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Welcome to the World of Pokémon! This is a large server with an original region and story that will be changed and written by the members of the server!

We have:

Custom roles!

Tons of roleplay locations with new dungeons to explore and discover!

Pokecord Channel!

Tons of bots such as Tupperbot and Pmdiscord

Image and meme sharing channels!

Bio templates for easy bio making!

TONS of help channels to get you assistance when you need!

OOC Chats!

This server is getting larger and larger! I hope to grow this server even more to make sure people can, please join and bring your friends!

Staff needed! Apply today!
Looking for a good Game Of Thrones Role Play community with active admins and nontoxic community? You found just the place for that.
Game Of Thrones Fall Of The Dragon set 100 years after the books and the show. We are a community of literate Roleplayers who have spent better parts of their life Roleplaying and building communities. We are fairly lenient when it comes to bios and will happily help you fit into our universe. Most of the great houses have been claimed but we still have over 300 houses that need to be claimed!

What we offer!
● Detailed story
● Great RP
● Active Admins
● Great Community
● Helpful staff
● Easy to learn
● Plenty of channels to RP in
● An option between RTK and PTK
● Battle, Travel and Raven mechanics
● Skill Sheet
● Constantly Updated Lists
● Events
● Wiki page

Up to date Doc with all available houses and the ones that have been claimed:

Our wiki:

After 50 years of peace, dark clouds appear over Westeros once more...
Rumors spread that the King was on his death bed and with no heir,
it seemed like this was be the end of the Targaryen bloodline. All the
Lords of the Great Houses and their vassals were called on to come to
King's Landing where a feast is was held and a tournament to keep the
nobles busy during these dark days. However, things slowly turned awry...and for
the first time in 100 years, no Dragon sits on the Iron Throne.

Now a Lion roars from the Iron Throne, while a Wolf, a Falcon and Desert Snake refuse to bow to him - proclaiming their independence. But the dark clouds gether around the entire world. To the east, the Ghiscari have risen and began to rebuild their once-grand is only a matter of time before the world erupts into a war unlike anything seen since the War of Gods.

Can you profit in this chaos? Come and find out.
🌟- Welcome to Paopu Kingdom -🌟

┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊
┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ˚✩ ⋆。˚✩
┊ ┊ ┊ ✫
┊ ┊ ✩
┊ ⊹ ✯


🍓This is an 18+, Loose RP/Casual community to chill and talk about KH, LoZ, Pokemon, FF, etc.

☁️Please do not join if you are under the age of 18.

🍓You don't have to Roleplay. BUT, for those who do want to RP we have a RP Community that's Growing and there are a bunch of Canon Characters up for Grabs.

☁️OC's are welcomed.

🍓Please Read The Rules And Channels Regarding Canon Characters and OC's Please!

☁️Don't forget an Introduction to let us get to know you better~

.・。.・゜✭・What we have to offer!✫・゜・。.

★・A Friendly And Chill Community・★
★・LGBT Friendly・★
✧・KH Updates・✧
★・RP Channels・★
✧・Play Games Together; Smash, League, CAH, etc.・✧
★・Contests With Prizes・★
✧・Custom Paopu Kingdom Currency & Items・✧
★・Cute And Fun Bots・★
✧・Persona, Fire Emblem, Anime, etc・✧


✨» Here at Paopu Kingdom we treat everyone with respect, we are here to make long lasting friendships and have a positive impact on those around us.

⭐» We strive to create a community where everyone is accepted for who they are.

✨» We spread kindness, not hate. A Safe Place for everyone.

⭐» We are a loving, positive community. In this house we support the LGBT community.

♡ Come check us out! We're all chill, kind, give hugs and Munny ✿

╔═══════ ೋღ 🍓 ღೋ ═══════╗

⛔Please do not come in here to cause problems or Drama. You will be banned.

Do not come in here to advertise or ask for partnerships.⛔

╚═══════ ೋღ 🌸 ღೋ ═══════╝
Hello and Welcome to Pokemon Warzone!
Here at Pokémon Warzone, there is a great emphasis on trade and competitive battling for SM, USUM, and soon SW/SH. In fact, this server is ENTIRELY for competitive battling and trading. Many of our veteran players have pledged to help other players get into the entirely new meta. We boast MANY genners and powersave users, so getting into competitive on mainstream games is as easy as it is on Showdown. To make competitive in the new gen easier, we’ve set up multiple bots like Beheeyem, Sableye, and Nurse Joy. Their specific commands are neatly laid out in a bots channel to make their usage as easy as possible. The bots also have their own channels so they can be either set up or used. We’re really excited to share new experiences with you in generation 8! We hope to see you there!
<Begin Log>
Üdvözöllek a parkban!

Szerverünk egy SCP/JP orientált roleplay szerver, ahol te formálod meg karaktereid jövöjét és karakterisztikáit tetszésed szerint. Sokoldalú szerepjátékot kínálunk, egy családias közösséget és sok eventet.

A háttérsztori:
Az SCP Alapítvány új épületkomplexumját Isla Nublarra telepíti. A sziget otthont ad több tucat kihalt állatnak és lopott anomáliának. Fő feladatunk a régi épületek megtisztítása és az anomáliák, későbbiekben az állatok elzárása.

Dolgozz anomáliákkal körülvéve az SCP Alapítványban, szabotáld őket a Chaos Insurgencyben, vagy lépj be a Global Occult Coalitionbe, a szovjet GRU Division "P"-be, a hódító Róma Ordo Iani-jába, vagy csatlakozz az InGenhez!
Legyél részese te is!
<End Log>
Ever heard of Hurt and Heal? We are a server that brings Hurt and Heal to discord, and we've added extra elements to certain versions of the game to give you the best experience!

This server is home to our hurt-or-heal game that is currently in the works.What is Hurt or Heal? Well let me explain. Hurt or heal is a classic forum game that has existed on the internet since the earlier days of forum history.

So how do you play you might wonder?

Well to play the game is very simple. Each turn you will have the option to heal a character by 1 point, and hurt a character by 2 points.

Each character will typically start with 10 life-points, but this can change based on the settings. In order to play, you will simply copy the list of characters, and remove 2 health points from the character you want to hurt, while adding one additional health points to a character you want to keep alive.

Typically, there will be a post cool-down of 6 hours, but the cool-down can be quicker based on the rules of the game. If you don't understand then here's an example:

Mario: 10
Toad: 10

I'll commit my turn now.

Hurt Mario, heal Toad
Mario: 8
Toad: 11

The last character remaining alive wins.

As this RPG continues to improve, there will be more items, a better currency system, and probably much more to come! Please visit us and have fun!
The Bazaar is a roleplay hub that focuses on dividing rps by genre to allow both players and server owners a better chance of finding their interests. We also provide a space for advertising forum rps and rp communities on video games.
We offer Pokemon role-play without the need of creating character bios and we have a variety of both serious and laid back times as it tends to switch between them. A new Arc is currently being planned and will welcome new members to the whole event. We’re all very welcoming and the main language is English, although we do have others in the server that can speak foreign languages such as Japanese and Korean. Invite your friends as we all are looking to a good battle in showdown. We tend to use showdown instead of other Pokemon battle simulators due to the reliability and it being easy to understand. If you don’t want to do either, that’s fine as well, you can just join in on the conversations. We hope to see you.
If you're looking for a play by post rpg that you can sink in to, a location to casually roleplay, somewhere to flex your combat muscles, or maybe a medium to tell a story, look no further. The Crossroads has all you need.

We're a fantasy/sci-fi roleplaying server where almost anything goes. You can play any character you want, OCs, Alternate Universes, or ones from existing canons. With a variety of realms all bundled together within the same overarching world, there's guaranteed the be somewhere your character can fit in. There's thick lore, and well-crafted systems to encourage quality roleplaying. Be it a few well-written sentences or multiple paragraphs, or perhaps more, this server will cater to your ability. We have members willing to help you learn if you're more of a novice. The emphasis is always on the writing, telling a story, and, most importantly, having fun.

Our hand-crafted xp system is based on post size and word count (this is custom coded via the bots). The more you post, the more xp (essence) you will gain, and the more abilities and powers your character can unlock. This can take you from the average superhero to bring you even beyond. Accompanying this, we have detailed rules for fights and player disputes to ensure and PvP roleplays remain orderly. The judging of which is partially based on writing quality as well as the 'who would win' aspect. This system is in beta and open to feedback, but know that progression is quick enough to provide decent gratification for your work.

Our server is very new, and some aspects are still work in progress, but the roleplaying itself is ready to begin. Our three owners are all experienced roleplayers and have a lot of knowledge about running rp servers, so we're set to make this place the best it can be!

The Ark (also known as "Ark Station" or the "United Ark Federation") is an orbiting space station that served as the home of the Arkers. The Arkers are descendants of those who escaped the Nuclear Apocalypse on Earth 97 years before the present.

When the Nuclear Apocalypse occurred on May 10, 2052, there were 13 space stations orbiting Earth. The space station inhabitants assumed Earth was uninhabitable and that they were the only survivors. To pool resources and populations, the federation stations decided to merge into a single space habitat, the Ark.

The Council decided to test the survivability of Earth, a hundred juvenile delinquents, known as the 100, were sent to the ground in a dropship.

Will the 100 survive? What will happen to the Ark? Only time will tell.
Mitten in einem Ozean treibt eine einsame Insel herum. Auf dieser leben wild und frei wuschelige Katzen. Um das Leben einfacher zu gestalten versuchen sie Clans zu bilden. Daraus entsteht der Nebel-und der Funkenclan. Während die Katzen des Nebelclans sich ein Leben im Moor aufbauen, stellt der Funkenclan am Fusse eines Vulkans alles auf die Beine. Der Nebelclan wird für seine Weisheit bekannt werden. Der Funkenclan für seinen Rittertum. Aber noch gibt es nicht wirklich ein Leben. Die Katzen müssen zuerst einen Clan bilden und sich so zusammen setzen. Alle zwei Wochen versammeln sich die zwei Clans um gegenseitig Bericht zu erstatten. In den anderen zwei Wochen gibt es das Treffen der Heiler. Diese bereisen die Mondgrotte und nehmen so Kontakt zum Himmelsclan auf. Jede Clankatze die stirbt geht automatisch in den Himmelsclan.

Wir haben noch gaaanz viele Ideen und geschichtliche Ereignisse geplant, die wir euch aber nicht verraten. Somit wollen wir euch ein bestmögliches Spiel ermöglichen. Die Spannung bleibt ja nur dann erhalten, wenn unvorhergesehenes geschieht. Wenn wir euch diese verraten habt ihr dann zwar alles unter Kontrolle aber die Spannung fehlt. Ausserdem ist es doch ganz witzig wenn nicht alles nach Plan verläuft...

Wir hoffen ihr guckt vorbei! Liebe Grüße, das Serverteam :D
You have entered a new world. The world of Klash. In this dungeons and dragons style role-play, you can be apart of 1 of 5 factions.
The 5 factions being-
Divinity- Home of Light and Fire
Primitive- Home of Earth and Water
Peacekeeper- Home of Air and Wind
Interstellar- Home of the Stars
Tenebris- Home of darkness.
Every faction had their own base, with their own rules and communities.
Divinitys live on the Sun, Primitives live on Earth, Peacekeepers live in the Clouds, Interstellars live among the stars in a spaceship, and Tenebris live in the darkness of the void.
There are 3 representatives and 1 backup to speak for all of you. You can choose to make peace with others, or to destroy.
Choose wisely, dear members. For every move you make could be the wrong one, and the end of you.
Its a discord server for hypixel users to chat and trade and whatever else you need on any gamemode, we are always expanding the amount of game modes you can talk about and the roles you can earn. Feel free to join
Create your own Home Channels and Shops. Roleplay with friends, money, xp, and items! All month you can Trick-or-Treat with Candy Leaderboards.
The folks on Phobos call those strange, powerful kids mutants and freaks and every name they can think of to separate themselves No one's sure how they came to be, whether evolution or a sudden surprise. But distancing yourself ain't going to do shit, 'cause you have your lives in their hands.

Now that the misfits with abilities were exiled to the moon Deimos, some of the adults in the group created a school-a safe space, a place where they could safely teach their students about magic and other studies. Peace at last, they thought. They were mistaken. After a peaceful century, they were at war with neighboring civilizations, on and off, since there was a special resource rumored to be in the area. Within the school and it's vast, bountiful territory, students felt unsafe and exposed, leading them to create guilds, clubs, and even cults, in order to find the resource, end the ongoing wars, and peace of mind. So how are you going to live out your legacy? How are you going to go down in history?

- Semi-literate to essay style welcome!
- New events, updates, and channels being added all the time
- Fantasy and Sci-Fi setting with elements of mafia and spy stuff
- Friendly and chill staff
- LGBT+ safe
- Channels for anime and memes
- New lore to be discovered!
- Self assignable custom roles
- Opportunities to interact with the plot!
Come and join the **Edabara** high school!
This is a school for very intelligent and “gifted” children, here you’ll be able to create your own character to become one of the many roles listed in the server.

💜-Ability to create your own Clubs
❤️-Mixed double dorm rooms
🧡-Many channels in which you’ll be able to rp from school to city to wilderness
💛-Ability to make fantasy ocs such as demons or succubus
💚-No kinkshaming, all kinks allowed (Except pedophila)
Ce rp est une variante de la mission de l'anime/manga assassination classroom. Dans ce serveur vous intégrerez une des cinq classe au choix (en choisissant des rôles via des réactions) et votre but sera de faire monter votre classe en points pour être premier.
Comment gagner:
Pour gagner il faut faire dire un mot spécifique à @Koro Sensei avant la fin de la semaine. La classe qui l'aura notifier en premier après que @Koro Sensei à écrit ou dit ce mot aura 10 points en plus.
Mais si personne n'arrive à lui faire dire le mot TOUTES les classes auront perdu la moitié de leur point.
Si un professeur le mentionne après le mot il ne fait gagner que 5 points à la classe auquel il enseigne.
A brand new Dragon Age Roleplay server, set in 9:41 Dragon!

Friendly community. 50+ word minimum replies. Longform is preferred.

Openings available for Dragon Age canon characters.

18+ due to mature themes.
Max Raid party is a new server focusing around Pokemon Sword and Shield and the new Max Raid system, as well as all pokemon games in general.
This is a server to make new friends and have a nice time, so why not try it out and see.
Join our new roleplay server!
Become a witch and step foot into the Magic Realm. Join the W.I.T.C.H Academy and fight demons to protect the magic and mortal realm.

🎃 -Original Story and Lore!

☾ -Turn-based duelling system

🎃 - High Fantasy!

☾ -Perform unique magic abilities!

🎃 -Participate in events to rank up and grow your character's strength!

☾ -And More!
We are a new server. Open Spots for all Gods including Big Three! Counselor spots are open as well!

We are also in search of Staff Members: OC Approvers, Moderators, and Game Masters!

“Hello young demi-god! It seems you have been met with a terrible fate. Being a demi-god is dangerous. You’ll be hunted down in various ways by all sorts of creatures you didn’t even know about! But but but! Have no fear- for you’re in the right place! Camp Half-Blood! Home for young heroes like you! Where we keep our young campers ~~Mostly~~ safe!” -Chiron

In this Server we are literate, ranging from Para to Novella. Players will have the choice of all original twelve gods, with the added minor gods! You will also be able to embark on quests, learn new skills, and maybe even earn your own title!
There is new added systems to this server such as a unique leveling system and ranking system. You will also be able to have an interesting set of powers and abilities. Join the adventure!

What we offer is:
Inclusive camp events that everyone can be a part of!
LGBQ+ Friendly!
New RP experiences.
Literate CHB RP
Magic Systems
Unique Power System
Fun Progression!
New spins on the CHB experience that don't pull away from what Camp Half-Blood is.

We offer dorms instead of cabins. However, the dorms are full of personality to fit the Gods that are assigned to each!

We also have a fun Quest system that everyone can get involved in. We try to host Quest events on weekdays and Fun RP events like sword-play lessons on weekends!

We also have a mainline plot line that is yet to be revealed! Remember us like the new stars we are! CHB Nova! Join us!

„18+ Time“
The new limitless 18+ nsfw Discord Server is now on for you! Agree to the rules and enjoy roleplay, pictrade or just gif-watching!