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One day the multiverses which we know as DC and Marvel suddenly woke up and became aware of each other they were brothers and they hated each other so they decided to pick champions from their universe to fight each other in order to see who's worthy to stay; this caused Axis to be created and became the gatekeeper of both universes. Neither universe was willing to lose so the Spector and the living tribunal joined forces creating the amalgam universe fusing Marvel and DC Heroes, Villains, and everyone in between together creating new people with whole new lives and a new big bad main villain named thanoseid who would go about and wipe out the amalgam universe's Heroes and Villains in one big battle and if they didn't die in the battle well they died a little while later. Now it has been over 20 years since this incident the children of these Heroes and Villains now live alongside new super powered people and a new crisis is emerging led by a villain named Lord Cross who is seemingly orchestrating the new villains and appears to be causing rifts in the universe allowing people not from the Amalgam Verse through...what will this new story tell for our Heroes will they be triumphant in stopping the Amalgam Crisis or will their efforts be in vain