is the friendliest growing community you'll find around!! Built upon values of trust, fairness, and chill vibes, you're certain to make some of the best friends of your life in here. We were built up as a Splatoon community, but today, we do just about anything together--we've got people into all kinds of games, Nintendo or not, and regardless of your interests, there's always something to find to chat about and laugh over.

With ample roles, lovable emojis, a talented and generous art community, games going on 24/7, reasonable moderation, LGBTQ+ tolerance, enjoyable channels, useful and funny bots, exciting giveaways, contests, and themes, open staff/helper positions, high values, boppin' music, quality memes, competitive coaching of all levels, casual coaching, personal support, 24/7 activity, level-up perks, a frequent chill/interactive stream, general life help, and above all, compassionate and memorable people awaiting to be your friends, we warmly invite you on over for a whole lot of fun--whether you be the competitive type, the casual type, or anything in between.
Come say hey today, become part of a chill family built on whatever it is you're into, and start making memories with us today! <3
Hello there, I came here to announce a server I made for fun and came here to advertise it I just finished all work on it today and took me 3 weeks to finish it all I hope you all enjoy. We have fun bots such as Unbelievaboat, Rythm and GamesROB. We also have a lot of gaming channels from Smash Bros, Cards against Humanity, Minecraft and many more. I hope you join my server and enjoy it with many more channels to range from.
✨ Willkommen auf unserem Animal Crossing Server ✨
Hier kannst du neue Leute kennen lernen, mit anderen zusammen spielen oder Hilfe bekommen falls du Items suchst.

Außerdem haben wir:
- Rollen
- Eine Whatsapp Gruppe
- Bestellungen von Items
- Hilfe in Acnl
- Leute zum zsm zocken
- Bewohner wünsche
- Leute die seid beginn spielen
- Neue Kanäle sobald das neue Ac raus kommt
- Auf Wunsch auch Kanäle für Pocket Camp oder Wild World
und mehr^^
Das ist ein animal crossing server aber ihr könnt auch her komm zum labbern und musik hören
a cool Animal Crossing New Leaf : Welcome Amiibo server . we have atleast 50+ members . we have game hackers , a great admin and mod team . and a fun community . come join in the fun !
I've started a small community server for all things Nintendo. I hope to grow this server to meet new people interested in similar subjects.
We're a small animal crossing newleaf and pocket camp community we're kind to each other and love to play Animal crossing/Dōbutsu no Mori. We share friend codes,Help build towns and draw fanart a small happy community!!
U h I mean it’s okay I guess,
It’s an AC server that we’ll keep at a reasonable size so we can actually build a community
yeah so crackheads welcome
We are an Animal Crossing: 2019 support group and a happy little Discord community of nerds, geeks and weebs who just love to play Animal Crossing!
We are all over 18, so this is a space where you can be yourself and get away from whatever stress adult life with its household chores, boring 9 to 5 and paying bills can bring.

When we're not playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf or Pocket Camp together, we are patiently waiting for Animal Crossing for Switch to be released. We chat about everything and anything at all in our #general-chat and will host a series of server-wide events, both in and out of our Animal Crossing games.

We have our own custom bot who, at the moment, is still a work in progress but will have *amazing* features when it's done. Think custom ranking, achievements, currency / economy, etc.

Sounds like fun? Come join us!
Join here for a fun time! We accept everyone of all ages. We’re all friendly and kind, please enjoy.
Bienvenue sur le serveur Club ACNL !
Tu peux venir ici pour jouer online avec d'autres personnes ou même discuter.
Le serveur est en développement, mais tu peux déjà le rejoindre.
Je prévois d'ajouter de nouvelles choses sur le serveur tout les jours.
Si l'envie te prends de venir, alors n'hésite pas !
À très bientôt sur Club ACNL -
Hallo. Wir sind ein (leider noch sehr kleiner) Server für Animal Crossing. Ich habe beschlossen einen eigenen Server zu machen, da mir die anderen nicht so zu gesagt haben.
Es ist zwar kein perfekter Server, aber ich hoffe wir bekommen ein paar neue Leute zum spielen hinzu. (:
hello! we encourage you to join our animal crossing server! you can talk about any version of ac and interact with everyone around you. this is a great opportunity for new people on your friend list and it’s quite a cosy place. we have roles specific to your time on our server :)) i hope you enjoy