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Oh you're reading this? Does that mean you actually want to join... or something? Gosh.. that's sure something interesting. Um.. I'll stop being silly and actually say what's in the server.
-- The server is dungeons and dragons based (obvi), and I'd like to keep things on the more exotic side of the spectrum. Eg: Homebrew races, and overall more exotic races. So, if you plan on minmaxing a weak hooman boyo, not the place to be, sadly.
-- There are some naughtier themes in the server, but nothing too big.
-- "level up" roles, because I had a little idea for later things. But it's still barebones as of now.
-- I'm hoping for a friendly community, as toxic ones suck to be a part of and have.
-- Roleplay hub is the main part of the server, with a quest board to get adventures going.
-- I can't think of anything else... 😅 have fun if you do join though, I'll give you Internet kisses >:3 ((((do not expect Internet kisses, though they may be administered, they are not a guaranteed thing you will earn from me))))
A beautiful and prosperous seaside town set between two mountains of two different terrains, a giant sea, and rests upon a crystal lake. The terrain that surrounds the town makes it almost impenetrable, but also serves as the home of dangerous creatures and monsters.

Nord is still new and improving. Witness the change of this server from a lonely world to a reigning empire. (Hopefully, we will sustain an alliance from the folks at the Ansmond server.)
***No NSFW Roleplay! Currently looking for DMs and new partners!***

Dungeons and Dragons 5e - Official content only

Welcome to Sabren, a diverse and prosperous land filled with many an adventure! While our server is still budding it's full of creative players, helpful bots, and welcoming staff. We have recently moved to a full version of 5e, and are looking for new players to fill our community. One-Shots and casual roleplay are always running, and plans for a full campaign for a select few are in the works!

☆ No need to worry if you've never played a lick of D&D! We welcome seasoned players and new players alike, and would love to introduce you to the system!
☆ We have a well-rounded character creation with many added races, as well as your favourite core 5e races.
☆ Detailed Roleplay is encouraged, with added channels to casually explore, or channels to fight to the death in an action-packed gladiator arena!
☆ Training camps where you can farm XP and gold!

Come give our server a try and help write an amazing story alongside your Dungeon Master and party; fight mighty beasts, hunt for lost treasures, and make some friends along the way!

The tavern is a great place anything D&D, with a active moderator staff and over 2300+ members, we got everything to help Veteran and New DMs and Players alike!
Name: M. I. G. H. T. Y.
System: Mutants & Masterminds 3rd edition
Timezone: I am PST though run as persistent this time is variable.
Platform: Discord Text, Discord for Combat
Players: 30+
Game Style: Heavy Roleplay focus with combat
Campaign Theme: Superhero setting akin to My Hero Academia
Notes: So this game is intended to follow the formula of My Hero Academia, the anime, no characters from the show exist in this world but otherwise it will be the same world! Basically a game of Super Heros going to school and competing with one another while dealing with intermittent villain attacks!

This game type is known as a 'Persistent World', a server in which people can come on and RP/interact at any time of the day, with occasional GM-run events to help spark interactions. Looking for Heros (Players), Villains (GM-assistant drama producers), and anyone else interested in being part of a large, online community who is all playing the same game together. :)

I have run many Persistent Worlds in the past but am hoping to find some fresh faces for this new game, was part of a community in a similar game, based on the Naruto series for the last 15 years, and have learned much about running a game.

This will be a text-based game and for the first portion murdering other players will be discouraged. If interested send me a tell! The character creation is as follows: PL 8, no effect on the effect chart can exceed 8, and you can not trade off more than 50% of something. So can't let your defenses go below 4 and above 12 for now. The setting is America! San Francisco at the school Mighty High! It's roughly the same time-period as the show just not connected to those events! Come on down as the third year has just started.
Ansmond is a prosperous town in the Kingdom of Arcadia. Sitting on lush green lands and towering over a nearby crystal clear lake, it became well-known as the home of the kingdom's adventurers. So the question is, what is your edge that other adventurers lack?

This is a Dungeons and Dragons role play server. As of the moment, I am looking for a reliable staff that will act as moderators and DMs. If you think that you have a solid grasp of the rules and that you're up to the challenge, send me a PM.
Come join our community of nerds, come and DM a game or find a game to be a player in.

Online versions of these table top games are open to everyone both new and experienced players. This is a place to meet cool people, share resources about games, play games, and have fun. Don't worry if you have no experience with these types of games there are always people willing to help.

Right now we have games for D&D and deadlands but if you have other table top games I am sure you can start our own.
Hello. The is a fairly new D&D 5e and socializing server. Come here too meet new people, and talk D&D. Anyone Can join!


-Self Assigned Roles
-Various channels for talking, memes, homebrew, group hunting, and more
-Some bots to make everything more fun
-More on the way
Currently looking for: DMs! Players still welcome!

Old Terra is a West Marches style DnD Discord Server. Players can start at level 3 and play almost all the WoTC content as well as a variety of approved homebrew expansions. DMs and players can create interesting and fun to play characters in this original setting. DMs run quests in this shared setting and player characters earn experience and gold from Quests or Arenas, we also have a multitude of RP settings.

To start playing here, you need to submit your character sheet to mods so we can look it over and make sure everything is in order before we approve it. Once your sheet is approved you will be given the player role and you can start RPing that character right away. To sign up for a Quest or Arena you will have to wait until a DM has one they are able to run, it will be posted to a Questboad and then you can sign up! Quests and Arenas are run in different ways, some use Roll20 while others are purely through imagination (TOTM, Theatre Of The Mind), some can even be run only through text (PBP, Play By Post) so those of you who don’t have access to a mic can still play!

We welcome anyone, new or old to DnD to join us. We’re also an LGBT+ positive server with pronoun roles and we want to make a chill and comfortable place to play for everyone.
Compete against other teams and earn points to be the best team of all!! Get roles, have fun, and participate in special events!
If your looking for a good dungeons and dragons group to play with your in a good place, we got some hardworking DMs working on adventures for you to go on, so come hang out and enjoy, I know I am!
Would you be interested in joining my dnd group? Its a West Marches style homebrew fantasy campaign on discord where the party aims to stop an angry god from destroying the world. We are a very active server with multiple quests per week. We only use theater of mind, not Roll20 or maps. The players are very friendly and we welcome new players. We also accept all books and UA as well as some homebrew. It is a fully text based game with scheduled sessions.
System: DnD 5e
Timezone: GMT+8
Platform: Discord - Play by Post(No discord voice, no Roll20, no Fantasy Grounds)
Looking for players
Starting Level: 3
This is a PbP Discord Server run by me, and other friends. We're looking to add more players who are interested in the following:

- PvE Arenas
- Test Arenas
- One shot quests (Possibly X-part campaigns)
- Avrae's Initiative Tracker
- Multiverse
We're a welcoming and friendly community full of D&D geeks just like you! Come join us and talk with us about your favorite tabletop games or come join some of the campaigns/oneshots that we are running. We are always looking for DMs and Players alike (especially DMs!). No experience is necessary (as we can always teach you) and our server isn't just limited to D&D but all things tabletop. So what are you waiting for?
Large server with multiple campaigns and RP sessions.We play DnD (5e mostly), Warhammer 40k, Hyperlanes,Pathfinder Looking out for more systems to run those too. Join For stable experience and consistent games, events, oneshots, tournaments and other fun stuff
Far to the north eastern corner of Dracomorta. Where the terrain shifts from calm grasslands to harsh frozen tundra. At the base of the Labyrinth Mountains, a Dwarven City resides. Through the ice storms and sharp winds you follow the glow of flames until you meet the steel bricked walls and cast iron gates.

This is a steady growing D&D 5e community server that offers rp channels and helps DM's set up one shots and campaigns!

>Close Knit Community
>Helpful Staff
>>New Players Welcome!<<
>Open for Partnerships
>RP channels
>VC Campaigns
>If we've even tickled your curiosity so far, you should probably just come check us out! :)
We’ve created a discord server for Call of Cthulhu called Necronomicon. We want to help unite the community who play this game not only to meet new, and awesome people but in addition to that help new players, and experienced find groups to play with.

We want to help keep the game alive by making it easier for new players to find a group if they have difficulty in real life through the use of software & our custom made bot. By creating an expansive community we hope to use our custom bot to allow everyone to find a group to play with.

As such you’ll receive live support instead of having to wait potentially hours or days for a response on the forums. We also plan to help events.

By helping to spread this idea we’ll be able to develop a dedicated, mature and friendly community to entice even more people to play or even host their own sessions.

Even if you only play the game at a table with your friends in real life you’ll still be a great asset to the community as well as the ability to meet like-minded people from across the globe you could even share a scenario you created with an easily accessible community.

Our bot development team is creating a LFG tool to allow you to create games and then have new players join them, it’s currently still in development, at this current point in time you can create your own game and have others join it. You’ll then receive a private channel in order to play with your newly found group. As such, this is great for new players and through our combined efforts even more sessions will be running on the discord.
Here’s a brief list of the current features which are accessible:

• A new users section with recommended platforms for online play if you’re only just thinking about hosting a game online (there are many benefits)
• We also have a recommended youtuber & twitch section for content creators that are worthy of your time if you’re looking for reviews on scenarios or just tips. Seth Skorkowsky is currently doing a series on the game system as a brief overview on the rules which I’d highly recommend if you’re thinking about picking up a copy of the rules.
• We will hold monthly competitions to help further the community such as a best Cthulhu related drawing, scenario creation, and more. A prize pool will be accessible for the winners.
• Voice channels to allow you to talk to other users
• A Keeper hub section for verified Keepers allowing you to discuss scenarios, leave reviews on whether you like them or not so Keepers can easily find out whether a scenario is worth purchasing, as well as help and a section to overcome a players disruption to your scenario/campaign.

More features will be added as the community grows. We will welcome any ideas from our community.

We hope to see you in our server shortly, help become apart of a hopefully ever growing community so we can help attract new players to the game. Please invite your friends whom you play with so we can help build a base following which can then be built on through the attraction of new players!

TLDR: We want to help further the community through the use of a group-finding bot making the game accessible to new players as well as those looking for a group to play with. We hope to make the game easier for new keepers, as well as experienced, to get help and find scenarios they may want to run with their group, or find one of their own on the server.

To conclude; by joining now you’ll be able to access everything Cthulhu related at the click of a button, the first 100 people to join will receive a special role to thank you for being the first members of an everlasting community. You’ll watch alongside us as this library of information continues to expand just like the universe.

Hope to see you soon – Salt

Join the cult today
Hey everyone! Dragons and More Dragons is a safe space to play and talk about dnd in any form! We are also homebrew friendly! Come looks for games and have fun!!
Danganronpa tabletop is a server where we will be playing a tabletop rpg based on Danganronpa (similar to DnD but we will be using a system that fits more with murder mystery)!
You can join our current game or even make your own game!

Our current game hasn't started yet meaning this is a great time to join!

If you haven't ever played a tabletop game this is a pretty easy game to get into and if you need any help we'll be glad to assist you!
We hope you join and have fun with us!
Calaierith - A world forged by the four Gods of Calaierith's Pantheon. Niserie, Goddess of Life, sculpted the Elves from the fairies who hide away, afraid of life itself, and filled the oceans with Oceyrians so they too could appreciate the life underwater. Pyrach, God of Valour, originally creating the Kerata Andres from clay formed near volcanos to watch their world burn at their own hands, not knowing they would unify so quickly. The God of Death, Adhoros, gave souls a second chance to live as the Zasterrain, beings formed by magma and rock, who soon became a race of their own. And finally, Ireul whom is the Goddess of Order. Although she did not create a species, she aims to keep order in the world of Calaierith.

You have been born into this world, whether as a new soul or reincarnated. But no matter what, this is your story. With the tension between species rising, allies and enemies forming and ancient discoveries being made, how do you decide to live your path? Will you devote your being to the Gods for salvation? Rebel and live on adrenaline and adventure? Or will you be standing by, only assisting the action or watching? The world is yours as much as is it the Gods... So how will you forge Calaierith?

Welcome to Season 1 of Calaierith: A Golden Fire
The Hub focuses mostly on questing and dice rolling, in a simplified-from-DND game system that is easy for anyone to get into, and we have multiple game masters that all create unique content. Or if that's not your thing, you can just socialize with other hub members/their characters! The server is usually most active in the afternoon EST, but other timezones are also welcome.

The setting of the hub is an interdimensional hub world with a portal, allowing characters to go wherever they please, as long as there's a GM willing to play that world, which means that you won't be limited to one time period or race or anything; feel free to be creative!

Currently, we are lacking in members, so we'd love for you to come and join!
Come chat with us or play some dnd if you'd like. We need active dm's as well as players, noob friendly. We do text and voice games.
I'm part of a server on Discord called Vasterion. We host connected one-shots for DnD 5e, with a setting that is being built by our community.

This server is run a bit differently than your traditional DnD setting, as it is technically series of one off games as opposed to a singular campaign. You create a character following a point buy system and using the approved content, and that character is now an adventurer in the world of Vasterion. You can sign up for quests, RP in the tavern, or help with the creation of the world around you. You don't have to create a new character for each one shot, the one shots are just unique adventures that your character has. You are welcome no matter your experience with DnD or tabletop RPGs in general, and everything is free!

Link to the server: (Perma link added)

I wanna keep this short and sweet, but if you have any questions, myself and the other admins should be around to answer. Hope you guys have fun :)
We are a DnD server dedicated to having fun with all things Dungeons and Dragons related. Here you can make friends, meet and recruit players, and look for DMs that can fit your play style. This is a party made for making parties(and friends) +_+.