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Der Server ist tot. Wenn euch das nicht juckt und ihr den RL Insider-Bot benutzen wollt, tretet bei.
Servidor en Discord de Crash Team Racing (Nitro-Fueled), donde se puede competir en Time Trial, recibir noticias desde el twitter oficial de Crash Bandicoot, utilizar emoticones del CTR clásico al chatear con jugadores de todo el mundo y mucho más. 🎮☕️
A server primarily for Arsenal FC fans, but accepting of all as long as you're friendly! Mainly English and Americans inside, plenty of banter and good mates to hang around with. Music bot, stat tracking bots, and more. Come through! COYG
TofuSpillers, the place to be

We are a small, new discord community. focussed on:
- Having fun!
- Initial D (and other Anime's)
- Racing games
- Other games
The Team Sonic Racing Discord Server. Host races and chat with friends here for the
ultimate racing experience.

If you love the NFL and argued about every move your team makes in the off-season? This server could be for you as you can take on a role as owner of 1 of the 32 teams to head coach and more. Our role play date starts the day of the 2019 NFL Draft as that is the day we take the current roster and draft the players we would draft in real life. Have your own teams Draft Room so the entire front office collorates on the pick. Let's go NFL fans! Let's see if we can start something nice here. Admin roles available, I do need a great supporting class.
(Check out how many people behind the scenes it takes to successfully operate one football game)

- Other sports related topics
ResEfed es una comunidad en la que la gente juega online al videojuego WWE 2K19 en la plataforma Playstation 4. Algunos de nuestros usuarios forman parte de nuestro roster de luchadores activos, con el que realizamos shows semanales que emitimos cada domingo en nuestro canal de Youtube (Res Efed).

La gente se entretiene, hace amistades y vive grandes momentos aquí. Se habla a menudo de wrestling y se ven shows de Wrestling en directo. También se habla de otra gran variedad de temas de cualquier índole.
Were a new gaming community ..all welcome for chat gaming and meeting new people ..all welcome look forward to seeing you there :)🍀
A server (unofficial) for all the MLB fans out there. We have roles for all 31 teams plus the Expos! We have unique emojis and are fairly new! The roles are self-assignable and we have an info channel to get familiarized with the server. We are a friendly community where you can talk about baseball, rant, and post photos of going to baseball games. We are looking for as many members as possible. All fans of baseball should join this amazing server!
Discord's Sports Authority
Live news feeds for all major sports leagues.
Live Streaming events.
Created Mar. 2019
⚽️🎮Deutscher Rocket League Server für Jung und Alt. Ob auf dem PC oder auf einer Konsole gespielt wird, ist egal, durch die Cross-Plattform sind keine Grenzen gesetzt. Ob kompletter Anfänger oder Pro-Gamer, alle sind willkommen und werden jemanden ungefähr auf seinem Niveau finden können. Also tritt unserem Discord Server bei und zockt direkt mit. 🎮⚽️

✅Komm vorbei und sei ein teil der Community
Hi ! If you want to chat and play Splatoon 1 with other players, you find the good server ! Communauté également française.
Talk to Your Fellow gamers.
I Got Some good News
We Have Added A tv Shows Section!
And A Memes section Holy Crap....SOUTH PARK.......SIMPSONS.......RICK AND MORTY......... AND A UPDATES ROOM AND MORE BOTS
Oh Shit I Forgot We also have Family guy
More Updates Are On the Way!
Désireux de partager de bons moments et de jouer entre amis, nous n’attendons plus que vous ! Polyvalent, ce serveur comptant plus de 850 membres vous donne l’opportunité de participer à de nombreux chans assez diversifiés, que ce soit pour les débats visant à pousser une réflexion intéressante sur des sujets variés, ainsi que des mini-jeux et des événements réguliers pour s'éclater ensemble.

Associé à ça, vous pourrez partager des créations ou des clips que vous avez fait vous-même, ou que vous appréciez. N’oublions pas la possibilité de demander le ou les vêtements qui vous font rêver dans l’espoir de trouver quelqu’un qui pourrait vous les offrir, et un tas d’autres choses que vous découvrirez chez nous !

Tout ceci dans une bonne ambiance générale et sans prise de tête, avec comme vocation de devenir un pilier communautaire Splatoon, venez nous apporter votre aide !
Welcome to The Flash Mob! A brand new gaming community centered around Rocket League. Not a Rocket Leaguer? No problem. We are all gamers here to join up, have fun, and maybe learn a thing or two.
Hello everyone.
This server is mainly for anyone who skates (including bmx, skateboard, etc) and for people to chat.
Adding Tutorials.
Mainly an English speaking server (any language is allowed).
I will be updating the server regularly and are looking forward in you being here.
Please have fun.
Thank you.
If you like European football then join!
This is a role play server based on Kuroko no Basket with slots and a randomization system that is used based off of your stats. This role play is recommended for people who like semi literate to advanced literate role play and who like basketball. However, 3+ lines is perfectly fine. The more literate the better you’ll be in this chat. So I hope you join our server and I’ll see you there!
• iOS / Android
• Off-topic Channels / Memes / Community
• Trading / Auctions
• Custom bot for prices and SBC solutions
• Active staff team
• Giveaways daily! ( Over 100m daily)
• Join now on
• Android
• Minigames
• Custom bot for prices and SBC solutions
• Join now on
We are a Filipino some of us are kinda dumb (irp). There is nothing to crazy though. We are new and are low on members and would love some new members.
Are you looking for a competitive Rocket League or CS:GO team to develop your skills? Well, Team Assassin wants you!

We are an exclusively NA organization, that holds rosters in Rocket League and CS:GO.

We are looking for staff applicants and Rocket League players to come apply for a spot in Team Assassin! Our server offers everything, from endless entertainment to competitive gameplay. We are different from other organizations, because we offer personalized care for all of our players. The TA staff strives to make connections and promote the wellbeing of every one of our members, something that bigger teams can't say.

You will not regret joining Team Assassin, where Team is everything.