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This sever is for the sharing and enjoyment of all ships. There is also roleplays that can be opened upon request by myself or darkly.Everyone is welcome and please follow the rules. BTW the are nsfw channels.
Anyone of any age and gender is aloud to join.
This server is extremely empty. Not just empty as in just people. I also mean channels and roles and other things.
I will take suggestions since I never know what to put. Nor do I know what I want the server to be.
Yes, I know. Pointless to make a server since I don't know what it's gonna be for. I do it anyways.
Hey there,

We're a small server with a few members, but we like to have fun, try new things, and play games. If you'd like a smaller server who'll accept you with open arms, this is your place.

Get it off your chest, make new friends, or just play some games.
Follow our laid back rules and enjoy

Update: Looking for Smash Ultimate players
Hey guys, this server once a pretty active server, but now we are rebranding! it We are looking for new active members! Talk up, we are probably the chillest people you'll ever meet.

We got voice channels so you can meet new people or just talk with your clique!

A fun role system, including ways to become Trusted, and become part of the staff early on!

Giveaways and Events are coming soon, and we would like to hear your ideas on what we should do!

And we got a selfies chat!

Friendly to all types of people as long as you aren't obnoxious ;)
The clans reside on a smallish mountain range, rarely touched by humans and varies from small hills to medium mountains. They all surround a decent sized field with a calm pond to the side.
Each clan's territory will be described below.

Emberclan- This clan resides on the side of a decent sized mountain. It is heavily forested, and a town is on the other side, so there often is a need for caution. Cats in this clan naturally can navigate any kind of hill, steep or not. They utilize the trees and bushes to navigate during fights and hunting. The camp is a string of dens in an underground dug-out tunnel, somewhat hidden by vines and leaves. There is a small stream that runs close to camp, but it often goes dry during the warmer seasons. There are small ponds scattered throughout the territory that stay filled. Common prey are birds and rodents. The borders are shared with Slushclan and Cactusclan.

SlushClan- SlushClan is more further up in the mountains then the other clans and consists mostly of snow, slush and rocks, the main prey wandering the area includes hares and squirrels. Cats in Slush naturally tend to be talented in navigating themselves in the snow- being able to see fairly well in the snow and walk and move quite well and quick in it, these cats also tend to be more used to the cold as they are able to stay out in colder temperatures much longer then most other cats. Most cats use the surrounding snow, slush and rocks to their advantage during hunting, hiding, and battles. Most dens are built partly underground and are hidden in the snow, the clans water sources are mainly frozen, so clan cats have to travel farther to reach drinkable water. Borders shared with Emberclan and Ashclan.
Cactusclan- Cactusclan resides on a very rocky face of a mountain. There's not as much greenery in their territory, so they make use with what they do have. Common prey here are Hare, squirrels and chipmonks, and birds such as Woodpeckers and Jays. Cats of this clan specialize in navigating the gaps in rocks and steep inclines, using the rocks along them. Twolegs are rarely seen in the territory, but there are some paths where they walk in new-leaf and green-leaf. The camp resides in a crevice along an incline on a part of the mountain. Brambles and moss sheets protect the camp from the elements snd possible threats. There is a small river that runs along the border connecting Cactusclan with Ashclan that they use for water.
Borders are shared with Emberclan and Ashclan.
Ashclan- Ashclan resides in a portion of the mountains that consists mostly of hills and a couple ravines. Twolegs often come here during new-leaf, and some even have nests here. Greenery consists of Sage trees, bracken, moss, and many more. Cats of this clan are sly and quick on their paws. They use the terrain to their advantage when hunting and fighting. Prey consists of mice, shrew, some birds, and few other rodents. The camp rests in a ravine, protected by prickly thorns and a thick covering of moss and heather above. Small caves have been dug out for dens around the camp clearing.
It shares a river with Cactusclan.
Borders are shared with Slushclan and Cactusclan.

Even if you know nothing of the warriors series, we welcome you. We have a channel to give you the information you need to roleplay!
We are the OutKasts

We accept all those who where outcast from other server due to their.. extreme nature.

We’re a tight knit community that likes memes, beans and dreams

If you like all those things and you’re interested then welcome brethren

We have a gaming section, Nsfw section and We'll be adding more!
*Looking for a place to rp?
*Looking for a place to share porn or hentai?
*Looking for a place to share or request art?
*Looking for a place to just chill, chat, and share memes?

Then this server is for you! YOU MUST BE 18+ TO JOIN
This is the paloma army the server made for the fans of Xtor paloma. Come and join us you are all welcome. And if you enjoy your stay consider subscribing to Xtor paloma he makes mostly videos on league of legends and discord with random people. So feel free to join us.
We are a Nazi Germany RP server. The admins are Hitler and Stalin, Hitler is in charge of the Nazi role and Staling is in charge of the USSR Solider role. The server also includes Auschwitz Prisoners, Jewish Germans, Average Germans, Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes, etc.
This server is for socializing and making more friends. most people in our server play Rainbow Six Siege and Minecraft a lot, but feel free to join if you don't have these games anyway
Hello! Crimson Cafe is a Safe and Friendly place to be yourself! Everyone is welcomed and appreciated I’m trying to build my server up with active and chill people we are full of gamers and artist and much more please join and enjoy your stay within my server ❤️
A more simple server then my main, simply a gaming server where you can have fun and use it to find friends.
A server that is free from the judgment and scrutiny other, similar, servers may provide. It's cozy and just big enough to ensure that there's always someone there to say hi~! Shitposting is welcome (and encouraged), and so is any kink or ideas you may bring with you. Feel free to be who you are here.
I love to meet new people and make friends in the furry community, please help by joining the group.
Be kind and have fun and enjoy
being a jerk will result in being kicked from the server
If you wanna have a good time, have a safe place to go to for photography, art,
then come join our server, anyone is welcome
please follow a couple rules, and if you have any trouble feel free to talk to any of the admins/staff.
We have a organized ranking system.
We are a fast growing server with around 25+ members, and would love new members! This is also an official partner server of the servers, “Nocturnal Witness”, and “TLS”
Hello welcome to flashback this server is a gaming server but you can just chill and talk and make new friends enjoy!
Hi world! I made this server for hard core roleplayers who are looking for a place to role play at. Join the server and get started to have fun, many games are here as well!
were are an erp dicord server just starting out anything is allowed here come and have fun!
Welcome to the realms of Adayon, a kingdom full of adventure and excitement around every corner. Magic, monsters, and plenty of lore for you to sink your teeth into - or not. Why not give it a shot?
Welcome one and all to the .:~Private Roleplay~:.! I really do hope you have fun! If you have any complaints, compliments, suggestions please let me know and I will do anything I can to make it up to you!
!Warning! This is not professional AND I may still update this so I'm really sorry :(
This is a discord for a man name Brr_Toons check him out on twitch and youtube he mostly play bdb but he is very active
We will make sure you feel safe in my server, in my server everyone is a family even you and me I really hope you join! OwO