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This server is a quick rp server what i mean by that is its a server where you rp with one other person and the rp can be whatever topic you want! Come on down and check us out!
This server is for anti-furries and furries to make peace together and help to end the war! If your intention is to raid this place because you don't agree with it? Well, good luck with that.
We are a small, but very active server

But we offer
• Amazing color role selection
• Active and friendly staff
• Game nights (cards against humanity or even uno!)
• Trial staff (for if you would like to apply)
• Lots of fun bots
• and limited rules!!!
So come and join!!
And enjoy your stay at THE FRAGMENT
This is just a server I made to make new freinds.
So far it's mostly just me and my irl freinds but I hope this server can grow bigger with your help. Whatever your interests, gaming, anime ect feel free to join because making freinds is fun.
Random Clubhouse is an up and coming, newly created Discord server! We are anything you can imagine! Gamers, streamers, and everyone alike will collect here! We are a chatroom for people who just want to meet new people! ***WE NEED STAFF!! (And a lot, too!)***
We're a new server, we're growing.. This server is mostly for anyone who wants to RP fight, don't worry, there are no limits, and anyone can die, meaning no PTK.. Survival of the fittest.. Come join and fight with the darkened legion.
Welcome to MNF❤️
Our server is for meeting new friends, chatting & bonding over similar interests! Anyone is accepted!
MNF is a new server & will be constantly growing, please feel free to suggest chatroom ideas, custom roles, and anything else you would like to see added! Hope to see you there!
Just chill server that im trying to get active again.Stop by and say hello if you can!