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Catch, train, and use your Pokémon to battle others! Tournaments are now available!

- Kid friendly! (No 18+ stuff)

- Fun Guaranteed

- New stuff (tournaments, new bots, Alolan islands!)

Join this server if you crave for more Pokémon fun! And, if you are starting your Pokémon journey, be sure to join, as there are people who can help you! This server is specifically for starting Pokémon trainers, but can also be available for all the experienced trainers. Melmele, Akala, Ula’Ula, and Poni islands are now here! Not to mention another exciting additional island: Aether Paradise!
Hao'oli trainer Academy. A fun and simple Pokemon RP set inthe Alola Region.

Not everybody has it in them to leave home and go out on a Pokemon adventure as soon as they turn 11 years old. Most families also don't have the resources to send their kid off with their own pokemon and enough money to survive on their own for a year either. Many are simply not cut out to take on the region head first. That is why trainer school exists.

Hau'oli Tainer Academy in the Alola region was built for just this purpose. It is the largest trainer school in the region, giving students their own partner Pokemon and offering a variety of different classes focused on the many different types of Pokemon trainers. Students can go here and study almost anything that they want. They even offer a lot of hands on experience for the kids and their Pokemon.

★SFW Roleplay server.
★You play as new Pokemon trainer between 11-14
★ Unique starter system
★Weekly in RP giveaways.
★Weekly IRP events
This server is mainly based on the surroundings of Gen 6, but also use gen 7, and now gen 8. If you want to take a look, drop on by! Everyone is usually active around 4:00pm and 10:00pm EST, depending on the days. If you find the server doesnt fit your preferences, let us know in the suggestions channel! Thanks!
Say Alola to Alola!
We welcome you with opened arms to our friendly server with an RP world that takes place in the beautiful Alola Region. You can buy malasadas at the malasada shop in Hau'oli city or hang out at one of the many beaches! And if your character is a Team Skull member, you can live in Po Town with your teammates. You can also play as a Pokémon if that's what your heart desires. There's A LOT of places you can explore together with the other members of this server! We'd love to see you role-play here and write a story of your adventures here in Alola.

If you like to role play as legendary Pokémon, then we've got the first-come-first-serve rule for that. You can be any legendary or mythical Pokémon there is as long as it's not taken by another member.

Feel free to share art, memes, and videos as well if you want to.
We'll try our best to keep our members happy and give them what they wish for unless it's against the server's rules. And do keep in mind that this is NOT an NSFW server and inappropriate subjects will lead to a kick or ban.

Anyways, we can't wait for you to become a part of our server and get to know you and your OCs!
Welcome to Alola!

A hundred years have passed, and the multi-regional land is thriving and bustling with as much style as ever. Team Skull has calmed since their spike of activity, rendering Po Town an open area, and during the aftermath of the Aether Foundation and emergence of Ultra Wormholes, it's been decided that students must have completed Trainer School, now with an updated curriculum. Once they gain that certification, they may head over to the Hau'oli Outskirts, where their starters may be acquired from the Professors' laboratories.

Nowadays, the archipelago has been at peace, both with the land, sky, and sea. The cities and towns are filled with tourists some days, quiet on others, and it's the perfect climate to begin a journey that's balanced with both peace and adventure.

Want a server similar to Kalos but...different? Well, welcome to alola!

Somewhat of the same concept as Kalos(our other server), but here there's many things that make this server different.

First - we allow people to make whatever trainer they want. Want an old man who has already finished their journey and is currently pursuing a career in pokemon sciences? Want an adorable little girl OC who struggles to begin her life as a trainer? Here's the place to do it! We allow people to have characters from ages 10-30 (though, trainers who already have their team and have "finished" their training cannot battle the newer trainers.)

Next - we allow you guys to pick your starters. No going through the labs, no awkward chats with professors, you pick! Of course, it needs to be reasonable and approved by the owner.

This is a server for freedom. While Kalos(our other server) is heavily focused on training and being competitive, this is simply a server to relax, meet people IRP, and just have fun!
Everyone is welcome to our fun server! Start your adventures as you progress through Kalos.
Stumbling upon complications, You take a vacation to Alola, More Adventures await!
Once upon a time, there was a Fifth Major Island, an Island filled with life! Until.. Ultra Beasts attacked this island, which made this Fifth Island uninhabitable. Since then, all other islands were fine, the Fifth Island sunk under the water. This created an unbalance in the pokémon ecosystem, but things slowly recovered. After a hundred years, more pokémon are able to be starters, new alolan forms have been discovered, which will be discussed later on.

We’re/I’m looking for staff members!
"Ahem, Alola, Cousin! Professor Kukui here. Your planning to arrive to Alola, Right? Yep! I told many people about you. I'm pretty sure you'll find some cool and cute Pokemon there! I can't wait for you to come next week. Also, Don't worry! There won't be any Gym Leaders and Gym Badges! Instead, There will be Grand Trials and Trial Captains! And maybe a Kantonian Gym! Haha, I'm sure you'll become Champion in the Alola Region! There's also gonna be 2 people thats gonna be your Travel Companions! One would kind of be the Champion, And one might have something.. Really Special! Anyways, There is a Cool Team that protects Pokemon from any harm, And they are named Aether Foundation! One team that isn't cool is called Team Skull, They harm Pokemon and maybe steal them! Terrible, Huh? Anyways, We'll all be waiting for you there, Cousin! From Professor Kukui, Signing off!"
It will be the Best Alola Server for You Pokemon Fans, Rerember Sun and Moon, You like Trial Leaders like Lana,