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We are a discord for a FiveM server called Alternate Life, if you want to play some British based role play, we’ll look no further!

Everybody is welcome!
The 38th is a casual Star Wars milsim unit for Arma 3 that focuses on fun and a sense of community rather than more realistic features. We offer a variety of roles for our members and if something doesn't sit right, we're willing to work something out. If you have any questions please feel free to join and ask for a Recruiter and they'll get you all sorted out.
❃ Welcome to ACNH Sherbs Garden! ❃

We are a small starting community where you can chat about acnh, and help each other out whenever!

❃ What do we other? ❃

<3 A safe place for fans of all ages to gather and play the game,

<3 LGBTQ+ and SFW friendly,

<3 custom emojis made by our members,

<3 self-assignable roles,

<3 fun and exciting games and events,

<3 lots and lots of island inspo and codes,

<3 giveaways and free trading,

<3 Kind and loving staff who will help with any issues you have,

<3 amazing members,

<3 and so much more!

Feel free to join our small but loving family! Hope to see you soon! <3
Re-Volt oyunu üzerine bir sunucudur. Bu sunucuda toxic üyelere yer yok ve bu sunucuda teyit bulunmamaktadır.
Sul Sul 🤗
Wir sind ein aktiver und freundlicher Sims-Server, immer auf der Suche nach weiteren Simmern, die sich austauschen und gegenseitig helfen möchten.
Wöchentliche Challenges spielen wir auch zusammen; jede:r kann dabei mitbestimmen, welche Challenge die nächste wird. 😃
Komm vorbei und sei ein Teil von Simatopia! 💚
🏝️We are Inviting You to join "The BloxLands!"🏝️
= The BloxLands is a Popular, Unique and Friendly Community server for each and every users can experience! Come join our wonderful Community! The server is centered related to a game of Roblox called "Islands".

Hot Features:
💬│Communicate with friendly members locally and international
📣│Very Active Members and Staffs Support
🥳│Daily Huge Giveaways and Events
🎊│Gigantic Invite, Level and Boosting Rewards
🎮│Play with others In-Game or Entertainer Bots
👑│Unlock Exclusive Server Roles
📌│Very Organized Channels and Bots

Are you looking for a UD Rp Group? Or even better a unique Roblox group that has their own game. Look no further, SCRP uses a hybrid of UD rp's and their very own game. We have unique departments including Courts, Fire, and Law Enforcement Civilian, and many more!
Welcome to Discord of Wolvden! Come join us and talk about some cool lookin wolves. Still in developement until game release but everyone is welcome to join!

About LBP Nexus:

Welcome to LittleBigPlanet Nexus (LBP Nexus)! But firstly, what IS LBP Nexus? LBP Nexus is THE Discord community where you can talk with other LBP players! There are channels that all specify to it's own LBP game (The LBP Nexus), because there are just so much LBP games that it would be a mess if there is just one channel with LBP as topic.

What do we offer?

➪Channels to share your LBP creations.

➪Staff is active a lot.

➪Community is (mostly) gently.

➪Good moderation bots.

➪Just some off-topic hangout channels.

➪Multiple voicechats including music channels.

➪News about the upcoming LittleBigPlanet game!
Welcome to Animal Crossing Party! Here you can join and play in many super fun games and events! We also provide chatting channels and FREE trading channels!! We often do giveaways for items, bells, nook miles tickets, and even villagers! We hope to see you soon!
Welcome to the New and Improved United States of America
We are a mock US government server which prioritizes a fun and semi-realistic Mock US Government.
We have:
President, Vice President, and Cabinet ⛲️
A Supreme Court 👨‍⚖️
House of Representatives 🏡
Senate 🏛
Lawyers 👔
Professors and Universities 👩‍🏫
Scenarios 🌎
News 📰
Political Parties 🐴 🐘 (I)
A Company and Economy system 💰
A friendly community! 😊
Somos Pravstava, un país ficticio. En nuestro servidor encontrarás un mundo entero donde rolear (elecciones políticas, trabajos, robos, aventuras, liga de fútbol, etc.). Además, contamos con un sistema de economía propio. También estamos apoyados por nuestra cuenta de Instagram @pravstava, por si quieres pasarte a echar un vistazo.

Es muy importante leerse las normas. Su desconocimiento no excusa cualquier acción que las incumpla.

¿A qué esperas para unirte?
Hello we are a V.2 of our old server Scyth3 Discord server if you didn't know already:

-- Host Giveaways mostly once or week or so

-- Fun Bots including Dank Memer, Marriage Bot, Groovy And Arcane!

-- Movie Nights held once a week members have freedom to choose the genre and the specific movie they want!

-- Cross trades, Buying and Selling and other via game trading!

-- We have Quite the leniant rules with no official Punishments therefore we are the first ever DS Discord server to not have Offical punishments!

-- Staff team is 24/7 active with Moderation and basically being active around members!

En este server puedes crear tu propia historia como gustes usando un personaje tuyo o con habilidades que ya existían, ¡Eres bienvenido a formar parte de este servidor!
Dank Memer Trading Server
- Great place to buy, sell, or trade items for currency
- pls rob disabled!
- Chill environment
Weekly clean Tier racing on F1-2020 PC. Racing starts at 20:30 GMT, 21:30 CEST on Saturday nights. I hope you can join us.
Los Hijos de Wick, H.W.D.R ARMAIII España es un Clan dedicado a la simulación militar, sobre la base ARMA III.
Como grupo de simulación, se desarrollan tanto misiones oficiales internas del grupo, como partidas “inter-clanes” y partidas de generación automática de misiones y enemigos, instrucción y/o entrenamientos. El concepto de juego es el de “humanos contra la máquina”, siendo este tipo de juego la tónica general de todas las partidas que se desarrollan de forma oficial.
El Clan se ha formado por integrantes de otros grupos o clanes de ARMAIII, con esperiencia en simulación individual, multijugador y multiclanes.
La temática del Clan está basada principalmete en facciones del Ejército Estadounidense, en concreto el MARSOC, NAVY SEAL y subfacciones de estos, como el DEVGRU de los seal, o el Regimiento Raider de los Marines (MSOR), o el USMC.
Igualmente se realizan misiones y campañas custom con la temática del ejército español como segunda facción de juego, pudiendo jugarse BRIPAC, MOE, LEJIÓN, etc.
Animal Crossing Disco is an up-and-coming discord server for Animal Crossing enthusiasts ages 20+. Our goal is to make a small yet solid safe community for adult players.

We have role colors, an AC bot, themed emojis and a fully organized channel list. We are planning our first Halloween event and hope to plan many more! Come join us!

No homophobia, ableism, racism, etc bigotry will be tolerated. This is a diverse public safe space.
Hey Salut à toi !
Ceci est le Discord officiel de la Heris Foundation, une corporation à but lucratif sur star Citizen.
Nous exerçons dans beaucoup de domaines tel que le minage, le recyclage, l'agriculture et l'exercice des sciences pour ne citer que nos piliers fondateurs.
Nous serons ravis de t'accueillir afin de répondre à tes questions, si tu souhaites nous connaitre un peu plus ou juste jeter un œil.
N'hésites pas !
A bientôt dans le verse citoyens !
Welcome to Trader Tom’s!

This is a happy little server where all are welcome to come and hang out! Our main thing is playing Animal Crossing New Horizons, but we love talking about all kinds of things!

We only have a few rules so people when they join. Our goal is to help one another, so kind people only please! Our motto is be kind or leave! Thank you!

If you are a kind person apart of the animal crossing community, then we would love to have you! We are all friends here, and you will find this is more of a community than a server.

We have daily updates and announcements, tons of giveaways, and server events. Our motto is Free Stuff for All, and we really stay true to that! We have a developer that has cataloged every item in the game and is willing to help you get any furniture or clothing item you need! We have multiple giveaways daily, some with real art and the new mermaid and pirate items! Anyone can help host events or giveaways and all are welcome to enter. Our server also has quite a few bots added to help things run more smoothly. I hope you will consider joining our community for all the kind animal crossing friends! My name is Mary, and I look forward to meeting you!

See you soon! 💕
Este servidor es de RolePlay en GTA 5 PS4, es serio, activo y está muy bien organizado, por lo que me gustaría que te unieras y lo probaras. Buen día :)
Welcome to Nookling's Isle! We are an animal crossing based discord! We are inclusive to all communities, and provide giant giveaways and rewards to all of our members! Why not join today?