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A puzzle-based original RP based off of the concepts of Zero Escape, Danganronpa, and Persona. This will be an active and literate RP server, and new puzzles and events will be revealed often.

We haven't gotten started yet, and there are still plenty of main cast spots left!

Fifteen people are trapped on an island, watched over by a mysterious bird spirit. The spirit, who refers to itself as Sedec, claims that the trapped members will have to participate in a game.

Every night from 10:00 pm to 10:00 am, the island transforms into a ghostly world where the participants become spirits and the landscape is transformed into a strange alternate world that only vaguely resembles that of the original landscape. A new problem or puzzle will be presented each time this happens, that, if solved, will reveal an important clue.

The goal of the game is to find the mastermind, or traitor, of the game. The game will continue until the mastermind has been revealed and killed.

Each participant has one "forbidden action," something that, if performed, will result in their own death. The forbidden action varies from participant to participant, each forbidden action relating to something about the character themself.

Occasionally, the participants will be given additional clues to the mastermind's identity as well. Soon after a clue is given, a voting round will be held, where every participant votes on who they think the mastermind is. The participant with the most votes will be executed, whether or not they are the mastermind.

The game will continue until the mastermind's identity has been found out and the mastermind themself is killed. Until then, the participants will be trapped on the island alone, left to fend for themselves.
Mostly strategy games but we are pretty flexible. For people who are chill and just want to game.
Clans coming together, uniting in a place like no other, where memories shall be made from having great times effortlessly, we offer very much with our bots to boost your daily lives to helping with the game clash of clans. You can use it for both clan information and server, we offer so much how are we supposed to summarize it? Oh wait, it never will be as your journey is endless, be our next legend and be known by all! This is, ClansMate
We are a new gaming community with emphasis on strategy but cabbage and anime is also a part of our life so if you like cabbage, anime or destroying relationships in a good RTS why don't you join us and become the best cabbage you could ever be :smile:
Fate/Grand Order Hub is a nice place to talk about Fate as a series, Fate/Grand Order, discuss strategies, swap user IDs, or just chill. We're open to newbies and veterans alike, and support both JP and NA versions of the game. Of course, you're not limited to just talking about TYPE-MOON franchises. We also have channels for other anime/manga, and games.
Arizona State Roleplay is a Roleplay server. We roleplay on FiveM. We have police, Civ, Fire and EMS. We also have a MDT to make the game more realistic. Come join and have fun!!!! Hope to see you
Bloom Palace is a Fire Emblem server that worships Tiki and the dragon girls. We also love video games!
-Level up and currency system based on fire emblem heroes
In a strange alternate history AGOT, it is up to you to expand your realm or forge a new one. This is a open ended RP for all.
It is somewhat small as of rn but sometimes less is more

The days of the seven Kingdoms came to an end under the disastrous reign of Joffrey the first. Under his rule over 5 rebellions begun, starting with the North. When Robb Stark marched south with the mighty army of the North he expected there Tully allies to join them and march at the throne. When Robb reached the Twins, he was met with a closed gate and a Tully army. They didn’t want to fight the Starks however, they rather wished to secure themselves as a independent nation with the Tullys as King of the Rivers and Hills. Finally, when the Stark and Tully army arrived at Maidenpool to prepare for a invasion another Army arrived. The Valeman joined Robb under the same terms as the Tullys. The Corwnlands Campaign was a massive success and after Antlers fell Cersei saw the futility in holding the Throne so the Royal family retreated to Casterly Rock and Tywin declared himself King of the Rock. Stannis Named himself king of Dragonstone and the sea, Clarence Crabb declared himself King of the Claw, The Rosbys and Rykkers declared themselves kings grabbing as much land as possible. Renly Baratheon declared himself Storm King of the Stormlands. Mace Tyrell Declared himself king of the Reach and marched his massive army on the Rock, and even though he outnumber Tywin 5-1 he got destroyed at the Battle of Standfast. The last kings were the Martells who declared themselves true Princes of Dorne. The most confusing claim to a throne though, came from Kingslanding. The High Septon declared himself ruler of the holy seat of Kings Landing and that the Faith should run the city, but Commander of the Gold Cloaks Janos Slynt opposed him taking flea bottom and declared himself General of Kings Landing. but Neither group could take the Red keep as the gates were locked by the knights of the Red Keep. Led by Barristan Selmy, what was the Kingsguard formed a group called "The White Circle" and formed a group that planned on leading Kings landing by choosing from the greatest warriors and leading from a council of seven.
Now 100 years later, the world is split, and it is up to you to either restore the throne… or destroy all memory of it.
Yes, you can actually buy and sell slaves in this historic server!
SCP Foundation is a server dedicated to the SCP foundation and anything that goes along with it
The largest international discord community where you can communicate using a variety of quality emojis, also our server is similar to discord hype squad server.
The Union United Of Free Countries (Союз Объединенных Свободных Стран):
Republic of Pepestan (International server) -
Molecular Support (International server) -
Zap's Winter Hypesquad (International server) -
Garmony (Russian server) -
Republic of Pepeland (International server) -
Kingdom of Deltach (Russian server) -
Regression (Russian server) -
Gachi emojis (Emojis server) -
Ricardo Milos emojis (Emojis server) -
Rainbow MEOWMOJI (Emojis server) -
HammerMOJI (Emojis server) -
Dangerous Emojis (Emojis server) -
Steam chat ->
Based off of the Fanfiction Fallout: Manifest Destiny, An Enclave Tale by BrettK, this roleplay explores the different factions in the story, after the first book in 2253.

From all the way of Richardson surviving, to Autumn killing Eden, the Minutemen unifying the Commonwealth by 2241 and destroying the Institute, this roleplay is fallout, but isn't at the same time. It isn't shackled by NCR, and has many factions to rp with or against.
🎊Come and Join us our pokecord🎋
🎲Catch them all!🎮
Gym Leader🏆, Daycare🎗, Giveaways 🎁and Many more!
We’re a supportive, friendly community of people who love the game War Thunder. Wether you’re new,casual or a pro we’re all welcome here. Have Fun.
Hello!! This server is mainly for pokecord and pokemion.
For pokecord, every week depending on how many persons, we start a new tornament to see who is the most strategic person.
This is a friendly server so come join us!!!
Hai Everyone! Welcome to Poke Park! Over at our server we have friendly staff and friendly members. We also have teams, Mystic, Valor, and Instinct, and we host Giveaways and Tournaments. We are looking for gym leaders and trying to expand our server, so join us if you want to play pokecord or just have a good chat with us!
Become the hero or villain you always knew you were. Breathe life into your favorite characters as you role-play beside us, making stories and memories together!
We are recruiting...
♦ Competent/Active Role-players ♦
♦ People devoted to the comics/cinematic universes ♦
♦ Friendly, fun people wanting to grow with us ♦
This is a mature, literate server - we want the best experience for everyone who joins. Stick to that and a few rules, and our time together will be SUPER!
great and small pokecord server, please help us grow
Here Gladiators battle it out and from the side stands the Spectators place bets on who they think is going to win.

You may compete in matches and strive for 1st to win it all.
Every Friday a tournament is held and in a bracket of up to 32 people, 2 different teams battle it out.

At the end of every month, the team with the most points wins 25k to be divided among the top 5 contributors on that team
🏆 Welcome to the Pokémon Generations League!

Prepare yourself for a unique Showdown Experience!
[Battles are played on Pokémon Showdown.]

☠️Get ready to battle the fiercest Elite Trainers across all 7 Generations.

🌎Elite Trainers will include Rivals, Bosses and Champions of their respective Regions.

⚔️They'll use teams built around the Pokémon used by their associated characters, having access to all Pokémon they have obtained or used during official Games, Anime Series or Manga... And Legendaries/Mythicals of their Region!

🎁Purchase Rewards with Server Currency
🎮Weekly Tournaments & Events
🎉Regular Giveaways

📜League Doc -
The biggest pg3d (pixel gun 3d) discord server with great staff caribg about server and active people :3
This server is brand new where the intent is to allow people to have fun while chatting, battling on pokemon showdown, challenging the pokemon league, and so on. So come join if you want to be a part of this server and its various events.

What we offer:
-Level-Up roles
-Challenge the Gym Leaders and the Elite Four
-Chance to become the Champion
-Hold your spot as Champion in the Title Defence
And much more!

So can YOU make it to the top?

-Added Giveaways
-Started filling out the gyms with leaders

-Looking for 4 Gym Leaders(On showdown if possible)
-Looking for 1 Elite Four member (On showdown)
-Some Gym Leaders are on Pokecord because they are not able to be on Pokemon Showdown