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╔═ ஓ๑🏛️Welcome To🏛️๑ஓ ═╗
NatiΩn Ωf Athens

👥 Who Are We?
We represent a Bedrock Edition Minecraft Markeplace Company, but in this server we are also a community.

❓ What’s in it for you?
🌐 Join the Survival Multi-Player Realm, or SMP. Your work won’t be destroyed, we have staff to handle issues, and you have a ton of people to build with!

🗣️ Share your minecraft builds, skins, or just chat MC in the dedicated channels.

💯 More realms, channels, marketplace goods will be revealed overtime. Help us with constructive feedback and suggestions.

Checkout what else we offer in Nation of Athens by joining.
Dominator's Lands one of the Top Rising Survival Server with 1.16.3 version supporting 1.16x and full of custom plugins , WorldWide PVP , ECONOMY ,GIVEAWAYS ,LATEST ,with Discord Server and A Websitewe wish for around 500 gamers be with us and join to real play of minecraft servers.Must try!
50 MEMBERS ✅ ( ^∇^)
100 MEMBERS ✅ ( ^∇^)
150 MEMBERS ✅ ( ^∇^)
250 MEMBERS ❌ (╯︵╰,)
350 MEMBERS ❌ (╯︵╰,)
500 MEMBERS ❌ (╯︵╰,)

(╯°□°)--︻╦╤─ - - - Join us Today to have awesome perks on our server!
ʕ•͡-•ʔ ฅʕ•̫͡•ʔฅ ╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑
Broken Valor is a US based medieval fantasy RP Server. Our server owners are very experienced, and our moderation team is incredibly friendly and helpful! Additionally, we have two custom mods developed for BVRP alone, custom assets, a unique system for claiming land plots, and a wonderful community full of excellent roleplayers! Our new season begins November 1st!
Want to experience anarchy without everyone hacking? And without having to play on one of those "vanilla" servers where you can't grief or raid, then join Simply Vanilla. Simply Vanilla is a Vanilla Anarchy server where the ONLY rule is no hack clients. Similar to 2b2t, but without everyone using cheats, and the very long queues. Other than the no hacking rule, the server has absolutely NO other rules and NO other game-changing plugins. The server is completely Vanilla. Feel free to raid and grief bases, team up, build empires and kingdoms, and say whatever you want in chat. The server has never been reset and never will be. Join Today!
CatCraft has great ambitions to become the greatest survival server in the world, with some awesome features to back us up!
We feature a unique player experience while also maintaining the core-aspect of a semi-vanilla survival gameplay.
Welcome to the Uncraftables Server!

This is a Minecraft server which is only for java 1.16.3 and further on.:Uncraftables:

We have Dank Memer which you can play with for 24/7 as long as you like :PeepoPing:

This server has only got 2 boost which was by me. :CuteBlueThing:

We hope to see you on our Minecraft server good luck and have fun in there

Very cheap coins.

0.35$/mil TODAY ONLY!!! HURRY!

10 Invites - 4 mil
25 invites - 12 mil
50 invites - 28 mil
100 invites - 60 mil

Fastest way to earn/buy money in skyblock. Do some invite rewards for money, Fast support.
This is where you can become the ultimate shinobi! Come join us to unlock your inner Rinnegan!
No encuentras discords activos o interesantes?
entonces este es el indicado!
el discord es sobre minecraft pero tambien se puede hablar de otros temas!.
Contamos con bots y roles intereantes para hacer al discord de lo mejor de su agrado
| ✨ In a nutshell, this is what the server's like: ✨
| _____________________________________
| - Recommended Collab Invites (Actual serious collabs) 🔥
| - Collab promotion text channels. (Promote your collabs.)
| - Decoration/Layout feedback from experienced players. 😍
| - A community that's full of verifiers, video recorders, layout makers,
| decorators, and many other people. ❤️
| Join today! 👍
This is a community run server for chatting about Minecraft Bedrock Edition commands, interacting with others, and getting help with commands.
Hi! Welcome to the Discord for RegularSMP! In this Minecraft SMP, we have plugins like MCMMO, Essentials and more! Consider joining! To play, you will need to be whitelisted. Have fun!
Bonjour, toi, oui toi ! Tu joues au jeu Worldbox depuis déjà un moment et tu te dis qu'un mode multijoueur serais cool ? Et bien en attendant que ce soit ajouté au jeu, Flonia's Account ™ a crée un serveur RP Worldbox ou vous pouvez prendre le rôle d'un personnage du jeu, je m'explique ; si par exemple vous souhaitez être un roi, et bien il suffit de MP Flonia's Account ™#3939 et elle créera le royaume sur la map (qu'elle héberge en quelques sortes) le royaume aura le nom que vous lui donnerez et sur le serveur Discord, vous aurez vôtre propre salon avec le nom de votre royaume. Si vous souhaitez rejoindre l'aventure et en savoir plus, voici le lien :
Welcome to Lost Lands Redux RPG Survival Server!
We started our server a with the idea to make a friendly survival server.
So if you want to be a part of a growing lore and community, or just play normal survival out in the wilderness, this server is for you!
✵─────| Islands Community |─────✵
Islands Community is a recently made Roblox Islands server.
We are one of the most active Islands servers in Discord!

✵──✵ What We Offer: ✵──✵
We offer many things such as:

└➤ Massive Giveaways!
└➤ Loyal Staff!
└➤ Active Owner!
└➤ Awesome Partners!
└➤ Huge Invite Rewards!
└➤ And more...

Join Islands Community today!
Invite Rewards:
10 invites = 75 starfruit seeds
15 invites = access to an exclusive 15 invites giveaway channel
20 invites = 200 starfruit seeds
30 invites = 400 starfruit seeds
50 invites = 700 starfruit seeds
80 invites = 1500 starfruit seeds
100 invites = 2000 starfruit seeds

Welcome to Homiecraft, a Minecraft server network with a few different types of server.
- A whitelist survival server with a few plugins (Hermitcraft inspired but still different)
- Kingdoms of the Earth (A raid/towny/factions like server but with custom code and unique type of game-play like cities that every player can build and that can be besieged by other players)
- A mini games server that is currently under development
Other than that we have a great and growing community with friendly members and we are always open for player input in what to do next and make the network better.
(NO we are NOT currently looking for staff)
Servidor de Minecraft que actualmente (26/09/20) cuenta con las modalidades: (1.7-1.12) (Todas las versiones entre medio)
A new Minecraft city simulation server

FinanceCraft is a real life simulation server! We have a complex capitalistic economy with a large and active playerbase!

Join the Government
FinanceCraft has an American style democracy with a senate, house of representatives, a president, and a supreme court. Elections are heald every 2 months, and you can run for office!

Get a job
FinanceCraft has a almost a dozen different jobs to choose from! Each job has their own specific tasks that earn you money. You can also sell the goods you produce in one of the many city shop spaces available.

FinanceCraft has over a dozen custom vehicles including sports cars, tanks, helicopters, planes, submarines, and more! Vehicles can be purchased at various different locations or bought from other players
Join now!

This Server Is Based On Minecraft, we have a minecraft server which includes amazing gamemodes, come play now!
Official server for the BlockCity Creative minetest server. A great community of minetest players. Get minetest at