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A chill discord to find new friends, play some games and listen to some music. anyone is welcome. and we hope you enjoy! and remember we are top secret shhhhh. P.S any console, any game, anytime. find a friend and start gaming.
Welcome to scribble clan!
Recently, a lot of people left, and I am willing to make this server better, please join! Let’s get this viral, aye..?
Welcome to pokemon and chill! This is a place what’re you can talk to people, play pokemon, and more! Have a great time in this server!!!
Hello and welcome to poke-yeet! This server is a place where you can share you feelings, catch pokemons, participate in tournaments, and more! I hope you have a great time in this server!!
Hello! This is an official server for our channel! Here are some channels and some things you can do!

-Art Channel
-Edit Channel
-Art Contest Channel
-W.I.P Channel
-Gaming Channel
-Idea Channel
-Fandom Server
-Cursed Images Server
-M.A.P and M.E.P Part Discussion
-And More

-And more
-Have fun!

I hope you like it here!
Hello, do you want to join in our Discord Server? Well, join now! We are hiring moderators! We have over 20+ channels, you can meet new friends, play together, get some cool music's and more stuff!
Hello! This server is a server where you can generate fortnite, spotify, hulu, and pornhub accounts! FOR FREE! Join us as we grow!
Hello to all of those fellow people and humans alike! Love celebrating your favorite holidays? Want to join a server where you can celebrate holidays with friendly members? Well then, come on in to my Tavern! This Tavern's purpose is not only for roleplaying, but it also allows Youtubers, artists, Twitch Streamers, and more to show their lovely skills amd such to friendly people! Come on, don't be shy. We love having new people in the server, so come on down and we can get to meet you! ^^
Welcome! I see you clicked onto the webpage about Gay teens! Well hello, Welcome. Thanks for reading this Here you can be (10-18) Trading nudes your your friends That you meet here We are only taking, Bi and gay dudes, This is a MALE SERVER ONLY! Rules are light
Role channel
Voice chats
and more!
Hello Welcome We are a new growing server And we offer Active staff servers for games Which is still in progress we Offer Just Youtube avertisement Dm a LolLochia#0001 Or Deadrising#4339 All of Our staff are active Except for some Times We are Trying to Grow Our Server (Game Server Currently SCP:SL) We will still Anser the best we can if Your a differnt Language. :) Youtube channels:
Sugar and Spice!
Here at sugar and spice we offer:
:champagne_glass: Partnerships
:cloud:️ Self assignable roles
:sparkles: Level roles
:chestnut: Emotes
:honey_pot: Friendly community
:cloud:️ Hobbies
♡ and so much more! ♡
perm invite link:

A Discord server just to chill and hang out, and have some fun. We also do Gaming stuff too! We have some fun bots you can play around with!
Club Activities? [ Check ]
Club Rooms? [ Check ]
New Server 2/18/2019? [ Check ]
A place to Go to? OF COURSE [ Check ]
Come join my Server and Gather Everyone in our newly Made Organization for League Of Legend PH!

**Gathering All LOL Players Around the Philippines**
- A Place to Seek Friendship
- To meet new Comrades
- To Play with your Best Friends
- To Invite players To chat and play HAPPILY
This Server Is For All Gamer's Alike We Have Min-Game Bot's For Everyone And We Are A Fun Kinda Server We Love All And We Don't Judge Other's , We Are An Open Community That Welcome All With Open Hearts And We Don't Judge Others Past Actions , BUT WE DO NOT ALLOW RULE BREAKER'S , And We Also Do Livestream's And Allow Youtuber's You Must Apply Within The Server So We Can See Your Application , We Also Have Poll's And Other Cool Stuff , I Am Working On A Bot So Be On The Look Out On Our Server To See My Bot That's Now Live!

Server ID: 396266599491043328
[Public] [ (YES) ]

[Active] [ (Yes) ]

Custom URL:
This group is really cool, and there's more to come aswell! Including good moderation, And anti-swear.
And the moderation will improve in future
You can make friends, chat on MANY different chats, and we love to hear your suggestions, so there's a "Suggestions" Chat. The text is stylish, but we try to make it as easy-readable as possible.
And this isn't the start of it all! There's also levels, and there are roles that can be rewarded on certain levels, For example "Level 5" "Level 10" Exetra! In future there will be much more.
And that doesn't even scratch the surface of my server! So why don't you come on in?
Yuki's Official discord server here are the rules Rules:

1. :thumbsup: Be kind and civil!
It's okay to have opinions and to express them plainly, but be nice about it.

2. :no_entry_sign: The following is 100% prohibited:
1- harassment/abuse of other members
2- links and/or discussion related to pirated or otherwise illegal content
3- sharing personal or confidential information about another user
4- spam, self promotion, advertising other communities/services via direct message or chat
5- using @ everyone or @ here
6- public squabbling - please resolve your issues privately

Conduct deemed non compliant with these rules will be removed and action will be take at the admin discretion.
If you feel as though you've witnessed conduct that violates these guidelines, please send a direct message to an available admin (none at the moment!
To report someone please type: ?report {user} {reason}.

We're all here to have a good time. Thanks everyone, and enjoy :D
About the server:
This server is about most thing's another server doesn't really have all in one, There's Gaming night's! Karaoke! Movie nights! Listen to music on your own time! Roleplay! Meme's! And There will be a chill place for all the quiet ones haha! Of course chatting, Anime nights! Kpop Music channels! Story telling! There is a NSFW Chat but it's privet in order for me to give you perms for that channel you must Verify in dm's with me of your age and a picture of you as proof you got to be 15+
Also No being a catfish if you do i will instantly know.
and that's a warn strike
Hello! If you don’t know what this is, it is a YouTube based off of my channel. I hope you like it here. uwu
We are a new community looking to expand! we plan on having movie nights and many more! in addition we will also be having a minecraft server soon!