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This is the new server I have created that is for Forza Horizon 4. We are just starting out so we need people to help us excel and grow in numbers.
Привет! Здесь ты найдёшь ламповую и уютную атмосферу по такой замечательной игре как Slime Rancher! У нас есть система уровней и возможность получить собственную роль. Сервер пока находиться на стадии разработки.
Politics Simulator is a server where you can rp as a leader of a nation, rule your nation, and conquer the world!
Carline-Manager vous propose de devenir gérant(e) d'une compagnie de cars . Le jeu de gestion vous propulsera dans un univers de gestion avec un réalisme de notre vie courante.
Vous devrez gérer votre flotte de cars, réalisez vos trajets, gérer vos finances , vos parkings et vos employés.
En évoluant sur Carline-Manger vous allez avoir la possibilité de gérer jusqu'à 310 stationnements dans 310 villes dont 13 villes de départ pour rejoindre la capitale
A new LGBT friendly all ages Pokecord server. We're new and looking for Staff and looking for people who'd love to be gym leaders and server partners. SFW general chat with an NSFW section for the adults. Feel free to join and have fun.
This server is for social gamers who play social games ☺️ Hotel hideaway, sky, zepeto club cooee, your all welcome! Also witches and demons welcome naturally my doors always open.
Welcome to Ohana Farms the one and only company simulator from the moment you join the discord you’ve been hired it’s now time to take our small start up to Fortune 500 and top the Forbes list can you do it, can you play realistic and can you enjoy the company of over 150 other people who also enjoy the same realism?

If you play any simulation game and or simulator you owe it to your self to join us even if your game isn’t supported yet. Our server offers giveaways for your membership and is supported by twitch affiliate and rising YouTube fan base join today
March of the Eagle was founded on the principles of Realistic and Engaging Alternate-History Nation Roleplay, and we uphold these principles ever since the in Sim foundation year of 1780. Every player is a nation, and our nation control system is easy to learn. Join us today, and join our community!
In this server we have awesome members and giveaways, we usually giveaway cash daily. Everything in this server is given by the staff and the sponsors. This server has a lot of features, the main features are as follows:
- Bloxburg Giveaways that actually pay.
- Buy-able items with server currency.
- Fun mods and admins.
- Fun events.
- Friendly members.
- Game nights.
- Chat levels.
There are so many more features.
Come and join today to investigate the other features.
I hope I convinced you to join.
Tainted Trust is a BRAND NEW roleplay server where you enter the world as a dog. The world is inhabited by three stray dog packs from humans who have continuously betrayed and tainted said dogs' trust in the human race. No longer are they man's best friend, but instead, man's worst enemy. Now, the three dog packs live mostly in fear of their so called best friends.
It's time for you to make your own story. Will you run with the street dogs? Or will you choose a life of luxury as a companion over the thrill of the fight for survival?
Your fate lies in your own paws... who will you be?
Proud to be the first Animal Crossing Discord server! 🎈
💎 Level 2 Boosted Server, thanks to the help of our wonderful community! 💕

"Animal Crossing features three themes:
family, friendship, and community."
-Katsuya Eguchi, creator of Animal Crossing

Established in 2015, Soda Pop+ is a community built around those themes, and we make it our goal to maintain these values.

Our community features:
🤖 Our very own Animal Crossing Discord bot, unique to our server.
🏅 Badge system that rewards active members with perks.
💜 Friendly, active, and diverse community of AC fans.
🖼️ Community Tumblr blog filled with submissions by our very own members.

We're happy to welcome you to our community! 😸
Hi i am the owner of clan TRN, At TRN we have loads of stuff here's a list
1.we have a shop witch has a working pointing system (to buy stuff) you will start with a bonus 20 points and will get 2 a day from logging in. the shop has different sized custom books to GFX Design.
2.:crown:VIP:crown: has unlimeted money and grants more access to the server including VIP Chat and more.
3.we host customs for most servers.
4.we have a twitch streamer and i'm a youtuber that will sometimes get their camera on and record and you will get notified when we do.
5.all mee6 spam is held in a special text channel.
6.are GFX Designer is a highly skilled who kindly did the bots codes as it didn't let me.
7.our staff are very very nice and helping
what were looking for:
map creators
& skilled players
must NOT be toxic
must be aged 8-18

We hope we hear back from you TRN OUT :wave:
Hello everyone this is a Nation RP Server, I am just starting this community up, It is based in 2019 Modern Day, there are Political, Diplomacy, Relations, Treaties, Alliances, Trade. I want this to be a realistic Server.
We have 22 Real members, Please feel free to join in an ask to speak with me or my staff, We are very open
Hello, and welcome to The World Crisis! This is a Nation Roleplay server, meaning you can lead your nation! You may lead it to glory by fighting other nations and conquering them, or you may also make world peace! What are you waiting for? Come and join this roleplay!

Hey! You should really join this server. This server is AWESOME!!!
We have:
-Nice Community
-Bubble Gum Simulator
-Twitch Streamer
Join now, you won't regret it!
We count on YOU to help this community grow as a family.
An official server of the NationStates region Londinium, specially designed to integrate new and interested players.
Welcome to the cul-de-sac!! Come and meet the other dads and mingle, make friends, and possibly fall in love. You can rp as any canon dad and kid as long as they are unclaimed, and dadsonas are also welcome.
The Chronicles of Aegia takes place on the planet of Aegia in a fantasty world. Various nations and races fight for control of the land, and as a player you get to create your own unique civilization to enter this war torn world. Join us and lead your civilization to the top! (Magic Exists)
Welcome To MineShare! The new fun Discord Server where you can share your best seeds, find some specials maps!! Or you can just chat and make new friends!
A British Government roleplay where you can rise to 10 Downing Street. Complete with news channels for interviews and the opportunity to run a governmental department, become a broadcaster etc. Join us to learn more about the British political system, proposing bills, fun, banter. The server is new so if you want a great role in the government now is the time to join.
hiya simmers! come hang out at your favorite low-poly, spoiled coffee, hedgehog cafe!

sims 2, 3 and 4 all have dedicated channels!
self-roles to spice up your stay.
lgbt+ friendly
we also offer tech support if you're ever having trouble with your game or pc!
hi everyone!! i made this server in december 2018, it's still pretty small but i'd like to start getting it out there!

as of right now our features include:
★ self assignable roles with pronouns, colors, and villager personalities!
☆ channels specifically for new leaf, new horizons, and pocket camp with trading/selling welcome :D (if only they let you trade in pocket camp…)
★ basic catchall channels for art, funnyposting, games that aren’t animal crossing, and more

and here’s our rules:
1. Respect your fellow members.
2. Slurs, hate speech, harassment, and homophobic/transphobic/racist/etc. language of any kind will not be tolerated, even if intended to be humorous.
3. No NSFW content, this is Animal Crossing for crying out loud D: you are absolutely allowed to curse but overly NSFW messages/images will be deleted.
3a. FOR CLARIFICATION phrases like “mario fucks” and occasional mentions of NSFW topics are not prohibited, but I ask that you don’t go into detail and keep crude/nsfw-ish jokes to the #funny channel.
4. Try to keep things in the correct channels, don’t spam memes outside of #funny.
5. This is a 16+ server, if you are found to be under 16 you will be kicked.
6. Mods will kick or ban anyone who is causing problems, regardless of whether it’s technically breaking the above rules or not.
7. Pietro haters will be banned on sight. (i’m kidding)

ty for reading!! (*^▽^*)