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We're a growing server looking for active new members. We offer great deck advise and love talking about magic in general. All are welcome as long as you have a good attitude.
Hey! I am looking to get a good group of people to play hearthstone with, if anyone wants to chill and play some casual hs, come join!
Hello! We're Yu-Gi-Oh! - Westport Circuit! We hope you do join us! We are a deck-building server in which you start off with a starter deck that's based on one of the 6 attributes in the game; Dark, Light, Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth! We're an academy RP that's focused on making students into successful duelists! Below is our lore, feel free to join us, one of the few active Yu-Gi-Oh! servers that doesn't rely on meta decks!

With the rising popularity of the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game, new technologies have been made even cities have been built in it's honour. In short, Yu-Gi-Oh! has made it's mark globally and new, young duelists are looking to get in on the money that's up for grabs in the multitude of worldwide tournaments. For this purpose, we introduce the Westport School for the Dueling Elite! We will both enter YOU into local dueling tournaments and aim to help you improve your dueling game!

With state-of-the-art technology, such as brand new dueling disks for students and even a simulation field for usage during downtime, we hope to turn even the worst duelist into a dueling extraordinaire! It's this kind of innovative teaching, that had brought former-pro duelists to our academy who will share their tips and tricks with you (while also giving the inexperienced a lesson on the basics) as teachers
Hey! This is Kingdom Academy a place for Duelist old or young to become the very best. Its an RP server and in this server we plan to have one werid, wacky and exciting time! We based it of GX and the setting its an alternate reality where people are already in the link era! The story that we have set, will have many twists and turns and we are also ready for any suggestions that anyone has to improve it! we have many events planned for example tag team duels, Tournaments and ect. If you do decide to join we hope you have an amazing time!
PokéWorld is a server where you can play pokecord with other trainers, simply duel others, trade or take on 8 of the many gyms and go on to challenge the elite 4 and the final challenge. Not feeling like doing any of that? Hire a rental spam server for 5 credits for 6 hours or daycare for levelling up with premium packages etc, all at a low and fair price
Dengeki, a game set up to take advantage of the rapidly advancing virtual reality technology. A war between 3 factions over the territory of the game, each developing a different style of play.
Nilfgaard utilising a smaller team of elite monsters to sweep through the battlefield.
Skellige using swarm tactics to overwhelm any opposition.
Komorebi taking full advantage of unique and powerful effects to manipulate the game to their advantage.
Take your choice of who you align with and enter Vylite, a city host to many talented and experienced duelists, will you bring your faction to victory?

Our server features a casual format designed so that older decks can still come to life and win, we allow custom support for these decks in order for this to fully take effect.
Welcome to The Universal Spectrum! We would like you to come join us in the colorful world. We don't limit you on what decks you can use, we have friendly people, and many bots for people to play with. You can come and just hang out or come to roleplay with us. We are pretty small right now and are hoping to grow bigger. The server also has mini bosses you can fight every now and then just for fun. We are still fairly new as well so you won't miss out on much
An ongoing Yu-Gi-Oh! role-play server that has a semi-competitive nature. The setting is based in a VR world with a focus on the game's attributes, akin to the VRAINS animated series. Join teams based on your deck's primary attribute and compete against others through turf war style duels. YGOPro Percy with Links is used for dueling.
Humanity is forever advancing, and yet for every new addition to the technological world, there are some things that never change. Even in the modern age, Ecuphal is ruled by superstition. Their society came straight from the future, and yet their beliefs are more alike those of the 1800's. Somehow, the structure of their society is strong. There have been no incidents.


The Ecuphali Divide is a faction based Yu-Gi-Oh RP, where multiple players from 5 factions are put against each other to gain respect from their faction and become the next leader.
In case you are new to this kind of servers or if you want to have a quick tour trough the basics of the server then check these out!
First the server is divided into 2 Main categories "OUT OF RP" and "IN RP".

Basic Server Information
This is where you should first start to explore the server; have a quick look trough the channels:

•Come say hello to our #new-arrivals . Friendships start from a simple greeting
•#rules-Provides a better understanding of what this server differs from others due to our introduction of getting to know the behavioral rules since we aim to improve fun duels and a sheltering ourselves in a kind and cozy community.
•#server-ban-list & #server-custom-ban-list -We would like decks to be more anime like, to give changes of great comeback, and remove annoying cards so you can play non-meta decks and still have a great chance to win.
•#lore-Have a better context for when you start to RP and also to create a background for your original character.
•#announcements Always keep notified of the server's news.
•#server-partnerships- All our partners are available for you to try something new.

Character Creation Information
As simple as it sounds, if you want to start your Role-play adventure you need a original character first, so please follow this simple #bio-template and sent it to #bio-application. Please look at the #oc-rules before you make your OC's bio
It usually takes no time to approve a character if the staff team is online, so be considerate and wait patiently. You will know when your OC is good if you get pinged at #accepted-bios , then, you will be given a role so you can RP!
Also if you are unsure what decks are available you can take a look at the #deck-megalist


It´s the most simple category and also the most Important. As the heart of the server just bring your character and your deck, immerge in this Duel World while living the adventures, make friends, enemies, duel, the interactions are limitless and it all comes to your choices and creativity.
There will be also events to keep the RP more exiting. Try to make sure not to miss a single one of them
Welcome to Beyond the Gate! Enter the world of the Gate and experience many unique encounters!
Yu-Gi-Oh! Neo Solidarity takes place in the world of Conmissura. This world is rather similar to Earth, however contains different structures overall. The biggest difference being the presence of four large Factions that are ruled by four leaders. Each faction has a different philosophy when it comes to combat, both in dueling and out, and people usually decide for themselves which philosophy they love the most and live in that designated area. Travel between factions is possible using Movement Stations scattered about each faction. These stations are free to use and have no harm on the body, while the transportation is near instantaneous. These four factions have gotten along for plenty of years, some factions being newer than others. The duelists in this world are usually given a chance of what faction they want to live in at a young age, meaning they decide what their life will be like.
Welcome to Spring Lake, a lovely town where people come to relax and enjoy their little slice of life. A few years ago, duel monsters became the number 1 game to play, and now nearly everyone plays it. Whether they be a student at the local school, or someone working in town to make a living, everyone is a duelist. In this server, you make your own adventure. You guys decide what happens and what twists and turns come from your own adventures. Lets make things interesting and exciting.
You can attend Spring Lake academy and fight your way to be the best duelist in school. You can open a business in the city and bring joy to the community. Or you can indulge your evil side, and be a villain; bringing misery and woe to the townspeople in the hopes of fulfilling your own goals. No adventure is too big or too small. We host tournaments as well as promote both a competitive and casual dueling experience for all levels of play.
We're a chill Pokecord server that holds daily giveaways for Pokemon, credits, and redeems.
At Level 5, you gain access to higher priced giveaways and the ability to apply for staff.
As all other servers say, 'We have polite staff that love greeting new members'. We have that too. Super lit.
Strife, pain, and war have always permeated the world as a whole. There is no escaping them, or stopping them. These vices tore the world into four, in which we see it today.

The 'Standard' Dimension; Maiami City, an idyllic metropolis spanning what seems like the entire world. Nearly everyone is happy, working, well paid and educated, with the largest tournament ever recorded looming on the horizon. All seems to be going well here... for now.

The Fusion Dimension; A land torn in two by conflicting, warring factions: Academia and its Rebels. Academia knows of the split dimensions, and has developed technology to travel between them, and are performing reconnaissance missions in each. The Rebels are a small sect acting out against this Academia, that abhor Academia's ruthlessness and belligerent goals.

The Synchro Dimension; Another place split by different classes, but of different kinds. The 'Tops', also known as Neo Domino City, is filled with wealthy, educated, happy and comfortable people, contrasted by the impoverished 'Bottoms' or Slums, filled with paupers and criminals just trying to survive. As tensions mount between these two social classes, a tournament is being organized to bring them together... will they come together or will they fall apart?

The Xyz Dimension; Filled with happy, content people, the Xyz Dimension is dominated by the futuristic and whimsical Heartland City, but blissfully unaware of the machinations of the Fusion Academia, who are plotting to destroy them.

Welcome to Worlds Collide! This is a semi-literate roleplay server in the universe of Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V! We are looking for active roleplayers, as well as more administrators.
An alternate universe where the Heroic Duelists were never called to their destiny and magic never fueled the world. A more sci-fi focused Roleplay set in the custom institute of Gem Duel Academy. Join us for custom duels, compelling story, and good old-fashioned casual-level dueling.
This is server for Yu-Gi-Oh players to hangout, duel, and meet new friends.
Welcome to our server! We strive to be a good community that welcomes all users! Join here to hangout with some other Pokémon trainers!
Welcome to our server Pokemon Trading Card Game players! Whether you play online or in real life this is the place for you. We offer deck building assistance, help finding practice matches, up to date information on the upcoming events and releases and more! Just a collector? No problem! Our card-art connoisseurs can't wait to see your amazing pulls! This server is brand new so the more the merrier!
Small EDH oriented MTG server for players to discuss deckbuilding, mtgfinance, and just what kind of a day they're having.
We are an unofficial adult server/fan group for YGOPro Percy (online yugioh program). We talk anything yugioh (game, anime, duel links) and everything else (politics, sports, waffles). We're looking to add active individuals, grow an interesting community, and develop meaningful friendships. Come check us out! :)
Dragon Kingdoms is an upcoming indie digital card game. Become one of the four great dragons returned to the realms and conquer the seven kingdoms, with the help of your trusty minions.

Dragon Kingdoms is a game for all ages and will be arriving on Kickstarter June 1st. Join our discord community for more updates and behind the scenes art and gameplay.
A Friendly rp server where use of YGOPro Percy links.

a open rp where people can make there own story in the rp setting.
talking with other people that share the same intrest in general chat outside of the rp.

We hope you will join us