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Sons Of Midgard is a fresh RPPvP server that takes on a kingdom style RP, allowing our members to become rulers of their own kingdoms and all the while tell us the the story of their exiles rise to power. Stats are slightly boosted and loot is dropped on death, we hope to see you there and be able to live in your story with you!
Come and Join if you want to meet new people to play Minecraft Bedrock Edition with!
DayZ Community Hub is the leading unofficial community-based server on Discord and is glad to announce our decision to provide an outlet of resources and socialization for both XB1 and PS4 players alike!

Join the DayZ Community Hub!

The #1 One Stop Shop for all of your DayZ on Console needs:
》NEW! Playstation Category to Welcome the newest addition to our family of survivors!
》Original Hit Channels like: DCH Bounties, Killfeeds, Daily Journals, + more
》Territories Claimed, Bad News List, and Declarations of War for Leaders
》Two 24 Hour music dedicated voice channels with full access for members to utilize while playing or chatting
》DCH Rewards, Rankings, and booming server economy system with in-server minigames.
》Partnerships with DayZ SC, iZurvive, and The NETWORk* on Discord
》Responsive and active staff team throughout community
》Free Agent + Looking For Group sections
》Mil-Sim channel for chat and network
》Role Play channel for chat and network
》HC 1PP section for chat and network
》Outlet for content creators, streamers, gfx designers etc.
》Automatic Tweets from DayZ Twitter
》Channels for DayZ Tips, iZurvive App & Site, and DayZ of Being Dead Comics
》Ease of access link to BiStudio Feedback Tracker and DayZ Wiki
》Listings of active factions & team leaders throughout various recognized communities of Discord + FB
》 + much, much, more!
Join the ShadowNation discord server to get access to the latest updates of our OP factions server!
NitroCraft is the discord server belonging to the NitroCraft Minecraft server. You can chat with our players and apply for staff. We offer a wide variety of people and games on top of being based around minecraft, as well as a chill place to relax and vent about toxicity and drama. Things on the discord include:
- Multiple chats, to spam away in one place and game in another
- Staff Applications for both Discord and Minecraft
- Fun Bots like Pokécord and Dice rolling
- Chat with In-Game Minecraft players on the channel without needing the game open
- Memes Channel, Art Channel, Music Channel, Youtube channel, and even some designated for those who need to spam
- Events and Giveaways
- Friendly members worldwide
And more for you to discover!
TNSM is a Nintendo Switch Terraria based Server.
Why should you join us over any other server?
- Simple server layout
- Easy to navigate
- Active community
- Very few rules
- 3 major bots
- Terraria Nintendo Switch only!
What are you waiting for? Join us today!
Terrariacord! The place where Terrarians from different worlds meet up and chat! 💭
⚠️ UPDATE: Looking for server partners. If you are interested in partnering, please DM tallnecked#7039. (Still looking for partners, April 12th)
We support PS4 (PlayStation 4), XBOX,
Mobile and PC!
What does the server have that interests me, you may ask? 🤔

➖A community of Terraria players looking for a friend or looking to play!
➖🎶3 Music Bots🎶
➖Custom roles and ranks
➖r/terraria for your daily terraria posts from Reddit!
➖Seasonal and Special Events 📅
➖Terraria News
A quick server review is much appreciated. Even if you join and leave the server, I always appreciate feedback. ❤️
OlympianMC – Classic Factions Revamped
Get ready for the newest and most advanced factions server to date. This server has been almost 3 months in the making. The economy is balanced, bugs have been patched and cannoning is flawless. With the help of our amazing investors who contributed over 2,000 USD to this season alone, we were able to assemble the best setup and configuration team money can buy. The wait is nearly over, and we are finally releasing the official discord to the public.
We are for minecraft-playing players to play playfully. :3
if youre a woman who likes other women, playing minecraft, and playing minecraft with other women, this server is for you!! 14+ only pls!!
Server where weird people can come and talk about minecraft together
Hey you, looking for a server on Disboard. Yeah I'm talking to you! Are you looking for a Minecraft server that you can really have fun on and meet cool people to play with? Well here's your place buddy! :]

Here in Active Mineshaft, we have lots of fun things for you to do!
- Partnerships
- Reach roles
- Staff applications
- Fun new people to meet
- And so much more!

So what are you waiting on you weenie, join us!
a server for the ark mods made by jordanisgreat
If you are reading this, then congratulations. You have been selected, by invitation or otherwise, to the most top secret government foundation in the history of mankind, The SCP Foundation.

We are a Minecraft community that's creating an SCP world in Minecraft, but we need your help! We have different roles for different jobs, and are still in progress of building the base. If you're in the building department, come help us with the building!
so i got bored of playing stardew by myself ..,,, so i made a server.
its unprofessional, needs work and probably wont grow that much but
join pls i really wanna play stardew with more than one person like i have no frens.
In need of an OP Prison server Look no further than SODAPVP. We are a community who loves to grind, interact and play together. We love our community of players and seek to give them the best Prison experience out there. We take all suggestions and consider them and love to host events and see the server grow. Features of the server are: Autosell, Token Enchants, Crates, Good Economy Much More. If you play SODAPVP expect many features too be added and a friendly community and staff team who loves to see new players come and fit in with the community. Come check us out! There is nothing to lose!
Hallo liebe Baumeisterinnen und Baumeister, hier auf unserem Server dreht sich alles um Super Mario Maker.
Hier könnt ihr euch mit anderen Levelbauern unterhalten, Tipps, Ideen sowie Level-IDs austauschen und werdet auch über entsprechende Streams oder Lets Plays informiert.
In diesem Sinne, setzt euren Schutzhelm auf, nehmt Blöcke und Gumbas zur Hand und frohes Levelbauen.
Hello And Welcome To PlexCraft!
What we offer:
❦ **Come join PlexCraft!** ❦

We are a server which is going My to be specialized in **Factions and KitPvP**.We will also have other fun minigames such as:
⊱ *Mazes*
⊱ *Dropper*
⊱ *Parkour*
✿ *and many more to come!*

**«☆»** Don’t miss out our events which are coming soon!

**«☆»** We are also hiring staff members all the time, and we have positions opened for Builder + Moderator.

What are you waiting for? JOIN NOW!

PORT: 25722

Please don’t forget to vote for us for epic rewards:
*Coming Soon*
This Minecraft server is a Java Edition only discord server.
If you don't have Java Edition this server won't be the server for you since no one will have Window 10 Edition or consoles.

We officially focus only on the Java Edition Minecraft in this Discord Server!

If you're interesting in joining our server and have fun and play minecraft with our community.

Join Now!
This server is a family friendly Roblox Discord Server and also for fans of Dustyy_Rustyy (sub to him btw). There are active members every day to communicate with! There is an off topic channel if you want to talk about other stuff!


P.S. Read the rules first.
We are a friendly group, who play minecraft quite often. We are a Factions Minecraft server, with an FTop of up to $100. The server is 24/7, so join any time.