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Hello Dear, customer!
We introduce you to omba's café!

This Server is pretty new (created 3.May. 2020).
What do we have?

•nsfw channel!
•level system!
•other languages channel!
•promotion channel!
•secret roles that you can get with commands!

We hope you will come and enjoy a cup of coffee.

sup join if you want we chill asf an low staff

🍒1. dont spam🍑
🍒2. no gore in any channel, keep it in nsfw🍑
🍒3. dont be annoying🍑
🍒4. dont start drama🍑
- the nsfw heaven for emojis...
Join for lots and lots of NSFW emojis that you've never seen in any other server before!
There are currently more than 500 NSFW emojis, coming with the ability to improve them based on what YOU suggest and want!
You will NOT regret joining. Trust me on that.
Current Emojis: too NSFW to show... just join!
The OFFICIAL PORNHUB Community Discord server! - 18+ only NSFW server
- 60k+ in members and growing rapidly.
- Well moderated.
- Active, regular members.
- Approachable 24/7 staff.
- Very active VC channels.
- Porn (duh).
- Lots of porn.
- Pornstars, amateur models galore.
- Members content (SFW & NSFW) (all verified).
- Animal/food channels.
- Gaming, memes and music & much more.
Come say hi!
welcome this is a new server so there will not be a lot of members in it i hope you stay basically this server is for chilling and talking

>[Welcome to The Tower]

‘The Tower’ is a multi-functional purpose underground facility that harbours children with Abilities beyond the fantastical. The facility is designed to facilitate children in a safe environment for them to grow and stabilize their Abilities. 'The Tower' features advanced electronics and A.I., making the setting more or less sci-fi-esque.

This is an original universe RP created by @kat#8212, we are no longer looking for moderator staff at the moment, thank you to everyone that applied!

In this server, we plan to include:

※ Exciting Mission/Training System

※ Server Wide Events

※ Custom Abilities and Characters

※ Skill Points and an Earnings system

※ Faction Groups and Personalized Events

※ Unique Story Elements

At the moment, not too many details cannot be disclosed at this time. We should be going live around 6/21/20 at the earliest, and we would appreciate you working with us patiently. This server's RP is *not* currently online, as mentioned before, so please keep in mind that joining *now* would mean you are willing to help build the setting or are there to support the creation of the server. We will let you know when the server has gone active!

>[Logging off]
Doordash, Ubereats, and Grubhub all provided!

$40 ----> 50% off!

$60 ----> 60% off!
What's this? It appears we have found an entirely new universe.
Shall we go investigate it, dear reader?

I seem to have entered, and it's amazing!
It seems to been filled with... uh oh, losing contact!

★ Over 40 advertising places!
★ Friendly creatures all over the world!
★ Tons of giveaways!
★ Contests and events!
★ We have lost our readings, so you have to go!

Here is a portal you have to go through.
Hey! Hey YOU, I am the owner of FastAdverts and I saw you were looking for some advertising servers to advertise in! We have many special categories and channels you can advertise in!!
FasterAdverts is here!! We are a newly created server and want to grow! But only YOU can help us grow! Please join this server! We have some unique things too!!

What do we have?
Dank Memer!
premium advertising
Your server story! Tell us how did you start and grow your server!
Server Of The Week! Your server is posted with @Everyone Ping!!
Looking For Channels!
Tips and advice!!
Staff Servers!!

Please Join:
Family friendly pokecord server that allows people of all ages and backgrounds. Join in on our chats that consist of pokemon spawns, trading, market, auction, and more! Feel free to invite your friends and family to our server. :)
During the day people hustle and bustle, at night the city comes to life. All the while people move from one thing to the next, experiencing their daily lives. It all sounds so perfect, so easy, so... boring, doesn't it? Underneath the surface of the well managed ebb and flow of the crowd is a beating dual heart of corruption and justice. Of light, dark, and every shade in-between. Those that take advantage of the weak, that extort the world around them. Those that ruthlessly root out corruption by any means required, purging all in savage brutality. Then there are those that walk the line, darkness in hand with light. What path will you walk? What shall you choose? Darkness? Light? Or the greys in between? Kysis awaits your answer.

Here at the World of Kysis, we focus on helping your character develop through a variety of ways. This includes, but is not limited to:

Three vastly different power systems for you to choose from!
An extensive world already built for your participate and influence!
Helpful staff that are here to help your ideas come to life!
Interesting characters to interact and create complex relations with!
And last but certainly not least, three different factions for you to join and explore!

To learn more about the world of Kysis, visit our website here:
ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭ ੈ♡‧₊˚ welcome to sanrio sweethearts! a 15+ sanrio themed agere/anime server!!

・ a cute aesthetic !!
・ fun bots n bot channels
・ a tight-knit community
・ themed color roles !!
・ nice, not too strict staff
・ gaming !! (minecraft realms, fortnite, and etc)
・ over fifty channels !!
・ pings !! includin babysitting, qotd, vc, gaming, and more ~

join today for a sweet treat ! 🍨
Hello, my name's kingmanz1352! (king for short) Have you ever been looking for some friends to RP with but cannot find any? Have you been looking for people who like the game Changed by dragon snow? Well your in luck! This server has RP friends for all and is based on that game! We have chats, music, furry, latex, and more! So what are you waiting for and have some fun in we Changed RP! (yes, the name is a pun.)
~International (EN/FR) Hentai server, come for the hentai, stay for the mustard !
Serveur hentai anglo-francophone, venez pour le hentai, restez pour la moutarde !

The main theme of Hentai Moutarde is, obviously, Hentai, as well as the weeb culture. We also have more "open" channels, such as SFW pictures, memes or pictures of your pets, if you feel like making your cat a superstar! Your artworks are also welcome in our dedicated NSFW and SFW art channel.

Les thèmes principaux de Hentai Moutarde sont, évidemment, le Hentai, ainsi que la culture weeb. Nous avons également des channels plus ouverts dédiés, par exemple, aux images SFW, aux memes ou un channel pour vos animaux (idéal si vous voulez que votre chat soit famous). Vos oeuvres d'arts, NSFW et SFW, sont également les bienvenues dans notre salon dédié au dessin.
Welcome to Speed!
We are a new car enthusiast server that revolves around our projects and dream cars.

Join today if you are looking for:
- A place to talk about your project/dream cars
- A nontoxic environment
- #Verification roles
- And much more!

We hope to see you soon :)
Здесь просто ламповый сервер,основанный на разных темах.Каждый найдёт о чём пообщаться с участниками.Он пока развивается и понятно что поначалу онлайна будет мало,но надо просто потерпеть и всё будет нормально:3
Just another weather server where you can chat about all kinds of weather in an informal setting. We're building up a unique community from scratch, so join if you want to be a part of it!
This is a ddlg server made for those who like to play video games together and watch movies.
An server where you can earn 5€ in under 20 Minutes come over and check it out :)
This is a new rp server based around the criminal underbelly of Gotham. I had already made a server like this, but unfortunately people became less active, and eventually the server died. Now I’m remaking it, in hopes that it’ll stay alive this time

We promote literate scenes and have began to put in place a rating system for other members to rate your replies to them. We also have member driven events, such as the gang war between the crime boss Salvatore Maroni and once white knight Harvey Dent we have as of writing this

But I cannot stress this enough, we aren’t based on the show Gotham, we are our own thing so please don’t come in thinking we follow the show

Ok that’s my updated description of the server, join if you want, up to you, but if you do just read the rules and ask any questions of you need
This is a ERP server based around a medieval Kingdom, You can play as a knight, Wolf (pack member or a rogue),dragon, knight, Or a hunter, Please remember this is an erotic roleplaying. We welcome new members.