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This is a server who welcomes all gamers to come join us and have some fun! Come and even introduce us to new games!!
this is a roblox gaming community

feel free to join
and enjoy your stay
The official discord server of AquilaMC, an upcoming 1.8.9+ OP Prison/KitPvP server.
Ich habe diesen Community Discord erstellt, da ich ausschließlich englische Server gefunden habe. Ich habe mir viel Mühe gegeben alles gut vorzubereiten und freue mich auf neue Mitglieder. Ich habe eine "Helfer" und eine "Mod" Rolle erstellt, damit man sich in jeder Gelegenheit an jemanden kompetenten wenden kann.
Viel Spaß und Glück in eurer neuen Community!
LG Toaster
IP: | Web: | Discord:
|| Spooncraft is a Community Survival server currently running 1.13, with extra features like Double XP days, Towny, Jobs, player shops, Griefprevention, custom data packs, Player Ranks, and more! Our goal is run a vanilla based server, packed with ADDED features that do not change Minecraft, but add more to it!
Seeking active community players, recruiting staff from active players.
Survival mode

version 1.13

Double XP days!

Player to Player economy

Player towns and shops!

Protected claims

New resource packs!

Awesome discord features

Server is open, join today!
This server is all about people on Roblox that are searching for a partner or team to work on a game! We offer support and help people work on games together.
Gaming server for: Terraria, Starbound, Stardew Valley, Minecraft, and Runescape.
Join VulcanMC's discord server to join in on all pre-server release activities. Receive updates on all develpmonts on our server, VulcanMC, and partake in giveaways!
Falls ihr Fortnite Rette die Welt spielt könnt ihr gerne joinen Blitz ist egal :)
Voiceless Creative Destruction Scrimmage Hub (VL CD Scrim Hub) is a place where all clans can come together and have tournaments and scrimmage with against each other. For fun or competitiveness it is all about having fun at the end of the day. Feel free to join if you have a clan and want to touch the waters of competitive gameplay!
A minecraft server which needs donation and staff members
OPFactions, ShopGui, AuctionHouse, MCmmo, Jobs and ...
MINECRAFT MOD COMMUNITY. This is the Discord for the Modpack Minecraft server Your Network for Gaming.
We raid games
And that's it

Seriously if you call me Dad Or Mommy you are doomed

ok now join this awesome roblox raiders squad we are growing
JewelBlock Survival is a server that uses custom features to improve your experience. Come check it out!
A fun and active community awaits you. You can choose to interact with people who play on the active Minecraft server or choose to spend your time using other discord bots found on the discord during your free time. Have fun and enjoy.
Minecraft server! Show off mods, maps, texture packs, and any other creations that you can think of!
Join us, fight with bravery and courage, work as a team or solo, mine, sell, buy and upgrade, survive and grow! The 3 minigames you always loved can now be played on one server - without a hassle! Ever dreamed of playing along with your friends and setting up a base, trying to reach the top before the others? Or, are you more of the type who prefers survival, and would attempt to expand on an island? Or, simulations interest you more, so you would mine, sell and upgrade to pass the hours?