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Welcome to your Dreamland~ This is a mainly roleplay based server where we have two sections- the first being for your general everyday server stuff and the second for, you guessed, roleplay! Both experienced and new comers are welcome, and we pride ourselves on being a friendly accepting community~ Thank you for joining。・:*:・゚☆
🌺Welcome To Art Latté Café🌺
We are a fairly new group made April 4.19
This group consists of:
-Loving and helping Chum children.
-Art channels.
-Pokemon bot
-music bots
And a venting session.
Come and enjoy your stay.
Zodeth was established 23 billion years ago and was orginally called Phantom palace highschool. It had entrance exams where Students fought powerful dragons. It was rebuild a while later and renamed Morlax highschool. Back in those day Zodeth/Morlax was notorius for it's Bad students. Until a new principal , Azrielle Celeste. Azrielle was extremely strict and sexual he improved the school's Academics and Behavior . He had a son named azriel me who would later become the vice principal. That's when Zodeth got Rebuilt into a more modern looking Building.
The original Building of Zodeth. 23 years later the school got rebuilt and Renamed into Zodeth academy! ( and is a private school for those who are filthy rich or hace high standards )
A good and energetic server!
DM Taze#4454
for cheap accounts
You can trade, sell fortnite accounts
A cgl garden for minors only. Caregivers and littles of all genders and sexuality are welcome to come sprout in the garden, as long as you’re under 19.

𝕯𝖆𝖞 𝕮𝖑𝖆𝖘𝖘

~ Day Class are compose of human and are not inform by the true forms of the Night Class students and somehow the GIRLS in the Day Class idolizes the Night Class students will always wait by the entrance to the dorm of Night Class students however PREFECTS of Toshiro Academy will always keep an order and helps the headmistress in running the Day Class.

𝕹𝖎𝖌𝖍𝖙 𝕮𝖑𝖆𝖘𝖘

~ This is where the Purebloods , Aristocrats and Level C vampires goes to. Despite mixing with the humans the headmistress supplies the vampires a blood tablet which helps them to control their blood lust.


At the month of June the Toshiro Academy will hold a giveaway where 2 winners can possibly win !

Welcome to the World of Aviatha, we are an exciting new roleplay server based in a fictional world where King Herveus Rules the Realms, there are many roles to choose from, so what are you waiting for? join now!

The World of Aviatha is a roleplay, based in the 15th century. The weapon of choice is Longswords and there is no gunpowder, the server is mainly based off of fictional games, movies and TV series; such as Game Of Thrones, Skyrim and Lord of The Rings. Magic is forbidden in the Kingdom, only certain people such as the court wizards are one of the few only people who can use and know how to use magic. In the far lands, the Elves live in the great forests with trees as big as mountains, the Elven language is difficult to learn, and Elven steel is extremely valuable. One of the only people in the kingdom with a full set of Elven Steel armor is King Herveus, passed down from generation to generation. The Elves are seen as thieves, monsters and criminals, although they are peaceful creatures, the hatred that the king has against them has influenced the people of Triteron to be cruel and racist towards the Elven people. Crime and poverty mainly affecting the streets. Women turning to prostitution to feed their children and family's, the men joining the army to serve as a warrior for their king.

When winter strikes Aviatha, it hits it hard. Especially in Triteron where it is more in the North. The snow Elves in the North East were believed to be extinct, but they still roam the earth, hiding from humanity. It is even to be believed that they have a dragon on their side, one of the last dragons on the earth. Legends are normally told how the first King of the realms rid a dragon into war, wiping out any who stood in his path...
Welcome to High School & College. The server to make new friends and discuss school. Need help applying to college? That's us! Want to meet new people at different universities? You got it! Need help with that assignment due tomorrow morning? No problem! We're here to help!
Welcome all to the dangerous and war torn lands of Ethos! Following the defeat from the might of Anvora, Ethos slipped into a ditch that the already hostile country has not been able to drag themselves out of. The death of the prince and queen left a gaping power vacuum within the kingdom which after many debates and scuffles, was eventually seized by house Fallenclaw. The newly crowned king wanted his kingdom to strive for greatness and follow in the footsteps of Anvora, but alas not all stood with him. Hearthorn and Moonvale, the two other powerhouses within the kingdom, forged their own alliance and now stand against the crown. Who will you side with during these dire times? Or are you simply a innocent watching the events unfold, maybe a non-human trying to get by in a land where you are shunned or maybe you’re one the many monsters that inhabit Ethos - terrorising who ever you can...
Hi! I am really hoping for this server to get big because my last server got hacked :(. This server has lots of fun things to do and many options. You can share your talent with others and the first one to join gets special permission once more people join. Hope that you join to help us :) 🥇.
AaSS Official is the official Air and Space Systems Discord server. We offer:
~Special roles for fellow YouTubers
~Cool bots
~Funny and active members
~A multitude of roles to earn
Welcome to Arcases, a medieval world ruled by magical creatures known as Pokemon. Mystery dungeons spawn throughout the world, creating false, animalistic pokemon from their depths who are no more than monsters, roaming the countrysides and causing trouble for the people. Yes, the people of Dracore went through with a cross between Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and Medieval Fantasy with edited lore. Of the 18 type-based kingdoms, parts of the normal-type are in the playable area, will be expanding soon.

Anything from one-liners to multi-para welcome, so come in and have some fun as a Pokemon.
Hi, this is a fnaf server! You can join and not like fnaf btw, you can do other non fnaf related stuff too! Come join please!
Upgrade.Chat allows server owners to sell roles on their Discord™ server.


✅ Sell Role Subscriptions
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✅ 12+ Languages
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✅ Answers to "Upgrade"
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✅ Answers to "Purchase"
✅ Track Users IP Address
✅ Record Username & ID
✅ Sort Customers by Role
✅ Sort Customers by Username
✅ Custom Missed Payment Grace Periods
✅ Search Customers By Username or ID
✅ Reduce Chargebacks with More Info
✅ Cancel Memberships From the Chatroom
✅ No commands to remember! ALL WEBSITE!
✅ Free Subscriptions (No PayPal Fees)
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-Do you like editing?
-Do you like art?
-Do you want to be part of a kind, fun, and accepting community?
If you answered yes, editing bois is the place for you! Editing bois is a place for editors and artists alike to chat and have fun!
We have:
-An lgbtq+ accepting community
- A kind staff team
- Fun bots
- + More!
We are still in our early stages but don't let that scare you! So, what are you waiting for! Come join our community!
Welcome to Sbeve gang

Sbeve Gang is a server to hangout, shitpost, meet some new pepole and more

Chill staff

cool people

Good moderation

Alot of bots to mess around

and more
Pub'O'Matic est un serveur orienté sur la publicité !
C'est un serveur francophone fondé en Juillet 2018.
De plus de 1000 membres !
C'est un serveur souvent mis à jour et qui écoute ca communauté !
Le serveur est aussi sécurisé par des bots anti-raid et un anti selfbot.
Alors n'attendez plus et rejoignez-nous dès maintenant
Spacecord is a Discord server dedicated to everything that has to do with space. Astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology, space travel, exploration, astrophotography, you name it we got it! We also post livestreams of launches and do trivias. Spacecord is for everyone interested in space, you don't necessarily need to be an expert.
We are furries and gamers we should all be friends together so join if your a furry or a gamer :3
This is Booty the server that loves ass. Here at booty we are all about ass and have several channels dedicated to just that. We also have a very large variety of other porn as well so you don’t have to go anywhere else to fulfil your every desire.
Imagine you’ve just woke up, your head is hurting immensely and you feel dizzy, then it clicks. You were caught using your powers, the government found you. Your right shoulder hurts. You find a few stitches. They inserted a tracker into you, this is your new home. No one leaves ever. Time to make a life here

There are four parts of the island. Beach, country, city and forest. They each have their own mayor and there is an overruling queen. The queen is never seen but her daughter is.
It is a typically Sandy area with rock paths leading to places. There is a busy market where people can set up stalls and earn money. There is a cafe which is a nice hotspot for talking. There is a restaurant in case you wish to go on a date night and of course there is a cave down by the sea where people can hang out. There is a cute village called Mossley where the people who live in beach area reside.
** Country:**
It is a nice area where there is a small village, a nice farm with friendly animals, nice spacious fields, a beautiful river and a sweet little cottage owned by the queen.
** City:**
This is the busiest place. It is occupied by many apartments and houses. Underneath all the business and rushing people is two rival gangs. They are called Red Skeletons and the silencers. They are equally as deadly but Red Skeletons occupy most of the space.
** Forest:**
This is a place mainly of trees but there is two rivers and a gorgeous lake where people can go swimming. It’s a sweet little area and it’s great for nature walks. There is a village called Ozryn where the residents live.
Welcome to Golden Gore 7.0. We are a rules-free server. We hope you stay a while and help us grow.