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What the hell is this?

- This is a game we've had going for over a whole year now in its current form. We do use a dice bot to decide many things because we actually find it very fun to do it that way and also it is the most unbiased way of deciding things.
- This is kind of an RP, you are expected to play to your chosen character however and we do follow the laws and logic of ASOIAF.
- This is a "DnD" style game where you control a Westerosi House during the designated scenario. (EX: War of 5 Kings, Faith Militant Uprising, Roberts Rebellion, etc.)
- We Use Google Sheets to store all the information used to show your stats. (Bank, Army, Castle Info, Families, etc.)
- We also follow Book canon like 99% of the time and very rarely go by show canon.
- We joke around a lot as well, so you need to have an open sense of humor if you're gonna join up.

How do you join if you're interested? Well, join on in and we will guide you on how to get set up.
Here at GMM, we're set in the universe of Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

The year is 1180, and the setting is Garreg Mach Monastery. You are the characters of GMM; the canon characters and original characters that make up the student populace. With a vibrant community, the opportunity to play canon and/or original characters, and an ongoing plot that you can make your own, we're devoted to creating an RP experience like no other!

With over 50 unique RP channels and a thriving group of roleplayers of all quality, we just ask that you help make this server a wonderful place!

Currently looking for Dimitri and Edelgard (among other canon characters)!
Welcome to the goma region where pokemon from all regions come to have fun and run around our professor's want you to collect as much info from all of them as you can and befriend them
Hello, and welcome to....

❣️💟💕Daddy Discord: A Dreamy Discord Server💕💟 ❣️
Currently we're an UNOFFICIAL FAN MADE server for the Game Grumps visual novel: Dream Daddy! Stop by to interact with the dream daddy community! We hope to see you there with your amazing theories, writings, drawings, and all other creative works you have to offer❣️See you soon.
This is our own story of Game of thrones:
1. You can meet really nice people
2. maybe even a partner ;)
3. Make your own character with his/her own back story
4. Join a house
5. Most importantly, HOPE YOU HAVE FUNN!!
This is the official server for the Nutaku game King of Wasteland You’ll need to battle through incredibly challenging adventures, where survival is the only rule! You must tough out this doomsday catastrophe and find comfort in the arms of beautiful women. You will have to lead and control the beautiful heroines, command different teams of armed forces, fight off zombies, explore the post-apocalyptic world, compete for scarce resources, and learn to survive in desperate circumstances!
We are a community of Non Toxic Gamers. We are just here for fun and to uplift the communities of the games we love!
Visionary Survivor is a new Survivor ORG complete with a full 39 day format. During which, you'll compete with various contestants from all around the world in challenges while navigating nerve racking strategy and sticky social situations. The game is filled with all kinds of custom twists and challenges as well as some from the actual show. Some special features include; bots, a wikia filled with contestant stats, custom mangatar avatars, fan favorite voting, live reunions and much more!
Join! Are you interested in a political roleplay server? Are you interested in primitive rp? Are you interested in dividing and conquering your enemy tribes? Then join us to gain all the action. We are still under development, but we certainly acquire the spirit of becoming a very successful rp. Join now if you are interested!!

🐲 This is a new server that intends to be a chill out social place to find others who love this new wonderful remake of classical Warcraft 3. To find guilds, mates to play and just to share thoughts!

🔥 Self assigned roles
🔥 Social
🔥 Guild recruiting
🔥 Love for Warcraft and Blizzard!
We are looking forward to create an friendly community with many active members,

Sv3nne Esports is an server for those who is looking for a friend to play with or someone to trade with we will gladly accept members but keep in mind be kind and respectfull to everyone including the admins/moderators.
A 1919 Server when ww1 has ended Russia is still in its civil war and germany is a republic join cause we have a friendly community and staff and also we have a couple of major nations open

The person below is infinite gay
We are a new but fast growing and strong clan!
Join us and have fun with us.

We are a great and strong clan.

We offer you:

==> Active chats.

==> Active and friendly staff.

==> Friendly Members.

==> Active voice chats.

==> Pro Plays.

==> Clan Tournaments.

==> Many Bots.

==> Many Roles.

==> Organised Server.

==> 200+ users
Welcome to Clash of Nations. We're a discord based nations RP game were you can control a nation of your choosing and guide it to greatness. Join for a fun community that enjoys history, politics, and a bit of backstabbing.
A simple server to hangout.
Come here and have some fun!
If you haven't yet played the game then try it out!
Just don't be a dick to others, otherwise everything is fine
5 invites= 1 random modded gun

10 invites= 500 sunbeam

25 invites= 5 random modded guns

Dm me to claim your prize

Welcome To TradeZone!, We Are A Gaming Server Mainly Focused Towards Fortnite Save The World And We Are A Hub For Trading On Fortnite Save The World.

We Offer A Wide Range Of Interactive Bots, Friendly And Active Staff, A Trustworthy Middleman And Taxi Services, Regular Additions And Updates And STW Item Giveaways Every Now And Then For Milestones.

So Why Not Come Along, Have A Laugh And Make New Friends! We Would Love To See You Here!

Thanks For Joining!