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This server is oriented on the origins debate and is notable for its depository of prestigious journals and scientific literature, such as Science Magazine and Biblical Archaeology Review. It is home to a diverse community of people and thought.

Events & Activities:
☠💵💰Now new beat the DEBATE TO THE DEATH!!! challenge to win $50 USD💰💵☠

⚔🎮🎧 Play with and compete against other's with our RPG and Game bot or chill and listen to music in our Lounge VC 🎧🎮 ⚔

📚📔🍵 Participate in our monthly "books-n-tea" book club 🍵📔📚

👩‍⚖👨‍🏫👩‍🏭 React and give yourself roles with over 25+ self-assignable roles to choose from 👩‍🏭👨‍🏫👩‍⚖
Jak na weby je kamarádský developerský server
Náš server je zaměřen na tvorbu webů.

Co na našem serveru najdete?
🌻 Speciální text channely programovacích / kódovacích jazyků
🤖 Našeho vlastního bota
👪 Helper team ochotný řešit vaše problémy
💬 Chat channely pro konverzace s naší skvělou komunitou
🎶 Music a voice channely
💫 A mnoho dalšího

Připojte se ještě dnes!
What is 𝕴nformation 𝕾ecurity? We are a group, focused on Information Technology, and it's security! That simple! Feel free to communicate with us or get help!
Team Tangent is a group of people, developing tools for the hacking community to use freely.
The official /r/BangandOlufsen discord server!!
Server isn't limited to just B&O discussion and can be anything related to audio and other discussions!
We hope to see you!
Welcome to the GamingWorld. Here you can have fun playing various games with all members. Also this server has regular giveaways, boosted twice, active staff. Come in and enjoy.
Hey everyone!

Welcome to this server, in this server you can get help with your own server!
Maybe you don't know how we can help you, but we can set-up roles, channels, role permission, bot's and even make a whole server for you!

💸 Money Money! 💸: We are a Discord server where you can learn how to EARN money PASSIVELY or MANUALLY. With a ton of different ways to earn money, you'll be granted to make some MONEY instantly after just checking out our guides. We give you the safest, FASTEST way to get results and MONEY quickly like no other server on Discord! We often giveaway new things like Discord NITRO, MONEY, and more. What are you waiting for? Come join us.
Hey tu cherche des conseil pour ton nouveau setup bah tu vien de trouver le bon je decrit pas plus vien le decouvrir pour bien t amuser
Tech Support Server
- Free tech support
- Free pc assembly help support
- Free Build Help support
- Free Overclock support
- Bot is coded by the owner with most helpful tips for computer problems
- A server where you can talk to people about new tech in the market and more.
- There's a channel only for off topic stuff and meme related, no NSFW tho
- There's a channel just for advertising your discord servers and or other social media's(No NSFW allowed).
- Special Build Showcase Channel.
- Chill Community
- Contains channels for other stuff such as gaming, linux, MAC related channels.
- Contains Colour Reaction Role to pick whatever colour you want.
Drone Community is a server welcoming all kinds of RC enthusiasts.
If you fly or not you are welcome to join the discussion!
Share your epic flights or sit back and watch!
Tu aimes développer, ou tu veux juste parler, pas de problèmes, rejoins-nous dès maintenant !

Venez découvrir notre serveur discord WebScience

WebScience est un serveur vous permettant d'apprendre et de partager votre expérience en informatique, en programmation ou encore dans les sciences.

Vous pourrez avoir :
📰 les actualités de nos réseaux sociaux
📜 nos derniers contenu et vidéo YouTube
💬 un serveur de fou pour discuter
🖥️ un bot de fou pour rigoler
🤣 une super communauté
et bien d'autre chose...

Nous n'attendons plus que toi !!
TechRat is a Tech oriented community where you can:

- Discuss about Jailbreaking, rooting etc.
- Learn about programming.
- Ask for programming help.
- Ask for general computer help.
- Discuss stuff about multiple operating systems.
- Learn how does a computer work.
Bienvenue à toi si tu cherches un serv drone !
Non tu ne rêve pas !
Ces serv son rare mais je suis la !
Alors rejoint !!!
server poświęcony informatyce i programowaniu!
głównie linux ale dla windowsiarzy też sie tu coś znajdzie
A place where people with skill or interest in 3D computer graphics, visual effects or game development can come together and learn/share new stuff and have fun chatting with other people.
this is the biggest chemistry server in the world where you can find informations about any molecule or atom with a hug Community of scientists and students
The best service provider server of 2020!
-> Unlimited Bandwitch | High Quality | HTTP/s Format | 100+ Countries Included | Datacenter Plans
-> YouTube Upgrade | [1 Month] [2 Months] [4 Months]
-> Windows Rdp | [2 vCore] | [4vCore]
Сервер по программированию. Здесь вы можете пообщаться или задать вопрос по теме программирования. Также у нас есть свой свой бот с открытым исходным кодом, в разработке которого можешь принять участие именно ТЫ!
✩‧₊:・a server dedicated to video editing ・:₊‧✩
editing help, editing resources, and a place to take a break from editing :)

✩ inclusive
✩ self-promo
✩ editing help for multiple programs (ae, vs, am, svp, etc.)
✩ editing resources (overlays, audios, fonts, etc.)
✩ commissions + entrepreneurship
✩ clean and aesthetic
Somiibo is a free social media automation platform that helps grow your brand on Instagram, Twitter, SoundCloud, Spotify, TikTok and more!
BTC Family (Bitcoin Family) is a friendly discord server who's purpose is helping people interested in bitcoin and crypto currencies to learn and grow income from cryptocurrencies , our server is a place for new, moderate, and experienced crypto investors to meet, talk, invest, and exchange ideas, tips, and experience.

Our server offers an educational program to introduce you to cryptocurrencies and make it more familiar to you.

Our server offers education on multiple ways of earning Bitcoin and other Crypto currencies.

Our server offers an experienced support team to answer all your questions and help you grow in the world of cryptos.

Our server offers news about cryptos covering as much of the changes in the world of crypto as we can followed by global experts opinions

Our server offers a lot of rewards : giveaways, contests, invite rewards, etc...

Our organization is a family to all its members