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Join now and praise your one true goddess, Krystal!
We have fun, community, rp and f***ing!
Join the fun!
(Must be 18 or older to join.)
Hello, I see your considering joining my server. Well here are a few things to keep in mind. We do not accept one liners, we do ask for atleast 3+ lines. We have almost all locations you can find in the Gotham show, batman movies, and Arkham games. We accept all Gotham related characters, meaning the show, or characters that reside or have resided in Gotham city.
A TLK themed roleplay that happens long after the ruler Simba. Referred to as the ancestors, the only living family member Queen Catorii had taken the throne, after an affair she had birthed two sons, of which she caused a family crisis in countless lies causing the boys to split and form two prides instead. The Roleplay has continued to move forward, creating the Outlands and the Pridelands, rival prides - which side will you choose?

This roleplay is an engaged roleplay that allows dice-rolling to level up your lion similar to Pokemon and allows bonuses after trainings and raising it's experience. Emojis are made for each lion to add fun to the roleplay and family lingeage is growing. The even months are breeding season, and the roleplay is constantly moving with plots.

Minimim of three sentences must be posted per post. Third person. To stay active you must post atleast twice every two weeks. You start with a max of ten lions. This number increases and decreases depending on rules and competitions.

We are a fun and caring group looking to add to our family. To join, read through the rules and create a lion. Keep in mind that the rules are lengthy because of the levelling up process, but you mainly have to know the general rules and can read the rest as you roleplay those certain types of characters (patrol, hunter, warrior, healer)

Hope you find us interesting!
This server is a place for people of all ages who want to sell something.
-Sell Channel for Accounts
-Sell Channel for Physical Items
-Sell Channel for All
-Role for Artists
-Channel for Artists to post art
-Self assignable roles
Into Creepypasta? Wanna roleplay as the characters? Or even make your own? Drop on down to our server, we have loads of roles and stories to choose from. Feel free to chat, roleplay, share your art, and we even have an NSFW channel if you're nosey.

Our rules are very limited yet very specific, it doesn't take it so hard to understand. :))
Welcome to the Chill Corner! In this spot you’ll be surrounded with loving and caring people! We have Role Play for those in the MLP Fandom! We also have some NSFW content for those of you to enjoy that are just a bit ‘warmer’ then others!
This is a place for porn and lewd stuff, come stay a while if you enjoy it.
Have you ever thought to yourself of the following: “What would the world be like if Jesus was a stoner?” “I wonder if any goddesses would wanna ara ara me…” “What would Aphrodite want in an academy full of young men?” If you have ever pondered any of these questions, this is the place for you! Ikaruga is a server for many kinds of folks, from people who love mythology to people who love roleplaying. We have many activities to pass the time. Not just RP like the others. Our Server members have diverse kinks and qualities when it comes to RP. So there is always something for everyone. Some folks may like them big and plump. Some folks may like them big and strong! Either way, you're bound to meet someone with your interest. If you like Roleplaying or even just wanna have a good time, Ikaruga is the place for you!
🐺K9’s Of The Abandonment🐺


We are an extremely small but very friendly and welcoming group roleplayers. We don’t have many people in the server and we hope to meet new or old friends as we grow. We are a semi literate roleplay server where the minimum amount of sentences is four. The server takes place in a somewhat post apocalyptic setting. Along with being a literate group, we are also semi realistic.

Our Server Contains But Is Not Limited To:
☾ Many Other Channels That Are Not Restricted To Roleplay
☾An Open Community
☾ Music Bot! Soon
☾ Interesting Plot
☾ Many Interesting Roleplay Settings Many Still Being Added
☾ Looking For Staff
☾ And More Still Being Added!

🌲Our server is still quite small but we hope to grow and be a fully functioning semi literate roleplay server! Please take note that our server is still in construction and minor or major changes may happen. Due to this we are always open to suggestions on how to make the server better. We hope if you join that you'll like our server ^^!🌲

About a year or two ago, humans roamed the lands. Everywhere you looked there were humans. Along with the humans there were their trusty companions, mans best friend, the dogs. Life was quiet peaceful for the most part. But then the wolves showed up. The forest was losing food resources and the city was the last place to go, the wolves last resort. One by one the wolves took out the humans, leaving the dogs to fend for themselves.

Then it happened, The Abandonment. The world fell into a fit of rage, shaking the ground. All the humans suddenly disappeared leaving nature to regrow itself. The wolves and dogs eventually united and got along. Wolves and dogs now freely roam the abandoned city but something still lingers in the air. A feeling of insecurity. Something is missing...something might happen. The feeling of uneasiness doesn't help much with any of the K9s.
soft welcomes from


welcome to Hime Café!, a wholesome server fit just for you. we're an LGBTQ+ friendly, Community friendly, Server! We accept everyone and everything! we're willing to be your safe place, and you're fun hang out at the same time !

here's a reminder of what the server provides!

•Venting for anyone who needs it💬
•wholesome stuff to make you happy!💗
•great support from the staff teams❗
•partnerships for anyone who wants to help the server grow!🤝
•staff applications for anyone who wants to help me📋
•memes fit for your tastes.😂
•offensive for the ones that arent so wholesome🛇
•Voice chats🔊
•Gaming nights / Chats🎮
•a Homework chat for help 📝
•Nsfw for the naughty ones 🔞

and way way more ♡

Welcome to Lilak's Dimension, a server where you can make friends, hang out, talk, chill, and have a nice time. the more people we get, the more things will we start to do! once we have a good amount of members, we plan on launching a rp within the server, so stick around, and make yourself at home within this dimension. (:
Hello! Welcome to World of Thonk! This is an emote server for people who have Discord Nitro and want the best thonk emotes on all of discord all in one place! We even take requests for new emotes and if you make one yourself that you will like to have added, we will gladly add it for hundreds of people to use! Make sure to check out our brother server, World of Thonk 2, which has even more emotes! And remember, keep on thonking!
Welcome to DeepHaven! The enchanted forest!

DeepHaven is bustling with monsters of all sorts. Though DeepHaven seems colorful and bright with welcoming faces, there is a looming darkness. There are mysteries to be solved and vast lands to explore here in DeepHaven...

Come to a strange land only to get stranger and stranger. What creature would you like to be? What do you seek?

🌷Lots of RP channels & OOC chats.
🌷Literate & English speaking RPers.
🌷Friendly community.
🌷LGBTQ+ friendly!
🌷Self-assignable roles.
🌷Lore being added in soon.
🌷Fun & custom emojis to play with!
🌷Voice-chat spaces & NSFW areas!

~DeepHaven is an enchanted forest that has vast lands to explore. It’s looking for more magical beings and even humans to come RP.~

•DeepHaven is looking to grow with more people! We are trying our best to be active for you and it would help greatly if you joined and started a conversation with our lovely members!•

We look forward to seeing you!~
A world where the color of your wings determines your fate.

The lucky ones who were born with wings. The unlucky ones who suffer from a terrible curse.
Curse free and flightless. Have reptile-like features. Often see them dragging around a tail.
Loyal companions of all.
Are Elvkin, aren't treated like Elvkin. Victims of the curse.
Once Elvkin, once Fallen, no longer either. As their wings rot away, so do their minds.

𝐉𝐨𝐢𝐧 the messed up world of Isola where nothing is quite right.

``Are you looking for an entirely Original POKEMON rp, with ORIGINAL POKEMON, Variants, and enough mystery to make Agatha Christie jealous? Well if thats true, join Paradisum: An Original Pokemon RP! With a branching mystery, tons of New Pokemon, New Evil Teams, a Completely Original Storyline, Pokecord Bot, not to mention a Brand New Region! New Starters, Regional Variants of the Old Ones, and a mystery involving gods, money, and more! Come join us! You WILL NOT be dissapointed!``
Dating back in the early 1500s there was two kingdoms, the human kingdom and the moors, the moors were a bunch of mythical creatures that roam the land. Many creatures were big and small, some with horns and some not at all, for the longest time they lived in peace, until the humans sought out to control there land but many would not venture past the barrier. Rumors had spread around that ones who ventured into the forest never returned. Others say that the moors are peaceful creatures and grant wish’s to those who are brave enough to enter. The moors are protected by the elders, they are like gods and goddess’s they protect them from the humans. However the king has told many horrible stories of them well the pervious King now that his son rules the human kingdom how will this new king react will he make peace with the moors or will he destroy them one by one.

This is a new server and I hope it grows so if you join you don’t have to rp you can just hand out and make new friends. I just made it so I understand if you join rp hasn’t started yet but I hope this community joins.

-nsfw server

-music channels


- you can make your story and path there is no lore to follow.

Please have fun and enjoy
We are a server based on selling accounts such as Ulta Delta Hilton ETC! Always looking to expand and open to suggestions, there’s also a public marketplace for anyone looking to sell their own stuff
Multiverse is a server I made with my co-owner based off of the our lore combined. We DO NOT allow Erp (sex Roleplay) or porn. This is strictly for Literate Roleplayers. No one word replies allowed, don't be a dick and follow the rules I have. We allow nearly any type of Character as long as it passes screening and Canon Characters are discouraged. If you join I hope you like it, an that's all I can ask. I will not hesitate to kick or ban trolls or raiders. I also ask you be eighteen and up please. I don't wanna explain to kids everything.
I'm a 23-year-old Nordic Domme with over 4 years of experience. Adress me as Ascended or Goddess Ingri at all times.

As a member of my server you'll get access to exclusive videos of me, my writings, censored content edited by me, chat and interactive channels and a lot more.

What are you waiting for?