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Want a friendly and welcoming MTG server!
Well we are your thing! From making decks to talking about your games we do it all.
We hope you sit down and join us sometime!
Yugioh Essence is a Yugioh Roleplay that focuses on Duel Spirits. Every character is a Duel Spirit that lives in a fantastical world with various environments where the plot will take place. Become your favorite Yugioh monster and let them command your favorite archetype while also taking them to an adventurous journey. We use MR4, allow a custom Link monster for decks that need it and have a sorta flexible banlist. Also we're still looking for moderators.
hey guy, max here. i own the server and im looking for people to join it. on this server we going for a very casual server, which means no meta decks. to add to the super casual theme, we here at the server use strange theme decks like my level 2 water monsters deck. i hope to see you soon.
Flaming Torch Games is working on Fairtravel Battle, a collectible card game with no microtransactions currently in early access.
Welcome To Yugioh Gx: Next Generation.
The Story Of This Roleplay Happens Four Years After The Ending Of Yugioh Gx. The Duel Academy Was Re-made, And A New Dorm System Was Made After The Three Ace Monsters Of The Legendary Duelists.
Red Eyes Red
Dark Magician Black
Blue Eyes Blue.
Will You Be A Hero Or A Villian? Only One Way To Find Out! Come And Join Us!
This server runs on MR3 (no links, no xyz, no synchro, no pends)
We are a server for Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG
Create you're own cards and post them here for us to discuss
We also have Yu-Gi-Oh! Decks and Anime Discussions
Yugituber Notifications from YouTube through MEE6 BOT
A variety of bots are included for your comfort
Levelling Systems through typing
Staff Needed as we are a fairly new server and very highly developed
Everybody is welcome to join!
This server was made by the YugiTuber channel: XUnderGroundMembersX

See you soon!
Mages? Kings? Knights? Why what do these have in common? The elements are the connection to all living and nonliving things.
A Friendly rp server where use of YGOPro Percy links.

a open rp where people can make there own story in the rp setting.
talking with other people that share the same intrest in general chat outside of the rp.

We hope you will join us
This is just a pokemon server that its goal is to be like from the games like for example Fire Red or Soul Silver. If this is something that interests you feel free to stop by!! We don't bite, we promise!!!!
Scattered across the 12 dimensions of the yugioh multiverse are 4 heavenly dragons with untold cosmic power sealed within. Can you handle the battle to uncover their secret?
An ongoing Yu-Gi-Oh! role-play server based in a VR world with a focus on the game Attributes. Join others based on your deck's primary attribute and capture locations to lead your team to victory. YGOPro Percy with Links is used for Duels.
A fun, casual yugioh RP server full of chill people to RP with. You can also duel here, and make friends with all of the chill people in our little server, This server uses nexus, No custom Cards allowed.
Hello and welcome to the Enterprise Academy, an academy that takes place years after the events of Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters. With Virtual Reality Dueling and the new types of summoning techniques, which has many academies to life, but this Academy is one of the best out there
Looking for a server to make some friends and play Yu-Gi-Oh? Well this is the place for you! Here, you can play, discuss, get help with decks and everything imaginable! Hopefully we'll see you out there on the battlefield, recruits!
This is a Saga rp characters made to invoke lore and world building are either made by me or approved by me this rp supports all decks and buddies with a few exceptions ask me for further details
A fun server where you can just chill and have fun with the buddyfight community. Though rp is the main focus you can just chill with the rest of the members in general. (The server is still a work in progress so sorry for any inconveniences that happen because of it)
Role Play Details
•Planned Lore
•World Building
•New People to Meet
•Literacy and Good Role Play
•Friendly Staff and Member
Basic Lore
Twenty years after a great war that shook the world, the great city that was once Spark City was utterly destroyed, and from the ashes of the great city rose Auto Tech Corporation, bringing the new era with it.
Come join our server to hang out and find people to duel and battle with. We also have a few channels for those who like to listen to music while they play and for that reason, it has been made so that nobody can talk in the music voice channels. While you can talk freely in other channels. Thank you for taking a look at our server and we hope you take a stay.
Welcome! We're a brand new server looking to make it big! What do we have to offer in contrast to your average Yu-Gi-Oh/TCG server?
- No daybot/dyno/pg-13 censorship bot shackles to keep you from posting
- Official ygopro2 support and links
- Deckbuilding/anime/market and replay channels
- Memes (which is somehow not a thing on most servers of our genre :shrug::skin-tone-1: )
- Decklists (for anyone to find a quick list of a deck they want to try)
- Room to expand (since we're new, there's a lot of things we want to do and accomplish, perhaps even add Bakugan support down the line :3 )
- And of course leveling because these days not leveling while you speak just feels wrong.

So come on in! We hope you enjoy yourselves and help make something great with us!
Unofficial Magic: The Gathering Server. Chat with friends, discuss your cards, ask MTG related questions, or even brag about a new card you got.
One of the rare Pokemon Trading Card Game servers. This is a fun place to talk about the TCG, look for matches, chat, and more! We have loads of fun self assignable roles, help for playing the game, and up to date information about sets!
Welcome to our server! We strive to be a good community that welcomes all users! Join here to hangout with some other Pokémon trainers!