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Okay so, off the bat, yes, this is a Danganronpa themed ERP server but i will also allow sfw rp. But before anything please don't bother coming in if you're not 18 or don't know what Danganronpa is.
Cubing Nation is a speedcubing based discord server with an active, helpful and friendly community.

What we offer:
▸ Self assignable roles
▸ Weekly competitions
▸ Cubing support for all events
▸ Off-topic chats
▸ Memes
▸ Multiple text and voice channels for all different topics

Cubing Nation is about connecting people through their common interest, cubing. We are about encouraging and supporting people all while having a great time! Come join and be part of Cubing Nation today!
━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ 01.

Hello there! Welcome to Joey Drew Studios! An unofficial BATIM server where you can roleplay, discuss the game, and much more!

We offer self assignable roles, colour roles, fun custom commands and games, a variety of bots, friendly staff and we are LGBT+ friendly. We have 7 different RP channels, and we accept OCs! You may claim canon characters as well.

We are a SFW server, which means no slurs, nudity, etc. Swearing is permitted. We are also taking moderator applications, and you can also apply to be a moderator in training. Any and all raiders will be banned permanently. Feel free to message @nicodiak#1790 for more information.

Our rules;
1. No slurs, NSFW, or any other form of inappropriate material.
2. Be respectful, please!
3. Refrain from going off-topic in channels!
4. Try to refrain from texting in #introductions and #ocs-and-aus.
5. You must make an introduction.
6. No mass mention, repeated text or spamming emojis!
7. No content that may trigger someone without a warning!
8. Listen to the staff.
9. Four strikes, you're out.

━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ presented in sillyvision
A new Zelda themed community server for The Legend of Zelda fans!! We try to be active and friendly, and welcome newcomers.
Welcome to 𝙍𝙤𝙤𝙢 𝙀𝙨𝙘𝙖𝙥𝙚! The idea of this server is to solve a cipher, riddle, or question to escape your room. At the moment we have 20 rooms but we look forward to having more in the future. A little tip for you is that you may want to hold on to your answers, they all may be important in the long run. FIRST ONE TO GET TO ROOM 20 GETS NITRO!
Oh -eats food- hi. Welcome to the Nathan's Basics Discord. This server is dedicated to my mod series of Baldi's Basics. But there's a lot of other channels and things to do here too! I hope you enjoy your time there if you decide to join.
The Online International Mathematics Championships (OIMC) will be an upcoming weekly single-elimination mathematics tournament held online. Participants will receive prizes. Join if you're interested.
Welcome to The Cubilant Discord Server!

If you have ever wanted to solve a Rubik's Cube, this is the server for you.
Our server is full of speedsolving cubers and enthusiasts.
Our great team of staff is always there when needed.

Our server offers:

👨‍🎓Rubik's Cube Lessons👩‍🎓

💬Great Cuber Communtity💬

👨‍💼Helpful Staff👩‍💼


🐸Dank Memer+Other Bots🐸

♦️Weekly Competitions♦️


➕Much More➕

Come and join this communtity and see what you think!
Ace Attorney but a new attorney is in the courtroom!

Join us in solving cases. You can make an oc for either the victim or the guilty one!


The rules explain it better;;
Dieser Server ist perfekt für Gamer, die nach deutschen Mitspielern für das Spiel Unrailed suchen. Lerne auf unserem Server nette Leute kennen, um das Indiespiel und alle seine schönen Seiten voll auszunutzen. Jeder ist herzlich willkommen! 🚂🌲🐧
The facility has been in ruins for decades. The Personality Spheres have been desperately trying to keep the facility operable and safe, but to no avail. Many parts of Aperture Science have been either infested with plants or destroyed. With Aperture's functional state on constant decline, many cores have given up hope on the facility.
Welcome to Portal Stories: Isolation. We are a small Roleplaying server based on the games 'Portal', 'Portal 2' 'Half-Life', 'Half-Life 2' by Valve Software, all taking place within the depths of the Aperture Science Computer-Aided Enrichment Center.

Some features would include:
•50+ different rooms to RP in based on locations from in-game!
•Custom bot commands!
•Many OOC areas!
•Voice Chat channels!
•And many more!
We hope to see you soon at the Enrichment Center. Please never forget that testing is the future, and the future starts with you!
[Mod/admin for hire]

In 1946, Cave Johnson, started his business called Aperture Fixtures, a shower curtain buisness to the military, after a while, Cave Johnson's Buisness improved, and then bought a salt mine, and then changed the name aperture fixtures to aperture science, it's rewarded for being the best science company ever, Cave Johnson then have thought of inventing quantum tunneling to surpass it's rival company, black mesa, Johnson then brought some moon rocks since it's useful for portal travel, after a while, Johnson then suffered an illness after a long exposure to moon rocks which caused his both kidneys to fail, Cave have thought of transferring his consciousness to a machine to live longer, but as the researchers are working on it, he passed away, making Cave's assistant, Caroline, have her consciousness to a machine, and then have turned into GLaDOS (Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System), everything went well, until during the "bring your daughter to work day", GLaDOS flooded the enrichment center with deadly neurotoxin killing every reseacher except one, who is Doug Rattman, after what happened, a test subject named Chell defeated GLaDOS, but after long time, GLaDOS reawakened and have fully recovered tt whole facility, to this day, the facility still stands
A server dedicated to finding matches across several games including Jstris, WWC, TOP, PPT,, and more!
Perks include:
1. 7 Language Support—FAQs for everyone, everywhere!
2. A selfrole system—guarantees fair and accurate matchmaking!
3. Activity—there's always someone looking to play!
4. A bot that creates Jstris rooms—saves time and effort!
A Bendy and the Ink Machine roleplay with both canon and non-canon characters. We also have both game time and pre-game time sections. Come on down to the Lighter Side of Hell!
at Lego Games u can interact with other fans of the video game franchise Lego.
we have a small but growing comunity
we hope to see you in the server sometime :)
Trigger Happy Havoc... redo!
The victims are different! Murderers are different! Executions are different! Even the mastermind may be different! We've got a group chat, plenty of RP channels, and the whole THH cast to choose from! Enjoy :-)
Hello? This server is a unique one, there is a captive, and there are detectives, detectives search for clues through riddles and try to save the captive, disruptors try to disrupt the detectives, who can be trusted? Can you save the captive? Join today for the most intense detective story of all time....
Hello! This is a server redirected to the fandom of the Smiles Family. To put that up, the Smiles Family is an ongoing ROBLOX myth, which has been promoted the most by a ROBLOX youtuber called "Flamingo". This server will be about discussions about this subject and many more. More about the family will be in the server.