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We are your good old fashion FSX server. We offer training by real life pilots,ATC from some of the best in the community and a wonderful VA ( virtual airline). If you are interested in flying or want to learn more come join us. Happy Flying.
Here Is Where You Can Lay Down Some Pokes - Currently In Alpha Searching For People To Help Out! e.g. Gym Leaders, Mods etc. Join Up And Thank You!
This group is about Games & Anime. Come join if you're interested.
This is a fast growing bloxburg giveaway server. In this server we have awesome giveaways, we usually giveaway cash daily. Everything in this server is given by the staff and the sponsors.
This server has a lot of features, the main features are as follows:
- Bloxburg Giveaways that actually pay.
- Buy-able roles with server currency.
- Fun mods and admins.
- Fun events.
- Friendly members.
- Friday night game nights.
- Self-roles.
- Fun levels.
There are so many more features.
Come and join today for bloxburg giveaways that happen more than daily.

I hope I convinced you to join.
Just a community server, its based on Roblox a developing platform but if you're not into this game nobody really cares but its a fun discord nobody will really judge and we can take jokes.
-Economy/SLOTS and stuff
airOPS is a simple Air Traffic Control server aimed at Low to High experienced Pilots and Controllers willing to gain experience before moving onto more advanced versions such as VATSIM. We are striving to keep airOPS as a place for Virtual and Real Pilots to share their experiences and knowledge with our community.
Hello, simmers!
SimsClub is a brand new server and we’re hoping to have you join us for a grilled cheese or twenty.
We are LGBTQ friendly.
We have friendly members and an excellent moderation team in place.
Come share your lovely screenshots with us and make a few new friends!
We will be having monthly contests as well. First one is set to begin on February 1st!


Sometime around the 21st Century, A top secret physics experiment involving teleportation went catastrophysically wrong. Portals opened in the sky across the globe bringing forth lifeforms from other planets onto Earth , including an Empirical Race known as the “Combine.” The Combine launched a massive invasion force through these portals and defeated Earth in 7 hours. You are one of the citizens being relocated to City 34, formerly Moscow. Now in this new city, will you stand with the combine or will you fight for your freedom?

Come join Gaming Sanctuary 904!We love all gaming, but have a soft spot for trucking simulators :)
Ein Server für Animal Crossing-Spieler! Egal ob 3DS oder Switch ☺
Hier bei GermanSimRacing (kurz: GSR) dreht sich alles um den virtuellen Motorsport. Egal ob auf dem PC, der PlayStation oder der Xbox: Hier ist jeder passionierte Rennspielfreund herzlich willkommen.

Bei GermanSimRacing stehen Spaß, Fairness und spannende Rennen in freundlicher Runde im Vordergrund.
Falls deine Lust geweckt ist, daran mitzuwirken, dann schau dich mal in aller Ruhe auf der Webseite um und melde dich einfach zu einem der kommenden Rennen an.
As you can tell, this place loves and worships diancie. Though its just my favourite pokemon so thats why its our mascot!
2.6k members

Diancie Kingdom is a growing community or pokemon lovers!
What we offer :
• Nice and friendly active carbinks (staff)
• All typed gyms and elite 4's for a challange! 💪
• Specific categories so nothing gets too crowded
• 🗡Tournaments🗡
• 🎉Giveaways🎉
• 🎊Events🎊
•🎗 Daycares to level up your pokemon🎗
• 🎀Partnership🎀

Hopefully you don't get bored here, please ask your friend to join too! Highly appriciated! 💕💕
**Have fun at Diancie Kingdom!**
ROLEPLAY: post-apocalyptic | dystopia | sci-fi | Everyone must choose a side: Order or Chaos. Those who choose Order are sent to a safe, city with no free will. Concord. Those who choose Chaos are sent to a city with complete freedom, but there are no laws or protections of any kind. Tumult.
Однажды, в чате одного стримера по АрмСталкеру зародилось РП которое потом переросло в целый сервер Дискорда. Если ты любишь сеттинг Сталкер и текстовый ролплей,то тебе к нам. Тебя тут ждёт хороший отыгрыш,приятная атмосфера и локальные мемы
Discord Nations is a role-play/simulation server where you take up the role of the leader of a country and run it to rise to the forefront of the world. Run the economy, military, and political events while interacting with other players. Create alliances and strategize your supremacy at the forefront of your nation.
Auf dem Server dreht sich alles um Simulationsspiele von Emergency, LstSim, Leitstellensimulationen etc.
This is a roleplay server. We are roleplaying in a world of magic and fantasy where humans can cast magical spells by taking on a type of magic. Only one type per person but theres many types and variations. In this server youll be roleplaying college life as your each adultish here. All have shown signs of adept magical control. Our server is LGBT friendly we accept everyone so long as they are kind and behave accordingly. Now for backstory bit.

The story takes places years after the demons war hit the earth. Several demons swarmed the cities and all hope seemed lost but 8 magically gifted individuals went forth and helped put a stop to it. Each died excpet for one who went on to found the school of advanced magic Seiru named it after the name the love of his life gave him. Seiru was amd still is a high ranking demon lord second only to his father. Fast forward several years and the school is in full swing accepting new individuals who show great promise. The students dont yet know but the demons will return one day soon and they may be the only hope in stopping it for good.
The Animal Crossing Community is a fan server for animal crossing fans alike. We want to provide a peaceful community to discuss everything animal crossing! You can find new friends and trade with others too!
Open To Partnerships!
This is a server for anyone wishing to own a store, have a virtual airline in GeoFS that flies to Singapore, or just to hang out, as well as being a passenger or staff member for an airline or the airport.
You've discovered a place where all people are welcome. Benders, Non-Benders, misfits of all kinds, anyone who wishes to live in a progressive town known as Fán.

Create your own character and join the people of Fángróng🏙️. You can be a diplomatic fire bender🔥, a nomadic water bender🌊, or a skilled swordsman non bender🗡️👫. People of all kind are accepted in Fánróng🏙️🏙️. Join now and battle enemies⚔️, make friends👫, and climb the ranks🔢. Who knows, you may one day become the avatar🌊🔥🌳🌪️.

Our Server Offers:
⚔️: **Great RP**
🗣️:**Chill Community**
🏙️:Amazing story Arcs in Fánróng
And so much more......
Hey there!
Is you life really lonely?
You wanna laugh SOO much?
Want emojis which LAUGH YOUR LUNGS OUT?

Then come here to yOWayne!

-🤬 A swear role which lets you swear (u need permission tho)
-🤯 You can send memes where ever you want!
-🤣 Emojis which laugh our LUNGS out!
-🥳 We also celebrate holidays from Malaysia’s to the americas!

Your brain might sweat looking at this!
QUICK COME! Because the fun is starting!
Welcome to The Forza Server, a server with all of your Forza needs. We are a friendly community that loves cars and other video games! We also host forza tournaments for in game money! Big prizes and much more await here so come on in and join!