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On my server, we do a lot of giveaways, chat with your friends, or make new friends, you can do many things on my server.
Hello! Global Security Company is currently looking for recruits to participate in our Military Simulation experience. We provide co-operational missions with an experienced Zeus to create a realistic and breathtaking experience. We are a group of experienced operatives designed to help out the highest bidder. Our gameplay experience will provide a spectacular scenario and opportunity to expand on your MILSIM expertise. Of course, out of Arma 3, we are able to provide alternative activities to satisfy the needs of our personnel.

What are the requirements?

- 16+ of age, we are looking for mature people who are willing to dedicate their time,
- A working microphone allows communication within the unit, this is a top requirement,
- A legal copy of Arma, else multiplayer won't work,
- Willing to download our mod pack as soon as possible, allowing you to join in the experience,
- Discord & TeamSpeak accounts.

What do we offer?

- Experienced members and dedicated Zeus,
- No DLCs required to be purchased,
- Medium-sized community with dedication,
- A rank system used in-game only,
- Leadership opportunities,
- Daily opportunities to play and meet new friends,
- Most of all, a friendly environment and community.

When do we operate?

- Training is hosted every week on Friday, starting at 1930 GMT/BST
- Operations are hosted every week on Saturday, starting at 1930 GMT/BST

Both usually last around 3-4 hours, come prepared.

What roles/division we offer?

Infantry - The infantry division consists of two fireteams, both consisting:

- Fireteam Leaders
- Light Machine Gunners
- Medics
- Long Range Radio Operators
- Breachers
- Anti-Tank Operators
- EODs
- Engineers

Aviation - The aviation division, known as AIRCORP, The Air Corps operates solely Sikorsky MH-60L DAP helicopters, and in various configurations. The aircraft can be configured to carry out a variety of missions and generally fits Air Corps’ Mission. , with additional tasks of providing overwatch, infantry transportation and Close Air Support strikes. All members of AIRCORE are trained in advanced Long Range Radio usage and medical.

How do I join?
If you're interested in joining, please message either myself (max_#6881), the owner (Declan#7463) or the co-owner (RyanC#7010), we are happy to assist within a short period of time. From there we will provide you with the required information and community rules.

Thank you for your time,

In 2027 a ultra weapon was released on the world destroying many cities after this a massive black out took out what was left the Federation of the World is what remains of civilization.
Discord Nations is a role-play/simulation server where you take up the role of the leader of a country and run it to rise to the forefront of the world. Run the economy, military, and political events while interacting with other players. Create alliances and strategize your supremacy at the forefront of your nation.
We are an army in club penguin that hosts fun events and more! Join us to make friends and have fun!
The Soviet Simulator is a Stalinist server that simulates life in complete totalitarianism. You will start off as either a citizen or an immigrant. If you start as an immigrant, you will have to be interviewed by an Admissions agent to enter the country. THERE IS NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH IN THIS SERVER. Failure to comply with the rules will result in execution or Gulag. How long can you survive?
- Respectful Staff
- Newbie Friendly
- LGBT Friendly
- Useful Updates
- NSFW Content Available
- Custom Content Suggestions
If you are looking to share your sims, experiences, snapshots, and be a helpful simmer, PLEASE JOIN! New to enhancing your sim experience? Come on in! We would love to help you out. HAPPY SIMMING!
The largest Discord server dedicated to the "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" video game on the Nintendo Switch! An official Discord Partnered server and level three boosted! A friendly and welcoming community with over 200+ Animal Crossing emojis!
Wolfies Paradise is a pokecord server that has almost everything needed for a pokecord server and a server that also has boxbot You can also chill and chat. It doesnt have to be about pokemon all the time.

We have...

✅ Pokecord Gyms

✅ Tons of Giveaways

✅ Nitro Giveaways (happen randomly)

✅ Tons of Voice Chats

✅ Friendly Staff

✅ Events

✅ Custom Roles and Channels

✅ Role Perks

✅ Boxbot

What are you waiting for, come join and have fun

🔗 Server Link:
We are the Communist Union of California we are separated from the failing United States of America. We are not a Californian server but to RP as the new communist country it is.
Do you desire to join a realistic Grand Theft Auto Five online ?community with daily patrols ? An amazing enforcement team ? An incredible memberbase with polite , kind individuals ? The join SOSARP today !
This is a gta 5 roleplay server. We are in need of more people in our server, you are welcome to join
☭Glory to Khlebintovka☭
➠ Welcome to The Proletariat of Khlebintovka, a fictional communist nation located in Eastern Europe. The whole roleplay takes place in an alternate timeline, where between other important events, Lenin dies in 1917 and the revolution never gets to Russia. Instead, the first communist country becomes Khlebintovka after the revolution of 1945.

➠ A very interesting, and well developed server, with a strong communist-esque meant for realistic roleplay. Loosely based on George Orwell’s 1984, Papers Please and real events.
-We Have:
⤷ A lot of bots!
⤷ A functional rp-government.
⤷ A built in economy systems, with items, currency and occupations.
⤷ A trustworthy and friendly staff team.

(Invite if this is failing you:
The Fatherland is waiting for you!
Upon their 18th birthday, everyone must choose a side: Order or Chaos. Those who choose Order are sent to a safe, structured city with no free will. Concord. Those who choose Chaos are sent to a city with complete freedom, but there are no laws or protections of any kind. Tumult.

Once chosen, you cannot back out. Dissenters of the system are hunted down and said to be thrown into the Chasms, the radiated divide between the two cities.

Our lore at-
"You don't become the Hokage to be acknowledged. The one who is acknowledged becomes the Hokage."
"The moment people come to know love, they run the risk of carrying hate." - naruto boruto

🔹🔷Fuuinjutsu Elite🔷🔹

by YamiGT1231
The Countries Simulation is a deep economic and political simulator. To get started, you pick a country. You get to make choices and watch your nation develop politically, culturally, economically, and militarily. If you have ever wanted economics and political simulator deeper than just Hearts of Iron or Civilization this will be up your alley. There are dozens of features that are all interlinked in many ways. All you need is a PC, mic and to be over 13. This game takes about 15-20 minutes a day. Build your Army, Navy, Air force. Be a Orwellian state with RODs in space that could kill everyone in the world, or be a peace loving state that brings the world together democratically
-Calling all Truckers-
Are you looking for a American Truck Simulator Community? Join us today and take part it great Convoys every weekend.
An Alternate Future of the World the THIRD part of the series! Floating around in a lost world and the only key to survival is COLLABORATION!
Join the Model United States today!

The Model United States is a Discord-based mock government simulation of the US federal government. It is looking for members. If you are interested in American politics, this is the place for you. The community realistically simulates the doings of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the US government. All people of all ages are welcome.

If you are interested in joining or want to learn more about the Model United States, please feel free to join our Discord or email us via [email protected] Thank you.
Come join to trade, sell, and have fun! We do a lot of giveaways as well. We also have the best pets available!
- Giveaways DAILY
- Third party selling (verified sellers)
16 years ago the Republic fell... The galaxy changed. And it's yours to take! Will you fight side to side in the ranks of the Empire. Or will you fight for freedom in the rebel alliance? Or will you hunt bounty's and rob mechant vessels? Are you a jedi running from the past? The choice is yours in this new galaxy!