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For wholesome discussion and analysis of games, movies, music, and more pop a painkiller and dive into Aesir headquarters.
Server basato sul retrogaming, emulazione, collezzionismo e tanto altro! Incontrerai gente con le tue stesse passioni, potrai acquistare o vendere giochi per la tua collezzione e giocare a vecchi classici tutti insieme! Che aspetti? Passa sul nostro server e aiutaci a coltivare una community di appassionati!
hi! this is our minecraft server.
players both java and bedrock are welcome here!
also a talking server for the side part, we have fun bots like dank memer and marriage bot so you won’t get bored ❤️
chill mods, we won’t ban you for something stupid (something like chatting in the wrong channel), we only ban when it’s serious like trolling, nsfw in the wrong channel, gore or hate crimes
we welcome you, please join and have fun in our server!
Hello, and welcome to the Agent 9's Lab Disboard page.
We are a Spyro fan community dedicated to researching and preserving the history of the original Spyro the Dragon trilogy for the PlayStation, however we are open to all Spyro enthusiasts!

We discuss and share knowledge on the pre-release materials for the games, as well as any known/released prototypes and demo builds. In addition, we like to talk about anything to do with the trilogy, even obscure facts and trivia.

We have a very wide variety of off-topic channels for people to hangout, make new friends, shitpost, talk about music, and sharing your creations! You may also discuss the rest of the Spyro series too!

So if you're a Spyro fan and you want a community with the more hardcore fans, come on by to Agent 9's Lab today!

**CONTENT ADVISORY:** People are allowed to say the n-word ONLY with the letter A at the end as we have NO racist intentions here. Some jokes that are made here may be cruel, edgy and ironic. Join at your own risk.
Brazilian server in order to publish videos and versions of the two games on the S.T.A GAMES channel. We have music robots, and others.
The Retro Game Collectors Society is a chill server about retro games, looking to grow.

What we have to offer:

Channels about
-Neo Geo
-Commodore PCs
-And more!

-Fun bots like:
Dank memer
Strodl bot

-Friendly Staff

-A Leveling system

-Open to server partnerships

-A channel for buying, selling, and trading

-Fun monthly events
-Weekly podcasts
If you love retro games, you should consider joining. There’s room for everyone!
Hello! Welcome to The Killers Cabin! This is a server where you can meet people who like most things associated with the Horror Genre, Gaming, Game dev, And other kinda of art! We would love to see you come by.

~ Lucid! and fellow members of The Killers Cabin
ok this is a chill place to hangout and socialise okay bye
Join and start charting with other retro fans at the Retro Gsming Lounge. We are very open and laid back server. Our rules are also simple and easy to follow as well. You can also talk about Modern Gaming, Art, and Anime in here as well. However we are mostly Retro Gaming based.
Cyberpunk 2049 is an upcoming game developed and published by MrHealixx. It is scheduled to be released on 1 January 2021. Adapted from the Cyberpunk franchise, the story takes place in dystopian Night City, an open world with four distinct regions.
[-----------------------------¡Hey tu! ¡Si tu! ¡¿Te gusta Sonic?!---------------------------]

¿Porque no le echas un vistazo a nuestro servidor? ¿Que que ofrecemos? Pues...

Niveles de Sonic 1, Sonic CD, Sonic 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, y Sonic Mania (Por ahora).

Variedad de Bots.

Diversidad de canales Rol y Off-Rol.

Sistema de entrenamiento fácil y sencillo.

[--------------¡Y muchas cosas mas, unetenos para derrotar juntos a todo el mal!--------------------] Por cierto tambien tenemos unas erizos muy sexis digo digo eventos personalizados con sucesos jamaz ocurridos en el canon que no afecta a la historia principal.

Editado por el Staff y SubLider mas activo, Shiro

You may know us as the developer of DROID7.
We are a small indie gamedev studio focused on retro pixelart games.
chat configs-{hides channels and twitter feeds}
Twitter Feeds +more
Repair help
Friendly Gamers
Retro Gaming

✨▲ healthvan* ▲ ✨
Matchmaking General

Self Promo / / posting your server is always welcome!!
*Resources for Dolphin emulator
Dear Singaporeans, if you ever played a Habbo Retro, you would know what Ace Hotel is. Come and join us today and fear no boundaries since one of the Developer is Singaporean! :D
The purpose of Emupedia is to serve as a nonprofit meta-resource, hub and community for those interested mainly in video game preservation which aims to digitally collect, archive and preserve games and software to make them available online accessible by a user-friendly UI that simulates several retro operating systems for educational purposes.
Welcome to the Super Mario World community!

This server is centered around Super Mario World, but can apply for any Mario game. Although this community is small, it will only get bigger thanks to your help!

This server offers a Roleplay category for all of the worlds in Super Mario World, such as Donut Plains, Chocolate Island, etc.
if you guys like game collecting, retro games and all that juicy stuff, feel free to stop by. We'd love to hear about your favourite games and collecting goals! You can also join to talk about other things of course. Have a good one.
It’s summer! Schools out, pools are open, and the mall is hiring and everything is good! That is until random people keep going missing. Something is going on and it’s up to us to figure it out! Will you help solve the mystery or will you have the summer of your dreams? The choice is yours?

Stonewall gap is a 1990’s Fantasy role-play
A Discord Server dedicated to SEGA's Arcade Rail Shooter, The House of the Dead. Discuss past and present House of the Dead games with other fans, share high scores, and fan art!

Visit our fansites
The Website of the Dead:
The Wiki of the
【Welcome to Liv's Bay!】

Hi! Welcome to Liv's Bay. A Pokemon/Anime server, where you can chat with friends and play Pokecord. I hope you consider joining!

Q: Why is the server's name Liv's Bay?
A: Liv used to live by a ocean, and used to go to the beach a lot, but the beach was on a bay, which is connected to a ocean. She used to go there a lot so she though.. might as well add Bay to the end!

Q: Does this server need Staff?
A: Yes!

Q: Does this server have giveaways?
A: Yes! :3
Hello! Welcome to my Gaming Center where people can come and interact with other fellow gamers into Nintendo, Indie games and gamers of Parsec as well.

This server is also revolves around my gaming YouTube channel called DenoxSeries and my Mario Maker 2 channel known as SuperZenixMaker770.

I livestream weekly on Twitch or YouTube playing viewer levels in Super Mario Maker 2 so you may want to check that out incase you want to see me play your level LIVE!

This server is still heavily focused on Super Mario Maker 2 where you can post your levels, memes, pictures and videos related to it but we will focus on other Switch games too alongside other consoles, retros and parsec gaming.

We also can talk about tech and anime as well. We have a great growing community filled with people who has a passion for Nintendo and gaming in general.

- This is a family friendly server so we do not encourage NSFW here. So you can feel safe that we ensure no one posts those content in this server.
- Monthly or BiMonthly Super Mario Maker 2 Contests
- Parsec gaming support
- Weekly Polls on anything Nintendo and gaming related.
- Full Support on Super Mario ROM Hacks updates from SMWCentral, we will post links of the newest games there once a month.
- A place where you can post your SMM2 Level Codes and Switch Friend Codes.

If you enjoy Nintendo games, especially Super Mario Maker 2 and gaming on Parsec, this is the server for you!