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we're 61 members, not 8. disboard bugged
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⚜️You should join, give us the opportunity to meet you⚜️
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-Killing Floor, L4D2, Risk of Rain 2, and more!
-Cool people who can understand "MBTI"
-Europe time active!
BreadPixel is a Minecraft minigame network that’s all about having fun and enjoying your time playing with other members in the BP community. This is the discord where we all communicate and chill with each other. Also if you haven’t already noticed, we love bread :D
Dead by Daylight players! 80+ active members and growing! Streamers Welcome! We also play Nintendo switch games and have an ARK dedicated server. Voice Chat very active!
Mafia is a game usually played at parties
Here are the rules.

If you do not know "Mafia" is a game that is played with a minimum of 7 players (not including the operator), 2 Mafia, 1 Detective, 1 Doctor, 3 Villagers, I will private message you your role before the game starts and you must keep that role hidden from others, at night, I will tell everyone to go to sleep as I ask the roles what they shall choose (I will make a group chat for the 2 mafia to talk in) First I ask the mafia who they would like to kill, then I ask the detective who they would like to investigate (as I will say either villager (doctor counts as a villager) or mafia) if you are detective you are allowed to say who you investigated but be careful you might die by the mafia next night. and lastly the doctor wakes up, I shall ask the doctor who they would like to save (they can save themself) and then everyone wakes up (you are not allowed to talk to other people in the middle of the night) once everyone is awake I announce who died that night, nobody is allowed to speak until I announce who died last night (dead people cannot speak) and then everyone must accuse who they think it is, if 6 people are alive it will take 4 votes to vote somebody out, if 5 people are alive it will take 3 votes to vote somebody out, if 4 people are alive it will take 2 people to vote someone out, if 3 people are alive then mafia win because there needs to be just one villager alive for mafia to win.

I hope you enjoy this server as much as I did making it!
If you do not know, Jackbox Party Pack is a party game with various different games to play as a party (pretty self explanatory). It's done via stream and room code in the website. We plan to have weekly games in this server.

This is a lgbtq+ server (allies are welcome) and we do have an age range of 14-20, sorry, but that's how it is. I want to make it teen friendly, and less likely for adults to prey on teens, but still open for as many people as possible. NOT NSFW, strictly SFW. Aside from Jackbox, this is a new community server where we're all one big friend group.
Are you a fan of social deception games like Werewolf, Mafia, or Town of Salem? Join the Discord Werewolf community! Our werewolf bot is open-source!
Welcome to 𝓕𝓲𝓷𝓭𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓡𝓪𝓲𝓷𝓫𝓸𝔀 𝓡𝓸𝓪𝓭! This server is mostly for gamers, but there are other bots in here that you can use!

o✧ं。˚ WHAT WE OFFER ⋆。˚*ْ✧ं

We play games with our members almost daily! This includes:
➝ Party Games: Jackbox, Town Of Salem, Roblox, etc.
➝ Sandbox Games: Minecraft, Terraria, etc.
➝ Switch Games: Mario Kart Deluxe 8, Super Smash Bros, ect.
➝ Computer Games: Any kind of games on PC!

- Mudae bot! If you love claiming waifus, this is for you!
- Pokemon bot! There's a bunch of pokemon lovers in here!
- Koya bot! Start an adventure with Koya, it's fun!
- By gaining EXP from Tatsu bot, you can gain exclusive roles!
- Cute emotes to matches the server's theme!
- Very friendly community, we love to meet new people and have fun/chat! :D
- Aesthetically pleasing server!

The server isn't too big at the moment, but we're trying hard to make it grow. Please consider joining and help us out!
We're all super friendly and we'd love to get to know you better! Let's all be friends and play games together ♡
vous êtes intéressé(e)s par un serveur du loup garou?
vous vous trouvez au bon endroit!
vous cherchez un serveur loup garou qui regroupe quelques petits giveaways (et oui!), des nouveaux (peut-être même inventés par nos soins) rôles, un staff à l'écoute, des MJ qui vous plongeront dans une ambiance de folie, des évènements spécial loup-garou, une communauté sympa et acceuillante?
je peux donc de suite vous inviter a rejoindre ce serveur!
There's a fungus among us, boys.
This server is literally just to play Among Us, because it's a fun game that's currently very cheap for the Steam Summer Sale- $1.50 USD- and free on mobile. It can play cross-platform as well.
Join and read the rules, of course, and you will also be given a role and a colour of your choosing.
Server is located in Central America and is owned by someone in the CST timezone.
This Royale High Server has alot to offer!
- Active High Ranks
- Moderator Applications
- Trading Channels
- Set info and demand
- More to come!
Hello and welcome to Dysmal's Among Us Group (DAUG). Here you can play Among Us, chat n' chill, socialize and make friends along the way.

We include bots like:
+ Rhythm
+ Mee6
+ Dank Memer
+ Carl bot
+And more to be added!

This server is still a W.I.P so, bumps and shares are highly appreciated.
Enjoy and have fun in our server!
We are a Skyblock centered server who host giveaways daily! That is not all, we have many more things you can do within the server! The list below contains a few of the never-ending options! If you ever need any assistance, we have staff online 24/7 to assist you!

> 🎇 Reputation points, trade in safe way!
> 🎊 Daily, huge giveaways!
> 💸 Enormous rewards!
> 🕵️ Scammer list!
> 📆 Daily Events!
> 🤖 Fun bots!
> ❗ Much, much more!
A chill server where we talk and play about games (mostly smash) and just vibe through our mutual appreciation of Smash Ultimate! We have some pretty neat emotes too if you want to check that out too!
Multi-Fun is all about fun! We are fun and hyper people! We talk about games, art, anime and so much more! This is a great place if you wanna talk to people without being judged. Bullying is definitely not tolerated here. It’s a place where everyone can talk and feel safe! :)
A hangout server for any Mario Kart players! We have dedicated channels for all Mario Kart games, and even online! We also host tournaments and other contests!
Skribbltale is a server for Undertale themed and We are a new server so we are pretty small right now. We also have a leveling system, a server currently, and we have places to roleplay using the Undertale textboxes. And if you don't know how to play skribbl/, we could teach you as it is really simple. Feel free to join as it is greatly appreciated. (;
This is an active community for BTS, KPop or just music lovers in general. Feel free to join if you want to play mafia and other fun mini games, share and listen to some music and hang out with us! Let‘s have fun together! 🖤

Join up rn
Welcome,This server is about just chilling around.Or just playing game's we mostly play roblox but all game's are allowed :D
Что может быть лучше Мафии без вебки? Правильно, Мафия с вебкой!
Посмотрите на Мафию под другим углом. Мы единственный сервер, который гарантирует вам, что доставит максимальное удовольствие от игры. Мафия изначально создавалась, как игра, где нужно видеть своего оппонента, опираться на его речь, жесты и мимику.
• Не стесняйтесь своей внешности! На крайний случай можете играть с нами в маске. И не говорите, что у вас её нет. Они сейчас есть у всех)
• Забудьте про чаты в игре! Есть только ваша веб-камера, микрофон, Вы, ваши соперники и конечно же жесты. Теперь вся игра построена на них. Все жесты указаны в наших правилах Мафии. Они не сложные, так что вы их быстро выучите.
• Если у вас нет веб-камеры, не беда, скачайте iVCam, и используйте свой телефон в качестве веб-камеры.
• Играйте с телефона! Но при этом могут быть лаги, так как мобильный дискорд при большом количестве игроков может траить.
Да, у нас есть игры без вебки, ну там: Кто я, Элиас, Тривиадор, Коднеймс... а, ну и мафия тоже. Да, на нашем сервере есть Мафия без вебки, но она скорее для тех, кто ни как не может перейти к настоящей игре.
Научились играть на других серверах? А теперь гоу показывать свой скилл перед нами!