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Welcome to our friendly and caring mental health community! We're always here to help you get the love and care you need! Here's what we offer:
➺Peer-to-peer support
➺Venting channels
➺An emergency system
➺Self-assignable roles
➺Serverwide events
➺An additional gaming server
➺1,000+ members
➺Love and support!
This is a server for people to hang out, have fun, vent, talk, get support, make friends, and so much more! This server is run by a team of good, friendly discord users.
In this server, we are looking for:
-passionate MHA fans
-literate rpers
-and much more!

There are tons of CANON CHARACTERS are still available! OCs are open though!

This server takes place after season 3!

Come join and have fun!
In an age of technology and modern ideology, the gods are all but unknown. Their existence is made aware only to cults hiding in shadows or madmen raving in sanitariums. A strange occurrence or two is dismissed with a half-convincing scientific explanation that will ease fears of something more supernatural and those who have made contacts with the gods desire to tell the world of their existence, no matter what.

The cults wish to end this age of supernatural secrecy, to show mankind that the gods do exist. And the only thing that can stop them is the gods themselves, as man is ultimately their creation, living and dying by their whims.
A place to chat with people who like horses but don't ride and to chat with riders from all around the world! Chat about many other things too! Non horse and horse things!
This is a server where students, teachers, principals, and parents can share what they think schools need to change. They can also share what schools do well. Talk about the school to prison pipeline or statistics about what schools do or don't do well. :)
#TheHelpingHandChallenge is a server where we help people in need, especially people with mental illnesses etc... We have people who suffer from depression, self harm and some are even suicidal... You're not alone, you're absolutely not alone if you join our server, you will meet so many new people who have been through same sh#t as you, and you might even make a lot of new friends! Our community is pretty good, we also do not tolerate any trolls! Feel free to join the server, it's pretty young though.
Hey je te présente le discord, c'est une sorte de taverne gaming là où tu peux t'amuser avec tes amis, faire des rencontres en sirotant ta bière tranquillement sur le hamac, viens passer chez moi ou tu est aussi chez toi tu es le ou le bienvenu(e), pas de règles seront indiquer bien comme il se doit , c'est simple , tu prends ton temps , et tu coche en dessous du règlement. Sur ceux da bisous ;)
Personality and Mental Disorders.
Including Sociopathy and Psychopathy.
1100+ Members. Moderated and Active.
Drunk Voice Chat every night.
18+ Only, No exceptions.
Great Community Awaiting you!! Come Join Neptunus Offical,
Ask OneToneBone#4746 for any questions!

1: Be Respectful of others.
2: Post in the correct channels (Ex: artwork goes in #art)
3: Be sure to credit art that isn't yours!
4: Keep political discourse off this server! There are plenty of other places to post that stuff!
5: Trolls will be banned immediately.
6: No NSFW! This will result in an immediate ban.
7: You can post memes, but avoid offensive memes. (Ex: 9/11, pepe, etc)
8: Do not advertise any Discord server
➤ Welcome!

𝕴𝖓 the beautiful landscape dominated by a moderately sized mountain range, Oblitus remains forgotten by the kingdom of Remnant, overshadowed by its nearby city of Atlas. The town is centered at the foot of a mountain, one in which a school is based and built directly into the stone. The weather near the foot of the mountain, in the town itself, facing the sea fluctuates between the warm winds brought up by Mistral and the cold air that is brought by the Atlasiam Ocean. This weather considerably cools as it heads up and over the mountain, leaving the outer edges of the school with damp, cold air. Thanks to the genius of the first Headmaster, the school has four distinct levels, each with their own weather levels, powered by dust that lingers throughout the stones.

Some of the benefits of joining are as follows~

⇀ Safe atmosphere for LGBTQ+ people Intolerance is punishable by ban
⇀Active members of all ages allowed That the Discord age requirement allows
⇀SFW environment All NSFW roleplay must be taken to DM’s
⇀Well thought out lore and a creative setting

So please, join us! Just by clicking the link below, you can join all your other RWBY fans in the magical school of Gãdo!!!
This is a small nitro emote server i made so i could have a few of my own emotes while i had nitro, but i decided to make it public for others too

NOTE: **no free globals, you need discord nitro to use these emotes for free**
Long ago, humans terrorized the magical beasts of their world. The beasts cried out for help. An alternate version of Earth called Argon heard them. Argon is the same in every way, but with one crucial difference: there are no humans. The queen of this world took in the refugees from Earth and sealed the portal closed. Afterwards, she burned all documents of how to do inter-dimensional travel and banned it, so that the humans could never follow. However, a mysterious cosmic event has opened a rift to a world of only humans. Now, humans are coming into Argon. The creatures of this world have only heard about humans in horror stories, and the idea of them terrifies and fascinates the people of Argon. However, the Queen of the world, Queen Milliana, is already trying to search for ways to send the humans back, fearing what this new change might do to her people...

TransTerra is a positive, bright roleplay community with a large world and an extensive lore. Here we offer:

- Roleplay in a high fantasy world
- Game nights
- Partnerships (with roleplay servers only)
- General chat channels
- A positive community
- A fair, reliable staff

Join us in our roleplay journey today!
Advertise your server absolutely free! Advertise your server every 2 minutes in one or both of our advertisement chats! Join for a great community, and for the benefits of gaining more members!
Have you ever wanted to rp in a broken world that isn’t an apocalypse? Have you ever wanted a fun and new roleplay experience? Then join us! We also include :
🐥Friendly Staff and people
🐥Fun Opportunities
🐥LGBT+ safe server
🐥A new rp experience

We are still small and appreciate everyone who joins us! So come on and make some friends!
This is a safe warrior RP community! We have great staff and reasonable rules. We are fun and have unique characters and plots. We have 4 clans, Hell, Oak, Moon and Rose
A role-play based on the Warrior Cat series of books featuring 5 clans. It has mountains and an ocean, in this beautifull crafted server made for all. Leaf, hill, ocean, vine, and snow, unite on this breathtaking server!
In a world separate from the original Marvel universes you may know lies another universe in which, none of the characters you know exist, or ever did. This is a universe full of wonder, exploration, adventure, and countless possibilities. Lets see where your story takes you.
In this land, there are magical creatures beyond your wildest dreams. And it’s all currently ruled by the 4 great demon lords. But In the past there was a Great War between demons and dragons fighting for who was truly worthy of the power. The demons would have won if not for the traitors who cost them the war securing the dragons rule. Then over one thousand years later the kingdoms were in ruins forcing everyone to fend for themselves and begging the demons for help, the demons reluctantly agreed and they fought the dragons once again and this time they prevailed putting the demons back in power. After that point, the kingdoms have been restored and are at peace... but who knows how long that could last.
The year is 2019, earth is at it's modern stage. Metropolis, Gotham City, Star City are all doing fine in it's modern days work. But for the normal people who walk on the earth would never suspect anything out of the ordinary, of course not everything can happen at once. A new age is coming upon many people of every planet, but which of the strong will survive?
We welcome you to a server that all our staff try very hard to keep up and running.

-Our staff are understanding and active, we will always try to approve any submissions on time.

-We have story arcs and missions to rp with, aka they're like events!

-Our community will be as nice as possible, we try not to have toxic people all the time. Kinda ruins the mood of the server

-We look to expand our server and your server by partnering with other servers, benefiting everyone at the same time

-Founded on February 13th 2019, we've just started and are ready to stay!
Your servers, social media, websites, and much more are only moments away form making it big, with the help of DD.

✦ __What you’re missing out on:__ ✦
- ✅ Many ways to advertise!
- 💯 Get your server reviewed!
- ⬆️ Get rewarded for being active! (Double rewards on weekends!)
- 🤝 Easy partnerships!
- 🌐 Connect with more advertisers!
- 🔒 Fair and secure server enforcement!
- 🎲 Fun community channels!
- 🎁 Much more to come!
✦ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ✦

Join double d’s 😊
Here comes a Flirt Discord Server
The server is completely new and will be processed (24.10.2018) and aims to bring lonely hearts together, or even for a short pleasure.
We are open to all sexuality, everyone finds his place.
This is a server that will be linked to several other roleplay servers.

The genres include:

Modern, Fantasy, Horror, SAO, and Subnautica

As time began to move forward from the past and to the present, the future started to unfold. As the world kept on its course, a stellar object which contained large amounts of alien energy soared through space before it plummeted through the atmosphere and struck Greenland. The impact caused most of Greenland to be destroyed, but the materials from the impact and the object were priceless. They contained limitless amounts of energy that would never run out where all the countries began to fight over. As greed consumed the earth, on January 7th, 2020, World War 3 occurred. All the global powers of the world that obtained the Etherium began investing their money into creating Mechs, giant machines that ran off of the unusual energy. They were each comparable to fifty men, some were powerful enough to be compared to a whole army. The war continued for years until September 27th, 2030, where the United States of America, Britain, and Russia had obtained a refined version of etherium which was twice as more efficient. But much worse. Other countries began to use it and created missiles with them, and without testing them they immediately launched them off at other countries. The missiles worked, but some of them detonated before launch and caused massive damage. They were much worse than the past bombs that were made, causing even worse radiation effects and changing people drastically, giving them powers or turning them into monsters. The detonations even changed the mechs, making most of them go berserk or shutting some of them down. On the 30th, the berserk mechs started their onslaught of mankind by first building factories to create more berserk mechs.

And after many years leading up to April 4th, 2104, most of mankind had been wiped out by the mechs but a few empires had been built up from the humans and the rest of mankind became nomads and most of the wildlife of the earth had been irradiated or infected by the radiation. And the world began taking its course. But unusually, the earth had shrunk to 1/3rd its size due to the radiation of the several years of the detonations.

No Future