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Hello! Welcome to FORBIDDEN KINGDOM This server is like a family, you can join us to talk, play, meet new friends and more! Come and have fun, create strong bonds, and enjoy your new adventure with us!
VLands is a upcoming community Discord server, our sole purpose is to make the best community possible. We are a fast growing community with a lot to offer. We also do Minecraft events. So check it out!

What do we offer
➔Chill Environment
➔Music Bots
➔Self roles
➔Fun bot games
➔Custom emotes
➔Events and weekly giveaways

Hope to see you there!
A programming server for, c++, c, c#, java, python, javascript, ask for help, talk about the languages, and more!
Although we are a small server, we are welcoming, active, and friendly. Please help us grow!

What we offer—
• Text and voice channels to talk in
• Reaction roles for different things
• Giveaways everyday Like (robux and vbucks,gifting and free accounts more coming)
• Many bots to fulfill your discord bot needs
• And much more!

Please help our server grow!
Hangout, Trade, Have Fun and Find New Friends. Join this server as we host very active giveaways and Have a wonderful community full of amazing people!
Hey there lookin for a sick hangout?

Welp we hope you enjoy making friends bc thats what we do!

Enjoy a cool pirate themed server as you make friends and more!

Hello! We (me) are a community currently in need of some members. But our server isn't just a community! It's a place where you can play games with your friends and do all sorts of other things!
⁺ ✧﹕‧₊˚ ୨୧ Ukiyo Clouds GFX and More ˊ˗꒱꒱

:crescent_moon: Unique Server Layout!
:cloud: Hire and Sell Your GFX, Server Designs and Bots!!!
:dango: Apply for a Shop!
:teddy_bear:Kidcore Cloud Theme!!!
:hibiscus: Cool Self Roles!
:art: Custom Server Bot by ➶𝕄𝕚𝕕𝕟𝕚𝕘𝕙𝕥 𝕎❆𝕝𝕗➴#6363!!!

:wind_chime: And Much More Fun!

Join ୨୧ Ukiyo Clouds GFX and More ˊ˗ Now!!!

꒷꒦ Invite ~
꒷꒦ Banner ~
Hello! My name is Rero-Dere! I am the server owner! I take requests for 20,000 cowoncy. You can buy a channel permenatntly or just rent one for stories! Every story that is made is written by me. If there isnt anything mentioning the story about it being a request, I created the story. If you have any questions you can DM me! I hop you enjoy staying here :)
Welcome to MasterGamingNetwork! the official server of MC and the Youtuber MasterGaming!

have fun here!
welcome to The Crayon Box~˖°★♡! we have our Crayon Box For anyone who likes Crayons~˖°★♡! its SFW! Kawaii! Kinda Active! And More! You Should Join Today Right Now! :) we are alot of stuff for you to enjoy here!
Come Join Now!
>Respectful Staffs And Friendly Members!
>Massive Giveaways
>Invite Rewards
>Booster Rewards
>VIP Membership
>Drops Giveaways
>Verify Your Roblox Accounts
>Active Events
>Legit Check
5 invites = 50 tidal Spellbooks OR 100 Starfruit seeds OR (3 million)
hello eveyone,

This is server made with my friend we both like anime, manga and etc. This server supports both and it's for the community who loves this too!

we have the following:
- chill community
- nice people
- active staff members
- and i dont know, theres more tho.

come join this server and have fun :D
|short description: Yay! Rpbloxian_Dev’s official server!|

Come join our roblox server! We have:
-✅Roblox (duh lol)
-✅Nice people
-✅Nitro hangout
-✅FE2 map test ID’s
-✅Advertise your server!
-✅Mod applications
-❌Rude people

If you fit into these, come join us NOW! What are you waiting for?? Here’s the discord link:

My Discord Server is about ROBLOX the games that will be listed that my server is about are in ROBLOX, My Server is about.. breaking point,assasin and way other games you or members tell me about! we have trading and giveaways on assasin! My server just started please show support and join!! Thanks!
Red Hot Solutions, was founded by Mr.Yeet#0001 on April 27, 2020. Red Hot Solutions brings Professionalism, realism, and more back into designer servers. Here, we do our best to assist any and all members, our products are top class and designed by brilliant and hardworking staff. We have many products to sell, and they are all cheap, so do you want to join?
This is a server filled with singers join if your a singer and show off your skills!
We are a community driven giveaway server with many features to offer you! Make sure you read everything in this channel carefully! You are able to win a month of Discord Nitro, Spotify, and more!
oh, look! you have found our server! its always wip since we always accept your suggestions^^ this is what we have so far but we have more don't worry!:
an active Owner, a happy and none toxic community, advertisements, nice admins that you can think of as your friends^^, lots of different channels, Rules that make a balance in the server, LOTS OF BOTS AND WE ACCEPT MORE!, polls and applications well thats all im going to say come on join to view the rest!
We've gotten hacked on our other server but we've started a new one! We are looking for Developers, Staff, and members so:

Join now!!

Port: 19132
* .。 , •: . ˚ ✦* 。˛ ˚. ˛ ♫ • 。 * ° ¨。✧ `。 . * 。 • ˚

Welcome to 🐳 | 𝐊𝐏𝐎𝐏 𝐋𝐚𝐧𝐝! we are a new community for k-pop stans to congregate! we are also willing to find other people to interact with! we welcome anyone, from anywhere, even if you stan k-pop or not, you will still be welcomed.

⊱ ────── {.⋅ ♫ ⋅.} ───── ⊰
» What We Offer »

🐬 → Fun & Friendly Community!
🐳 → K-POP Roles.
🦋 → Colour Roles.
✈️ → Bots Cause It’d Be Boring w/o Them.
🧩 → A Server for Expressing Your Creativity!
🌊 → Lots of Music Channels.
💎 → Partnerships.
🌨 → And More!


Hope you look forward to 🐳 | 𝐊𝐏𝐎𝐏 𝐋𝐚𝐧𝐝!
Welcome to scribble clan!
Recently, a lot of people left, and I am willing to make this server better, please join! Let’s get this viral, aye..?