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Welcome to Scam Central! A place for scammers to get together and plan scams, use fun bots, make new friends and more. This server is a safe community, making sure that no illegitimate users/spies get through the threshold.
Welcome to AJ Community! Here we have a community built for scamming, friends, and fun bots. Gather friends that will assist you in scamming others and getting those rares you want! Everyday, everyone scams together. Of course you can scam with others anytime! :) We are a safe community and our mods and I try our best to keep it that way!
Hey everybody, In scamming pond, this is a place for aj and play wild scamming, So waddle right in! This is also related with ducks, cause the creator of this (me) loves ducks! Be happy has possible, and read the rules! 🦆🦆