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------------👒Welcome To Straw Hat👒 Pirates!---------------
We are Pirates And Players From Differents Countries!
Here We Have:

🍗Private Servers!
🍗Overall Great Server That Is Full Of Something About One Piece And Other Animes!
🍗Question Of The Day!
🍗Moderators/Administrators Helpful!
🍗No Only Roblox Games, But Minecraft, GTA V, Fortnite, Terraria, Etc We Have!
🍗 Nice Community!
GET IN MY SWAMP this is a fun server with nice people and good moderators we will allow you to have your opinion and this server will have no toxicity if anyone is toxic ping Bricky Mods be free here. We have all kind of things gaming stuff. Alot more. The owner doesent like roleplay but PG 13 roleplay is allowed only in #roleplay witch will be set up Feb 3rd 2020
Welcome to Spiritual Mania!

We are a spiritual server that specializes in every belief and practice out there, including:

~Remote View
~Astro Travel
~Energy Work
~Crystal Healing
~Debate Rooms
~Chakra Healing
~Necromancy/Entity Communication
~Sigil Work
And so much more!
We have tons of channels to talk in, and very wise members.
We respect everyone's beliefs and would love to learn about yours!
Welcome to the marvelous Twixbar server! We;
°Voice chat
°Send memes
°Play pokemon
°Catch cute shibes!
°Alot more!