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Danganronpapi is a new server made for people who love Danganronpa and making friends! We have an assortment of bots, channels, and creativity awaiting those who wish to join!
Come share your cosplays, art, roleplay, stories, memes, and more!
Danganronpapi is also a safe place for systems and kins <3
We do have an NSFW channel, but that is only for those who request it!
Everyone is friendly and welcoming!! So join, if you wish!
Portal: Degenerates is a mod team discord server. It's based around the Portal 2 mod by the same name. We are currently looking for people to help out with the mod. :)
Dedicated community and fan site. Come and discuss game news and strategies!
Come chat with the creator of forthcoming otherworldly point and click adventure game, The Mystery Of Woolley Mountain and other like minded adventure game fans! Get exclusives, freebies and other wonders in our server!
A Geometry Dash server with an active community. Come and hang out with everyone while showing off some of your favorite levels and so much more!
This server is new and still needs development. Please join! :D
Welcome To Aperture We Make Science Or Other We Are From Portal Game Make By Valve Community This Is Not Valve Server Or Something Even You Dont Know Portal You Can Join If You want!
We have:
Meme Channel
Nsfw Channel
And Other
there Might Not Other Tho But That Fine Ok We Done Here my name is GLaDOS i Own the server
Hey you, yes, you!
Have you heard about Cicada 3301? Oh, you did? That's awesome!

This is a server dedicated to the `Cicada 3301` phenomenon, aka the puzzle that has never yet been solved for over half a decade.
In this server we will discuss possible solves for the puzzle, updates, and a place where you can share your own thoughts with likeminded people!
Have you heard about Cicada 3301 or are you just interested in getting to know about it and discussing this puzzle, then please do head on over to our server.
Do you play Board Kings on iOS or Android? This is the best server for you! Meet with 500+ members with the same common interest!
Welcome to 𝙍𝙤𝙤𝙢 𝙀𝙨𝙘𝙖𝙥𝙚! The idea of this server is to solve a cipher, riddle, or question to escape your room. At the moment we have 20 rooms but we look forward to having more in the future. A little tip for you is that you may want to hold on to your answers, they all may be important in the long run.
ok so keep in mind this is a joke server to make fun of people who believe in 9999 genders
we need bitches to play connect4 with
Official server for Puzzle Pelago - the innovative economy-sim-turned-puzzle game!
Join the server for discussions surrounding the game, feedback, puzzle help, or generally good vibes :)
Hello there! Are you looking for an active (most of the time) and interactive Bomberman Server? Well, look no further, because Bomberman Netplay is here! We hold monthly contests, and use 'Parsec', a free application that lets you connect to other people's computers and play as if you are sitting right next to them! Like what you're reading? Come and join now!
My first server, I've never made a server before so let's see how this goes.
A Daganronpa fan server.
The purpose is to survive all the way until there are two survivors.

You've been trapped by a mysterious girl whom is enclosing you in a school, there you must kill your fellow classmates to escape.

There will be time to investigate the scene and then a class trial will start.
You will discuss about certain topics, give consent to other people's statements and refute their statements.
Find the culprit and PUNISHMENT will happen!
Due to the official "A Hat in Time" discord being rather bad with the mods being too quick on the draw with the ban hammer, I've made myself an unofficial discord for the game!
**🕹Arcade-Corner **
🇳🇱 : Wij zijn Arcade-Corner, een spelletjes groep die zich bezig houdt met de leden. We hanteren een eigen visie, geen regels en verder gamen we gewoon gezellig met elkaar.
🇬🇧 : We are Arcade-Corner, a games group that deals with the members. We have our own vision, no rules, and we also just play together.


!! Our vision will be announced shortly. !!
A small server for pi. wierd geeks, smart pi memorizing people, people who decide to dedicate time to memorize pi for some reason, this is the best server! Join now! If you want!
A Teletubbies Horor Game
A Horror Maze Game
Inky Puzzle Game
No Info
FNaF Stuff
Heyo! Welcome to the cartoon side of Bendy! It's in high development but still it'll become something great, something big and magical...
A chess server for puzzles , tactics and lot more. If you are a chess aspirant and trying to improve hop into our server.