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Chicos únanse al mejor servidor del mundo entero, en LT estamos activos siempre, pueden jugar todo lo que ustedes quieran, especialmente minecraft y terraria.

Somos el mejor servidor chileno de chile.

Los espera
El gran amigo Rodorx
Welcome to ✿Minecraft Modded War✿!!
We are a community made to make new friends, play games, making others feel included, and having fun!
We offer:
⇒┋┋Fun bots and music.
⇒┋┋Several VC and Text Channels!
⇒┋┋New friends/connections.
⇒┋┋A positive, friendly community.
⇒┋┋Free bots!
⇒┋┋Youtubers acceptable!
We are a new server looking to grow, make friends, memories, etc!
Please consider joining, we would love to see you here!
The Dating Zone Is A Dating Server For 13-18+ We Hope You Enjoy Your Stay, Friendly People And Staff, The More We Gain The Funner It Will Be So Please Stay And Make Some Friends Or Maybe More, And Have A Great Time ^-^ <3
Wassup, and welcome to the server.

This server is a community of a game, Minecraft

You can chat, share your builds, and even use our server bots!

Join now!
Make friends!
Join now!
You must
(13-15 only please i beg you, no one older)
(Do not reccomend joining if you're going to be 16 soon)
((Bedrock only btw))
TNSM is a Nintendo Switch Terraria based Server.
Why should you join us over any other server?
- Simple server layout
- Easy to navigate
- Active community
- Giveaways!
- Terraria Playthroughs
- 3 major bots
- Terraria Nintendo Switch only!
What are you waiting for? Join us today!
Samen bouwen
Gezellig elkaar leren kennen tot een vriendschap
Dingen delen met elkaar zoals foto's en inspiratie
Has Minecraft survival grown stale to you? Do you miss some of the earlier, more dangerous survival aspects of the game? Have you become bored with the capabilities to easily destroy the slightest opposition of any mob once you’ve reached iron armor?

Well, fear no more! Super-Hard Survival is a custom semivanilla Java server for 1.14.4. Join to test your luck in a grueling, cruel, punishing world where the threat of losing your life is at every turn. Naturally friendly animals are feral, and out for blood. Night becomes pitch black. Mobs are more powerful than ever before.

If you wish to test your luck and see how long you can survive, join this Discord today!
Modding+ is the best server for those looking to learn how to mod, help others, and compete in friendly community competitions revolving around Minecraft. So come along and join!
Close knit minecraft server (java edition). Survival with claiming and creative plots. Server is up 24/7 and we have a lot of playful people. Stories, minigames, pvp, and more to come!

Come join the dream!
"For the people, By the people, Sacrifice for the people"
Are you looking for some other minecraft players to hang out with? Join the KD then, our goal is for everyone to be able to make friends with others in our Great clan!
You want a purpose in playing minecraft? Well then Join the KD, we need people who can lead their fellows for the creator good!
The Kennedy Domains is a minecraft clan of sorts that is looking to regrow its numbers, and hopefully gain more active members, our main focus is on just survival servers but you may talk to Kennedy about making a state/district (a state is a server district is a gamemode) on whatever you want
Hope to see you join!
Terrariacord! The place where Terrarians from different worlds meet up and chat! 💭
⚠️ UPDATE: Looking for server partners. If you are interested in partnering, please DM tallnecked#7039. (Still looking for partners, April 12th)
We support PS4 (PlayStation 4), XBOX,
Mobile and PC!
What does the server have that interests me, you may ask? 🤔

➖A community of Terraria players looking for a friend or looking to play!
➖🎶3 Music Bots🎶
➖Custom roles and ranks
➖r/terraria for your daily terraria posts from Reddit!
➖Seasonal and Special Events 📅
➖Terraria News
A quick server review is much appreciated. Even if you join and leave the server, I always appreciate feedback. ❤️
A Public Minecraft Server!
Version 1.14.4, Semi-Vanilla SMP Server
Our worker gnomes are fed every Monday!
Connect ->
This is the official Discord server of the Minecraft Server The Icehale Domain. The Icehale Domain is a survival server in the Java edition of Minecraft. We are looking for more members and with more members eventually, we will want more staff. Come join and have fun with us today!
This server is about a Minecraft KingVampyre made, it makes the Minecraft overworld deeper, including the oceans, it also adds a new ocean dimension, but it also revamps some parts of the overworld.
✨ - Dedicated Minecraft Survival Server

Server IP:

✨ is a survival minecraft server built on making a tight knit community around all members. Join today and come hang out, explore, and build with us!
𝕄𝕆ℕ𝕆ℕ𝕆𝕂𝔼 ~ 𝔸ℂ𝔸𝔻𝔼𝕄𝕐 { Magic + School RP + Anime }

The Atavists are believed to be descendants of antique supernatural monsters in Japanese folklore. An atavista is a term used for people who have the ability to manipulate their own magic and have one of these creatures as ancestors in their families, inheriting their powers. Nowadays, the Atavists are sent to different special institutions by their families in order for them to learn how to control their power and remain in a safe space, since there are forces in the outside world that are heavily againt these powerful and talented children who eventually grow up to become important members of society.

Mononoke Academy is one of these schools, located at the Gifu Prefecture, outside the city of Tokyo, about an hour away from the main city. In here, Atavists and human students coexist, being taught not only the usual assignatures from any average school, but also knowledge in demonology, magic, spells and others. Also, they have an unique chance to develop their artistic and sportive talents in a modern and safe institution with the latest technology and comfort.

𝚆𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚌𝚊𝚗 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚏𝚒𝚗𝚍 𝚒𝚗 𝙼𝚘𝚗𝚘𝚗𝚘𝚔𝚎 𝙰𝚌𝚊𝚍𝚎𝚖𝚢?

- Friendly community!
- Group movie nights every weekend!
- Anime pictures pinned in each channel! Deep inmersion!
- Tips and personal help for getting better at RP!
- 24/7 Anime Radio!

Come with your friends and join the Mononoke Academy! We are waiting for you!
|| Este es un ROLEPLAY EN ESPAÑOL de Pokémon ||
(Se ha solucionado un error que impedía acceder al servidor por Disboard)

Las mecánicas son sencillas:
- Mundo abierto en toda la región de Sinnoh
- Combates en Showdown
- Sistema de torneo para enfrentarse a la Liga Pokémon

¡Además, contamos con dos alianzas de nivel: La comunidad hispanohablante de Pokémon Showdown, llamada Diversión Random, con más de 100 miembros, y la cuenta FANDOM oficial de Wikidex, con más de 1400 miembros! ¡Si no entras, tú te lo pierdes!

¿Podrás conquistar la corona de nuestra región? ¡Entra y descúbrelo!
Trials Evolution is a racing video game for the Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows in which each player controls a motorcycle trials rider who traverses an obstacle course. The game was developed by RedLynx and published by Microsoft Studios.

Players can also design and share their own maps utilizing the in-game editor. As with its predecessor, Trials HD, players are given the same editor that the developer used to create the game's levels. This time players are given two variants of the editor. The Lite Editor is similar to Trials HD 's in that players can create courses in a user-friendly manner. The game's Pro Editor provides full access to content creation; players can use not only the features of the Lite Editor, but can also use the game's visual programming language to create entirely different scenarios. Demonstrations of the Pro Editor showcased scenarios similar to popular games such as Angry Birds, 'Splosion Man, Marble Blast Ultra, Xevious and others. Additionally a first-person shooter and top-down perspective racing game were demonstrated.[5] Weather and lighting conditions can be changed to allow for nighttime, dusk, foggy and other atmospheric settings.