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= = = Storyline:
The Story is, Gaea Academy is a school controlled by the Student Council and Student Body to teach future Elementalists to use their abilities to better the world instead of destroy it and continue the war that ended so long ago.

= = = What we have:
+ Staff Members
- A small, yet active staff team that is actively updated and has rules enforced on them.
- We are consistently willing to recruit new ones just in case

+ Roleplay Opportunities
- Plenty of channels and categories
- Many different areas
- Multiple factions and roles

+ Elements
- Being elementalists we have many elements to use
- From Flame to Gravity, we have anything you can think of (And if we don't, you can ask for it to be added!)
Long, long ago, well... the beginning of time actually, the Goddess of Life (Bella) decided that once humans were dead, should be able to go to a good place rather than at the time, just Hell. She worked and worked long days and nights on all the architecture, and to truly make it the best place for the humans once they had died. Soon enough about... 50 years later, she had finally got it all right, she worked endless nights building what we now call Heaven.... Thanks to her, we can all live a happily ever after life, here, in Heaven.
Medieval Rp 1245 AD
~Tons of Ranks to choose from!
~Music Bot
~Make your own character
~You could be a King/Queen (with permission from the Owner/Angelica, but she is pretty chill about it)
~Detailed Character Template
~Lots of places to roleplay
~Meme Channel
A server based on Dragon Ball.
== We have multiple species==
Humans, Freiza Race, Sayijins (Sayians), Namekians, Majins, Kais, Alien (Other)
==Other Info==
Still a work in progress!
^^^^^^HEY THERE^^^^^^
Come on into Club Opal a place were you can roleplay as any character you create that is 18 and over. You can start dramas, make friends, find love, the whole lot and I will be updating new themes like, Halloween, Christmas, Summer, Spring, Super heroes and more.

There are staff to help you out and I am on most of the time so don't be shy come on it and have a good time.

Club Opal Was Opened in New York City and Has become the worlds #1 club. You can work as a waiter, Bouncer, DJ, Comedian or just a Party person.
Just a simple community with bots and freedom of some of the common rules that can just be annoying for someone trying to have fun! (Note some of these may be a lie but check it out anyways)
Here at Sensation, we look for people to socialize with, enjoy our time, and date. You can use this server for what you want, we won’t mind. If this is in your alley, join us and be a part of our server.
Porn Server with SFW and NFSW Stuff come and explore your kinks.
Hi! Welcome to Palara, a medieval fantasy RP server! In Palara you have the freedom to make your own race, powers, whatever, so long as it is within reason. The realm of Palara is divided up by 5 different kingdoms, so who will you pledge your alliance to?
This is a Roleplay server with fandoms!
We only have undertale so far but we will be adding
Maybe baldis? Idk lmao.
Your worries here is a server where you can go to talk about things that are bothering you, whether it be mental health issues, relationship problems, identity/sexuality related or just someone who ticked you off at the grocery store. We're here to help you, reach out to you, and let you know that you're not alone. Or, if you don't have anything to talk about, you can just come here and hang out. We have fun bots and places to talk and chill. It's lo-fi under the night sky.
The Kingdom of Ukraine, based in 1985 the server is Ukraine after a successful revolution against the Soviet Union and the reestablishment of the Monarchy. Currently paused until activity resumes.
Welcome to Sage’s Studio, a server dedicated to artists and writers with some tips for server building thrown in.

We offer:
-a growing and accepting community
-staff opportunities always available
-places for your art and writing
-ways to improve your craft
-a range from professionals to beginners
-an art hall of fame
-rewards for active members
-giveaways often
-tons of role colors

You’re always welcome here...
After being banned from pretty much every chat room I have participated in I have been forced to react against PC culture. In this Discord channel offensive combative behaviour will not only be tolerated but rewarded.
The Earth is gone. It's been gone for a long time, 80 years to be exact. It happened so fast, one moment the entire planet was celebrating new years and the next the very ground beneath all of our feet changed. What followed next was a brutal 25 year long war and a truce between all sides. Who knows how long that'll last...

{Hi there!}

-Choose to join one of five influential and powerful factions in the struggle to save or ruin the treaty between three worlds who've been merged due to unknown forces.

-Partake in faction interactions and server RP events that will keep things interesting and fun

-Interact with random events such as monster swarms, random attacks, villains that spice things up, rising hostile factions, and much more

-Meet new people and cooperate to make an interesting story worth remembering

[Come join 2100 and hopefully enjoy the experience! We welcome you to an RP server focused on faction wars and heavy interaction in a world that you can either help save, or destroy. The more members, the better the experience, as they add on to the factions and make things feel even more in depth.]

(Every 5 months 2100 will undergo a large change in the world, jumping forward into the future by 10-20 years in order for a new narrative to form. You can use your old characters or create new ones, but both will have to deal with the consequences of the actions from that last part of 2100.)

*At the moment we are looking for proper staff that can manage the server, as we are still a new and growing server that has yet to have any proper admins.
Once a long... long time ago the was a world of nothing just trees and 5 gods,
They were.
Barak, God of The elements
Deo, God of creatures, health and kindness
Ezio, god of death sickness and hunger
Inori, god of war, greed, Power,And negative feelings
Iris god of Knowledge and time
Adinos, god of gods
the gods would walk around the endless forests wondering about the trees and the life around them, but they soon got bored, so they started to create life like animals, humans, nymphs, the Beings started to get smarter and smarter, some became rare, some became powerful some became extinct, some even became god like figures, the gods watched them grow and grow but one day a god came down from earth and a human saw them, this god was Barak, the human was so... Happy to know that gods were real! So he went to human villages, spreading the news, this man soon became a legend his name is now unknown.But know since had now told other people, they worshiped the gods, the gods started to like this. But one day another god came down and met a human this god was Iris, once he met this man they fell in love, and soon made children known now as demi-gods these demi-gods are usually a new species, being! Like maybe an animal! They had lots of children together, making new creatures like Neko's and other things, Neko's are worshiped as being known as demi-gods. And you might one day meet one! But you a traveler you may be a nymph, an elf, it is your choice! Do what you want change the gods! Now go make a difference in this large world!
Hello! Welcome to the colition, every universe has colided and created a place where everyone is in!
Play as anyone you'd like! (Within reason)
Want to be the half genie hero Shantae? Sure!
Want to be the hard as metal Iron man? Why not?
Megumin? Scott pilgrim? Whatever! Almost everyone's allowed, even OCs!
Warning, this server is new and still a work in progress, looking for mods too! ^^
This server is an SCP roleplay/community server with both a normal category for normal conversations and an SCP category to be in character.
『Innovative Leadership』
»»————- ✼ ————-««
Innovative Leadership is a place where people who have different hobbies come together to share knowledge on what people can make. People are polite and we care about everyone. No racist memes and jokes, you get to vote on things in #mod-chat.
»»————- ★ ————-««
We have many interests like Python, Business, Design, Photography, Language, Animation, Coding, Art, Drawing, Music, Personal Development, Software, IT, Marketing and Engineering.
»»————- ♡ ————-««
💎You get higher roles from being active in chat!
💎Display your Creation and get featured!
💎A non mod that reaches a new level first chooses the next one!
💎Give yourself roles!
💎 Everyone is welcome!

ps. partnership is OPEN
looking for partnership managers!
Hey! Are you in need of some homework help? You’ve come to the right place! Here we provide any and all help, your piers are your tutors! We have music bots, daily QOTDs, kahoot game nights, and much more. Join the fam now!

Welcome to Dimension City.. this place is mostly unknown but when worlds end.. and people have no where to go.. they get teleported to this place for safely.. something happened.. the world that we were in the Nightmares took over and the world was surrounded by darkness cities got destroyed many many people died.. but they are safe now.. there's no Nightmares in the Dimension City right..?

🔹We have a stable staff, they’re strict but also pretty nice and funny most of the time.

💠Pretty awesome roleplayers, just know that we accept everybody no matter the one liner.

🔶Some nice events in the making, just know that we’ll try to work hard on them and if the owner rushes it, it’ll be okay.

🔞A nsfw channel for you, but you must request the role.

This is Camp Aurora, a place for kids to come and make new friends. For misfit kids who need help to learn about there powers! Well your in luck because we help that here as well! I hope you come and join our lovable Community!
Due to a series of experiments by a man named Jean Louse, people with what can only be called superpowers are on the rise. Welcome to Lobelia, one of the top five super inhabited cities in america, where government sponsored heroes defend the innocent from villains and rogues, while trying to appease those in opposition.
Добро пожаловать в Империю! Здесь ты можешь: пообщаться, попасть на множество других серверов, познакомиться с интересными людьми и многое другое!