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A currently small server dedicated to 3 games - Crash Team Racing, one of the best games ever made, Crash Nitro Kart, a slightly worse game but still pretty fun for what it is, and Crash Tag Team Racing, another slightly worse game that is also fun.
Chill open and fun community for sharing games and memes. Event evening every frday and lots of channels and bots. Open for partnership.

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A megaman server I threw together, it's just starting out so I'd love help with suggestions. I'm looking for a few more mods and hopefully some new faces to brighten up the place.
a fun server where you can meet friends and play some classic command & conquer. NO NSFW
Hello! This is a small sonic the hedgehog dedicated server wherein we talk about all things sonic related ! Everyone is very friendly and it is small scale so it is easy to talk and get along! Join us!
Have you ever thought to yourself; what would happen if I mixed the lore from a game about machines fighting each other, with classic dark-ages and renaissance Mythos, and fantasy? Well, now you’ll never have to think again, with this server!

We’re seeking new, active members, and almost every canon character is available right now, so don’t miss your chance to snatch them up, or attempt to outdo them with your own Original Characters in this hectic world.

We eagerly await your arrival!
(still under development) Have a classic console? Want to meet people that do? Enjoy playing those classic games? You should just come down and meet some people that share your interests then! show off your collection. We are not the biggest, but we are the fastest growing retro game server on discord! Boast about personal bests! if you are debating whether you want to join this server, maybe bookmark it if you need time. The name and tags may possibly change.
A Kirby fan server to discuss Kirby games and talk to other Kirby fans. Share Kirby memes and more. The perfect place for Kirby fans.
Dino Domain is back !

Dino domain is a discord server which focuses mainly on nintendo however we don't mind other games. Join today to chat with nintendo fans enjoy memes play with nots and listen to music and maybe a few giveaways.
General Lore: It is the year 3000. The world is not the same anymore. There is only one place that many humans reside upon. That place is The Woodlands. The Woodlands is spread out with 4 kingdoms. The 4 kindgoms are different and there is a gathering at the kingdom known as Evergreen every "year". The high king lives at Evergreen.

Sunucumuz internet üzeri bir video oyununun sunucusudur.
Oyunumuz Mayıs-Nisan Arası açılacak ve sizlere sunulacaktır.

Sunucumuzda Çeşitli Etkinliklerde Bulundurmaktayız;
1) Sunucumuza özel sanal kredi ile roller alabilirsiniz.
2) Sunucumuzda level kasarak en büyük levelli siz olabilirsiniz.
3) 7/24 Aktif destek hattımızdan faydalanabilirsiniz...

İyi Eğlenceler!
Mostly for retro games, though I do have sections for modern consoles. Memes, fanart, etc, whatever. If any of that sounds interesting to you, feel free to join. It has a similar verification system to my Pokemon server, but just be nice, and you'll be fine. Hopefully you enjoy your stay!
A server to chat about Wolf3D, it's sister games like Rise of the Triad, Blake Stone and Operation Body Count, and just hang out.
If you like to play retro games/modern games, watch retro movies then this server is for you!

+SFW Text and voice channels.
+Lots of gaming.
+14 Text channels.
+6 Voice channels.
+Custom emotes
+Guilded team.
+Active members.
+Modern games as well.
+Server updates every week
+Helpful community
+Friendly community
+No NSFW allowed
+XP System
+Count to 10000
+Fun game bots like Dank Memer, DiscordRPG, Pokécord etc.
+Unique roles
Ich betreibe einen Server auf denen sich alle zusammen finden können die generell spaß am gaming haben aber speziell für Spiele von 1995 an
A place to chill with Dedede worshipers, we've got roleplay channels along with an art channel if you want to show off your art. Overall you can just hang out. We're lenient on rules here, so this is a pretty casual server.
150+ Members | Feel free to come along and chat about Nintendo with us! | Our server is focused on bringing Nintendo fans together to play and have fun! | We also have our fair share of memes.
An old game from 2005 that you haven’t heard of.
A friendly gaming community with a focus on classic Sega software and hardware.
Nawlins is a multi-use server. We have sections for game collection, blitzmax programming, shitting on e-beggers, xlink kai gaming on xbox, modding etc. There really aren't any rules except don't be a cunt outside of an ironic sense.

Come on down to Nawlins.