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Arcanas is a developing server for hackers and scammers that also provides a secure verification system to ensure the safety of our members.
We aim to make your stay fun and enjoyable by introducing giveaways, contests and more!
This is an Animal Jam scamming server where you can meet fellow scammers and buy/sell items! Come meet new scammers and hangout/scam. This server is not just a scamming server for animal jam! It can also be a place to just hang out, play fun games, and is open to anyone even if you don't play the game. No spies allowed <3

What we offer
-Weekly giveaways of AJ items and more
-Game Nights (Kahoot,, Uno, movies)
-A verification process to evade spies
-A friendly community of scammers and hackers
-Item selling and buying
**Welcome to Galactic Galaxies**

✨ What is our server about? ✨

We are a growing community for all Animal Jam Scammers and etc alike!

✨What does our server offer, What makes us unique, What makes us a better choice than other Animal Jam scamming and etc communities?✨

Our Offerings:
1. We offer a Safe, well protected community based server
2. We offer safe, trustworthy weekly giveaways
3. We offer creative weekly contests & competitions
4. We offer a Drama & Toxicity free community
5. We offer Excellent, Well trained Staff
6. We offer Simple yet effective Verification to Prevent spies, raids & etc

Our Uniqueness:
1. Our theme
2. Our community based structure
3. The amount of customization and expression our server provides
4. The amount of creativity involved within our server
5. The amount of opportunities and etc we possess

Why our community is the better choice compared to others:
1. We are Non toxic & Drama Free
2. We are trustworthy & reliable
3. We are safe, informative and much more responsible than any other server out there
4. We aren't just a server or community, we are a family

✨ We hope you join our growing community & family soon! See you in the Base! ✨

* * Fin * *
🌻Hi! Heres some info about our server!🌻

-An Animal Jam scamming server that’s 13+
-Amazing staff
-A simple verification system
-Lots of fun bots
-And Minigames!

✨We will welcome you with open arms, unless you’re an obnoxious spy✨
We got some smexy Animaljam scamming going on! If you're a spy, get your ass out :)
Join us to make some 8-year-olds cry about pixels
Hey everybody, In scamming pond, this is a place for aj and play wild scamming, So waddle right in! This is also related with ducks, cause the creator of this (me) loves ducks! Be happy has possible, and read the rules! 🦆🦆
Welcome to Scam Central! A place for scammers to get together and plan scams, use fun bots, make new friends and more. This server is a safe community, making sure that no illegitimate users/spies get through the threshold.