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~×♔ Yu-Gi-Oh! Wesport Circuit♔ ×~

Welcome to Yu-Gi-Oh! Wesport Circuit!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Westport Circuit is a role-playing server based on the Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game that follows themes and principles from the canon series and incorporates them into an original settings with a detached story from the canon. We are also a deck-building server that put a lot of focus on character development in tandem with one's own deck as they progress both in strength and as a person. Duels are simulated via Dueling Nexus, Dueling Book, and YGOPro Percy with a preference towards the former thanks to its accessibility and a tertiary preference towards the latter thanks to its automation and lack of bugs.

↶ ғᴇᴀᴛᴜʀᴇs ↷
『✿』Deck-building (meaning you start with a starter deck and work your way up).

『✿』Academy setting with (optional) periodic classes.

『✿』Non-META decks and format (most characters following themed and fun decks).

『✿』Custom TCG banlist.

『✿』A role-playing server taking place in a separate universe from the canon and the real world.

『✿』Lax environment, no drama.

Hope to see you there!
It is the year 2050 and we have had many technological advancements however sadly the world ended up breaking into apocalypse as people found the need to fight for resources. Now a baran wasteland the world was left in chaos but one place emerged from the ashes. Hextopia. Hextopia promised to be a massive utopia which would allow everyone to escape from the violence and death of the outside world but due to the corruption of the place it ended up being an inescapable hell hole. Now the corrupt government oppreses those who came here for safety and a chance at a second life. There is a lot of conflict between individuals and it is mainly solved through dueling. Who will survive and who will be king of the rubble when all is said and done? Get your deck and duel disk ready to find out.
Hey! I am looking to get a good group of people to play hearthstone with, if anyone wants to chill and play some casual hs, come join!
are you tired of missing out on the last card needed to complete your coin master set? then we got the right place for you!
Want to try something new? Interesting in seeing whats its like to duel without Konami cards? Have a knack for creating custom cards? Well your in luck! Ultimate Pure Custom Cards is live and activate and would love to see your wonderful face. Check us out on Discord and we hope to see you soon!
Hey! Glad your on our DISBOARD page! While your here, let me tell you a bit about our server. *insert infomercial voice here* Our server is a Pokémon centered server that is mainly about the TCG/TCGO (Trading Card Game/ Trading Card Game Online). We strive to be an active server. I, and all the other mods are constantly working CONSTRUCTIVELY and CONTINUALLY to make the server a better place! Here you can expect: daily events, active chats, and our Pokémon league! The Pokémon league is just like the games, you fight 8 gyms and get to the top. (All battles fought via TCGO) and the winner can win up to 50 packs. (More details available in server). Hope to see you at our server! 🙂
"There had once existed 2 dragons one of Creation the other of Destruction. The Creation created worlds the Destruction destroy the Creation's World. This cycle was endless, it went on create, destroy, create, destroy. It never seemed to stopped... that was until one of the creations decided to find a way to seal both dragons. They succeeded in sealing them but at a cost xxxx years from the time they sealed the dragons they would reawaken. So the time had come when the dragons reawakened both of the dragons taking a vessel with 6 dragon rulers serving under the dragon of destruction awakening their true forms."
Hi there, this server is for discussing, playing and helping others with the Yugioh Trading Card Game. We have channels for many things, including ones for looking for someone to duel, discussing oldschool Yugioh, asking ruling questions, helping with building decks, discussing newer and older cards, discussing the Yugioh anime, discussing the current Yugioh meta, we got a lot of stuff. It's pretty chill here. Just chilling with our buds, Potato and Chips.

Also we're still looking for staff, so apply for that position if you want to.
Dengeki, a game set up to take advantage of the rapidly advancing virtual reality technology. A war between 3 factions over the territory of the game, each developing a different style of play.
Nilfgaard utilising a smaller team of elite monsters to sweep through the battlefield.
Skellige using swarm tactics to overwhelm any opposition.
Komorebi taking full advantage of unique and powerful effects to manipulate the game to their advantage.
Take your choice of who you align with and enter Vylite, a city host to many talented and experienced duelists, will you bring your faction to victory?

Our server features a casual format designed so that older decks can still come to life and win, we allow custom support for these decks in order for this to fully take effect.
Hey! This is Kingdom Academy a place for Duelist old or young to become the very best. Its an RP server and in this server we plan to have one werid, wacky and exciting time! We based it of GX and the setting its an alternate reality where people are already in the link era! The story that we have set, will have many twists and turns and we are also ready for any suggestions that anyone has to improve it! we have many events planned for example tag team duels, Tournaments and ect. If you do decide to join we hope you have an amazing time!
An ongoing Yu-Gi-Oh! role-play server that has a semi-competitive nature. The setting is based in a VR world with a focus on the game's attributes, akin to the VRAINS animated series. Join teams based on your deck's primary attribute and compete against others through turf war style duels. YGOPro Percy with Links is used for dueling.
we're a lgbtq+ based server where yu can meet new people and have fun with your fellow queers
In a desperate way to find a power beyond being human a man named articus goes on a expedition to find new discoveries alongside his 2 friends finds glyph s that look like duel monsters intrigued of his findings studies more. upon his discovery of the secret entrance discovers a door that offers him true power in exchange for his soul and body being that he thought he had nothing to lose takes the power abandoning the world known as earth and unleashing a hell upon earth as the spirit that took his soul named the original one has found a way to live again and with that the cards know as negative numbers have spread to earth infecting innocent and corrupted people alike. Now with the body he needs he looks to take control of earth and and the whole universe if possible who can stop such a threat but remember not all numbers are as you see them.
Joining just to troll or annoy the server will result in a insta ban
Yu-Gi-Oh! Neo Solidarity takes place in the world of Conmissura. This world is rather similar to Earth, however contains different structures overall. The biggest difference being the presence of four large Factions that are ruled by four leaders. Each faction has a different philosophy when it comes to combat, both in dueling and out, and people usually decide for themselves which philosophy they love the most and live in that designated area. Travel between factions is possible using Movement Stations scattered about each faction. These stations are free to use and have no harm on the body, while the transportation is near instantaneous. These four factions have gotten along for plenty of years, some factions being newer than others. The duelists in this world are usually given a chance of what faction they want to live in at a young age, meaning they decide what their life will be like.
A Friendly rp server where use of YGOPro Percy links.

a open rp where people can make there own story in the rp setting.
talking with other people that share the same intrest in general chat outside of the rp.

We hope you will join us
Dear potential student in question,
After the invention of hard light technology by Seto Kaiba many investors have been clambering to get some deal or way to be the next company by perfecting the design. The school you have been invited to has come up with answer for that. At this rich institution we hope to show off our inventions based on the original blue prints by Seto Kaiba 20 years ago. We call it Ai hard light data. We combined the efficiency of machines with the power of monsters. We hope you enjoy your stay at this beautiful school. ~~Warning: we are not responsible for death, injuries, kidnapping, being sent to other worlds, being erased, being enslaved, and other events out of our control~~
Nomida Ghostian
In a world where dueling, is the way to solve most of the problems, emerges an Island in the middle of the Atlantic.
To uncover that phenomenon society built a city and started with investigations, but due to political issues, it is now famous for its scientifical innovations and ruled by Dueling monsters corrupted companies.
Many aspiring duelists around the world, moved to this place to experience an exiting life! Where every day is different and nothing can stop you to become the greatest duelist!
Are you up to the task?
Then welcome to the Dueling City Atlantis!
Ребят, я начинающий стример по ХСу. Буду очень благодарен если вы присоединитесь к моему серверу и зафоловитесь на канал. На стримах бывает не только наша любимая карточная игра, но и остальные игры близард. Так же иногда бывает дота и кс.
TFX is a yugioh clan that uses dueling nexus as a platform. Whether new to the game or an expirenced veteran we welcome you to join and enjoy your stay. We have members willing to help newcomers and expirenced duelists with meta anti meta and off meta decks
You want to play Yu-Gi-Oh and hang around, well come on down. This server helps you with deck ideas, sets up matches, and helps you make new friends to battle with. We joke around and have fun with YU-GI-OH and JoJo references. If you like JoJo's Bizzare Adventure as well then this is the place for you
<===>INFO IN SERVER<===>
Enjoy your stay!
Message owner about the server; Vetren Jake#3397
Thank you for reading!
We are an unofficial adult server/fan group for YGOPro Percy (online yugioh program). We talk anything yugioh (game, anime, duel links) and everything else (politics, sports, waffles). We're looking to add active individuals, grow an interesting community, and develop meaningful friendships. Come check us out! :)