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Charisma Check is a tabletop RPG server that includes ERP in its games. As a Dungeon Master you'll join, post your campaign ad, and sort through your player applicants to create the perfect party for your sexiest campaign yet! We support all any and all tabletop system you might be interested in such as D&D, Pathfinder, and Call of Cthulhu. So hurry on in here and turn that Monster Manuel into a dating catalog and see if you can pass your "Charisma Check"!
This Discord is for Psychronic Game Studios, an independent game company located in Bellingham, WA.

Psychronic specializes in RPG’s (Role Playing Games) and Strategy/Tactics games for the PC, Web and Mobile.

Our first game is called “Star Shift”. It is a sci-fi RPG with multiple branching story arcs, as well as a tactical RPG for fleet and army battles, within the game.

In this first project, we are trying to use a formula of mixing the western style RPG’s (choose your own adventure), with the Japanese style (Super epic, but linear). We hope to have a game which is choose your own adventure, but with more depth like a linear RPG.
A Marvel sister-server to our successful DC counterpart, which has been up and thriving for around a year. As this has just begun, we have a lot of your favourite characters free and for the taking. We're looking for Avengers, X-Men, the whole lot... Come and write as your favourite Marvel characters in our extended (AU) Marvel Universe server!
The Cutlerverse is a roleplay server dedicated to utilizing creativity to craft memorable settings and rich, deep characters. It hosts several unique roleplay settings that all members contribute towards, whether it be by coming up with historical events or populating it with memorable characters. The staff are always open to new ideas, and if you so desire, you may put forward your own ideas for a setting. Some of the current ones available to play in include:

The Ascendants: A universe full of superpowered humans, set in the modern day.
Ondorwis: A high fantasy universe, filled with magic and a magnificent, rich history.
Divine and Damned: A world set in the modern day, populated by the gods, demons, and monsters of mythology.
Red Nights: A dark, supernatural version of the real world, filled with all manner of dark creatures stalking the night which once walked as men.

Whatever your imagination holds, there is a place for it here. Join today!

Hello My name is Jake C.
From CorruptNationRp.

Why pick CorruptNationRP instead of other server’s?

Well you would want to pick us because we are Semi white-listed, we allow suggestions from everyone and we will most likely allow it into the server. We have very good rp in the city of CorruptNationRp!
We also have Active Admins/Mechanics-Car Dealer.

What jobs we have to offer!
. Taxi Job
. Fisher Job
. Lumberjack Job
. Miner Job
. Butcher Job
. Fisherman
. Garbage man Job
. Gang Jobs!
And many more!

What else we have to offer!
We have 150+ Add on Vehicles in the city of CorruptNationRp,
We also have a load of amazing interior that you can check out.
I hope to see Y’all in our server!
Interactua con otros usuarios en un munedo de rol medieval, magico, evolutivo a traves de los 4 reinos y el modo historia. Sube de niveles, mejor tus profesiones y construlle o domina imperios! Dirije un gremio o ejercito y aventruate a la batalla!
A newly established community looking to expand our galaxy with other players who wish to create an interesting dynamic in the post Endor Expanded Universe.
Dominion City RPG is the interactive RPG of DOMINION UNIVERSE (IG: @Dominion.Universe). Together with official fiction published on Amazon and more, Dominion City RPG is an enclosed city of 5 ring-shaped districts ranging from wasteland to cyberpunk to police state, where storytelling (not stat-building) and a supportive community are king.
**Toram Online**
🏆This is a gaming server dedicated to Toram online!🏆

**Please follow all of our rules, especially the main ones:**🎙

•No Swearing

📣The server even contains a giveaway channel for Toram Online!

And theres even MORE coming soon! Hope you are excited! 🏅

📢So what are you waiting for! **Join now** we know you won't regret it!📢
Hello and Welcome to Pokemon: Saga, an original pbp discord RP set in the Kalos region! We are a brand new RP that is looking to cultivate a positive and active roleplay community.

This server will focus on narrative storytelling and encourages "yes and" roleplaying. Currently our staff is all EST but we are hiring GMs to fill slots for other timezones. We offer:

-Pokemon Contests!
-Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff and Community
-The oppurtunity to be the Hero in your own story
-Overarching Story!
-Server Giveaways for Pokemon and Items useful IRP!
-and much more!

Come see what we're about, we look forward to playing with you!

Hello there, you have been invited to join a Warrior Cats themed roleplay server, The Clans of The Arcane! To start off, Warrior Cats is a book collection by Erin Hunter. Now, in this roleplay server we do not allow canon characters. However, you may create an original character of your choosing! So far we have two clans to pick from, but you may also be clanless, or a kittypet. For those of you who don't know, a kittypet is your household cat. They live with humans.

Keep in mind that this is a semi-literate to literate roleplay server that requests it's users roleplay in third person and do not one line, so I apologize if this is against your roleplay style! We also have a template that includes an overview, some attributes (optional), and other information (some is optional) about your character. In this server, however, we allow users to add any information they would like to their template as long as they have the required information!

Besides roleplay channels we have some out of character chats to keep you occupied (memes, art, fanart, and fangirling, etc.)! We are also open to suggestions on channels to add (roleplay and out of character). We're also open to helping users by answering any questions that they may or may not have, be it for themselves or if they're asking for a friend! There is also a voice chat that you may chat in with other users and Rythm (renamed Jaggedberry) for music selection!

What you can expect from this server is:
-Out of character channels to hang out in!
-A staff team that is as active as they can be and willing to help!
-Full lists of information so you're not clueless on anything going on.
-A questions and suggestions channel so you may help improve the server and get help yourself if you're confused.
-A pastel color role of your choosing from a given list, and other roles!

Keep in mind that this is a serious and literate roleplay server and so we take things very seriously here, while we do try to have some fun!
💥Welcome to •MHA• ~OC RP~!!!💥

❤️This is a role play server where everyone 14 and up are welcomed!❤️

🧡This is a friendly server and does NOT tolerate ANY kind of criminal behavior.🧡

💛Everyone will be treated fairly!💛

💚If you want to join, make sure to have an OC in mind🙂! 💚

💙See you there!👋🏼💙
Welcome to the world of one piece, well, sorta. This server is set in a universe where non of one pieces story has happened and the characters do not exist. Join us on an adventure where your choices change history...
A dungeons and dragons inspired server, The Underworld offers a chance to play as classic enemies from rpg games. Play from a selection of races from skeletons to demons, make truly personal charecters with rpg mechanics, take on quests, and roleplay with fellow rpers. We also offer a friendly staff team and an interesting world to explore. In the Underworld, your actions matter as the world will react to anything you do. We are a new server and we hope you enjoy your time here.
Based a few years after the Webtoon: UnOrdinary, a new school opens up in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada). This is not only the first school in Canada but the first school to have an
On-school-property battle arena, fully encouraged by the teachers for students to fight. This is Zaephyra Academy. Following the creation of Zaephyra Academy, another school is built in Calgary, Alberta. It is a bit less brutal, but holds power none the less.

We are a new server with a great, helpful staff, always looking to improve! Because of just starting, we will be holding an event to determine the royals for both schools!
🌍Welcome to Altervis🌍

-We have tons of rp channels
-General chats with Nsfw, Memes, and Media!
-Active staff
-Growing community

Altervis, the world split in two by the demon Mozgar. Now chained and held in place, the demon hungers for more power, granting users incredible abilities you are givin the choice to assist the demon, or fight his influence and work to correct the world.

Welcome to Moirvale! A pokemon roleplay and erotic roleplay server. We have plenty of locations, interesting characters, and a well developed story. You can join to RP, ERP, or why not both? Join today to help our server grow!
Pantala and Pyrrhia were in peace, keeping in contact, and no conflict had to be happening between any of the tribes. Then, it happened. Meteors hit Pantala and Pyrrhia, destroying both of the continents. The dragons who managed to escape before the meteors hit, looked for a new place to call home.
They spotted a smaller island, which they named Avalon, which seemed perfect for the small number of dragons that remained, and the amount of wildlife and plants on the island.
Little did they know, the island was already inhabited by different types of dragons, unknown to Pantala and Pyrrhia.
After they found Avalon, everything descended into chaos due to most of the queens from the tribes not surviving the meteors. If the Queen's had sisters, one of them would take over, however, this didn't work out well for some of the tribes, and there is still fights on who should be the Queen, slowly splitting apart every tribe.

Welcome to Wings Of Fire - The Fallen Tribe! We're an NSFW free server. We have patient, and kind moderators, admins or staff here! Please don't mind if we feel a bit dead, we're only a growing server and it would be amazing if you would join us! Please advertise this server as much as you want if you join!

Welcome to the Pokémon Plaza! A Place where you can do All things Pokémon! Trade, Sell, Battle, all these and more Exist here!

We aim to create a community where Pokémon fans can help each other out so that we all can catch them all

Want to level up a Pokémon but too lazy to do it yourself? Let us Help you! We've got a Pokémon Daycare Made with that purpose in Mind, Just let our esteemed Gym leaders, Elite Four member, or the professor Herself Take care of you Pokémon and Level it up to your desired Level While you train to be the Very best!

We encourage sharing ideas so don’t be afraid to @ a mod, admin or owner, trust me when I say we want to hear it!
this server contains the following

. the pokecord bot
. groovy for jam out in voice chat
. art channels to share art of course
. daycare
. giveaways

Welcome, Lightner, to Ralsei’s kingdom!
This server is a place to share your love for Ralsei, and Deltarune as a whole!
I hope you choose to join us!
Welcome to Kaisume Academy! Kaisume Academy was established in the 1950s as a place of learning for all magical humans and creatures. It is a school for people and magical beings to hone their skills both mentally, physically, academically, and magically. After 30 years, a new wave of students have begun to fill the corridors once more, join today!

Kaisume Academy Offers:

❀ Ample Roleplay Channels ❀
❀ Strict Rules ❀
❀ Fast Service Approval ❀
❀ Fun Roleplay and Events ❀
❀Active Staff and Community ❀
❀ Fun with Bots ❀
❀ New RP! ❀
"If you can hear this, you are one of us. If you are one of us, you can find us..."
The United States has suddenly been affected by a strange disease names IAAN, Idiopathic Adolescent Acute Neurodegeneration. This disease kills 99% of the adolescent population before they reach age 13. Those that do not die develop powers, abilities that the government is afraid of. The government is not afraid of those that die, the ones that live are the threats.

What do we have to offer?
- Friendly Staff
- LGBTQ+ Friendly Server
- Fun Roleplaying Opportunities
- Interesting Lore To Be Added
- Staff Applications Open
Naruto Nations is a server where you make a character and try to make your own story with balanced mechanics and an active community of other players that are also working to make their own story. Which village will become the best? Will rogue ninjas take over? Will the world just meet its end?
Are you an ancient, crotchety-ass roleplayer searching for a writing partner/server, but you're tired of constantly having to sift through DMs sent by underage anime children? Are you searching for a community where you can rehash the glory days of dice, dragons & Sailor Moon? Do you consider yourself a serious writer and are searching for a place to write and receive constructive feedback? Or maybe you just miss active roleplay "chat rooms" and the Medieval Tavern?

Well, here we are! The RolePlay Outpost is a 25+ hub where you can rest easy knowing that you're oversharing with like-minded uh, adults. We offer:

- OOC community - elitist, hivemind, and bully-proof. It's all smiles here, folks.
- Server advertisements, 1x1 plot and partner searches
- Collaborative writing channels
- Character profile and development channels
- Venting and gushing channels
- NSFW channels including Smut Hall of Fame
- Active roleplay channels with open settings

If you're interested, then click the invite and give us your tired, your old and crotchety, your huddled masses searching for RP!