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The UTA is a Pokemon Draft League that is always looking for more people to join in and compete! We are very active and we look forward to being able to grow and also to meeting new people that wish to join! The draft works as follows:
-10 Weeks Per Season (7 Main, 3 Playoffs)
-16 Coaches Per Season
-2 Divisions (Pure/Shadow)
-Custom Made Tiers
We also have other events often that are listed below:
-Monthly Tournaments with shifting and creative metagames!
-Our own gym system (CET) with 9 gym leaders, 4 elite four, and a champion spot that is ripe for the taking!
-A Battle Frontier with numerous interesting meta games!
Come in and check out the server and make a name for yourself!
This is a server in which you can sell/trade your fortnite accounts in any way you want, but there are rules. If you are interested in joining, come along
Trading Universe is a Save The World based trading server. Even though the main focus is on trading, there are still channels related to mission help, middle man, taxis, and even battle royals channels too. When you are in this server, you will have the best and safest trading experience you have ever had.
Welcome to EP clan [🙧𝓔𝓟🙥]
We are a GOTA/VANIS/BALZ clan.
We have a cool clan and are aiming for the top of the leader board.
we have:
Friendly staff
cool roles
chill environment
nsfw for those naughty ones
cool clan members
Our cool bots
people to prank
and voice chat games with prizes if you win.
SO what are you waiting for come and join!!!! *_*
Welcome to Ian's greatest creation. As he is our Lord and Prophet he saw it fit to gift us with a beautiful rp straight from brainstorming sessions in Illinois! Ianball is a geopol roleplay, based somewhat on the Polandball ideal. We're a tight-knit community accepting of all, and rp everything from Alt-Hist, custom lore, to historical and modern scenarios! Now cease your heresy and commit to the Ianist path!
- - ~ * ~ - -

The year 2045...Theres been a virus outbreak and many people have been dying from the virus that they think nobody has been making a cure. There were riots and protest while school is canceled. Deep in the tall tower scientist are trying to make a cure...Though not a normal cure...’Better being Transfurred than dead right?’ They were wrong...

P.S: This server is not the abandoned changed game, this is a server that has scientist and subjects. For more please join.
Congratulations, you’ve just managed to find our PokéDiscord League (PDL). The members of our server use a battle simulator called Pokémon Showdown, wherein we competitively/semi-competitively battle each other. We provide our very own league of Gym Leaders and Elite Four for you to fight. After beating them, you get to challenge the Champion. If you persevere, you yourself can become our next Champion!
An EU4 community based on the ideal of uniting all grand strategy gamers. Our purpose is to host daily paradox games, some with a highly competitive nature, but others with the goal to have fun and meme around. We welcome all users, whether they are new and looking for advice or tried veterans willing to share their experiences for others. With our ever growing discord, we have expanded from EU4 into other games, and have evolved from a place to play EU4 to a community for all gamers alike.
This is a fan made discord server about Tower Battles And Tower Defense in roblox we made it so people can play together, talk about the game and make strategies join and help us make this go viral!
Welcome to The Crown of Selenor !
A RP and Conquest game in a medieval style (a bit GOT like, true) which takes place in the Continent of Selenor. You can join a house and play as a character, trying to achieve whatever you want : control all of Selenor, or just be the richest.

We have a nice and active community, and are still growing ! We would be happy to have you with us on our trip !
Thank you
😇Welcome to Pokemon Corrupt and Puree!😈

It is just like how it sound's! Yep, just like the real games, Corrupt or Puree? The choice is yours, fun and unique. Like no other server.

(Keep in mind if you find another server with this concept it is a duplicate which was stolen from this server without permission.)

--------Full of unique features found no where else:------
-Choose a side: Corrupt or Puree, both with exclusive Gyms!
- Get FREE credits! (Not giveaways, no luck needed.)
- Gyms/Elite 4/Champion- apply now!
-Giveaways AND Events!
-A server shop!
Welcome to the Among us fan server! We talk about the game and play together. If you like Among Us then you should do the join and make me not kill you and jump into a vent then blame it on purple. also purple vented ok bye
Patria is a Discord server wholly dedicated to an alternate history game, which is set in a destroyed 507 AD, in which only a few of the most powerful nations survive. You have been entrusted to rebuild civilisation from the ashes of calamity alongside many other adventurers from a separate timeline... but a man of power must wrest control, lest the cycle never be broken...
Back to Back to Basics is an Online Reality Game that strips away every twist imaginable in the game of Survivor: there will be no swaps, merge at F10, a jury of 7, and a two-person final tribal council. There are no hidden immunity idols, no extra votes -- none of that. Everyone playing knows exactly how the game board looks. Do you have what it takes to scrape past Survivor in its simplest form?

For our third season, we will be going highest peak in South Korea, Jeju-do, where 16 new players will have their journey through the classic Survivor format. Lots of graphics, statistics, voting charts, episode titles, edgics, recaps, and fun spectator games will be done to provide you with an enjoyable experience. We hope to see you there!
Visionary Survivor is a new Survivor ORG complete with a full 39 day format. During which, you'll compete with various contestants from all around the world in challenges while navigating nerve racking strategy and sticky social situations. The game is filled with all kinds of custom twists and challenges as well as some from the actual show. Some special features include; bots, a wikia filled with contestant stats, custom mangatar avatars, fan favorite voting, live reunions and much more!
〖🌊Welcome to Core STW🌊〗
💖A Discord server for STW Players All Around The World!💖

🌠"Why should I join this server?"🌠
We Offer:

⭐ Active staff, Active Community!
💫 Self assignable roles!
🔆 Wide range of interactive bots!
🚀 Events, Memes, Music Bots, Giveaways, Gamer Friendly.
🙆‍♂️ Taxi Services, Middleman Services, Crafter Services And Builder Services.
😃 Fortnite Category With All Information You Need!
😂 Very Own STW General Chat For All STW Players!
🔥A Non-Trade Category For All Non-Traders!
💡 A suggestions area!
💸 Partnerships
🌕 Different kinds of activities!
🎮 Gaming Section
📢 Voice Channels • Hidden Channels
🍟 Meet new friends

❤️Don't believe us? Well join our server and check it out!❤️
Simule seu país! Fazendo as ações economicas, militares e diplomaticas! Em qualquer época do ano! Prezando sempre pelo realismo e numa boa qualidade de jogo para voces!
Two Spies Hub is a community server for the mobile strategy espionage game Two Spies! Join and match up with many opponents of different skill levels, take part in bracket and round robin tournaments to win Nitro subscriptions, or just chat and have fun! We are endorsed by the game developers, and will bring you the latest news first!
Salut à tous,

Nous sommes un serveurs discorde sympa et actif,
Nous jouons presque tout les jours a des jeux comme hoi4, euiv ou même ck2,
Venez nombreux ! ! !
We are a developing role-play community that features nation creation, building, trade, war, economy, etc.. be sure to GET STARTED by visiting us!

- Functional Gameplay
- Fun and User-Oriented Events
- Game Masters
- Foreign Relations
- Diplomatic Affairs
🌌Galactic Frontier🌌
Hello, I am the owner of this server, @Draco, and I've come to tell you about my extravagant server called the 🌌Galactic Frontier🌌 This is a server dedicated to Pokemon battling and just having a good time! We are a small community here and we would be glad to welcome you so that we can both mutually help each other.
Server Includes
🌌 Battling formats for Ultra Sun/Moon, Sword and Shield, and Showdown

🌌 Pokemon League with Gym Leaders and Elite-4!

🌌 Positive environment where everyone is welcome!

🌌 Monthly Tournaments where winners get a special role and other potential prizes!
We’re a community of friends who game and meme together! We play a lot of Europa Universalis 4, ranging from small co-ops with only a handful of players, to massive grand campaigns. We also hang out and play all sorts of other things, from Secret Hitler, to Cards Against Humanity, to good old chess. Above all, we want to have a good laugh and be a part of something.