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The Alola region, if you have an OC from another region then just fly into this one. Either way you will be getting your Starter Pokemon from 🧑‍🏫 Professor Kukui 🧑‍🏫 and if you accept the Side Quest you will gain a free Z Crystal (If you’re good at haggling that is).

🎟️ There will be frequent events such as Ultra Worm holes and School events as well. Learning something while I’m Pokemon school will prove useful when collecting all the Z crystals the grand trials have to offer. You’ll probably meet Tapu Koko. 🎟️

🥅 We want to, as said in Begguthrus Adventure, to spread along discord as Pokemon regions. If you have any suggestions come and name them 🥅

🎚️If you want something more then Your RotomDex have games you can play in Rp. It’ll name Pokemon any Pokemon and those you come across that it doesn’t know it will take pictures and put down the info you manage to scratch up 🎚️

The channels are easy to navigate so it won’t get in the way of your performance. Staff are caring and patient and you’ll have lots of fun in this server, Welcome To you Alola Crusade
Hello and welcome to the Alola Region!

What do we have to offer, you ask? Well, we have chats for every single aspect of the Alola Region so the chat stays on topic. We're open to both trainers and wild Pokémon. We also offer the chance to share art and memes and to just chat with others! Our staff team will welcome you with open arms and settle you into the server!
Aloha! Welcome to Alola! The (2nd) best Pokémon Region! This server is still very new, be sure to join if you wanna make some new friends!
Alola! Welcome to the beautiful Alola region!
The Alola Region RP server is a rather small but pleasant community which loves to RP! Come join us and experience the life of an Alolan trainer!
We include ALL Alolan landmarks, routes and places of interest!
This server is mainly based on the surroundings of Gen 6, but also use gen 7, and now gen 8. If you want to take a look, drop on by! Everyone is usually active around 4:00pm and 10:00pm EST, depending on the days. If you find the server doesnt fit your preferences, let us know in the suggestions channel! Thanks!
Everyone is welcome to our fun server! Start your adventures as you progress through Kalos.
Stumbling upon complications, You take a vacation to Alola, More Adventures await!
Once upon a time, there was a Fifth Major Island, an Island filled with life! Until.. Ultra Beasts attacked this island, which made this Fifth Island uninhabitable. Since then, all other islands were fine, the Fifth Island sunk under the water. This created an unbalance in the pokémon ecosystem, but things slowly recovered. After a hundred years, more pokémon are able to be starters, new alolan forms have been discovered, which will be discussed later on.

We’re/I’m looking for staff members!
"Ahem, Alola, Cousin! Professor Kukui here. Your planning to arrive to Alola, Right? Yep! I told many people about you. I'm pretty sure you'll find some cool and cute Pokemon there! I can't wait for you to come next week. Also, Don't worry! There won't be any Gym Leaders and Gym Badges! Instead, There will be Grand Trials and Trial Captains! And maybe a Kantonian Gym! Haha, I'm sure you'll become Champion in the Alola Region! There's also gonna be 2 people thats gonna be your Travel Companions! One would kind of be the Champion, And one might have something.. Really Special! Anyways, There is a Cool Team that protects Pokemon from any harm, And they are named Aether Foundation! One team that isn't cool is called Team Skull, They harm Pokemon and maybe steal them! Terrible, Huh? Anyways, We'll all be waiting for you there, Cousin! From Professor Kukui, Signing off!"
It will be the Best Alola Server for You Pokemon Fans, Rerember Sun and Moon, You like Trial Leaders like Lana,