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Hello, new exciting 5e homebrew server here, full of life, great people, free speech and all the good stuff homebrew, open world and very few rules. We welcome everyone who is into playing DnD, our staff is few but very determined and helpful. Also, we continuously let people voice their opinions and ideas, even new homebrew and such.
STAFF is needed, but will have to pass a short trial to prove they are good at what they do.
IMPORTANT THING: Please do not leave the server if you see only a few channels, there are many more beneath permissions you unlock with roles you get through agreeing to rules and adventuring, or becoming staff.
We believe in a fair gameplay server and we hope you like it and enjoy yourself. Also, details, if you want to read them, are below :)

So this is how it works:

-The server is gigantic, but the permissions have been made in a way so that people unlock roles as they agree to rules, adventure on etc for their own convenience. You will only see the starting channels when you enter, but you will unlock more once you get the roles required

-we all start at level 1 and consider levels 1-3 tutorial levels where you get the hang of your characters

-we have four continents in a world full of different and engaging places and characters,as well as different planes of existence that can spice up the game. Also, everything has lore behind it, we leave nothing to asspulls.

-we have a shitton of homebrew, carefully written and balanced to ensure the game does not break, but if someone manages to playtest a multiclass or something and break the game, we will laugh to ourselves, admit the mistake and rebalance accordingly. Spells, classes, new item and game mechanics and ideas, all of it is here.

-we value freedom of expression, hence we do not have many rules and we do not punish people for not being politically correct or some bullshit, we rather nurture different kinds of banter and humour between people.

-the whole gaming experince is basically built around fairness, so you will get rewarded/punished accordingly for your actions withing the game or server. There are no handouts.

-we are open to suggestions, opinions and critics, because that is how we built the server in the first place, by learning and improving every day. So we intend to continue to do so.

There is only a single advice I can give to those who to who come to this world and that is: "Mind your wording"
Dungeons and Democracy is a living community dnd server based on the concept of a newfound land and growing town. Every citizen has a vote and the adventure never ends!
**Join out dnd discord server**

* You could get in a campaign or one and have fun.

* this is a new server and a friendly one

* we have multiple bots that can help you with dnd

* our Community will help you learn dungeons and dragons if you want

* And pleas don’t drink too much. This is a respectful inn.

Have a wonderful day
Loup Garou fr est un serveur basé sur le jeu de carte du loup garou, il a pour but de réunir une communauté autour de ce jeu pour trouver des parties facilement (wolfy, werwolf online et même un bot sur discord permettant de jouer au lg)
This is a small server dedicated to hosting D&D games, everything from play by post to pay to play with our very own west marches style campaign, Sanctuary RP, being ran by Staff. To get started, read the rules and then head over to #roles to grab the proper roles, once you have done this, post an introduction in #introductions by following the pinned format and a member of Staff will bestow upon you the Player role to access additional channels.
Naples by Night is a play-by-post Discord server for Vampire: the Masquerade, set in Naples, Florida in the modern day. Naples is a decedent resort city, home to some of the richest people in the US, but surrounded by deep swamps and rural poverty for miles around. Be it the internal stagnation of the Camarilla under an unstable Prince, the ideological divisions of the Anarchs, the slow infiltration of the Sabbat, or the ever-present fear of Hunters, there is no rest for the Kindred of Naples.
D&R is a D&D based roleplay that follows the Kiling
Game Formula of Danganronpa. A fresh and unique
style of RP-ing compared to other Danganronpa

We have:
- 1on1 help for new players
- Mod, Artist, and (HM) Headmaster applications.
- Multiple bots
- Diverse members
- Original artworks, memes, and other content

Be apart of the D&R experience and one of the most
active Fanganronpa projects. Active since June 2nd
You suddenly find yourself in a city on a floating island in the void, a Plane of No Planes called the Land of Luck. What adventures await you in this strange place? Find out by joining this one-shot server for Dungeons & Dragons 5e! We believe in creating a friendly, safe gaming space for players, new and veteran alike of different backgrounds and identities and we’re currently looking to grow.

- Starting at Level 3 (official WotC races and classes and most UA are accepted and Homebrewed subclasses with approval), with your unique backstory based in the world from which your player character came.
- Roleplay with PCs and NPCs in any of the channels with other players from around the world.
- Visit DMs’ worlds from across the multiverse via a magical questboard.
- Gain a second character slot at Level 6 and a third at Level 20.
- PvP with other player characters in the Stadium.
- Downtime: Buy settlements, work jobs, frequent the shop, and craft magical items found on quests.
- Coming soon: Server events, with special rewards and unique opportunities.

We are also recruiting DMs who want a space to be active, new and veteran alike! Benefits include:
- DM-in-Training status for new DMs and plenty of folks who are willing to help you learn the ropes and balance encounters. Note: all DMs new to Luck will have this status until shown that they have basic competency in running at least one quest.
- Downtime and XP or gold benefits for your characters
- Your own channel for your lore and specific rules. Your world, your rules!
- The ability to rp as server NPCs.
- Change the lore! Fill up Point Cards of Destiny to create new magic items or run special quests with different rules or systems, including those that change the lore of Luck itself.
(These benefits come with some volunteer responsibilities like approving character sheets/level ups and approving quests.)

We hope that you’ll take a look and play some D&D with us!
For all of your gaming needs, as well as a nice place to hang out and meet new people while you look around the store. The staff is friendly and anything not found initially can easily become a staple to our ever growing selections.
Compete against other teams and earn points to be the best team of all!! Get roles, have fun, and participate in special events! We have Uno, Cards-Against-Humanity, a full-fledged casino, IdleRPG, Bingo, Music, and more!
Large server with multiple campaigns and RP sessions.We play DnD (5e mostly), Warhammer 40k, Hyperlanes,Pathfinder Looking out for more tabletop systems to run those too. Join For stable experience and consistent games, events, oneshots, tournaments and other fun stuff.*NEW*Giveaway of Nitro every month!
Hey all! We're a new Dungeons & Dragons discord server, just getting started. Ye Olde Tavern is a chill hangout, running games and having fun full of friends. Help us build up, and provide feedback!
This is a Dungeons and Dragon's Fifth Edition Westmarches Campaign. The campaign itself takes place in a city called Haven in the process of being rebuilt. Surrounded by a vast jungle, Haven plays home to those who have died in their own planes, resurrected by an Archfey calling himself The Companion in order to finish their story here, and fill out the pages they left unwritten.

>At the time of writing we have around 40 players, many of whom are actively using multiple PCs
>We use Discord and Avrae for our rolls. Though Roll20 is used by some DMs, if this is the case they will notify you upon posting their quests.
>Difficulty ranges between DM and quest.
>VC is optional
>DnDBeyond account is provided for character creation if you do not have one, Dicecloud and GSheet are also readily available options.
>Seven DM's currently active to run quests, answer questions, and RP alongside you.

>No PC PvP deaths without consent
>No ERP in Server
>WotC official content only, with few exceptions. Exceptions are sometimes made on request, though time to review is required.
A server with the pure intent of letting players find game-masters and GMs find players for their games! Get a channel and a category on this growing server for your game or invite your players to your own server. May your dice never betray you!
Welcome to Diamond-RP, we are a community role-play where the players make and take control of their own nation in an alternate Earth.

Act out diplomacy, war, and politics in this world to any realistic degree and take your nation to greatness

We also also have a fairly light community of memes and discussion, to help keep interest.

We are a unique Dungeons and Dragons experience and a friendly and active community dedicated to ensuring a fair and friendly as well as unique play experience for all our players. DMs and Players both are welcome and encouraged to join us!

Happy adventuring!
The Story So Far...

As stated in the C20 corebook, the High King has returned, the Concordance War has ended and all has returned to normal. Well, as normal as one of the fae can expect. The Kingdom Of Grass is still ruled by Queen Mary of House Dougal, though now the true enemy of the fae have become the focus. The White Court of the Fomorians has begun to stir, sending thallain, dark fae and nightmare chimera to attack the fae.

Worse, the death of dreams has begun and the endless winter is showing the first signs of its arrival. Balefire shave weakened and the Parliament of dreams has declared consolidation to be the rule of the day as the fae struggle to deal with a world that ever more abandons magic. Between the return of the Elder Dark and the onset of Endless Winter, concessions have been made for survival.

Kingdom of Grass is a cooperative storytelling experience, we welcome new players to come and take a look and try a game of modern fantasy that explores themes about the loss of innocence, magic fading and a looming apocalypse that threatens to consume the world in a static landscape free of creativity and imagination.
Hey and welcome to Critical Fail: A Painfully Accurate Title! Critical Fail is a place for DMs and players to meet and play their games! We host all sorts of tabletop games, though mainly D&D and Pathfinder. We're currently looking for more DMs and Players!
Welcome to Heart-crises this is a DND Server that’s meant for all. WANT TO RUN A CAMPAIGN JUST ASK THE ADMINS, wanna make friends to play with dnd on discord just chat in generals. THE HCE are the admins ready to help. We love everyone that has the same interest which is having fun in DnD. All creatures, small or big, smart or dumb, shy or nice, all are welcome to Heart-Crises(Besides furries) I am you admin Ever Rose Here to help. Click that button to join “WELCOME TO HEART-CRISES ENJOY YOUR STAY!!!”
A brand new Dungeons and Dragons server, set up for primarily uk/euro timezone players and dm's. Players from anywhere will be accepted of course, im hoping to attract more of the uk/euro crowd who are constantly having late nights playing games in us timezones!

This is a brand new server, so is literally barebones at the moment, therefore i am looking for more dm's and mods to help run it as it grows.

If you join, please stick around as it may take a while to build a userbase.
*This server is a mix of arenas, quests, and role playing channels. The setting here is lightly loose for players to actually build up their own stories(either tales from their fights in arena, the achievements they got on quests, or just hanging out on the rp channels). The server's central hub is at Lanaria City where a lot of adventurers gather up to train to overcome hard challenges ahead.*
System: DnD 5e
Common Timezone: GMT+8
Platform: Discord - Play by Post(No discord voice, no Roll20, no Fantasy Grounds)
Looking for Players(especially those who have good reading comprehension)
Starting Level: 3
We're an active Text-rp server with Arena, RP channels, RP events, Downtime, and Quests/Adventures. We are currently looking to add active players! We play in a lightly-flavored setting, meaning you don’t need to know a ton of lore.

We're looking to add more players who are interested in the following:
- RP Channels
- PvE Arenas
- One shot quests (Possibly X-part campaigns)
- Learning more about Avrae

You'd also want to join this server if you have the following!
- Dedication
- Patience
- Careful Reading
- Friendliness

You might not want to join the server if...
- You'd leave regardless
- You prioritize Voice Chat over text
- You dont want to read walls of text
- You like ERP
Are you a dungeon master? Do you want a place to easily talk to and support fellow dms with both your content and theirs?

Or are you a player looking to take part in some oneshots & campaigns? Or learn the game?

DMsofZadash is a place for all dms (no matter how experienced) to come together and:

- Collaborate
- Learn together
- Help each other with campaign creation
- Share homebrew content, maps, and other useful dm resources
- Or just generally chat about dnd & critical role

We’re looking to create a community where even first time dms can feel welcome, and gain the knowledge & confidence they need to start writing, and running games.

We also welcome players on to the server, as we're looking to host more campaigns & oneshots in the future.

Join us and make some pals! We’re all friendly, I promise.