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Join this server if you want huge lists of an average of 500 accounts all for free. We have accounts like Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, Amazon and more.
Welcome to Foxley Den! This Discord server is a gaming and technology focus community! Here you can share things from pc builds to game clips and find new friends to talk and hang out with!

We have everything that you might have on another Discord server but with some added bonuses...
Special things about Foxley Den:

Smash Bros Tournaments: We have our own Smash Bros tournaments that anyone can participate in! No need to feel pressured from the pros have we have a wide range of skill levels.

Minecraft Server: Foxley Den has our own Survival Minecraft Server Community

Looking to Game: We have call channels for if you are looking to play games with others.

And plenty more!
Hope to see you at Foxley Den!

(This server is still in development)
CftE aka Companions from the Empire is a new community aimed at creating a community aimed for Cybersecurity, Networking, Programming, general IT and some Gaming here and there because we can all enjoy some games from time to time.
This server features:
*Whole Categories that have different Hobby's, ranging from code to gaming to music, and much more
*a debates channel, for well, debates
*suggestions/ feedback channel so you can suggest topics that need to be added
*A whole lot more coming in the future
Currently working on developing games! A few projects going through and figuring out what to work on! Currently looking for any designers, coders(C#), modelers, and pretty much all talents!

Do you like science, technology or engineering? Are you currently studying or working at a university? Perhaps you just want to chat to people who like their subjects with a passion?

If you said yes to any of those, this is the server for you!
thallia's tree is an online makerspace where you can connect with other like-minded individuals about learning, making, engineering, programming, ethical hacking, 3D printing, and share about your own projects! We even have a 3D printer hub where you can use someone else's printer to print your own model. Come join the community!
Over 50+ rooms on almost every topic to do the pen-testing. We are a chill community with experienced hackers and programmers, come over and learn or simply just chill.
WE SPECIALIZE IN LINUX AND WIN...Want to talk to a group of tech enthusiasts? Need help install an operating system or other issues? Come join the community and we'll help you out! We welcome all users!
Discord server for an open-source privacy-first browser that hosts your data on the blockchain.
Elemental Studios is a cool warm awesome bot development / programming server with 3 main bots, Spirit, Amad and SuperTool, our bots do anything you need 3 bots to do!

[but what do we offer?]
• giveaways
• staff ranks
• friendly members and staff
• coding support
• cool roles
• simple rules duh

Come join the gang!
Hi,The CPU Nation is a discord server oriented around everything tech!

We have :

- Amazing and friendly staff
- Tech and PC building support
- A great non-toxic community
- Buying and Selling Section

Hope to see you in here!

An independent server in a co-ownership full of interesting people and packed with alot of fun time. All of us gamers are wierd and funny and stupid and just a bunch of idiots having fun while we still can whilest we make new friends. Talk about whatever you want as long as its not toxic lel. We have a bunch of bots to play around with but u can recommend ur own as well ❤ on that topic tho any criticism as long az its clear and well stated will always be considered as ur satisfaction is our number 1 prize
Join this server if you want to have help with tech issues, talk about gaming and technology, and much more!
We are a community of programmers, who are enthusiast about technology and programming. 🎊🎉
A place for people who intend to learn new stuff, share knowledge and help each-other out.

-- Ask coding questions
-- Showcase your projects
-- Learn new languages

Serwer przeznaczony dla osób o dużej wiedzy z zakresu IT bądź chcących się nauczyć czegoś. Mamy na serwerze grono bardzo dobrych specjalistów. Masz problem? Szukasz miejsca do pogadania? Szukasz rozmów na wysokim poziomie?

Sam sprawdź!
Gateway is a large community dedicated to the fields of Security, Electronics/Electrical Engineering and Programming. You can choose from a variety of different roles to gain access to these channels, or chill in our general chat. Whatever you decide to do, we hope you have a fun time.
LickTheCheese's Discord server

it has access to the (SMP) minecraft server and you can get help with Linux stuff (BTW i use Arch)
PRiVCY is a safe and secure, no frills privacy coin. It is a hybrid POW/POS coin utilizing the X13 algorithm the combination of which provides protection to the network from 51% attacks. PRiVCY also utilizes Tor routing for protection of ip address information, and Stealth addresses for yet another layer of user privacy. The POS reward system is safer, more secure, and more fair to all the participants of the network then a masternode system. POS rewards are set at 10% through 6/20. With more innovative, simple, and effective Privacy features planned for future implementation, and a low total supply, PRiVCY is a great choice for all of your private transactions.
We are a new and upcoming hosting service we are still looking for a name but we will be getting started soon we need advertisers, support team members, and possibly System Admin.