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Gaming server for: Terraria, Starbound, Stardew Valley, Minecraft, RuneScape, Roblox, and Age of Empires.
Close knit minecraft server (java edition). Survival with claiming and creative plots. Server is up 24/7 and we have a lot of playful people. Factions and mini games coming soon.

Come join the dream!
Welcome to Minecraft Earth's first ever Discord server: Minecraft Earthlings!
This server aims to offer a place to chat and learn about Minecraft Earth's new updates, sharing our opinions and creating a community around it.
TerraWorld Is cool also partner with us

We have all platforms and active community
Looking for more? Save some time...
Join the DayZ Xbox Community Hub
and look no further:

The #1 One Stop Shop for all of your DayZ on Xbox needs:
》Responsive and active staff team throughout community
》Mil-Sim channel for chat and network
》Role Play channel for chat and network
》Outlet for content creators, streamers, gfx designers etc.
》Automatic Tweets from DayZ Twitter
》Listings of active factions & team leaders
》 + much, much, more!
EDawg878 Official Discord | Karaoke | Memes | Art | Building Posts | Active Community of 600+ | Helpful/Friendly Staff | Custom Bot | Accepting & Inclusive.

EDawg878 is a creative minecraft server. We were established in 2012 as a factions server, and in late 2013 transitioned into a successful creative server.
We host karaoke competitions, have helpful and friendly staff, memes, and an active community with over 600+ members.
RedMatter is a Terraria Mod made with tModLoader,
it is on the ModBrowser and on our official website. (Can be down Sometimes)
The mod gets frequent updates and is a content mod.
In the heart of Africa, deep within the jungles, begins the first step to humanity. You will evolve from our ape ancestors in a small clan, and will develop a culture, an identity, and humanity physically and mentally on your journey. What will you be? A hero? A villain? Whatever you choose, big or small, will have ripple effects on all of humanity.
Looking for new recruits for an upcoming hytale server I am creating. Everything will be funded for when hytale fully releases. If you would like to join and help the brand new community feel free to come by our discord. First members will be given staff positions and perks after full release.
We are a family friendly server and always but the players experience at heart and are proudly sponsored by xPulse and would love to grow our player base!
Official Minecraft PS4 Edition discord server
500+ members & growing!
Meme bot! Music bot! Raffle bot!
Meet other console players like you!
Get questions about the game answered!
Monthly PSN Currency Lotteries!

Hope to see you there (:
Welcome to Duccio's server! The server is about terraria and terraria online, but you can join it the same even if you don't play it! There are a lot of games with bots and a cool leveling-up system with roles rewards! Also you will know when I will post new terraria videos! So join it and we will be glad to welcome you! Bye!! :D
Embark on a journey of adventure and creativity on the best Hytale Discord ! Hytale is a new game from Hypixel Studios. Hytale game updates, news & more
We are a growing Minecraft server that aims to make Minecraft enjoyable!
`Join the fun in our amazing little server full of amazing people. We talk about many things including Coding, Gaming and Music! By coming here and talking with us you can make new friends and even take part in fun conversations and events. We mainly concentrate around minecraft but if you are interested in something else we will consider adding a category for it!
Ever wanted to just PvP with others on Minecraft?
Well now you can, just click that join button down below.

Brizormene PvP is a KitPvP Minecraft server where you can kill other players for in-game currency to buy better kits and to get better in your pvping skills. If you don't want to play on the minecraft server you can still chat with others on the discord and or listen to music with Rythm.
Oficjalny discord Sieci Serwerów KresMC! Mamy przyjazną administrację! Zagraj z nami! Strona internetowa:
We are mainly a Minecraft server, but we have other things you can enjoy like Karaoke, Events, Giveaways, and Chatting. We are still in development, but we hope you enjoy your stay! Feel free to invite your friends as well!
A server to chill, crack a cold one and play some minecraft (still on beta and looking for potential staff)
Join the Hytale Discord! Website: | Forums:
_**<~|Welcome to Shadow Trades|~>**_ @everyone

Meet staff member that are willing to help anyone with anything whether it life problem or question in discord. Also we have application forms for anyone want to apply for staff

**<~|activities|~>**We have many activities even though the server is a STW Trading. We have Battle royale, Storm Shield Defense, The Game Of Life, And FNF [Friday Night Fortnite]. Also we have a music channel.

We have weekly giveaways on Fortnite STW

Everyone in the discord including staff are really friendly towards any topic [excluding Politics]

We have many interactive bots with meme bots to a game of life bot. We have many different channels to talk in [including NSFW channel].

_**<~|We Hope you would enjoy the server|~>**_