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|| Hermits of Tomorrow Discord ||

Welcome, Minecrafter! This is a friendly Minecraft SMP server in the style of the popular Hermitcraft server - we're using the Hermitcraft S6 map for this season. On this server, you can find separate districts for distinct build styles including a shopping district, community events, as well as plans for public/community builds such as arenas. We try to keep the server vanilla, but we do have a few datapacks such as:
- One player sleep
- Timber
- Double shulker shell drops
for the sake of everyone's sanity. Feel free to post suggestions for the server or events at any time, and we'll consider them! Right now we need more active players to contribute to the community. You'll be asked to fill in a brief application, and after review (usually within a day), you'll be welcomed to the server!
Needless to say, our staff are very amiable players and will treat you with respect and integrity. We're currently at the start of a new season, so don't be hesitant to join - you'll catch up in no time! There aren't many rules, but we do expect you to be somewhat mature. Hope you'll join the fun!
We are a community driven Pixelmon server with wonderful staff there to help you. We have lots of attractive features set up for you to enjoy as well.
Hello! I'm Alaruthe the owner of Minecraft erp, you may call me Al. Do you want to try and find a new server to roleplay in your lovely minecraft? can't find the right minecraft RP discord server you're looking for? well you're in look, we're here to let you know that we just opened up a new RP server for Minecraft erp. and before you join, no we don't have an actual minecraft server and don't plane on making one anytime soon so sorry about that. This server was actually a remake from another server that happened years ago so now we're trying to revive it. enjoy and be sure to put in suggestions on anything that's missing and I or the others work on it to make it right. or tell you no if it's just a bad idea. otherwise come over and have some fun!
we are a new ark discord server we plan to get servers on ps4 for the game but right now its just to chill until we get servers
Social Islands is a social avatar networking site with an online multiplayer sandbox platform. Players can buy, sell or trade items and customize their characters.

Players can also edit, develop and play Islands with other players this is just a small range of activites amongst others Social Islands supports.
Are you a Minecraft Server owner looking to advertise or a Player looking for a Minecraft server to join?
We aim to provide a place where a server owner can advertise their server or servers in a community that specialises in Minecraft Server Advertising.

But also where players can find servers for the Version/Modpack they are looking for.
Hello! I am Zekhartha, owner of Aurora Craft! I am here to advertise it, to put it simply. We are a year-ish old Realm and are always looking for new members! We do, however, have an application for all new members to fill out!

Upon filling the application out please be sure you meet the following prerequisites;

- You must be 18+
- Have a Discord (obviously)
- Follow all the rules and guidelines of our player handbook!

Be sure to be descriptive on your application! We hope to see you soon

- Zekhartha
Hello and welcome to our lovely server: Iron Towns~A *Java* 1.15.2 server! We are thrilled to have you be apart of this ever growing and friendly community ^w^ Respect and care for our members is something we aim for to give you the best experience, while making sure everyone feels right at home! :) And that's only just a few reasons why you should stick around and meet some amazing people within this server! X3 On our lovely minecraft server we offer a wide variety of gameplay to suit all players! We have a towny survival world with mcmmo, jobs, and more to come such as quests, minigames, and even SEASONS!! We update with new features to keep things lively! You will most definitely find a home here! Iron Towns is a no pvp, no griefing, and no raiding server. We hope you will enjoy your stay!


Iron Towns is a wonderful server to hang out, be yourself, and feel right at home in! We offer:

✧ Our very own active Minecraft Server!
✦ A very friendly and welcoming community and staff!
✧ Towny survival!
✦ Jobs for your own in game experience!
✦ A high resolution Dynmap!
✧ Quests (In Active development! Coming Soon!)
✦ Events and Updates!

And so much more!

So stop on by! You definitely won't be feeling lonely ^w^ we're all your friends here!

OUR IP: (currently on minecraft JAVA 1.15.2!)


Can't wait to see you there! Thank you! ♡
Set in a universe much like our own, The Very Thing We See takes place in a alternative reality where humanity, despite the odds, has discovered interstellar space travel. Humanity's lack of awareness of the dangers around them, may indeed, perhaps lead to their very downfall.

In the year 2000, an alien race formally known as “The Lanchkies” neared human solar systems, eventually stumbling upon “Voyager 2” a space probe containing information of the basic human anatomy and earth’s location; parallel to the sun. A response mirroring the information given in the voyager was sent to earth for humans to find, they eventually did and chaos ensued shortly.

Having sent Voyager 2 themselves, NASA had the upper hand, but rumors spread quickly and the U.S was warned not to take action just yet. Finally; The NASA, SETI, European Space Agency, China National Space Administration and other extraterrestrial committees present around the world.. came to an agreement and the GAETC (Global Administration of Extra-Terrestrial Contact) was founded, working with all Earth’s Great Powers’ but adjacent to them.

This process took 10 years to accomplish and in the year of 2014, the GAETC was made public, after the human race had not only already sent their replies, but now had direct methods of communication with the Lanchkies.

As of 2017, humans had already visited Orsisnois and Lanchkies had visited Earth, a peaceful bond arranged with them where tons of equal exchanges were made; this helped humanity overcome some of their limitations regarding space exploration, spaceships able to travel to other worlds were built and contact between regular civilians and other species was slowly introduced.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly, Earth had managed not to go into complete chaos and as of 2021 other worlds had been visited, lines of communication with the Lanchkies were now more abundant than ever. To our misfortune, the first trip to Slaxxr was carried out, and suddenly we had unwanted attention upon us; The Tabblinks had their eyes on humans as a species and it suffices to say the agents sent to the trip did not come back.

Now it's 2022 and the Chaos begins.
~Written by the server's admin, Tokger.

The Very Thing We Seek is where you are capable of making multiple different alien race, where they would be playable by others or just you. Creations made by you can be made on already premade planets or on other's planets (with permission), or just have their own! They'll follow a format (and be submitted to the species lore) or will be described by the owner (or the admins) in the species lore!

Colour roles! We have already made ones and or ones you can request!

Fun for the whole server! We're always expanding the amount of bots we have, and are willingly to take request.

Google doc format is a little complicated! We have a simplified version too! You don't have to be professional, after all, we all write in our own ways!

So my question still stands, why don't you give it a attempt?

OWNERS NOTE: This server is pretty big (in terms of channels and categories) and we're still a major wip.
Baba's Recoveries is a place where you can get the cheapest and fastest recoveries for GTA 5 Online!
⛧ We are an amazing community for our minecraft bedrock server ⛧

✧ Our server was constructed by bare atoms at of some of these very things ✧
・.・We have:
✭ Tons of channels and roles
☆ Active text and voice channels
✭ Assignable Roles
☆ Custom color roles

.....and more!

★⋆. Join our friendly little community

✧・゚ If you join, try to be active! We do inactive clearouts every few months to keep it tidy and active
If you love OP-Prison servers, then this is the place for you! Risen Cloud is a server revolving around our most popular server prison, however me have many other game modes such as: Skyblock, Creative and Factions!

We have Unique plugins and features, join may others in prison in their mission to rise through the prestiges, acensions and rebirths, , while enjoying hundreds of cosmetics extras in Prison, conquer bases and survive battles in Factions, and show your building brilliance and skill in Creative. Skyblock takes you back to basics, with its own twist.

**And we also have..**
.. An active community
.. Great staff
.. Lots of giveaways
.. A friendly community
.. Game tournaments

**So what're you waiting for? Join us today!**
**IP:** For more information see:
We are an active community who play on a Minecraft server I own the Minecraft server and make YT videos about it. Join for a fun and nice community and a chance to be in a YT video.
Unofficial english Community server for the multiplayer survival game called Last Day Rules: Survival.
Best server yet. With up to date patch notes and server news.
We are the offical discord server for the Minecraft network known as Mint Network. We strive to be the upmost friendly community. Feel free to join us!
Gamma's RP is a scripted role-play YouTube series that follows the villain of a medieval era as he does acts in the gray areas of morality. As the villain builds a huge empire of minions and invents a lot of steampunk technology, a knight and his love interest discover the villain's evil plot to take over the world. The ending leaves the viewer to wonder who was truly the villain?
Hello, me and mine friends made an free robux giveaways 2 server. If you don’t trust it check #proof
This is the Super Mario Maker 2 server, where everyone is welcome to chat about anything Mario Maker 2. We have multiple chats dedicated to level sharing, multiplayer with friends, ninji speedruns, level feedback, content creation, and more! We also have 5,000+ other members who want to have fun playing Super Mario Maker 2. Come join us and our community and have fun!
Promotional video:
This server is a growtopia based server where you can trade items and sell diamond locks.
Mostly family friendly server that is home to our Minecraft server's active players