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This is a chill server where you can make friends and talk about the things you like.
We're looking for active people to make this seem more alive.

If you would like for us to add more to the server please leave suggestions!!
- Account Selling/Buying
- Chilling
- Middlemen
- Invite Rewards
๐Ÿ”ฅFort's Shop๐Ÿ”ฅ

Dominos Points
LoL Acc(s)
WWE Premium
Netflix Giftcards
Welcome to AccountBay!
We are an account trading server dedicated to make trading accounts and e-services safe online.
Please read rules and then feel free to browse any of our trading channels. accounts commonly traded are fortnite, spotify, etc
Join my server if you want to have a great time and have some fun shit talking and make some money advertising your shit in our server
E - Market is a marketplace discord server where you can sell your digital and physical goods and find stuff to purchase!
Join E-Market now :)
A cheap selling page of a shitload of Streaming,Gaming,Vpn Accounts!
**Welcome to the Cakehub!**

Here you'll find people selling rare Fortnite accounts, and to avoid getting scammed, we also hired the most trusted middlemen.

We have our own discord-built-in cryptocurrency system to avoid sale scams, and we have a super active community as well as caring and nice admins.

Not only that, we have AMAZING invite and level rewards, where you'll be able to earn money and accounts by simply inviting people or talking.

Hope to see you around soon!
Gengron's Open Market is a new server where you can sell games, accounts etc. to people online You can also chat, make friends and join peoples new games.Members can also advertise any shop they have in #MarketPlace and if you're a big seller you can buy a spot to advertise in #Advertisements
Saint | Selling is a brand new, professional server dedicated to selling accounts of sorts and other digitally collectable necessities.. PayPal supported.
Hey there! MatthewSky's Market is a place where you could find good quality and affordable stuff! Ranging from Accounts for Fortnite, Uplay, etc. to Aimbots for fortnite and overwatch we got you covered! Come on down and give us a try! :D
๐Ÿ”ฅ Fortnite shop
-> Cheapest Black Knight's & Galaxies
-> Stacked skin accounts
This is a marketplace server, Where you Can buy and sell all kind of stuff. The prices are very cheap.
IGN allows members to check their accounts for games, social and media outlets to view statistics, information and assets for their checked accounts.

This is great for account sellers (alt shops) so they can gain large amounts of revenue.
A discord server full of Fortnite traders and sellers. The owner himself is an OG account seller.
Buy rare and OG skins FOR CHEAP from owner
Trade or sell your account!
Friendly trading community!
No scamming!
Trusted Staff and Middlemen
We are the cheapest and the securest alt shop out there! Looking for dirt cheap alts? Join today!
Welcome to Earth's Corner!
Earth's Corner is a server for people to talk, hangout, listen to music, and have fun. We're always open to suggestions, just ask. We are pretty fair in promoting staff, mods, admins. We have many many bots that you can play with, but know that some are just for moderation.
We hope you join today!
A fortnite community that has daily drops, trading and music channels
We give out free accounts we have crackers dm me if you want to join the cracking team, Elite giveaways gives away accounts just join and claim it
-What We have to offer-
-Cheap Cracked Accounts and the cheapest Gta Recoveries
-Great Staff
-Nsfw Channel
-Wonderful Members
and so much more!!!
At eMarket we provide a safe space for users to buy, sell or trade accounts.
We offer services to make transactions easier for both parties as we do not approve of scamming whatsoever. Join today.
Get your free fortnite accounts with our invite rewards system or our giveaways!!
You can also trade / sell in our servers and we have no scammers in it :)
All scammers will get banned once reported.

Here you can dump roblox accounts, Win Account giveaways and get new accounts!