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Are you looking for a community about volleyball which is friendly? If so you have found the perfect server. Though we still dont have a lot of members, we are likely to expand soon. We offer training advice for any position, no matter your level of experience. Even if you are not so keen on volleyball, there are a lot of other activities which you can do like listening to music, discsussing anime, and maybe, after a while, you might like volleyball.
A Basketball Roleplay based on the popular anime Kuroko No Basket.
We offer RP, basketball tips and tricks, general sports chatting, along with general discord shenanigans such as memes, anime, gaming, and lots, lots, more.

Hello there, do you have trouble's in your rank? You cant rank up by yourself, do you think you are better than your current rank, but cant get higher because of your bad teammates? Or you just want to flex in front of your friends? You are in the right place. We offer Rocket League Rank Boosting, Coaching, Replay Analysis and more for the cheapest prices. We have proven our legitable in previous customers, we have plenty of reviews and proofs. If we get our customer, we start with boosting as soon as possible. Visit our discord server and see yourself.
We are a Rocket League ESports team with tons of amazing players and we are hoping to see many more join us! We host many special events and play a lot together and just love to have fun!
TheBulTrader's Community is the place mainly for trading and investing. We do not only do the mentioned things but we help each other with building squads, with the coins that we have made from trading, to beat our opponents.
The server is already populated with 500+ and we are looking for more friendly and active people to join and help each others!

Premium membership with exclusive trading & investing tips is also available in the server. Join now for more information!

This is a Rocket league clan called Skywork, it's a brand new discord server so don't expect much, but if you want to have a community to play with you should deffinetely give it a shot. We accept all kinds of ranks. Cya in-game!

We also got giveaways going on.
Hello and welcome to World Football Discord! Here you can discuss all things football including your favourite players, teams, leagues etc. We will keep you up do date with the latest football news from around the world, including the latest transfer news, and scores from all the big games around the world. We also have events such as trivia, which player is better, qotd and even our own sim league. (optional roles if you would like to participate in the events.) If you have a question, suggestion, or anything like that, please DM an owner, admin, or moderator, or post it in the suggestions channel. We are also open to partnership.


The World Football Discord staff team.
What makes us better than all the boring football servers around us? Active football server with a lot of unique channels/bots that you won't find anywhere else! We discuss mainly about football (obviously) but non-football related chats are also allowed.

We got a customised FIFA 20 Pack opening discord bot, a custom player career mode discord bot, a bot that simulates football games with real life players from any teams you want and many more.

Come and join! : )
Hey into college football? Well in our server College Football simulator, your able to be a head coach of a college football team! We use four teams from the, SEC, Big10, and PAC12. We will be adding more in the next season. But the whole thing is, is we use Mee6 custom commands to simulate actual plays. You decide to return the kickoff, you decide to pass, to run, to kick a field goal or go for two. It's all up to you! I'm looking forward to having you in our server!
Je vais vous faire une courte promotion de mon tout nouveau serveur discord : RIDING FRANCE

Riding france, est un serveur dont le but est de regrouper la communauté des skateurs,surfeurs,skieurs,bmx...etc.

Si tu aimes tout ce qui touche à ce domaine n’hésite pas et rejoins nous ! Nous acceptons **tout le monde** !

Besoin d’aide pour une figure,pour débuter ou même pour choisir ton matériel ? Des conseillers seront à ton écoute !

Besoin de discuter simplement de ce sujet avec des personnes concernées ? C’est tout à fait ce que nous sommes

Alors n’hésite plus, mon ami(e) rider et rejoins nous

Nowy serwer z myślą o jednoczeniu osób interesujących się motoryzacją
Miła atmosfera, Ogarnięta administracja.
A server for the ORI (Omni Racing International) community.
Chat about cars, racing, racing games, we host photo competitions, special online events and more.
We focus on the Gran Turismo series but anyone can join who is interested in a fair and clean racing community! ;)
Hi ! If you want to chat and play Splatoon 1 with other players, you find the good server ! Communauté également française.
Realistic Racing League is a F1 2019 league with the cars being realistic and the drivers being ranked as the best to the worst team and the worst driver to the best team
The DFL Is where you come to claim your favorite team and play in the regular season trying to make it to the playoffs and hopefully the SUPERBOWL!!! Sign legendary Quarterbacks from back in the day like Terry Bradshaw, Troy Akiman, etc as well as legendary running backs and more. Will your team make it to the SUPERBOWL????
Cat themed server we play competitively & casually.
Regions : US-E, US-W & EU
ALL platforms are welcome!
A server (unofficial) for all the MLB fans out there. We have roles for all 31 teams plus the Expos! We have unique emojis and are fairly new! The roles are self-assignable and we have an info channel to get familiarized with the server. We are a friendly community where you can talk about baseball, rant, and post photos of going to baseball games. We are looking for as many members as possible. All fans of baseball should join this amazing server!