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This is a League Of Legends gaming server. But what we offer is more than just League of legends, we offer a friendly community with players looking for a team, fun bots for you and your friends to use. Dedicated voice calls to watch anime with friends and calls to jam out to some tunes. so why Don't cha join have a good time, make some friends and help some people out.
Congratulations, you’ve just managed to find our PokéDiscord League (PDL). The members of our server use a battle simulator called Pokémon Showdown, wherein we competitively/semi-competitively battle each other. We provide our very own league of Gym Leaders and Elite Four for you to fight. After beating them, you get to challenge the Champion. If you persevere, you yourself can become our next Champion!
hello and welcome to the official server of , 'THE GOBATTLE GANG'. discuss about , and have fun ! server contains many pro players ! ask for diamonds , dont waste your time and join server !
Welcome to Chess Hub!

Here we're proud of our community of engaged learners, and only want to invite more people to experience our server. Our rules are basic, be respectful and use common sense. We use a custom built bot to make our server the best it can be. Complete daily puzzles, earn server points, and keep track of your progress by linking your lichess or online chess profile!
•welcome• we have -
Trusted MiddleMan
Trusted people
Scammers gets banned
If you invite 5 people=renegade raider
Why hello there! Global Sim is a semi-historical geopolitical roleplay where you can play as sovereign nations or puppet states. We are currently on the 6th iteration of GS, starting on the 1st of January 1936. Will you join the Allies and defend Liberty and Democracy? The Axis, and assert your dominance over the World? Or a whole nother faction, and become a player in the world stage? We hope to have you here soon!
Team Nexus is a Fast Growing Esports Community focused server!

We have:
- RL Competitive Players
- R6 Competitive Players
- Valorant Competitive Players
- Public Voice Chats
- Friendly Community
- Casual Players
- Ranked Players

Look for a group, share your clips, send your memes, or even self promote your content, We offer it all! We are constantly growing & improving, Join us and together we will become a successful server.
Countryhuman RP is a finished server full of fun games, and friendly members
It would be most delightful if you could spend time together with us and your friends!

The RP is using real time,
You make desicions that will change the story forver, make alliences, enemies, and more!
Welcome to the US Navy.

We have:
- Music
- Tactical military experiences
- SEAL Teams
- Rank system
- Free range of weapons
- Developing community
- Popular media
- Memes and much more!
HOI4 Online Club server was founded by 2 experienced players. We had seen and played in many servers and many different people. After learning form others, both good and bad, we had decided that this is the time to open our own server.
While we are trying to be serious and formal, we are not forgetting fun! Fun is our main priority.
We play and host HOI4, but sometimes we play more Paradox games like Victoria 2 or EU4.
Every player is welcomed here, from new ones to veterans. As long as you are going to be active and friendly your place is among us.
For information about our Ranks, Rules and more please take a look at our website: ;
⚜️Tired of dead chats and losing wars?

⚜️Looking for an, active, fun, and serious war clan to call home?

⚜️Want to learn the latest strategies and win more than 90% of all wars?

⚜️Check out 9fingers!! Very active, ELITE war clan on the rise!

⚜️We are looking for active and skilled players for large wars!!


We eventually hope to run all 50v50 wars in our main clan, with our feeder, 9fingers #2, being a place to chill out, learn strategies, and practice for main clan.

We are currently in Crystal 2 CWL, but have a group of core attackers that are elite and more than capable of pushing all the way to the top of the CWL boards. Join us, and get in on the ground floor.

Upon joining, you have 24 hours to hit FC’s against your town hall level, showing us your attacking fundamentals, and proving your worth. If you do not pass, you will be sent to our feeder to practice.

Currently Recruiting :
⚜️Th7+ to join our growing clan family,
⚜️ Skilled Th12’s and 13’s for CWL.

Feeder tag #2POQL9C9G

Apply via discord today @

Join up if you have what it takes !!!
Hey guys Connor here, Im a 16 year old kid from England looking to spread my knowledge of the game and hopefully encourage new fresh players into there desired ranks! I do this because i want to make a professional career at the end of it all/when im old enough to. This has been a dream of mine for quite a while and i hope to achieve it one day. All though i dont play much of the game myself (ranked games) i like to analyse top tier scrims and go through owl games when i can.
⚜️Tired of mediocrity in your clan?

⚜️Looking for an active and competitive eSports clan?

⚜️Want to learn the latest strategies, compete in events and win wars?

⚜️Check out CRUE-War !!

Here at CRUE-War, we are striving to become some of the best players in the game. Recently, we broke off from our old clan because we were tired of the non growth mindset, 1 stars in CWL, and overall nonchalance. We got fed up after getting second place in Champs 2 CWL two months in a row because of lousy effort and unplanned attacks.

Now, we have been gifted a new Champs 2 Clan, and are actively building an elite roster to participate in competitions including but not limited to ESL, NDL, MLCW, CWL, and with the ultimate goal of being a top clan on the Champs 1 CWL Leaderboards.

As a clan we are actively seeking out skilled players to build our clan, and expand our impact on the clash community. Join us, and let’s all take our game to the next level together.

Upon joining, you have 24 hours to hit FC’s against your town hall level, showing us your attacking fundamentals, and proving your worth

Currently Recruiting :
Th12 +to join our growing clan family
Skilled 13’s for league play, tournaments.
and CWL

Join up if you have what it takes !!!

APPLY ON DISCORD, in game requests not accepted

Join our discord :

Hello friends, Hope you all are fine join our server. Made for pokemon go fans. We provide latest news to you compare to others. If you like then join now.
East or West Legendray Players are Best.
This is a minecraft server where we can talk about minecraft, or anything else. If you want to advertize your youtube channel then this is the perfect server for you!
We have helpful mods, and fun bots to play in! Join now! we also have a fun survival realm to play in! we are very kind and we want to talk to people.
This is a Tolkien's Middle Earth lore based server featuring a Faction system supported by a war and economy system with extra touches of resources all in one Discord Server.
Somos una comunidad dedicada a hacer y jugar roleos caracterizados por la libertad de juego dentro del realismo y la continua búsqueda de innovación