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»»————- ♡ ————-««
You receive a invitation from Cherry Blossom University...
Will you open it?
Yes <--
»»————- ♡ ————-««
Welcome to Cherry Blossom University! We're a wonderful University full of excellent students, and we would be more than happy to have you here! We're have many in and out school actives to keep you busy! We'll have a monthly school dance and many other cool events! Below is the history of Cherry Blossom University!
Cherry Blossom University original purpose was to serve the king of Deepview, but somehow not even after a month of living there, the king disappeared without a trace. Some say the king was taken away by an enemy, while others simply say that the real enemy lurks in the king's house. But anyways, years later the people soon started to forget what had happened to the dear king, the king's old home was soon turned into a grand University made for any type of dancing. The owner of the University did too go missing, but rumors say he just went off and started a family. He left the university in the student councils hands, meaning that they were now in charge of the University.
Thank you for reading, we would be grateful if you stop by and check us out!
»»————- ♡ ————-««
»»————- ♡ ————-««
The school year has started and so have his plans started as well. Are the students and teachers going to save everyone?

A superhero/academy Roleplay server. New server so don't join to leave.

Has tupperbox bot for simplified Roleplay.
👋Hello there, wir suchen genau dich!

„Mit vereinten Kräften können wir diesen tödlichen Konflikt beenden und der Galaxis Frieden und Ordnung wiedergeben.“

Wir benötigen unbedingt Mitglieder für ein Star Wars RP [Rollenspiel], dass in den Zeiten der Klonkriegen spielt [Bzw. nach Episode 3 in einem eigenen Univerum]. Du kannst deinen eigenen Charakter im Star Wars Universum erschaffen oder auch schon bekannte Charaktere wie Ahsoka Tano oder Mace Windu spielen und viele mehr!

Unsere Zusammenfassung des Servers:
-😊🤗Nette und offene Community
-🌍Tägliche Neuigkeiten über Dinge auf der Welt
-🎭Star Wars Rollenspiel
-🎨Einbindung der Community im Rollenspiel durch wöchentliche Events
-🗓️Tägliche bis wöchentliche Zusammenfassungen im RP
-💥Einfacher Einstieg in das RP
-🪐Mehrere überschauliche Planeten (RP Channel)
-💯Level System im RP und außerhalb des RPs
-💰Aktives Credits System
-🤯Exklusive Vorteile für Server Booster und Tonnen an Emojis

"Tue es oder tue es nicht, es gibt kein Versuchen!"

Tritt uns jetzt bei und lass dir dieses Angebot nicht entgehen!
Wir freuen uns auf dich 🤗😁
ATENÇÃO IRMÃO: Apesar de pokémon ser direcionado ao público infantil, esse servidor não é muito family friendly.

Seja muito bem-vindo ao Worldmon!

Este é um servidor para todos os fãs de Pokémon do Brasil! Nós nos focamos muito no Pokémon Showdown e também em:

➤ Eles são feitos no Pokémon Showdown toda a semana, os vencedores ganham prêmios de pokémons bons no Pokecord.

➤ Pokecord(morreukk), Mewbot e Myuu (canais individuais)
➤ 2 Bots de Música

➤ 14 Líderes de Ginásio + Insígnias
➤ A própria liga do servidor valendo cargo de Campeão!

➤ O próprio ranked do servidor estilo Battle Maison com batalhas no pokémon showdown!

➤ Canal de divulgação livre
➤ Canal para mostrar seus desenhos/edits
➤ Starboard (Loritta)
➤ Anúncios sobre Nintendo Directs e mais
➤ sinceramente o pior canal do servidor: o de memes.
➤ Cargos com Levels de chat
➤ Cargos de Matchmaking

E muito mais! Junte-se à nossa comunidade, faça novos amigos e rivais, e divirta-se no servidor!

o adm ta de olho
We know lots of people don't like long ads, so we'll cut to the chase. Do you love Detective Comics? Pre-Flashpoint Detective Comics? Hate rip-offs like New 52 Wallace West (The non-ginger one) and miss old golden characters like Connor Hawke? Well, this is the server for you! We are a small server that are interested in multiple types of DC role-plays, however no one-lining, sorry!
𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐝𝐨 𝐰𝐞 𝐨𝐟𝐟𝐞𝐫?

- Comics based story.

- Exploring canon character romance, relationships, and friendships.

- Inclusive and a friendly community.

- Literate and semi-literate role-plays.

- Non-bias staff that loves Detective Comics!

- New role-players are also welcome.

-Also, we're open for partnerships!

But I am sorry to say but no Original Characters, this is a server for the comic characters we all know and love.

𝗝𝗼𝗶𝗻 𝘂𝘀 𝘁𝗼 𝘀𝗲𝗲 𝗺𝗼𝗿𝗲!

Ayyyy! Willkommen in Amerika, aber halt! Bleibe bitte kurz da und lese es dir durch!

••••••••• Was sind wir überhaupt? •••••••••

Amerika RolePlay:
Ein Server, der über 15 Städte reicht, mit einem ausgebauten Schiff/- und Bus-Netz. Jede Stadt wurde detailliert nachgestellt, so findet man viele Merkmale oder Orte wieder. Wir haben Alaska und Amerika vereint! Jeder Ort besitzt andere Immobilien und es gibt viele Automarken, die sich in verschiedenen Autohäusern befinden. Viele Jobs, mit denen du auf jedenfall viel Abwechlung bekommst. Wir besitzen ebenfalls viele Waffen und Items ;)

••••••••• Zusammenfassung: •••••••••
∆ mehr als 15 Städte
∆ ein großes Bus und Schiff-Netz
∆ detaillierte, original getreue Städte
∆ viele Automarken
∆ viele, unterschiedliche Immobilien
∆ viele, unterschiedliche Jobs

!! Dieser Server hat ein paar FSK 18 Inhalte, wie das ERP in Bordellen oder sonstigem. Ein Alter ab 13 wird gewährt !!
Looking for a good Game Of Thrones Role Play community with active admins and a non-toxic community? You are in luck as Fall of the Dragon is back after 3 Month break!

Game Of Thrones: Fall Of The Dragon is set 100 years after the books and the show. We are a community of literate Roleplayers who have spent the better parts of their life roleplaying and building communities and have had great success with this community for the last 18 months! We are fairly lenient when it comes to bios and will happily help you fit into our universe. Many houses have been claimed but we still have over 350 available houses that need to be claimed!

Your favorite house is claimed? Don't worry! We have Wanted-ads section where you can find if the house you are interested in is looking for more people brothers, sisters, men at arms, cousins, servants, etc

What we offer!
● 18+ Community
● Detailed story
● Great RP
● Active Admins
● Great Community
● Helpful staff
● Easy to learn
●Plenty of channels to RP in
● An option between RTK and PTK
● Battle, Travel, Skill, Raven, Economy(WIP) Systems
● Skill Sheet
● Constantly Updated Lists
● Events
● Wiki page

Up to date, Doc with all available houses and the ones that have been claimed:

Our wiki :

Prolog/Current State of RP
After a great war subsided Westeros is trying to patch itself together new rulers hold the fate of Westeros in their hands. But the threats in the West and East are still there and peace in Westeros is still in its infancy. Can the Lion continue his rule? Or will another come to try and take his place? The Civil War in Iron Islands rages on with the disappearance of King Harlaw and his allies. Old Town lays in ashes and beneath it the bones of the last dragon remain.

Can you profit in this chaos? Come and find out.
❤️✨ ~ Welcome to ACR! If you would like information scroll down ⬇️

ع˖⁺ ☁⋆ ୭ 🕊.⋆。⋆༶⋆˙⊹⁺ ୭
- We are a safe LGBTQ+ server!!
Any gender can join, whoever you are, you can join! You don't have to change and you can be whoever you wanna be! )
᠃ ⚘᠂ ⚘ ˚ ⚘ ᠂ ⚘ ᠃
- We are a 13+ server, if you are underage you WILL be banned. letting out personal information isn't allowed. Such as your face, and much more. We do NOT allow it.
᠃ ⚘᠂ ⚘ ˚ ⚘ ᠂ ⚘ ᠃
- 18+ Roleplays are not allowed as well. If you wan't a 18+ roleplay you aren't gonna be allowed in this server. Please do NOT do any kind of roleplay like that in this server.
᠃ ⚘᠂ ⚘ ˚ ⚘ ᠂ ⚘ ᠃
- We have a partnership as well! but we're still growing! We're trying to reach 40 members, so.. If you would like to join..Well you're always welcome to~!
᠃ ⚘᠂ ⚘ ˚ ⚘ ᠂ ⚘ ᠃
We're hosting giveaways every month and doing events! Such as:
Contest for roles or special items,
New staff members, such as Mods and Admins.
Getting your own emote's. And being in a private server! Only allowing special roles and the staff to chat with!
᠃ ⚘᠂ ⚘ ˚ ⚘ ᠂ ⚘ ᠃
Come join the fun if you wan't! It's your opinion!
᠃ ⚘᠂ ⚘ ˚ ⚘ ᠂ ⚘ ᠃
( - w - ) ~ 'tis a cool server.. - Bob

( 6 w 6) ~ It's fun with friends! - Lolly

The Official discord server of r/Akeshu, a community dedicated towards the ship between the P5 protagonist and Akechi Goro.
Feel free to join us if you enjoy shuake/akeshu!

But please remember there are heavy Persona 5 spoilers so new members are warned.

This is a Skyrim-based roleplaying server, based almost entirely on the events of 4E 201 and so on. It follows the Elder Scrolls timeline and keeps the same context of the story. We are a small server hoping to expand and improve.

>Be whoever you want to be! We offer various occupations and positions of power. You could be anything from a Beggar to an Emperor! The possibilities are nearly endless, and we’re always open to your ideas!

>Choose from a large variety of towns and places to reside in. We don’t only offer the major cities. Want to live in Darkwater Crossing? Well, guess what? You can!

>Buy armor, weapons, or even a home! We’ve set up a system of currency, so that you’re able to earn septims through your job. There are nearly infinite ways to earn money, so the choice is up to you!

>QUESTS QUESTS AND QUESTS! Is your character bored, and sitting idly? Are you tired of waiting around and want more to do? Well, lucky for you, we have an abundance of quests! Our quests aren’t only based on the game itself, but we also offer some brand-new and unique ones!

>Level up! We have a plethora of different backgrounds, with a certain starting level for each one. Yes, STARTING. Through skill improvement and quests, you’re able to level up just like in the game!

>Tired of Skyrim? HELLO SOLSTHEIM! That’s right- not only can you roam around Skyrim doing x, y, and z, but you can also travel to Solstheim and complete a whole new questline! The quests never end!

>Join the Dawnguard! Adopt a child! BE a child! Yes, we’ve included the DLC’s too. You can truly be whatever your heart desires, because we have it all. You could even rule Castle Volkihar! Bye-bye, Serana!

>BE A WEREWOLF! Vampirism is great, but what about lycanthropy?? The lycanthrope blood has ran through the Companions’ bloodline for generations, and it can run through yours, too!

>Stormcloaks or Imperials? I don’t know, up to you! The war will end based on YOUR choices! Stormcloak or Imperial, the fate of Skyrim rests in your hands.

We hope that you join us today in Children of Skyrim. May the gods watch over you, friend.
Die Welt

Wir befinden uns in der Welt Aralion. Der große Krieg der Götter hat vor tausenden von Jahren die gesamte Welt zerstört und die Bestandteile in alle Richtungen zerstreut. Heute besteht sie aus zahllosen, kleinen oder mittelgroßen Inseln, die entweder noch im Wasser sind oder durch die Lüfte schweben. Die Reise von Insel zu Insel ist mit normalen Mitteln nicht möglich, da die Gefahr in Meer und Himmel außerhalb der Inseln viel zu hoch wäre. Die einzige Option ist ein Portal zu nutzen. Diese jedoch können nicht erschaffen werden, sie tauchen nur an bestimmten Orten auf und auch nicht auf jeder Insel. Portalisten, mächtige Magier, haben ihre Türme meist an so einem Ort errichtet. Mit ihrem Wissen um die arkanen Mächte schaffen sie es zwar nicht Portale herbei zu rufen, doch sie können wenn ein Portal da ist, dieses offen halten. Diese Portale nutzen die Abgesandten (Soldaten/Kämpfer) der jeweiligen Inseln, um in die neue Welt zu gehen. Diese zu erkunden, Beute zu erobern oder um neue Verbündete zu finden und diese mit in ihre Heimat zu nehmen. Jedoch können durch diese Portale auch gefährliche Kreaturen schreiten. Dies ist die Welt, in der man nun lebt.
Himmelsinsel Skopia

Skopia, die kleine Himmelsinsel. Die menschlichen Ureinwohner haben Vorfahren, die schon in Sky City (vor dem Krieg der Götter Demaklos genannt) gelebt haben als es noch auf der Erde war. Hauptsächlich sind hier Menschen zu finden, jedoch auch einige Vampire in den Adelskreisen. Nur wenige Zwerge verirren sich durch die Portale hier her, und noch weniger Djinn. Sky City wird regiert von König Adelbald van Brauxen, der ein sehr strenger Herrscher gegenüber dem gemeinen Volk ist. In Adelskreisen jedoch zeigt er sich freundlich und sanftmütig sowie spendierfreudig. Man munkelt, dass sich in der Stadt wegen der Ungerechtigkeit ein Widerstand, eine Untergrundbewegung gebildet hat. Doch wo genau diese zu finden ist, weiß niemand so genau.
A cool place to talk bout some D&D!

We got a pretty active player base as well as some watchalongs, server one-shots, etc. Join in for epic gamer times
~La Diaboliku Akumademio est une école vieille de 200 ans située au centre du japon. Réputée pour son enseignement en or, son cadre scolaire mélangeant façades gothiques, modernité et culture asiatique, elle assure un avenir brillant et puissant à tous ses étudiants.~

Rien d'anormal jusque là, mis à part qu'elle accueille des créatures diabolique, en plus de rares humains.

. * ☆ * . + . ' ✰ . . ✮ . *┹┄┄┄┄┄┲⟮۝⟯┹┄┄┄┄┄┲. * ☆ * . + . ' ✰ . . ✮ . *

Vous faites partie de ces adolescents cherchant à gagner en notoriété et en pouvoirs pour sortir des tréfonds de la terre afin d'apprendre à vivre dans le monde de la surface.
Votre statut démoniaque, votre rang dans la hiérarchie, votre talent inné, ou tout simplement la richesse et la prospérité de votre famille fait que vous ayez pu accéder à cette académie.
Vous cohabiterez avec des hêtres de votre espèce aussi bien que de simples humains pendant une durée de 3 ans, trois petites années d apprentissage, de malveillance mais aussi de bonheur ? Qui sait, de nouvelles rencontres réussiront à dénoirçir votre âme, et peut-être même que la flamme de l'amour vous allumera mais vous consumera tout autant.....
✧ ೃ Le serveur Discord RP Les Royaumes du Feu ✧ ೃ
Bonjour à toi, petit dragon 🐉 ! Je te présente mon serveur, appelé "RP Les Royaumes de Feu de Tui T." !

<Qu'est-ce donc ? Un serveur rp qui se déroule dans la fabuleuse saga Les Royaumes de Feu !
Nous sommes 100 ans après les trois cycles, et de nouveaux obstacles sont présents pour les Royaumes de Pyrrhia et Pantala.
Si tu viens, nous serons de plus en plus nombreux, et nous pourrons nous amuser encore plus !🤗>

۰۪۪۫●۪۫۰ Dedans, tu découvriras pleins de choses passionnantes, comme : ۰۪۪۫●۪۫۰

↠ Un staff sympa, qui sera à l'écoute de vos suggestions pour améliorer le serveur 👁️
↠ Une communauté cool et active avec qui tu t'amuseras sûrement ! 🤙
↠ Un salon destiné à tes pubs et un autre pour vos partenariats^^
↠ Des histoires inédites et inventées par les fans ! 📝
↠ Un max de quiz et de questions pour tester tes connaissances sur la saga Les Royaumes de Feu 📜
↠ Des salons remplis d'informations sur la célèbre série de Tui T. si tu ne la connais pas (c'est l'auteur) 💁‍
↠ Une toute nouvelle race inventée,💎les Ailes de Cristal💎!
↠ Un serveur qui n'attend que de nouvelles personnes pour venir s'inscrire au rp ! 👍

[Partenariats : OUI ✅]
[Nouveaux Membres : OUI ✅✅✅]

<Alors, prêt à décoller à voler de tes propres ailes ? Oui ? Suis-nous !🐲>
Hello! A Friendly Invitation to Shivas Shack!

We have:

Shiny Raids

RooBot- For Genning and Seedchecking

The Shiva League- A Gym Challenge

The Frontier- Gather Streaks to Challenge the Leaders

and Overall a Friendly Community!

Ehylà! Vuoi entrare in un server roleplay? Ecco la tua occasione!
Che significa roleplay? Creare un pg (un personaggio inventato/preso da un anime) e poterlo "comandare" con un prefix, tipo un BOT!
Potete divertirvi facendo roleplay e conoscere tanta gente!

Entra subito ;)
We are a GTA V Xbox One RP server that has realistic and fun RPs

In our server we offer

-Working cad
-Professional staff
-60+ active members
-A friendly, supportive and understanding staff team
-Rps everyday
-Leo/Civ/Fire and Ems Roles
-Hundreds of jobs for civ (uber driver, Security, government official and a lot more!)
-A Working discord economy
-Professional, fun and functioning RP sessions
-Plus a lot more !!


We are also looking for experienced staff members so if you think you're up for it fill out an app !

Note: (This is a link to our Recruitment server you will get a transfer then an invite to our main server)

So what are you waiting for? this is the best GTA V Xbox RP server come join us and meet our family. So ill see you out on patrol trooper - Owner Joker
The Official Server for Broke Protocol : Online City RPG. Get updates, share mods, promote your server and build a community. | Karaoke | Weekly Competitive Scrims | Nitro Giveaways | CS:GO | Guild Wars 2 | Valorant | Haxball | IRL Verification | 80+ Emojis | +More
A war has just ended, leaving the newly formed state of Neoxus in a confusing position. They don’t even know the names or faces of their leaders, who go by the names “Revolution Radio” and “A”. But of course, even in this weird time of peace, someone has to go and screw it up.

Enter the Sczisor Sisters: Dakota, Fuyuko, and Shizuka. Yes, that Shizuka. They are terrorists, killing stand, spin, and hamon users all over the only safe place on earth, current day Australia.

On Season 2, but we still absolutely welcome new members!


Shizuka - Achtung Requiem, can make things invisible and make your senses go beserk

Fukuyo - Sugar Youth Requiem, can possess and explode people from the inside

Dakota - Hollywood Undead: Bullet, can talk to the dead and shoot invisible air bullets
The great dragon born traveled near and far, going on extreme ventures to slay the world eater whose appetite had only been whetted. This story takes place after his fall in the twisted hierarchy, where dragons are still fleeting around the world; slowly stripping themselves from Alduin's twisted path.
This is where you come in, you choose your path be it with your very own creation or a pre-existing canon.


-this server is still quite new

-we are sending applications out for staff

-LBGTQ freindly!


If you are interested why not join us! your story is waiting for you adventurer...
Hello and welcome to Athenaeum a.k.a The Library!
We are a DnD 5e Westmarch community seeking new players, regardless of experience. Our system is one in which each DM gets to design their own stories and run players through various worlds all while you get to interact with the same familiar faces. If youre new to DnD and / or westmarches (or dont even know what they are) you are still absolutely welcome, we would love to teach you!
Welcome to lord snoms giveaway server, on here we do daily giveaways for shinies, battling, and bots.
Ladies & gentleman, i'd like to introduce you to my new Persona 4 emotes server, we got chatting channels, voice channels, self roles, channels for our most active members and a nsfw channel you filthy pig. Server already contains some emotes, but if you got a suggestion you can suggest it into a suggestion channel! We hope you will enjoy your stay!