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Your favourite Alternate Reality Game community. We've got all the good ARG discussion and just an overall great server.

cyberpunk-2077, forever has fallen, i am sophie, eckva and many many more!
WeARGames is a transmedia fiction and Alternate Reality Game (ARG) production team, and this is the discord server where we talk about what we're working on and what we're playing, as well as just hanging out with our players and Patrons. Occasionally we run short one-shot ARGs/ARRPGs in the server itself, or do events with things such as SmileBot. We're an active community for going on two years, and the server is very laid back and fun. We pride ourselves on being one of the chillest and friendliest (if really, really weird) communities on the internet.
Welcome to the ARG Team! We are a group of people devoted to making args. Pitch your ideas, help with other people's ideas, or just chat. But most importantly, have fun here!
The ARG Library is for everyone who wants to solve ARGs. As the name suggests, we have a lot of resources you'll need when solving ARGs. If you are new, don't worry! We have got a small guide for you so you too can start this amazing journey of ARGs!
Welcome to the Alternate Reality Games (ARG) Community Discord!
We are a community of ARG lovers that got together to solve ARGs and help others in starting their own or solving clues. We also offer our Members to host their ARGs on our Server - just contact Staff to get started!