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Welcome to the AJ Gangdom! All Animal Jam scammers and hackers alike are welcome here. c: We have a nice, small community with active members. Feel free to join if you'd like!

We have:

★ Lots of different channels.
★ A friendly community.
★ Active members.
★ Safe environment with active mods/staff!
And more~

Spies are not welcome at all. c;
Welcome to AJ Giveaways!

Some things to know:
-We are a friendly server! NO NSFW!
-We will be hosting many giveaways using different methods!
-You can trade here!
-Talk about adventures!
-Use bot commands!
-Make new friends!
-Take to a lot of people!
-And more!

Join today!

EXTRA: We are a brand new server! Looking for **MODERATORS**.
Looking to buy AJ items? You're in luck! Come join the server and see all the prices- anything from den betas to headdresses. Come for the rares, stay for the community! :)
Welcome to Animal Jam Giveaways! Your local source for Animal Jam Giveaways!!
We have:
...and SO MUCH MORE!
Join the FUN TODAY!
Hi welcome to the animal jam discord server read the rules and have fun making new friends and talking about your problems.
I'm just a chill streamer who spends his time doing stuff on AJ.. If you'd like to collab or anything related, please message me on Discord.. If anything else, join my server! Jam on, happy times, I hope y'all enjoy the stream! -Chili Asian
A friendly AJ and AJPW server for members of the animal jam community, with many kind members and great giveaways! (Also for people who are subscribed to “TheDarkArrow” on YT!
We have:
-Friendly, Fair Staff
-Item Giveaways
-Trading Help
-Fun Bots
-Cool Roles
and more!
Join today to become apart of it! 🥰
This server is-uh.. almost dying! If you join, you will see what a great server it is! I spent a lot of time on making sure it's amazing! It's definetly not dead because people don't like it, more so becuase people don't hear about it enough. If you're reading this, then please join!
Welcome to the AJ Design Chat! This server consists mainly of animal jam editors, but if you're from another community, or not even an editor, you're still welcome! The server isn't quite that big yet, but one of us are usually online. Help us create a bigger community of graphic designers, editors, or whatever label you choose by joining :)!
This is a server for all jammers!
-Everyone is welcome-
~here you could~
- Trade
- Make friends
- Meet Editors
- AJ Giveaways / -every 5 members- /
- Share Art
This is just a server to have fun and connect with people who play the game if u do scam there is a scamming channel! Dm angel to be added the role!!
Hello this is a gifting/trading/games/buddy animal jam server! i need some mods so im am grateful for any help! thank you! please join i do giveaways! Also we have open to suggestions! come be apart of something good for jamaa
my animal jam server is for BOTH ajs :D come make firends we will start doing better giveaways once we get more rare were low on rares right now but come enjoy your stay :D we have room for everyone!

Welcome to Animal Jam + Feral


A server dedicated to making jammers alike enjoy their time playing this splendid game. A brand new and growing server with up to date details about the newest game Feral! Here are some of the things we offer in this server


- Animal Jam GIveaways!

- Special and Fun Events!

- Up to date game updates!

- Many special and organized channels!

- Fun bots!

Come join us!
Come enjoy our server! We have channels where you can buy, sell, and chat with people! Come to buy/sell or come just to hang out and make new friends! This server is lgbtq+ friendly and anyone is welcome! Enjoy!
This is a server made for Jammers of all types, it has a music channel, roleplay channels and art channels.

The reason I had made this channel is to help small Animal Jam youtubers grow, for Jammers to talk to one another, to find offers and to trade, to set out on adventures easier with people and for roleplayers to enjoy their freedom without that pesky chat filter.

This server isn't meant to be serious but it is meant to be a hangout spot for Jammers, it will allow people to hopefully connect.
Hello people! If you're reading this, join my friend's server if you want to! (lol idk what else to say)
welcome to an animal jam and chicken smoothie related server~! here you can meet plenty of new people who love to play animal jam and chicken smoothie!!
this server based on trading which allows u to trade on animal jam and chicken smoothie and also cross trading safely.
join this server today <3
hey yall, if you wanna get your dream item like a pink headress, or a black long, join this server! :) i can plant a script in your account that generates or dupes the item/s you want!
Welcome to the Animal Jam black market!
-Selling items
-Buying items
-Art commissions
-General Chat
-Cross Trading
-Weekly giveaway!
Have you ever wanted to buy items but you don't know where to start? Worried about getting scammed? Well this server allows you to buy items freely! All of our trusted sellers have a item back guarantee! Meaning if anything happens! Your item will be refunded free of charge! We take scamming very seriously and it will not be tolerated in this server! Please check with a moderator if your trade applies!
Maybe you're not looking to buy but sell your items? All members are allowed to sell items! In order to get a trusted role though you'll have to go through a few steps!
Cross trading:
Are you not looking to buy or sell? But instead cross trading! We have that too! Feel free to cross trade with any and all games! We allow it all!
Weekly Giveaway:
Maybe you're not looking to buy/sell/trade but just want a chance at a free item? Join our server and react to our giveaway to be entered! You'll have 3 days to claim your item! Are you hosting a giveaway? Advertise it here!
Art commissions:
Looking for somewhere to advertise your amazing art? This is the server for you! Get your very own art commission tag and start making art for items or even cash!!