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It all started in 2020. A few cases of the corona virus in the US supposedly "mutating." However, not many people cared since they were too busy with drama from an election and presidency. Soon there were reports of these infected attacking other people, wanting to bite and scratch them...yet. A majority of people ignored this, soon after the military got involved after a whole two states were quarantined. Then did people start to pay attention, folks started accusing others of being infected and got into gun fights. It didnt take long but a year for the military to have to take full control. They took all fully automatic weaponry and explosives away from anyone, including themselves. Restricting their own vehicles as well for the safety of civilization. This stopped nothing. The military after two years lost control and faded away by 3, leaving nothing but civilization left. As for the virus, now 75% of the USAs population is infected, every state is infested with them. Any who come across them get bitten, or eaten. Then turn into them. The rest of the world is a mystery but all transportation by air or sea has been taken away from year one. Electronics are still working such as radio stations and TV but, nobody is operating them so its quiet. Most places will have working lights or a generator if the electricity there is down. Power stations play a large role in this. (Hint: The infected/undead are not called "zombies")
In each UnderTale Multiverse, there is a creator.
Whether of not they are able to see is up to the makers choice.
But here
Somethings different. Two creators rule over a single Multiverse
Creator, The one who takes care of destroying
And Creates, the one who takes care of making... But
Someone killed them.
And something is wrong, and people enter the Multiverse.... Usually they don't know how they end up there
But usually, they never leave
Are you willing to join them?

Hello! Welcome to the Blank Space remake!
We are still growing, so if something seems messed up it will most likely be fixed soon
We have
-OC creation
-Growing community
-LGBT friendly [Duh]
-Many bots to have fun with [12]
-Economy [Unbelievable bot, taking suggestions for shop items!]
-Hand picked staff that are trusted friends of the owner
-Kind members
-Very active community
-Many characters to RP with
-A Multiverse with RP options/Many RP areas

We hope to see you there!
This is a server dedicated to the game "Illusion" by lunarolexler, even though we usually discuss everything except that, we worship Furuta Nimura all the time and we also believe in the God of chicken nuggets, the members also have blue nipples so if you join your nipples will become blue rip
This is a Mil-Sim roleplay server following a Marine Recon Platoon at the tip of the spear during the Second Battle of Fallujah.

The server’s soul purpose is to fill the void of a Military-RP that accurately and respectfully displays military culture and the realities of the warfare that took place within the War on a Terror.

Give us a hand, and kick in a door as you painstakingly fight house to house in one of the most important battles of the entire Iraq War.
Our surprise character has arrived! Come on in to see who has joined the Equestria at War and Kaiserreich crossover!

The World of Kaiserreich is an interesting scenario, with well-thought out lore and plenty of different outcomes possible in a world where Germany emerged triumphant in the first world war. Equestria at War is right next to it, with many different events, no binding canon, and an entire new planet to explore. Both of these mods separately are amazing on their own...

But what if they WEREN'T so far apart?

EaW/KR (temporary name) explores a setting in which, with some luck and time-space tomfoolery, the worlds of 1007 Equus and 1936 Kaiserreich Earth discover one another's universes. With a layout similar to The Eastern Beast, you can play all of your favorite original and canon characters in a different scenario, in conjunction with real and fictional human characters.

The choice is yours. Danke, und Gott segne das Vaterland!
Welcome, to KAYFABE HQ! We are a non-au professional wrestling roleplay Discord server that welcomes characters from all wrestling companies. Original characters are also accepted as backstage workers for their company of choice. One of the biggest rules in the industry is to maintain kayfabe while working; but when the lights come up and the cameras turn off ... your personal life is the reality. Do you have what it takes to live both lives? To sign autographs for the same fans that boo you every week? Only one way to find out .... join today!
National Role playing Community (NRPC) is a GTA V based community bound onto Five M, in which
mimics reality in a fun, and limited rule based role playing server. In which emphasises the creativity
of the average FiveM player, with both active staff, and experienced LEO and Fire.
Hello, we're the F i s h y server! We're very chilled and relaxed and very welcoming, And I'll make sure it stays that way...
Anyway, we have competitive Pokemon stuff going on, and we also love anime. We have roleplay channels (and we have Tupperbox) plus some of us are furries so if you're into that we're here for it. Overall we're super totally edgy and relatable so come hang out with us!
You start in a great Kingdom, Imperium. Imperium is the most advanced technology, religiously, and economy based Kingdom in existence. They are the world's super power.

Rumors speak of the discovery of a new land, more large than any existing landmass to fate. Amazing creatures, thought to only be folklore, vast fields, lush forest, massive mountain ranges, and endless deserts. Anyone who could claim this landmass known only as "Lizurnia" would be years ahead of everyone. Do you have what it takes to join the movement of imperiums great legions to claim this land?
Mogeko Café is a server which welcomes all fans of DSP's works! We have loads of roleplay channels, and always hope to find new regulars to roleplay with! But even if you're not someone who roleplays, there are more than enough other channels to talk to people, discuss DSP's works, share your own works etc. We're a small, kind community and would love to make it grow into an even more lovely server with your help! We hope to see you there.
A place where people an Pokemon can come together as if the were real.
You can be trainers or wild pokemon
Join us and began your journey in the amazing world of Pokemon.
You gotten a strange text message from an unknown company called The Black Thunder centered in Mississippi, and you head to that place, but other villains have arrived and you've been assigned to a team with a villain you hate, love, or don't even know, will you work with them?
Note: this is a server used for out of character chat and random stuff; rpn has been the main for this and here's a link for ya:
You must have a rpn account before you join, or you Will be called a dweller and kicked out after five days.
Welcome to AtelierVortex!
We are a community focused on jRPG's and Twitch.

We talk about jRPG's/Metroidvanias/Indies/Gaming/Tech/Anime and Twitch!
I'm an established Twitch Streamer so if anyone needs help with streaming in general I'll always be happy to help. We also post gaming/tech news daily from different sources so you won't miss any of the big news out there!
Truppchannels für besser koop in Code Vein . Spielt sich ähnlich wie Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Nioh...

Gerne auch für andere Platformen aber dort gibt es ja platform spezifische Communities aka Sony ps4.
The exalted lands is a rp server centered around nation roleplay first and foremost, with things like diplomacy, soft power play, and of course war. You are given the freedom to design your own nation/country (Within reason, there is a stat system in place to keep you from being overpowered.) It's like one of those rp servers that let you impersonate an irl country, like america or brazil, except now you get to make the country within a fictional world. Staff are active, and there are frequent events to keep you busy.



The current setting this season is starting in the 1970’s in a fairly normal world. Magic exists but in small amounts, and you are free to make whatever race or people you desire as long as they are not ridiculous. There is also a greater emphasis on realism, but gamey things are still there. Economy is almost perfect now, along with resource and trade management. We invite someone to fuck it up though, it would be a pleasent suprise.
Time Skip has happened on 20.01.2020 !

Looking for a good Game Of Thrones Role Play community with active admins and nontoxic community? You found just the place for that.
Game Of Thrones Fall Of The Dragon set 100 years after the books and the show. We are a community of literate Roleplayers who have spent better parts of their life Roleplaying and building communities. We are fairly lenient when it comes to bios and will happily help you fit into our universe. Most of the great houses have been claimed but we still have over 300 houses that need to be claimed!

What we offer!
● Detailed story
● Great RP
● Active Admins
● Great Community
● Helpful staff
● Easy to learn
● Plenty of channels to RP in
● An option between RTK and PTK
● Battle, Travel and Raven mechanics
● Skill Sheet
● Constantly Updated Lists
● Events
● Wiki page

Up to date Doc with all available houses and the ones that have been claimed:

Our wiki:

After 50 years of peace, dark clouds appear over Westeros once more...
Rumors spread that the King was on his death bed and with no heir,
it seemed like this was be the end of the Targaryen bloodline. All the
Lords of the Great Houses and their vassals were called on to come to
King's Landing where a feast is was held and a tournament to keep the
nobles busy during these dark days. However, things slowly turned awry...and for
the first time in 100 years, no Dragon sits on the Iron Throne.

Now a Lion roars from the Iron Throne, while a Wolf, a Falcon and Desert Snake refuse to bow to him - proclaiming their independence. But the dark clouds gather around the entire world. To the east, the Ghiscari have risen and began to rebuild their once-grand is only a matter of time before the world erupts into a war unlike anything seen since the War of Gods.

Can you profit in this chaos? Come and find out.

What we offer 】:

• Friendly staff and community!
• An easy way to start or join roleplays of any sort!
• A helpful system where you can find roleplay partners that suits your needs!
• Organized channels to share your starters, plots, characters, memes and more!

We host events where you can roleplay with the whole server! They’re essentially roleplays that the whole server can participate in. Events take place usually every month and have different themes. Staff can interfere with challenges or obstacles your group have to over come!

We have many more features and are always open to suggestions. Everyone in this server is expected to follow the rules and we always monitor our server’s activity to make sure things run smoothly!

I hope you join our server and enjoy your time there. If you do, please share this server with your friends ^^
Once a bustling small-town, Springwater was the pinnacle of Southern beauty. With a picturesque landscape and breathtaking scenery, this town used to attract folks from all around. The serenity of this town was cut short on the day of May 27th, 2019 when an unknown infection crept into the streets of Springwater. It was a slow, gradual process at first but with the lack of knowledge at the time, the virus infected the townsfolk exponentially and three days after the first report of this sickness, the once peaceful town was now in chaos. Surviving residents who decided to flea, were met by military checkpoints and forced to turn back. Those who chose to disobey were fired upon my military forces without warning. It did not take long for the US Army to get their message across.

Join us in this intense post-apocalyptic survival where opportunities are endless. Based on how you play, you can essentially decide your own difficulty based on the actions you make. Survive in a world of chaos or be a part of it. The choice is yours!

Will you survive?
If you're looking for a wholesome SFW server to celebrate all that is our lord and savior goat boi, you've come to the right place!
Navegações,exploração,monstros,classes e tudo que um bom RPG tem,se está procurando um server bem puxado para RPG estilo D&D e outros esse server é ótimo para você,explore,lute e monte sua historia como quiser e confie em seus dados.
A staff é ativa e está sempre online quando precisar,leia bem as regras e outras informações para não cometer erros e tenha um boa experiencia.

The year is 1879. The Wild West is at its Hight in Murder, Robbery, Killings, and Justice... You have a choice to make, be the good, be the bad? Or will you be the ugly? Lets find out on this wild adventure in Texas, Arizona, and Montana.. Experience the hardships and action the the American west provide.


[1]: Keep rude speech to a minimum. Any type of direct hate speech will result in an instant permanent ban. (using the n-word in general, will result in punishment no matter what. Hinting at the word will also result in punishment, IE: "NI-", "Nice", etc...

[2]: Bullying is not permitted whatsoever, doing so will result in punishment.

[3]: Being disrespectful to any staff member, or user in general will result in a warning and in some cases a ban.

[4]: DO NOT cause drama within the discord, if you do cause drama, and or any user continuing drama will be warned. (We Want a Nice Happy Place)

[5]: Attempting to avoid an admin sit, whether it be by leaving, or avoiding joining the voice channels, blocking the admin attempting to DM you, or anything, will result in an instant ban.

[6]: NSFW is allowed but it must be kept in ALL NSFW channels, this means memes too. ERP is also allowed but either keep it in NSFW RP channels or dm's

[7]: DO NOT, whatsoever, troll/be toxic whatso ever.

[8]: you can advertise your discord BUUUUUT, you must bring it to one of the owners attention!

[9]: Keep things realistic for the time period (1879) which means no cars and crap, also dont be causing to much trouble, gangs and violence is allowed but dont be starting WWI early please

[10] try not to abuse or spam pings, that means dont constantly @ people or @ here, please and thank you.


[12]: ENJOY YOURSELVES; ask questions, rp accordingly, behave yourselves, follow the "Golden Rule" and all will be well :slight_smile:
There’s a rumour going around Sunlake - of this weird short story you can find written in all sorts of places, though nobody knows by who. Written in notebooks, scrawled on bathroom walls, on the internet - some say it first originated from the public library, but that’s just hearsay. But here’s the weird thing - it's impossible to read. The words are all garbled. Anything that has been extracted from it is total nonsense. All except for the header, and the first sentence…


“There was a story of someone named…”

But this is more than just a rumour. More than just a story. It’s a gateway - to somewhere else. A place that’s familiar but twisted, strange, nostalgic and dangerous. A world built on communications, interpretations and idle thoughts of people. It is a place built on reflections of how we see the world - and the people - around us.

Opening the gate is easy. All you need are eyes capable of reading The Prologue.

But what could such a person look like? Is it something that can be acquired? Or must you simply be selected by the hand of fate?

Perhaps there is no way to know for sure - until your eyes fall upon the story, and the reflection it shows you of yourself is revealed…


**Welcome to Persona Zeitgeist!**

On this server non-canon related roleplay server, you will play as citizens of Sunlake, an everyday student town on the east coast of America with a cultural divide at its core. Be you a college student, an everyday citizen or just visiting the town of Sunlake, be it it’s natural beauty, rustic charm, strange locals or booming art college, will have something for you.*

But...there’s a strong chance you might also be one of the few people in Sunlake that have been chosen by fate, and possess the ability to read The Prologue, a mysterious short story that has appeared in many forms all over this small, unassuming town. Most who’s eyes fall upon it fail to read its words, but to a gifted few, its secrets will be revealed - and along with it, a gateway to a mysterious alternate world that is deeply connected to the people of Sunlake, and maybe even the rest of the world.

To get started, read the rules, and then check out the character template, as well as our guidelines on character creation. When you’ve filled out a character sheet, send it to a mod and wait for it to be approved. Once that’s done, you’re free to start roleplaying, either in an Awakening scenario where we’ll roleplay through a few scenes leading up to your character’s Persona appearing, or go right into the world as an established Persona user.

We hope you enjoy your stay!
RPG | Yaoi | Fantasy | FKS 18 |Romanstil | Gruppen RPG | Seme/Seke/Uke | aktive Schreiber
Die Welt hat sich nach dem dritten Weltkrieg wieder langsam erholt. Es ist eine Zeit angebrochen. Eine Zeit bei der sich andere Wesen wie Mutanten, Engel, Vampire, etc. nicht mehr verstecken müssen. Natürlich gibt es auch einige von diesen Wesen die böse sind, aber es gibt auch böse Menschen, daher haben alle Rassen ein Recht zu leben. Die meisten Regionen der Welt haben sich mit den anderen Wesen arrangiert. Sie sind mittlerweile so gut in die heutige Welt integriert, dass sie wie normale Menschen im Büro arbeiten oder ähnliche Berufe ausüben.
Einige Branchen erleben gerade eine neue Blütezeit. Nach dem dritten Weltkrieg stiegen die Besucher in Männer-Bordells an. Eins der Beliebtesten befindet sich in Tokyo, Japan. Was dieses Bordell so besonders macht?
In dem „Temple Of Pleasure“ trifft man auf männliche Prostituierte jeder Rasse. Ob Mensch, Dämonen, Kitsunen, Werwölfe in dem Tempel kannst du auf sie alle treffen, aber jeder Spaß hat seinen Preis, den die Jungs, die dort arbeiten sind Profis in ihrem Job und Qualität ist teuer.
Bist du bereit für deinen Spaß zu bezahlen oder bist du lieber Jemand der anderen eine Freude macht oder spielst du lieber den Aufpasser?