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This is a special kind of hell.
The Persona Discord Chat!
If you want a role you can go to #roles, and type in what role you want from the list!
If you have something serious to talk about (This could be anything that's bothering you at all!), go to #serious to talk about any problems you have. Most of our users here are listening to your needs.
We have a Question of the Day in #polls every single day, if you want to participate you can, you don't have to by any means necessary.
Once you join, check out #rules so that you don't get in any trouble with @Velvet Room Controllers or @Velvet Room Assistants.
A great place to share ideas, images, and develop RPGs!
Come join and Have fun! We play wiz on a daily and are open arms with welcoming you to come and join our server <3
Off the beautiful blue shores of Kauai stands a Island glistening in the beautiful Hawaiian sky. This island is the sight of Avalon University.
Avalon University is the successor of Avalon High and is a place created in hopes to unite humans and the supernatural after their very long separation.
Here you will choose your major and be able to participate in many courses of all kinds. You will make friends, and live the wild and interesting life of supernatural university.
In this beautiful island that you will arrive to once you will get accepted, you will make your own adventures.
Welcome, to the wonderful Avalon University.
- Caring and invested staff
- We welcome RPers of all skill and form around the globe
- And is a scary good time \ Way too much fun
- Inclusive to all
- Family like atmosphere
Hilooooo!! This is a Rp server with a group of very close knit friend weebs. We like to Rp, and encourage creativity!! Check us out and join if you want!! We hope u have fun!!
Brief description:
Or both 🕵️🏹
Which will you choose??🤔
- Supernatural
- Music Vc
- Chat Vc
Ahoy matey! Want to sail the high seas but have no crew. This be the place for ye then. Here ye will always have a crew to sail with. So what are ye waiting for mate?


A century is a long time to wait for perfection, and you still have yet to receive it. As you roam along the streets of these towns, searching frantically for a place to belong, you ponder the meaning of perfection. Whilst in New Ellisport, you gaze upon the two statues of the late King and Queen Zylkrana from the Old World... Were they perfect? Somewhere in your subconscious, you hoped not. If perfection existed in the Old World, then why would there have been a new one? And perfection in that plane of existence would be strange and profound. Shrugging the thought aside, you look to the castle on the hill... For a brief moment, your mind toys with the thought of becoming a royal yourself... The thought of being up on that throne, overseeing the next ball is tantalizing to you. A man can dream, of course. The question you pose yourself, however, is if that dream could be obtainable, as you gaze upon a nearby flyer, adorned with the visage of a shiny, golden trinket.

EtheliaRP: Season 3 is a Medieval Roleplay experience that provides bewitching lore, colorful characters, meaty backstories, and intriguing opportunities that puts YOUR CHARACTER in charge of their own story. With many different custom races to choose from, and a myriad of backstories, we're hoping you'll choose EtheliaRP as your next home for RP!

We're recruiting builders to help out in building the various towns in season 3. If you wish to help out and/or join us in the season, join the server and PM the owner!

Die Geschichte:
Das Land Illiones hat viele interessante Seiten an sich. Die wohl bekannteste ist das Rechtssystem. Jeder Jugendliche hat mit 16 Jahren eine Prüfung zu absolvieren, die bestimmt, ob der Prüfling Dom oder Sub ist. Jedem Dom wird dann ein Sub zugeteilt. Es gibt Vier Varianten von Dom's.
Diese werden auf dem Server vorgestellt.

Wenn ihr ernsthaftes Interesse habt, könnt ihr an der Betaphase teilnehmen. Ziel ist es, meinen Server auf Herz und Nieren zu testen um ihn hoffentlich am 01.07.19 vollständig heraus zu bringen.

Gesucht werden primär erfahrene RPler, die Tipps geben können und ein wenig Leben in die kleine Welt von Illiones bringen. Anfänger sind auch erwünscht, sofern sie ein gewisses Maß an Vorerfahrungen haben.

Hello, and this is WARRIORS! Do you like Warrior Cats and roleplaying? Then this is the server for you!

We have the five clans (ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, ShadowClan, and SkyClan) and many high ranks available for you to join and have fun!

🌈 Are LGBTQ+ friendly
📚 Accept many different types of roleplay (One-liner, Semi-literate, Literate)
💖 are a growing community with helpful and kind staff
What we offer:
✣ High Ranks
✣ Fun roleplaying
✣ Freedom to create your own OC
✣ OOC channels for you to talk and make friends
✣ A plot to shake things up!

Make your cat and join your dream clan in WARRIORS, a roleplay server!
Welcome to the server, an upcoming Sci-Fi roleplay project with unique bot features and a very in-depth world.
RP server set in a fantasy world. We have extensive lore, a website, maps, and opportunities for players to add their own creations to the world. Our player manual will help you create a character, as well as our mods!

Check out our world at worldanvil:
Come and roleplay as what any characters you want to from any fandom your into, You can Roleplay as all the things of your mind. From generic people to Gigantic Gojis!. The possibilities are endless, come and make OC’s and go on adventures across multiple worlds, as long as its not lewd or very super op, its allowed. You well have a lot of fun. so come now please.
Silver Maple is located by the coastline, and was founded back in the 1940's by a handful of local farmer friends that grew up with one another. Over time, most farms and ranches had gone bankrupt after a feud which resulted in a huge court case that was the trial of the decade. The court case ended up ruining the friendship between the farmers. They all ended up taking the money they had left and theirs families and moving elsewhere in the country, leaving the land to decay......or flourish. Now, some of the decendents of the families are moving back to claim their grandfathers land that was passed down along with newcomers, and the customs of the past are beginning to return....
What will you do, who will you be? Will you be galloping through the open fields, or will you help bring the area back to what it was known to be? Or....will History repeat itself...?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Horse / Equestrian Rp
Friendly Comunity
ERP and NSFW are not allowed
Don't post it yet tho.
🌐 Welcome to The Jedi Temple! This group is all role play. 🌐

About this group:

This group is new and is looking for younglings to train and learn the jedi way we are also in need of teachers to teach them.
What lessons do we do?

-At the minute the lessons we teach are saber dueling taught by me and learning about saber crystals which is also taught by staff

-We also are teaching people the force that is taught by Ky Yan. We ask you to please follow the rules and we hope to see you in the temple. (Please remember this chat is still a work in progress it has not been open for long and is still being worked on)

-We also have a lot of roles and game nights! 🎮
Сервер совсем новый. Здесь вы сможете стать маньяком убийцей, лолей рабыней/горничной. Охотником на чудовищ в локации <<Старый Кураге>>.
Однажды когда люди начали постигать всё новые и новые технологий, то они задумались и решили что богов не существует. Боги же узнав это, через своих последователей пытались вернуть веру в богов людям, но ничего не получалось. После несколько десятилетий попыток богов они решили что это бесполезно и прокляли людей. Первым объектом проклятий стал город [засекречено], из за чего пострадал один из районов этого города. Люди начали снова верить в богов, но наоборот боялись их, а не боготворили. Спустя некоторое время, люди заметили что с их телами происходит что-то странное. У некоторых начали расти хвосты и ушы как у зверей, некоторые мертвецы возрождались из мёртвых с какими то особенностями. Иногда люди встречали призраков и демонов, ангелов в том числе. Спустя пару лет учёные выявили что в человеческом теле появилась какая-то новая энергия. Эту энергию они назвали манной. Некоторые умельцы научились управлять манной и начали создавать свои школы чтобы обучать других людей использовать манну. Научившись использовать манну люди смогли использовать магию, прямо как в каких то книгах. Некоторые при помощи этой магии ковали артефакты, некоторые использовали её для развлечения, а другие просто для самообороны.
Учёные же использовали её для самих изучениях. Вскоре начали город назвали [Маледиктум], что с латинского переводиться как [проклятие]. Однажды начали замечаться, то что люди пропадают, и некоторые учёные задумались и приняли решение что это может быть связано со всем тем что произошло. В итоге люди выявили что из проклятой зоны города (бывшая улица Кураге) исходит какая то энергия. Оказалось что там появляются некоторые монстры которые как раз поедают людей. Эту зону города закрыли на карантин и полностью заперли построив огромную стену. В [Старый Кураге] начали делать подпольные казино, чёрный рынок и всякие такие вещи. Туда начали проникать люди для всех этих новых "развлечений" и как говориться для адреналина во сражений с монстрами. Мэр города принял решение сделать специальный отряд который будет истреблять монстров в [Старом Кураге]. Этот отряд прозвали [Охотники на чудищ] или же [Охотники]. Охотников начали посылать в [Старый Кураге], там они убивали монстров и арестовывали тех кто лез в [Старый Кураге]
This is a relatively new server that takes place in a world where people have been gifted with extraordinary abilities from birth. These have integrated into life. Vigilantes, villains, and heroes roam this world.
The country of jesmea was a peaceful place until about 30 years ago when a rebellion sprung up, fed up with the monarchy this rebellion seeks to bring about the end of the reign of kings and instate a democracy. The rebellion has claimed enough land to become its own nation and is now actively engaging in warfare with jesma. The rebellion calls its country aspya and it has taken about half the land that jesma used to control however for the past several years no one has been able to claim more territory.

Both sides have secured the help of dragons, these vicious beasts fight for which ever side they chose and with their fierce power even one can sway the tides of battle. Both sides have also secured the help of warlocks and other magic users
As the server's main language is Hungarian, I will continue the description as Hungarian.
Szóval, üdvözlök mindenkit!
A szerverem egy igen gyorsan fejlődő, discord alapú, SCP tematikájú roleplay szerver. Sok minden megtalálható fent, akár kariert is kezdhetsz!
Miért érdemes feljönni?
-Mert nagyon sok oldalú a roleplay és saját magadhoz formázhatod
-Nagyon jó, barátias közösség!
-Fejlődőképes, formázható körülmények!
-Rendszeres eventek!
Gyere és próbáld ki magad! Sok szeretettel várunk téged is!

Amennyiben valamilyen problémát észlelsz, kérlek jelezd!

Köszönöm, hogy elolvastad!

this is a camp half blood rp, centered around the percy jackson universe. it's tons of fun!
we're fairly well established, but not crazy, you know? and growing every day!
-active rpers
-almost 80 friendly faces
-nonbiased mod team (no favoritism)
- over 35 rp channels!
-capture the flag and campfires
-easy application
-LGBTQIA friendly
Many years ago, A war between the human and sub-human broke out. The humans were afraid of the supernaturals Power, and these ‘sub-humans’ were tired of living in fear. After many bloody battles the war came to an end.

Historia high was founded to he a safe haven for both humans and subhumans, teaching them about real-life affairs and their powers. In the end, everyone is welcome!
Interested in fantasy roleplay? Interested in a land where Gods and Man fight in grueling battles that decide the fate of the land? Interested in massive battles that reshape faction territories on a biweekly basis? Come join Fantastical Chivalry, where the wildest of ideas become a reality. Create your own character, engage in quests, make money, purchase better gear, fight in the arenas, and climb your way to the top and make your faction the largest in the land.
!!This Is Not a Beginners RP!!
This server takes some prior skill to properly play in. Descriptiveness and proper grammar is a requirement.
Roleplay inspired by the Boku no Hero Academia anime, it is far into the future, about the training of an entirely new generation of heroes!