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A Text-Based Geopolitical Strategy game with an active staff and regularly updated game mechanics.
[X] Active and Helpful Staff Team
[X] Public Text and Voice Channels
[X] Constant Game Dynamic Updates
A puzzle-based original RP inspired by the concepts of Zero Escape, Drakengard, Danganronpa, and Persona. This is an active and literate RP server, with new puzzles and events happening on a frequent basis! A new puzzle will be given for the characters to solve every other day, that if solved, will reveal an important clue within the story. This is an active RP, with new puzzles and clues being given daily. There is also a casual mode of the RP if you’re interested in a less strenuous but still active roleplay with a similar theme. We have a friendly and welcoming community of RPers of all skill levels, and we’d love to have you here!

△ Fifteen people find themselves trapped together in an unfamiliar location, with other strangers of whom they have not met. A bird creature named Sedec appears before them, insisting they will have to play a game with him.

△ At night, both the landscape and people there take on new forms. Participants will transform into their ‘alter-spirits’, which are a representation of their inner or true self. The landscape will change in appearance as well, each location gaining a fantasy-style element to it.

△ Each participant has one "forbidden action," something that, if performed, will result in their own death. The forbidden action varies from participant to participant, and new actions are selected for each participant per game.

△ Occasionally, the participants will be given additional clues regarding the game and the mastermind behind it. Soon after a clue is given, a voting round will be held, where every participant votes on who they think the mastermind is. The participant with the most votes will be executed, whether or not they are the mastermind.

△ The game will continue until the mastermind's identity has been found out and the mastermind themself is killed. Until then, the participants will be trapped all alone, left to fend for themselves.

At any time, there will always be three roleplays running. These roleplays are the main game, side game, and casual game. The current main game that you can apply for is G4, the current side game is D1, and the casual roleplay is always open.

I present a brand new Ace attorney Roleplay server! We have many cases planned, and if you aren’t into the cases I have many and many events planned as well! This place is a safe haven for my fellow Attorneys and Prosecutors! Join come and join us :)
This server is mainly about gaming (Not active, but I'm pretty sure if more guys will join it'll become active kinda). We do NOT accept NSFW content. So by sending any NSFW content you'll get PUNISHED. Spamming will lead to a punishment too. When you join you need to verify as soon as you read the rules. If you can't verify yourself just use all the tips that are written in #verify-help. We are recruiting staff members.

That's pretty much it for this server. If you got any question feel free to message our staff members.
Welcome to Shogi Hall! We're a server all about shogi, the game of Japanese chess. We also welcome anime/manga fans and anyone with an interest in Japanese culture! We look forward to seeing you in our wonderful community. よろしくお願いします!
what we offer
1.Zone wars stacked lobby's 24/7
2.A nice community that is always wanting to play
3.We have NAE NAW EU OCE players
4.You can look for a duo partner
5.You can look for a squad
7.over 1000 members
***So we hope to see you there!!***
We like to play mainly strategy games but we play other games from time to time, but besides that you can say and send what you want whenever you want , just dont be a retard. There is also an NSFW chat for you degenerates out there.
There was a another server like this that got ruined :c

This is a Geopolitical Roleplaying Community Although we are small we hope we once might be a bigger server with multiple members and staff.

We start in 1603 (since that is when the year the last server finished in) and we slowly go to the future although we welcome alt history historical events will still happen and all the actions you make might impact the future for example you might do something in the year 1800 and your nation might explode in 2019

We're a chill, friendly server that wants more people to make friends with! Run by 2 admins who are on everyday. Small but growing server for people who want new friends and people to play with!
Some games:
League of Legends
Apex Legends
If you play a different game come and invite others to join!
What are you waiting for? Come on in! :)
**🤩 Greetings! Welcome to Brainsurge Roblox! This is for people who watched the old Nickelodeon show “Brainsurge”! We’ve built a amazing set and host events for players to win prizes and other things as such! This is more of a RP game! But if you join, be sure to have fun! I’ll see you once you join! Have a great day! 😇 **
🏆 Welcome to the Pokémon Generations League!

🎆 We are a Pokémon Showdown and 3DS League that provides a unique, fun and challenging battling experience.

⚔️We have 4 League systems: The Trainer Tower, Colosseums, the Region Challenge, and a Draft League.

📜More information can be found in our League Doc here:

🎁Pokémon Genning Service
🎮Regular Tournaments & Events
🏫A Trainer Academy for Teambuilding
Chill 2.0 is a server originated from a small group of friends. Eventually, the server spread to other people. We, the server, are now trying to reach out to unknown individuals. Your personality, identity, habits, etc. may add a whole new perspective on situations. You are welcome to join.
we are a new server that is set from 1900 onwards! please join our server and embark on a journy of conquest and glory!
A fortnite market that is well organized. This is a market representing what a fortnite market would be if it was available
Hey we are a new and growing clan that isn’t toxic and anyone with skill can join. RyZe is a competitive clan hoping to grow and most of us here ages 8-17 but we are open to any aged Fortnite gamers with competitive skill and also open to all platforms. Here are the lists of what we do :
-zone wars
And many more things in the future
(Was a staff in RyZe)
The Lilith League is a pokemon showdown server that hosts a league of 18 gyms and a champion for challengers to face off against! The server has;
- 18 Gyms, one for each type
- Gym Leaders and Retainer Gym Leaders
- A Champion
- Tournaments
- Pokecord Channel
- Music Bot
My server was made as a team server for a Pokémon Discord Bot called Pokéverse, here is our info!
Join ⚔️Dragons Grip⚔️ for a friendly community and fun challenges!
Join us here:
"The shadow of fear is all that our enemies will see!"
There are player gyms for our special Ace Trainers and people to help with gyms if you are stuck! We hope to see you there and welcome everyone to our server!

⭐️Top 10 Team every month!
⭐️Challenges to earn free stuff!
⭐️We have custom roles!
⭐️Lots of channels for our team!
⭐️Helpful staff!
⭐️Tournaments every month!
⭐️Giveaways every week!
⭐️Private channels!
⭐️Gym help!
⭐️Non-Toxic Community!
⭐️Pokémon League!
⭐️And much more!
Serwer jest oparty o grę "Terraria Defense" w której chodzi o obronę wieży na serwerze posiadamy:
Are you interested in Town of Salem/Forum Mafia/Werewolf-like games! Come join us! Our games are bot hosted and the developer is here!
Welcome to Core STW A STW Fortnite Server ✓
A Discord server for the players of Fortnite - Save the World.
A happy place with happy staff in a happy server.

"Why should I join this server?"

We Offer:-

> Safe Trading with verified trusted traders.
> Challenge Experiences!!!
> Active staff!
> Self Assignable roles! - Up to 25 Roles To Assign!
> Wide range of interactive bots!
> Save the World Mission Alerts!!!
> Save the World Llama Update Alerts!!!
> Taxi services, Crafter Services, Middleman Services.
> Events! - Simon Says - Best Pickup Lines.
> Memes!
> Giveaways!
> Music bots!
> Gamer friendly!
> A suggestions area!
> There's even QOTD!
> Partnerships • Affiliates
> Different kinds of activities!
> Battle Royale Section with Scrims, Zone Wars And Creative!
> Gaming • Comp Teams • Events
> Regular additions & Updates!
> Voice Channels • Hidden Channels
> Meet new friends in a non-toxic server!
> Looking For Active Staff!

Don't believe us? Well join our server and check it out!
Hello there! So I own an unofficial UNO discord server with over 500 members and still growing! And I would like to invite everyone to it.

You can do many things here, like:
⚬ Have UNO discussions.
⚬ LFG with other people.
⚬ Or you can play UNO via the UNO bot on Discord for free!

So if you're interested, be sure to join and meet some cool people!