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Are you looking for a private server on DayZ with rules centered on Realism: A blend of Roleplay and PVP? Well look no further, because thats exactly what Risen Phoenix is about! We are a free-to-play private server with multiple factions and full KOS capabilities, we have Server Events each month and channels for discussing trades while offline, and we also have a Reputation Meter that fluxuates minimally based on discord activity, or possibly quite a bit through gameplay interactions; holding up/killing people and leaving witnesses alive will affect negatively, etc... This is a "Light RP" server of good individuals, under the "Realism" jurisdiction that mainly consists of no hoarding and the base raiding times must be agreed upon by leaders to prevent it from happening offline. If this sound interesting to you, let me know and we can send you some an invite/more info!
Sup guys, so this is my first time with a server and I got like no one so i'd love it if you would join up. Peopke with the potential of being mods will be given mod status. TY
Join the ACNH Mini-game Server! This server hosts regular games like Fashion Shows and Total Drama Island. Here is a review!
“ Never sent in a review and it's 3AM but-

This server is amazing and even though I've been here only for a short amount of time, you guys have made me feel welcome and remind me of the old friends that I lost when my 3DS Nintendo Account got lost and my friend list was ruined lol

Basically you guys are like... Nostalgic for me. And I hope we become closer as the days go by! Thank you so much, all of you!”

We also host regular villager giveaways! Soon, we are giving away RAYMOND! We hope you enjoy the server <3
welcome to celeste's observatory ✧・゚: *✧ (:
we're a small, new animal crossing server. this is a place where you can chill, trade, and talk with other animal crossing players! we have an active, and interactive staff! we have cute emotes, giveaways, and fun bots like pokecord, and pancake! we'd love to have you!
🐶 - Super chill Animal Crossing server where anything goes with no judgment!

🐱 - Stay for a while & make some friends!

🐭 - We have a meme & anime chat channel. post your best memes/talk about your fav anime!

🐹 - Super organized, there’s a channel for everything!

🐰 - Owners/Mods are always active!!

🦊 - We have a variety of trade channels as well!

🐻 - We have shops with prices for anything you would like to buy!

🐷 - Tons of giveaways!!

👾 - We found a new duping glitch and we answer any questions you have about it on our server!

You won’t regret joining. Come & make some new friends & have good conversations!

We have recently added a Pokémon section for the new dlc and pokecord and who’s that poke bots, so come check it out! Pokémon giveaways sometimes happen!
Hello! I have a small youtube channel bases on aviation, flight simming, and mobile gaming. Your support is greatly appreciated! Join for some chatting, a welcoming environment, and meet some friends!
This is a server for people who want to get together to play Nintendo WFC enabled games using Wiimmfi. With an active community and some fun and enjoyable games with bots, we're sure you'll have a good time here!
This is a server that allows infinite flight pilots to enjoy their time playing infinite flight, we do group flights, Voice ATC, Friendly competitions, AND WE EVEN HAVE QUITE A FEW YOUTUBERS IN THE SERVER THAT ARE ALWAYS ACTIVE!!❤️
Your search is over! We are an upcoming Animal Crossing server, jam packed with future activities and giveaways! Daily free giveaways, sudden fast giveaways lasting only a few minutes with anything up for grabs! What are you waiting for? Join today!

🏆 DIYs Giveaway
⚡Lightning Fast Giveaway
📦Active Trading Chats (Furniture, Villager, you name it!)
💖Active & Welcoming Community
🍋Fruit Trades
👾Fun Bots
⭐Nitro boosted level 1

Currently in the process of incorporating Pokemon trading into AC trading
This server is a fresh start for everyone - there is no over-present lore, stories are solely player driven, and everyone starts on the same level.

Quasar Orbit is a Sci-Fi NLRP set in 2575. The galaxy is fresh and ripe for the taking. Across the galaxy, civilizations are developing their own forms of faster than light travel. No longer bounded by their home star, states may now extend their influence to other systems and come into contact with alien life. How will you engage with this new universe? The opportunity is calling, make haste!
Welcome to the Hydra Head-Hunters! We are a semi-modern milsim group that is currently getting its wheels on the ground. We are open to all so long as you know when to listen and be competent (and aren't a squeaker). As the Zeus, i'm making a custom timeline that will start in 2020 and end in 2022 (in game time). Leadership positions are available so come on in and check us out!
need money in dank memer? well do it here.
need pokemon in pokecord? do it here
this is a growing server, so pls invite others
A server about the FREE online browser flight simulator GeoFS. On this server we also talk about aviation, current aviation news, and even a bit of random stuff like ice cream toppings. We are looking for more members, and we would LOVE to have you on!

Please come on down to the GeoFS Server, we hope to see you soon
An American government simulator where everyone is welcome, we encourage everyone no matter the ideology to join. Have some fun, and join us today!
Onward MilSim is a military simulation group based in the VR game Onward. We're focused on maximizing realism. If you're interested in joining, feel free, one of the officers or battalion leaders will run you through the entry program.
Somos una comunidad muy amigable y activa que disfruta jugando y hablando sobre Animal Crossing.

- Concursos y sorteos con premios exclusivos (objetos del juego y dibujos personalizados)
- Emotes únicos
- Canales para otros juegos
- Canales para compartir tus dibujos o creaciones artísticas
- Diferentes roles asignables y un sistema de niveles

¡Esperamos que te unas! :D
Into Racing? Every dreamed of being in a team with your friends and watching yourself race on the big screen? Wait no more, as Joy is in the works of making a customised racing Championship: Generation 1!
 Welcome to The Stalk Market
What is in our discord server??
 ❀. Friendly & SFW environment!
 ❀. Active members
 ❀. Custom roles & emotes!
 ❀. Market category to trade & sell!
 ❀. Daily calendar with villager birthdays & events
 We also have:
 • Giveaways ♤
 • Events ♞
 • High turnip prices daily

♩   ♫   ♪▐│ Please join us! │▌♩   ♫   ♪
╱╳╲⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀╱╳╲
looking for a new server we have the best of both worlds database, fx server... with five pd and add on call outs!!, arma3, mine craft, and dayz.
Don't have to worry about being lost in a big server as command we get to know everyone that joins. We are one big family and make many new friends. Join our family :)
Please note that this server abides by Discord's rules, so anybody under 13 will be banned and reported. Thanks for understanding.

This is a friendly My Singing Monsters Server! There is a place to share friend codes and discuss your new monsters. You can also compete in server challenges for special ranks and roles. The best part -- there is a cool bot that will tell you breeding combinations, likes, and so much more. What are you waiting for, join now!
this is a fun discord server with lots of channels to talk and visit with friends and this sever is mainly about BGS (bubble gum simulator) you can trade pets and see new updates on my YouTube channel, their will also be pet giveaways There are also voice chat rooms to talk with friends, and if you are the first 1k people to join the server you will have a special chat color (purple) The more you level up the cooler text colors you get. So if you like roblox or BGS you should come on over and have a blast!