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The golden age of the vikings has returned!

If you always wanted to rp as viking, go on raids, participate in drinking contests and prove yourself a fighter worthy to feast with the gods in Valhalla, this advanced literate group RP is the top choice for you!

All roles are currently open and waiting to be filled by active writers for some detailed storybuilding with every bloody twist you can imagine. The storyline is to be shaped by your OC and the other writers participating in the Scandinavian environment. Do your best to survive these cruel times, or become a King/Queen yourself by defeating the formerly reigning one.

DM me if you want to join this RP, we will be happy to welcome you and your ideas!

A fair warning: Path to Asgard is based on realism rather than fantasy, and there will be mentions of very dark themes.
The Olympus - Greek Mythology RP!

Hello there, we currently search for active people to join our RP group. It is an advanced literate, modern time themed Roleplay around the deities of the greek mythology, all having a twist since it takes place in our time. The storyline is to be shaped and molded by you in the frame of events that will regularly occur on the whole server!

We would love to see your OCs too!

If you want to join the roleplay and take one of the many vacant roles, or create your own.

We will be happy to welcome you!
Welcome to the new and ever growing scifi and fantasy universe of the Mercury Eclipse where our focus is to create and perfect atmosphere needed in thoroughly building up and expressing just about any of character desired through the course of adventurous, well thought up stories and campaigns as they stretch across not only the universe but even to the multiverse and well beyond.

Please, come in and join our staff as we all grow personally and make good long lasting friends in like minded genres with a foundation or respect and acceptance of all walks of life. We also take pride in the art of literate roleplay story telling where each of our written paragraphs are thorough and well prepared with ample detail.
I've recently created a DC Comics based roleplay, and it's still very much a work in progress. I'm not looking for a mass recruitment quite yet, but a few people that could help set things up and get the roleplays started. You may roleplay other comic characters from other universes as long as they are well integrated. If you're interested at all, I'd love to have you!