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If you are looking for the Discord server related to eFootball PES 2020 Mobile, you have just found one! We have many events here, including 3 Divisions and plenty of Cups!!

What do we offer?
-events with prize money
-custom bot
-200 server emotes
-Nitro giveaways
-active chat
-fast growing server

Welcome to the Pacybits Community server, here we do the biggest giveaways of all pacybits server (over 100 cards daily)!!!
Join us for cool giveaways, help with sbcs, versus and lot more!!!
We are a FIFA Pro Clubs League based in the United States welcoming all new players, and team owners. Sign up as a player or register a team and be entered to win league Prizes & Cash Payouts! We also have a working App to go with the league that will help you track player & team stats as well as league table, league news and more.
Come have fun and chat with Matt himself. We welcome everyone who is a fan of gaming and especially wii games. This server belongs to the official Matt from Wii Sports with over 6k subscirbers on YouTube.
A Rocket League LFT server designed by MSIuk and Clique Esports in the hopes of attracting users together to team up and win games.

A new server - we're looking for a bigger userbase.
The main server for Captain Tsubasa Zero: Miracle Shot on Discord. It has over 1,000 members and is well maintained by our admin and mods. Please make sure to give our server a try, it's a very good server. We have the most accurate tier lists and guides for all members. We, also have channels like other-games, general talking etc. I'd be glad if you join us and become a captain tsubasa zero supporter just like us! Arigatogosaimasu!
High level rocket league player currently 1800 in rocket league and will boost anyone for HALF OFF my regular prices due to season 13 ending soon. I started boosting my close friends for free but decided maybe to spread it to others for a cheap price. Fast. Quick. Easy.

Steam account -


Contamos con muchas cosas que puede ser de su agrado, un buen lugar en el cual puedes entrar a tradear cartas con otras personas, disfrutar de diferentes eventos preparados por la comunidad y muchas mas cosas relacionadas con Pacybits


✓Comunidad activa
✓Bots de entretenimiento
✓Soluciones SBC
✓Squads para versus
✓Staff activo 24/7

¡Pasatelo bien y forma parte de nuestra comunidad!😘
Welcome to Pacybits 20 trading server. We have a nice community,daily giveaways,an active staff always ready to help you,help with sbc,versus,etc. We also have a variety of daily challenges with nice prizes. Enjoy your stay
A Growing Pacybits Community!🎉
Daily multiple giveaways! 🎉
Draft of the day and pack of the day competitions. 🎉
Invite rewards, 5 invites will receive any 12 cards of choice. 🎉
Great trading channels to trade with fellow gamers. 🎉
A chill place to talk sports, loose moderation, plenty of people to talk with, and people there that are happy to talk about anything related to sports, We also post stream links to all the games every day, fastest growing sports server out there, with over 630 active members. Join today!
ResEfed es una comunidad en la que la gente juega online al videojuego WWE 2K19 en la plataforma Playstation 4. Algunos de nuestros usuarios forman parte de nuestro roster de luchadores activos, con el que realizamos shows semanales que emitimos cada domingo en nuestro canal de Youtube (Res Efed).

La gente se entretiene, hace amistades y vive grandes momentos aquí. Se habla a menudo de wrestling y se ven shows de Wrestling en directo. También se habla de otra gran variedad de temas de cualquier índole.
This is the Unofficial St. Louis Cardinals discord. If you are a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan, this server is the right place for you. You'll be able to socialize with other Cards fans and have a great time during the live games. We have some awesome Cardinals emojis and more! Enjoy!
En este Servidor podran encontrar toda la ayuda que necesiten en Pacybits , incluyendo Sorteos y demas secciónes !
Comunidade de futebol aberta para interação com todos, com diversos eventos, bolões e jogos! Venha se divertir conosco! ⚽️🔥
HaxBall popular map Space League/Cups based and WorldCup in the. It's open to members from everywhere. It is different than traditional leagues.
We are HaxMonster community which strives to give you the best experience whilst in the server! Chat with others around the globe, and relax at the end of the day! We are very different from other league/world cups, there is not a single managements, there are more than one managements and nobody decides alone, and each managements is from different countries We are a growing community which allows everyone a chance to compete with people all over the world. This community is not only about what happens on the field. We are doing our very best to give you a nice community
It's an online MyLeague where you can create your own player inside the 2K player builder and play against other people, but you don't have to have a ps4 you can create your player through our template and make him a draft prospect so a GM will control him or an AI team will pick him up
⭐ Expansion Teams
⭐ Good Community
⭐ Fun
⭐ Good System
⭐ Active
TBT's Community Discord server is FUT 20 based. There you can find trading, investing, sniping filters, squad buildings, player reviews, TOTW & MM predictions and many other sections.

The owner of the server is an experienced FUT Trader and also gives trading & investing tips.

The server is currently populated with 1400+ members and we are looking for more friendly and active people to join and help each others!

● Instagram:
● Twitter:
● Discord:
A server (unofficial) for all the MLB fans out there. We have roles for all 31 teams plus the Expos! We have unique emojis and are fairly new! The roles are self-assignable and we have an info channel to get familiarized with the server. We are a friendly community where you can talk about baseball, rant, and post photos of going to baseball games. We are looking for as many members as possible. All fans of baseball should join this amazing server!
This is a Rocket league clan called Skywork, it's a brand new discord server so don't expect much, but if you want to have a community to play with you should deffinetely give it a shot. We accept all kinds of ranks. Cya in-game!

We also got giveaways going on.
A literate roleplay that offers a unique system you won’t find anywhere else! No more dice rolling and not getting the results you want. No more overpowered stats from people who’ve been there longer than you so they can just spam steals left and right. How literate you are, will determine a MAJORITY of if you succeed or not.

What this roleplay offers:

•In depth NPC’s that you can interact with and form a bond.

•Strong NPC’s that will challenge you to get better.

•Passive training system to where you won’t have to spend hours training anymore.

•Also an active system to those who ENJOY ball busting and will reward those who do.

•Short games that are action packed and intense right from the get go!

•Friendly staff and community

•Non toxic competition

•Don’t feel like being a player? Be a cheerleader, manager, coach, or SO MUCH MORE!

•Actual city life to interact with

•In depth oc creation where YOU CHOOSE how attractive you are, how good at singing you are, and even how good your eyes work.

The possibilities are endless here! This isn’t JUST a basketball roleplay, this is a roleplay that features life in general! Start off as a poor homeless individual with great singing? Become a professional musician that everyone knows! A good example, is a retired character called Anton Morries. He started off in a poor family that was broken. His dad played basketball and ignored his family, while his mother was a prostitute to just get by. The man hustled his way to the top, and now he is a rapper! There’s so much opportunity here in this roleplay. So even if you’re having doubts, stop in and ask questions! We will help you to the best of our abilities! See you real soon!
It's a basketball roleplay/simulation server.

Rise of a Baller

You can make a player, coach, cheerleader, citizen, mayor, anything. It will take place in the current year.

Your player will start out in high school, you can make your own build and archetype. The more you play the more your player gets better as they progress. Your player also gets badges which help improve your court as he progresses.

Once you complete high school by playing in the season tournament, win or lose, you advance to college, then you go to college, play the season and tournament, then you'll have the nba combine and you play that then get drafted to a team. We will have rating cards for the players and the drafts will have comparisons and stuff. Once you reach your peak, you're at your best level, but as you age you slowly get worse. Once you win awards like mvps, all stars, and championships, you qualify for the hall of fame once you retire, You also can make money to buy cars and houses. It's kinda like 2k mycareer but better. Except well it's not in 2k. So, you want to join?