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Welcome to LakeShore Academy. LakeShore is one of the most top rated high-schools in the nation. LakeShore is a boarding school in the sense that students must live on campus in order to attend. Only the most highly recommended students / athletes are accepted into the school, yet not even that can prevent students falling off. All walks of students live here at LakeShore. Some with good backgrounds with wealthy parents and a stable life while others come from rougher backgrounds and need to fight to stay on top of their lives. Nonetheless, everyone is accepted to the school if they have proven their worth or can show growth overtime. Every student moves on to a prestigious college, most even go straight to an IVY League of their choice. The athletes get nothing less that a Division 2 full ride scholarship (Some get even more than that).
Don't let the school fool you though. It's students still are teens looking to do what teenagers do.

We hope all of you enjoy your years at LakeShore Academy and remember, Go Panthers!

This Chat is an advanced - semi literate roleplay.
Eden is a custom medieval world with mutiple kingdoms and races. The story and lore of the world are constantly expanding. Magic is a rarity in this world, and thus progress through other means other than combat are encouraged. Come join us and secure your position in this world. Help to grow and change the world, either for good or evil.

-Friendly community
-Extensive and growing lore
-Dice rolls to promote fairness
-Consequences such as character injury or fatality
A new roleplay server based in Pripyat, Russia post-Chernobyl disaster. Inspired by Metro and STALKER this is a war, survival, and faction-based roleplay!