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This is my Among us server it is still being created. You can choose a role which is a color, you can play with others who have and love among us!
Güzel, küfürsüz bir ortamda Among Us ve diğer oyunları oynamak için serverimize gelmeniz yeterlidir
Welcome to fossil fighters! We're a server centered around a dead children's RPG about dinosaurs that spit fire! Other than that, we have a cool, loose environment where members talk about anything they could think of. Mods are lax and unabusive, and the members are memey and social.
This server is about the Galactic Civil war (10bby). We have a lot of ships and a working economy! It’s based on a battle and rank system!
✪ ├┬┴┬┴ FREE CITY RP ┬┴┬┴┤ ✪

Que peux tu trouver sur notre serveur ? :

➢ des mise a jours asser régulière ( c'est d'ailleurs éventuellement pour ça que ces descriptions ne peuvent éventuellement pas correspondre avec le serveur mais globalement c'est ça )

➢Du rp avec un système de clan et de territoire.

➢Des évènements réguliers

➢Un staff agréable et à l’écoute

Bon, maintenant tu veux connaître l’histoire ? Je te la raconte :

Dans un monde apocalyptique, une ville nommée Free city ,dans l’état de Washington, a été détruit par de nombreuses catastrophes naturelles (séismes, tsunamis,etc...). Les habitants ont donc commencées à se diviser en clan, avec 1 territoires et une mentalité pour chaque clan. Si tu nous rejoins, À toi de choisir ta voie et de survivre dans ce monde où arme à feu, explosifs et armes blanches sont autorisés...

En espérant que tu vienne :wink:
We are the unofficial Among Us Discord server! Find players, chat, and do much more here. Enjoy yourself!
Das ist unser Discord-Server für das Spiel:
State of Survival

Wir sind im Staat #352 ansässig und suchen ständig aktive Mitspieler!
Jeder der das Spiel gerne spielt ist herzlich willkommen!!!

|—| Rainbow Six Siege Squad & Teams |

[All Platforms]

Welcome to a only Rainbow Six Siege Server, we offer a lot, here are some now:

|———| What We Offer: |———|

> — Squad MatchMaking — {🔁}
Custom channels for everyone to meet and play with new players
> — Field League — {🏆}
FL is like pro league without the money, you play to get experience and to have fun!
> — Partnership — {🎖️}
Partnerships are available just need to be active, active staff, good rules and your good to go
> — News — {📰}
We have custom channels for News updates, from an official R6 Discord Server!
> — Self-Roles — {♻️}
Self Roles are optional, rank/level/region etc
> — Music — {🎶}
Custom Category for free music while playing R6
> — Emojis — {☢️}
Custom emojis, we are reaching out to get 100 normal and gif emojis for the future

A server to play Among Us competitively, or casual if you wish. We have a dedicated bot to work with the elo system aswell!
We are a professional clan. We speak English and expect you to as well. There are NO requirements except 3. WARNING: Once there are enough members we will be switching to Teampeak.
1. Speak English
2. You are able to join vc's
3. You play on PC
Just HOI4 MP server looking for active players. We're centered around a small group of active players, and people who occasionally join in for games.

All useful information can be found in the #read channel
There's always a game on Saturday averaging 15-30 people. There's also many smaller games individually hosted in between then. Don't be a cunt and have fun.
Among us || Español
¡Buenos días tripulante! Bienvenido al mejor servidor de among us, estamos dispuestos a ofrecerte la mejor experiencia de juego, con mas de 20 canales de voz, canal de memes, fanarts y mucho mas. El único requisito es no ser toxico y respetar las reglas, por si no se cumple tenemos el mejor staff capacitado para esto casos. Los esperamos!
🎈Do you like the Bloons Tower Defense games? Then join us at the BTD6 Community server! We are a growing, supportive community and are very welcoming to new players and veterans alike! Our role system is based on your in-game level and we also have unlockable roles for challenges beaten in-game. We also have many people willing to play co-op! If you're in need of in-game help or just want to talk about the game, then join today!🎈📌🎈
What ever you find is here
We would like to make other people make Friends
We have Roles and channels
Gaming room and private room and Over 100 Voice chat room
We would like giving respect to our staff members and helpers
You can contact your friends about this server
Bring anybody you know and enjoy your time in the server
Thank you.
This is a server where you get to test your skills against our 4 trial captains, 8 gym leaders, and our Elite Four. Will you rise up to the challenge and become champion of the server?
a place where you can hang out and talk about SCP and SCP secret Lab.

Welcome to project valemore, all are welcome even if it’s just to Talk instead of Rp, We have a cool Concept for an RP and a very active Community with some amazing people, the RP gets Regular updates and new things added, and here’s a Quick summary of what we have

and so much more that you will enjoy so come join us!
This is a Among us server Just to have fun and play among us. We will share codes. And play together. There is an extra mobile section. We have many emojis amd an active community. İf you invite 15 people first you get nitro
230+ We are a among us hide & seek server we play a custom game of among us also we chill and are looking for more hide and seek players
Welcome to the wonders of a phat gobbos underbelly. Troll regeneration is nothing for the will of the strongest.
I stream on twitch at least twice a week.
We play 40k, Strategy games, and any pc shooters. This is an 18+ server
I'm also using this server to test my bots I plan to work on.