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Cubing Nation is a speedcubing based discord server with an active, helpful and friendly community.

What we offer:
▸ Self assignable roles
▸ Weekly competitions
▸ Cubing support for all events
▸ Off-topic chats
▸ Memes
▸ Multiple text and voice channels for all different topics

Cubing Nation is about connecting people through their common interest, cubing. We are about encouraging and supporting people all while having a great time! Come join and be part of Cubing Nation today!
Welcome to 𝙍𝙤𝙤𝙢 𝙀𝙨𝙘𝙖𝙥𝙚! The idea of this server is to solve a cipher, riddle, or question to escape your room. At the moment we have 20 rooms but we look forward to having more in the future. A little tip for you is that you may want to hold on to your answers, they all may be important in the long run. FIRST ONE TO GET TO ROOM 20 GETS NITRO!
✦*                                *        
         ✦           *        : .                .     .           
 .     🔱𝓟𝓾𝔃𝔃𝓵𝓮 𝓦𝓸𝓻𝓵𝓭 🔱           .           ✦         
   ˚              *
✦                *

🌹 Welcome to a place where you can meet puzzle lovers just like myself!~

🌟 What we offer

   🔰 : | ✦   Fun chats for meeting new people!
   🔰 : | ✦   Daily Riddles!
   🔰 : | ✦   Events!
   🔰 : | ✦   Plenty of custom emojis!
   🔰 : | ✦   Music channel!
   🔰 : | ✦   Rewards for inviting people!
   🔰 : | ✦   A friendly environment for everyone!

🌟 Looking for more active people.
⚠️ If you join before 100 members you get a limited role!

  🌹 So what are you waiting for?
Hello and welcome to Tetris community Server(TCS),We are just a starting server and trying to find people who loves to play tetris and consider this,We have friendly staffs and some bots and punishing the rule breakers,Well thanks for your time and we'll be glad to welcome you to our server
Welcome to the Aperture Science! Where future starts with you! Here you can chat, game and of course... TEST! For more information, join the server. You will know what to do next!
Welcome to a server where we play Minigames! This server is intended for people to play games, and we also have game night.We're a small growing server. So, if you joined we'd appreciate it
We're a Portal server dedicated to just having fun with other people! You can share maps, talk about the lore, and even just talk about the characters! We're a bit small, but we'll be active all we can! ..Not that much more to say, just your state-of-the-art fandom server, can't wait to see you there!
Welcome to Stockholm Prison, a place where the bad and the worse go! Life here is hard and all prisoners must be accustomed to the strict schedule. One step out of line and to solitary confinement you go.
Hey everyone, Welcome to Cubing For Life.
This server is for people who like cubing or just started cubing or at least know how to solve a rubiks cube. In this server, we offer:
- Races
- Memes
- Cubing questions
- And other things related to cubing
Please enjoy what we have in this server!!!
King Club is a growing community of 700+ that specialized in mobile gaming. Self-assignable roles will allow you to choose which channels you see so your feed doesn't get too cluttered. King Club currently offers support for the following games:
-Board Kings
-Coin Master
-Pirate Kings
-General Gaming

We also have social chat ang co-op gaming nights. We are always looking for suggestions for our next games to add. Come join in on the fun!
Danganronpapi is a new server made for people who love Danganronpa and making friends! We have an assortment of bots, channels, and creativity awaiting those who wish to join!
Come share your cosplays, art, roleplay, stories, memes, and more!
Danganronpapi is also a safe place for systems and kins <3
We do have an NSFW channel, but that is only for those who request it!
Everyone is friendly and welcoming!! So join, if you wish!
A server based off the zero escape series, based around riddles, minigames and puzzles instead of escape rooms. With 18 people [9 people playing 2 people each] trying to escape through the 18 door, and needing to earn 18 bp to get through it. will your character get through?
Do you ever wish that you could play your DS games online again? Maybe to play a bit of Tetris DS? Or maybe you fancied a bit of Uno? Or maybe you wanted to get straight into the puzzles of Picross DS? Well, there is a project called Wiimmfi which let's you play DS and Wii games online again! And our server is dedicated to playing Tetris DS, Uno and Picross DS online again with Wiimmfi!
CubeQwerty is a speedcubing server. Hope you can have fun and relax here. If you are bored. You can race others so that you won't get bored.
A Bendy and the Ink Machine roleplay with both canon and non-canon characters. We also have both game time and pre-game time sections. Come on down to the Lighter Side of Hell!
Servidor oficial da comunidade brasileira de Puyo Puyo e Tetris, originária de um grupo da Steam. Aqui, você pode fazer amigos, procurar por partidas, participar de torneios mensais, conversar sobre o que quiser e integrar-se à comunidade. Temos uma rica cultura desenvolvida ao longo de mais de um ano de convivência. Esperamos por você! :)
Play Word Domination - an exciting twist on a classic word game!

Word Domination is a fast paced, addictive real-time word game. No more waiting for your opponent to make a move!

Live matches allow you to see the tiles being played while you plan your next move. Word Domination also delivers a twist, adding an extra layer of strategy with over 45 collectable boosters to give you an edge over your opponent.

In addition to the fast-paced live game mode, we’ve made it even easier to play with friends!

You’ll no longer have to wait for friends to be online to start a match with Friendly games. Begin simultaneous games with multiple friends and respond in your own time. With up to 72hrs between moves, you’ll still play live-matches and master tournaments while you wait.

As if that’s not enough, Word Domination keeps delivering even more!

Sharpen your skills, and earn rewards with our regular themed solo modes. Challenge our mascot Tiler and his army of bots in one-on-one matches that are sure to challenge and even surprise you.

Word Domination … it’s not your average word game!


EXCITING MATCHES: A casual crossword game with a twist! It’s easy to play, but delivers a challenge.

BOOSTED GAMEPLAY: Collect over 45 boosters with special features that give you an edge.

THE BEST OF THE BEST: Real-Time games with players from around the world, Casual classic games with friends, and the always challenging Solo-Modes against bots!

SEASONAL TOURNAMENTS & EVENTS: Challenge yourself with something new every time you open the game
The official Discord server for Pep-Face's Quest.
Pep-Face's Quest is a maze game with cool hand-drawn animation.
In this server, you can keep up with the development of the game and talk about stuff as well!
Come join our Bendy Fan server. We got lots of fun stuff
. Music bots including other fun bots
. Assign a colored role for yourself
. Friendly staff
. Show off your artwork
. Suggest what should we add
. No NSFW at all
. And more
Note: you don’t have to be a bendy fan to be apart of the community. There is a off topic channel along with others there to
~ Hey, do you know what a majority vote is? ~


| | | | | | |
I am Eevee, and I have created a fanmade YTTD server! It may not be the biggest out there, but we hope that, if you join, you’ll enjoy your time here! Sorry, I’m not the best at descriptions.
Привет друг! Добро пожаловать на ламповый сервер по замечательным играм Portal и Portal 2. Здесь ты найдёшь друзей для коопа, фанатов этой игры как ты, а также просто замечательных людей! Мы рады всем! Сервер новый, поэтому онлайна не много, но ведь все с чего-то начинали!