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This is Nanibaka Acadamy, the school of the best yugioh duelist known to man kind. In this academy you will be sorted into one of the 5 houses, once a week one person from each house will face off. Welcome students to your own story intertwined with others fate.It is never a dull moment here.
Looking for a server to make some friends and play Yu-Gi-Oh? Well this is the place for you! Here, you can play, discuss, get help with decks and everything imaginable! Hopefully we'll see you out there on the battlefield, recruits!
Hay and welcome to Amai Academia we are a small server that is based around the yugioh card game.
By joining this server you can meet new people and duel them, we also have a rank up system in place.
Anyway hope to see you soon.
An ongoing Yu-Gi-Oh! role-play server based in a VR world with a focus on the game Attributes. Join a others based on your deck's primary attribute and capture locations to lead your team to victory. YGOPro Percy with Links is used for Duels.
We are an unofficial adult server/fan group for YGOPro Percy (online yugioh program). We talk anything yugioh (game, anime, duel links) and everything else (politics, sports, waffles). We're looking to add active individuals, grow an interesting community, and develop meaningful friendships. Come check us out! :)
A new yugioh clan i just made for nexus. If you use nexus and is willing to join come in.

Hello and welcome to VOID (Venture into the Order of Infinity Duelists). A clan i just recently made and VOID wants to thrive to become the best clan out there. A unique twists than other clans VOID respects all it's members and allies and friends. VOID contains many duelists and many friends where we can help you out. The unique thing about the clan will be when you join. HEre's a list of great things in this clan

👆 Strong Duelists and respect

👆 Unique twist other than other clans

👆 Friendliness and everyone is welcome

👆 Strict rules

👆 Experienced Staff

👆 We will keep growing more and more

So you should check out VOID and carry on with your day! Thanks!!!
Help us make the "best" banlist. It is preferred that you'd use voice channel (just makes things easier, I'm a lazy boi), but it's perfectly fine if you don't. Try not to have any biased opinions when working on the banlist, we're trying to make the best one, after all. It's also okay if you have little to no experience, your opinion will still be accounted for. All ages welcome, which means you should expect a variety of ages. Thanks!
Are you an avid Pokemon card collector? Maybe you're heavy into the video games; regardless, this community is perfect for you!

Our server offers:
- Card valuing
- Active discussions
- Pokecord, obviously
- Collection showcases
and much more!

Feel free to join!
Welcome to the grand design following the original Duel Academy! If it didn't already say it in the title itself... Here, you choose your role in this grand story mode role play. It's filled with several story arcs with each one getting deeper and deeper into the end game. Do you choose to be a student in this academy? Do you choose to teach? Are you confident enough to be a pro duelist? I hope you're ready for a unique system of doing things in the Duel Academy, because it isn't easy to become the next King of Games!

Hey, guys! Thanks for reading this far down! I'm aware that there's so many different options for a Duel Academy RP so we're honored that you chose to take the time and read what we're about. We hope that you choose to place your character into our role play where they'll make an excellent contribution to the grand design!

We must ask that you use cards that were officially printed before March 26th, 2008. It's an authentic experience we wish to uphold.
Welcome to Ascension Duel Academy!

Situated on a Beautiful island in the Pacific Ocean, We are a duel academy Dedicated to Ascending past the Normal Strategies of dueling and creating powerful duelists with incredible skill! Our island Academy Bears host to many different zones to duel in and explore, including a vast forest, white beaches, towering mountains and even a few cave systems! Join today to become part of our wonderful duelist community and Remember to be kind and duel on!
Unofficial Magic: The Gathering Server. Chat with friends, discuss your cards, ask MTG related questions, or even brag about a new card you got.
"Introducing The Summoner's Academy. Based in the year 2050, set in a world where magic is hidden from the general public-- used to bring duel monsters to life in our world. The Academy teaches protégées and young students alike how to utilize their magic to summon these creatures, in the hopes of allowing them to contribute to the betterment of society. So, student, will you begin your adventure at the academy as a seasoned veteran, or the youth who has just been sent their letter of invitation from the Academy? Your adventure starts here."

Hello, and thanks for checking out Summoner's Academy! We're a new, semi-literate Yugioh roleplay group that has just opened it's doors to the public! RP hasn't begun yet, but we have a full plot for the roleplay ahead, and a server full of RP rooms, public rooms, and music bots! We use a variety of dueling sites, and don't hold many limits for what applications to use here. Our group is MR3 only, so no Links are allowed in this RP! Come in and give us a shot, we have friendly staff and are eagerly awaiting new players.
Want a friendly and welcoming MTG server!
Well we are your thing! From making decks to talking about your games we do it all.
We hope you sit down and join us sometime!
Welcome to Icoburg City, where the streets are alive woth the sound of children's card games! Create your character, get your packs, and roleplay with the community! Hope to see you soon!
Just an up and coming yugioh server where you can chat with others and help one another build decks, hoping for a friendly environment if this sounds like the place for you come join. I am currently looking for admins to help run this server so we can make it even more enjoyable, also looking for people who are excellent in building decks, if either sounds like its for you once you join send me a message of which role you want and give me a short description of your skills as to why i should give you that role. Thank you and enjoy.
Welcome to our server Pokemon Trading Card Game players! Whether you play online or in real life this is the place for you. We offer deck building assistance, help finding practice matches, up to date information on the upcoming events and releases and more! Just a collector? No problem! Our card-art connoisseurs can't wait to see your amazing pulls! This server is brand new so the more the merrier!
We are a Yu-Gi-Oh! roleplay server. We are small but active, we currently use only custom decks and new rules. If you want to hang out with us we'd love it. Hope to see you soon!
Welcome to Duel Academy!
Upon joining, you can either test to get into a higher tier or go directly into tier 3, where you will be given a starting deck. Work your way up the ranks in this revamp of the old, not-as-friendly Duel Academy.
Dueling Nexus is required.
Join this server to receive Pokemon TCGO codes absolutely free! Giveaways will happen often! Come and join for some fun and free codes!
In a world where dueling, is the way to solve most of the problems, emerges an Island in the middle of the Atlantic.
To uncover that phenomenon society built a city and started with investigations, but due to political issues, it is now famous for its scientifical innovations and ruled by Dueling monsters corrupted companies.
Many aspiring duelists around the world, moved to this place to experience an exiting life! Where every day is different and nothing can stop you to become the greatest duelist!
Are you up to the task?
Then welcome to the Dueling City Atlantis!
Monster ORB TCG, what is it? Well, it's THE card game that will revolutionize this world! Whether you play or just like HTCG, this is the place for you. We offer altar (deck) building assistance , up-to-date information on upcoming events and releases and more! Just a collector? No problem! Our card art connoisseurs can not wait to see your amazing stuff! This server is brand new, so we are crazy!
Monster ORB TCG, qu'est-ce que c'est? et bien c'est LE jeu de carte qui va révolutionner ce monde! Que vous jouiez ou simplement comme HTCG, cet endroit est fait pour vous. Nous offrons une assistance pour la construction des autels (deck), des informations à jour sur les événements et les communiqués à venir et plus encore! Juste un collectionneur? Aucun problème! Nos connaisseurs d'art des cartes ne peuvent pas attendre de voir vos trucs incroyables! Ce serveur est flambant neuf, donc plus on est fous, plus on rit!
One of the rare Pokemon Trading Card Game servers. This is a fun place to talk about the TCG, look for matches, chat, and more! We have loads of fun self assignable roles, help for playing the game, and up to date information about sets!
A Space Server~! Using a Nice economy system, This server uses DuelingNexus! but also Ygopro 2~!
Welcome to our server! We strive to be a good community that welcomes all users! Join here to hangout with some other Pokémon trainers!