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Dieser Kanal wurde am 16.01.2019 aus Liebe zu Retro-Computern, ins Leben gerufen. Der Schwerpunkt liegt dabei auf Commodore Hardware. Andere Firmen wie etwa Atari, Schneider ect. werden jedoch auf Wunsch ebenso behandelt und keinesfalls ausgeschlossen.

Die Gründe dafür erstanden aus der simplen Notwendigkeit, Retro-Maniacs auf einen, den unseren, Discord-Kanal zu bündeln. Also eine Art erwachsene Retro-Gemeinschaft entstehen und langsam wachsen zu lassen. Eine Affinität zu alter Computerhardware und/oder deren alten Spielen und Anwendungen sollte jedoch schon vorhanden sein.

Der Beitritt ist erst ab 30+ Jahren möglich.

Hauptthemen bei uns sind unter anderem:
Commodore Amiga - C64 - Linux - Retro Gaming - Coding in Python und andere Sprachen. - Retro Computer u.v.m...

We're a small online multiplayer community dedicated to the classic real time strategy game Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness!

Our PvPGN (player vs player gaming network) server has been in continuous operation for over 10 years, allowing people to continue to enjoy playing & competing at this classic RTS game!

Please be warned that we're a very old school community :D We don't take a strong stance against "flaming" or other "toxic" behaviors, and while many of our players are very friendly we do have a fair share of salty old-timers. Everyone is welcome to play here, though entirely at their own discretion!
A currently small server dedicated to 3 games - Crash Team Racing, one of the best games ever made, Crash Nitro Kart, a slightly worse game but still pretty fun for what it is, and Crash Tag Team Racing, another slightly worse game that is also fun.
Hello! Welcome to the Mega Man Roleplay! We're a very new server and looking for new people, we have friendly staff and we're fairly active.
Oc's are allowed.
Hope you enjoy your stay!
In a parallel universe to the universe where the events of Earthbound Beginnings took place, the earth was the same, but a bit different, and the time was 1983. The people around the earth realized the harm that pollution and other stuff did to the earth, so they made the earth more authentic by making the CORE.

The CORE is a system that basically runs the earth, keeping it nice and clean, rid of pollution. There is also a sort of government that guards and makes sure nobody touches the CORE, and so it does stay untouched. This reasoning is because the CORE holds much power, so it needs to be watched and not let into the wrong hands.

Deep in space, there is a very evil force that's traveling, searching for a power source. It already has found the galaxy they wanted to go to, since their radar sensed a very powerful substance, which is what they need to conquer the universe. Nobody on earth is alarmed about this..

But there is a prophecy that four children can stop this evil force, as they are the next chosen ones. The world is at stake, and its fate relies on them!
A server where will you play a bunch of computers, mobile, and Nintendo games. If you like all that stuff join and make yourself at a
My server is created to welcome veteran and new players who will play The Division 2, and to create a helpful community, where one can ask for help, guides, or find people to play with.
Leed las normas para saber como acceder al grupo.
Acabas de pasar por una grieta y ahora estás en nuestra acogedora cueva, tenemos juegos, música, varios bots con los que tontear y memes. También hay un canal dedicado a partidas en línea, donde podemos jugar entre todos o hasta usar Fightcade. Disfruta tu estancia!
Auf unserem Server geht es um RetroGaming mit RetroPie & Co. auf Raspberry Pi, Odroid und PC.
The Smash Bros Hub is a server built around the popular Nintendo Game Smash Bros. We have monthly tourneys with special rewards and roles. Now introducing Smash Bros Factions! 110 Unlockable roles! We have friendly staff and people willing to play anytime. What are you waiting for? Come join us!
This roleplay takes place in the Neutral Route timeline. Frisk did not kill any monsters, except for the small ones (aka Froggits and what not). After fighting Flowey, they spared him, and they left the underground, leaving it how it was.
Long ago, two races ruled over Earth: HUMANS and MONSTERS

After a long battle, humans were victorious.

They sealed the monsters underground with a magic spell.

Many years later...

Mt. Ebott


Legends say that those who climb the mountain never return.
This Great Retro Game You Can Find it In Roblox Look Up Custom Craftwars Weapons.
Here, We can talk about Retro Gaming and SEGA and Sonic the Hedgehog. Come Join To Get Into Retro Gaming. Or as I call "The Good Games"
Hello to all, while you are looking at this, i want to mention a few things, first of all this server is kid friendly environment, No swearing or mean comments ABSOLUTELY no NSFW content (Don't like them myself) This server is based on Gaming and Music, ( you might heard of.
I am desperate to recruit more members to the server.
Please join~ Cheers!
You're a Chao raiser? Looking for a Chao Community?

We are a growing Community focused on Chao garden friendly and helpful. The Chao Garden is a nice place to chat, share and meet new people. New people are always welcome.

Join the Chao Garden today.
This is the Aperture Science discord for the Pokecord bot! And pokemon in general! Have fun reliving your childhood in this discord!
This is a new roleplay server based on the black mesa incident in the mexico dessert. The staff is just starting in this new company and is looking for individuals in all scientific fields to bring their knowledge to make a better future for man kind. Will you oppress the humane technology and destroy it or will you harness it and save the last survivors of black mesa research facility? The choice is up to you... But wait there's more... Or will you be the "Search party" in search of the remnants of the black mesa in search and kill to hide the evidence which was spead? The choice is up to you.
Retro Games Discord Server dedicated to the discussion of retro video gaming.
testing the bot out feel free to spam this
Join our Gaia online discord! For old and new members, you don't have to be a current member, come for the nostalgia! We have giveaways and tons of bots including Monstacord and Pokecord.