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₊‧✩₊˚ ACNH Discord Server ˚₊✩‧₊
A safe space for all members of the Animal Crossing New Horizons community to socialize and make friends.

Server channels for:
⤏ making friends
⤏ trading: items, villagers, and turnip prices
⤏ sharing: qr codes, wish lists, island inspo, and memes
⤏ 18+ chat and 420 friendly chat
⤏ and more!

Weekly Events:
Ex: Movie Night, Cataloging Event, Giveaway, Fashion Week, Themed Nights, Terraforming Competition, Voice Chats, and much more!
3000+ members
LGBT friendly
fun emotes
Other games: Minecraft, Stardew Valley, and Smash Bros
active fortnite friend group that does drafts, vod reviews, 1v1's, and scrims daily, if you are not active then you will be kicked, serious inquires only
Se tout nouveau serveur bien d'arriver en France !!!

et aussi giveaway au 10 membres 😲

Se serveur discord contiendra des giveaway, events,et plus d'autre choses avec les mises a jours a venir propose tes suggestion avec le salon suggestion sa nous ferai plaisir.

donc qu'est-ce que tu attends pour le rejoindre ?
Butterpup is an Animal Crossing community with the goal of recruiting kind and helpful people. We host fun events including contests and giveaways, as well as free DIY swaps and item cataloging. Join our community for the latest tips & tricks, or to give yourself a break from crowded Discord servers!

Butterpup offers:
- Split profit turnip runs (earn 20M+ bells in just a few hours)
- Regular giveaways, contests and events
- Free villager DIY crafting visits; fair item & DIY trades
- Free cataloging events
- Free Celeste, Redd, Kicks, Leif and meteor shower events
- Complete Amiibo Card (Series 1-4) poster inventory for orders

If you're looking for a fun & helpful Discord community, Butterpup is here to welcome you!
Welcome to the FireIce server! This discord server is mainly for the FireIce minecraft server, which has minigames such as Disasters, Missile Wars, and Deathswap. Share memes, talk about projects in minecraft, and in general just hang out!

IGNIS is a ROBLOX clothing group / Discord server looking to expand its community. We focus on 'aesthetic' clothing and merchandise, such as shirts with YouTuber quotes!

If you're interested in topics such as Minecraft, Tiktok, cartoons, musical theatre and more, there will 100% be clothing to suit your need!

- Lots of bots
- A friendly, laid-back community
- Clothing requests!
- Regular events + giveaways

Please consider joining, we'd love to have you! :)
Welcome to Projekt World Box! The "k" is very intentionally, we does know grammer. Anyways, this place is where we hang out, chat, and occasionally yell at each other for things that happened on our public minecraft server! If you or a loved one also loves to occasionally yell at people, then this server might be the solution for you!

*The message above was mainly a joke. Please don't act like a total jerk on our server. Side effects of joining this server may include, but is not limited to: an uncontrollable urge to play minecraft, some mild gamer rage, and an overall feeling of existential dread as you ponder why you joined this random thing on the internet just because you read this.

Join Projekt World Box today!
A server for people who like Roblox Islands!
Come here to trade, talk about Islands, ask questions, and more!
Here we have a fandom to talk about yakuza any yakuza fan is appreciated if you played all the games or just starting out so why not just join
Join Metaverse MC today!


Join us today!
In questo server puoi giocare con dei bot che ti ambientano come se fossi veramente su Minecraft
Non ci credi? Entra!
▶ IP: ◀

We're a Minecraft Bedrock Server with a large variety of fun minigames to play! Our goal is to bring the best experience to players, which is why we really want to hear your feedback for us to improve! Join us on Discord or follow us on Twitter (@SkyBladeMC) to stay up-to-date!

To summarise, here's a list of things that we offer:
- SkyWars ⚔
- CoreWars (BedWars Equivalent) 🛡
- TNT Run 🧨
- Clash (All-vs-All PvP) 💘
- Spleef ⛏
- Bow Spleef 🌠
- One in the Chamber 🏹
- MINE IT (Mining Game) 🛠
- SPLAT (Team Paintball) 🐱‍👤
- Build Battle 👷‍♂️
- Punch (Sumo Equivalent) 👊
- Free-Build Creative 🏗
- Daily Rewards ✨
- Rewards System with Shop 🧰
- Over 30 Game Unlocks to Collect 💥
- Game Statistics and Leaderboards 🔢
- Monthly Tournaments 🏆

So, what are you waiting for? Grab some friends and get playin'!

As a welcome, run '/redeem' in-game and enter code 'WELCOME' for a reward!

We can't wait to see you online! :)
> **__PoisonMCBE__**
> **What we offer:**
> **•** Custom plugins
> **•** Custom enchants
> **•** Souls
> **•** PvP
> **•** Koth
> **•** Relics
> **•** Spawners
> **•** Raiding shop
> **•** Hordes
> **•** **Great staff, Community & Much More**
> **•**
> **• Giveaways every 50 Members**
> **•**
> **•** **Server Info**
> **• IP:
> • PORT: 19132
> •
> • Status: Under development
> •
> • Vote:
> •
> • Buycraft:
> •
> • Twitter: @McbePoison
> •
> • Discord:
> • Enjoy your stay**
hola chavales os gusta el rol? os gusta el survival? bueno pues gente este es vuestro server 24/7 tanto staff como server AVISO INPORTANTE TIENE MODS Y ES PARA LA 1.12.2 cualquier cosa mas informacion esta en el discord
Hello from the Piggy Fan Server! This is a server based on the Peppa Pig based escape game on ROBLOX called Piggy. Piggy is a game in which the gameplay is largely based off of Granny. We’re possibly the Piggy fan Discord server aside from the official one, with 1200 human members and counting, a prestigious establishment with 20+ channels, including channels for memes, art and discussing Piggy, and 9 fun bots, including a Countr setup with infinite counting, and daily QOTDs. Daily Piggy/100 Players Piggy game nights, plus occasional double game night days. Come join us, and immerse yourself in a server with a fond love of Piggy! See you there!
Hello 👋

This is a community server for all to enjoy for builders to players from java to bedrock, share your hard work and support the team!
EnderNova is a aspiring bedrock group of talented content creators creating realms and maps with the intent to achieve marketplace goals!

Join us! 😄
Are you ready to join the randiest DayZ server on PS4?

- New players are always welcome 💪
- Trader base and in game economy 💲
- Factions and base raiding at weekends ⚔️
- KOS server wide (except safe zones) with RP 🔫
- Boosted loot ++
- 22 slots with dedicated kill feed ☠️
- Swords & Weed 🌿
- Uberz available 🚕
- Worldwide community from Europe, Oceania, America and Asia 🌍

We look forward to you joining!
Eden United is a bedrock build team which aims to create beautiful Minecraft maps and structures for our community to dive into and enjoy .
Our members stem from every corner of the world and our range Minecraft talents cover everything from organics to detailing , commands to architecture.

This server is where anyone interested in the Eden United community can come together and chat or participate in our wonderful range of media and events.
Currently in development are lore comics , community challenges and of course, Minecraft maps being created as we speak.

Our engagement with the community is constantly expanding so be sure to stick around for the full experience!
Picture Roll is a server for finding random images. How it works: Players will DM an Administrator who is online, and they will ask to do an image roll. If the Admin agrees, the player may continue to make a request. There are 5 channels with images posted to them. Only Admins and Moderators can see these. Each image in these channels has a number. The channels are labeled with numbers. A player will request a channel number (A number between 1 and 5), then either "Random" or "Favorite". Random will mean that the Admin will use a random number generator, then search in your channel for the number. Favorite will mean that the Admin will send their favorite image from that channel. Then, they will send the player the result. Thank you for playing Picture Roll!