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This is a server for furry /neko characters and it is based off of my friends magical dimension called haven its quite small tho
Hey this is a pretty good sized server for multiple things. There are hella bots and good stuffs. We have gamers, memers and normies so come on in.
Server Info!
-WIP Server
-Some what active
-Welcoming to everyone ^^
-Ask for any role to have/be made (Except For Mod/Admin)
-Self Promotion
-Fun bots
-Cool Emojis
-Show your artwork and epic memes
Hi! I have a server going for otherkin, fictionkin, soulbonds, and other types of incarnates. I’ve had the server for over a year now and everyone is very friendly. If you would like to join a server to discuss your experiences with like-minded people, feel free to join! (No trolls plz. I don’t have time for that.)

(We also have sections for witchcraft, polytheism, astral projection, and religion/metaphysical things in general. There’s also the usual music, video games, and art sections!)
Un servidor Roleplay +18 en español, publico y disponible para todo el mundo, hacemos votaciones y también divertidos eventos
Hello Come and Join the Recruitment server for California Highway Patrol Roleplays. It Takes Approximately 15 Minutes to Get you through interviewing and ready roleplay.
Small and easy to use( male only server18+)
※ nude channels 🤯
➪ 18+ Nude & Selfie Chats
➪ React based roles
➪ Easy to use channels
➪ Region based channels
.:Welcome to World of Light:.

We are a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate role-play server, dedicated to building upon the story-mode from the World of Light campaign. This group centers around developing friendship, both in-character and out-of-character, in order for every member to feel like they are forming true bonds.

OC Slots are open, but are extremely limited. You must complete an application, which will be given to you by a moderator or the guild master.

1. This role-play server requires users to be at least 18-years or older to participate.

2. Reaction verification is required to access server channels.

3. ID verification is required to permanently remain within the server.


When the multiverse grows corrupt after a chain of inconceivable events, Galeem believes it is time to reconstruct the various realms and regain order. Dharkon insists that there is another way to go about this; however, the being of order is stubborn, and refuses to see reason.

With their realms in imminent danger, the champions of the multiverse must come together if they hope to prevent the destruction of their respective worlds. Can they stop order from overtaking the multiverse, or will all be lost within an all consuming light?

Join alongside us and carve a path that will either end in destruction or salvation.


💠Member Driven Plot
🤝Friendly Community
⏫Server Leveling System
⚔️Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournaments
🤖Interactive Bots
🐸Meme Sharing/Creation
🖌️Art Gallery
💗NSFW Content Channels
🎙️Karaoke Night
🌐Streaming Night
📖Fanfiction Reading Night
🍿Movie Night
🎮Gaming Night
❗Plus More...
A newly created server with custom nations, just join and ask what you want and ta-dah done I guess.
This sever has absolutely no rules
You can shitpost
say anything you want
be toxic
really anything’s welcome
this is a new server
Atlas. One of the four major kingdoms of Remnant has become more powerful then ever. They are preparing to show off their strength off against the other three major kingdoms of Remnant and to become the only kingdom. However, they are still building their forces and are trying to stay under the radar, but everyone can tell Atlas is preparing for war. Because of the high amount of fear of war, Grimm have become ever increasing in numbers and city's have required more huntsmen then ever to make sure that Grimm don't destroy them. You, are one of these Huntsmen or Huntress that are defending the city of Vale from destruction or are in the process of becoming one of these Huntsmen or Huntresses. May you find bonds and courage to be able to fight back against the Grimm. This has been Professor Ozpin. I wish you the best of luck in your trials. Please work together, and find the ability to see past what someone looks like. These are pressing times ahead of us. I wish everyone the best of luck in their efforts to being a Huntsmen or Huntress.
Welcome to Exonerate's server! This server is for gamers who need friends or more people for a game. We have chats for Paladins, Overwatch, Apex, Fortnite, and Minecraft!
This is the first ever server created for the purpose of discussing warfare strategy and tactics. We welcome everyone into this server who wants to learn about war.
We don't only have war discussion, but also memes, anime and bots.

Please join in!
The era takes place in Boruto, but Boruto never happened, and neither did the advanced technology. Naruto soon died, and Sasuke’s eyes were sealed, after this people from all types of clans began to use their dna to restore their clans. A few years had passed on and now most clans have been restored, such as Senju, Uchiha, and Namikaze. But something had happened in this time, all clans began to argue with one another and resulted in violence. The five great kage knew that this was an issue so they summoned the five kage summit, in conclusion they made a deal with the Shinobi world. The violence was only permitted if it was outside of the villages, if you were in a village it would be considered as a safe zone. This way the villages are safer than before. All that changed when a new threat arrived. This threat brought together the villages this threat was power and almost destroyed everything until the villages put up on last fight, they killed the threat never to see her again. They soom rejoined forces and became an alliance again... Oh yeah I forgot to tell ya'll that threats name was.... Osiris.
This is an extremely active roleplay group, with a friendly cast of experienced creative writers. We are currently looking for fantastic new additions to our team who will provide exciting stories and offer great camaraderie.

.・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。. SYNOPSIS .・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。.
Wyrdafel is a town located in Yorkshire, England. It is a hotspot for supernatural beings due to its rich history with magic spanning long before the Dark Ages. It is the place to be for wizards, werewolves, and other weirdos to find their sense of purpose and community. There’s just one catch… normal humans (aptly named ‘Normies’) cannot find out they exist.

Supernaturals must remain a secret from the ‘Normies’ or else all hell could break loose. As if matters weren’t tense enough, the Supernatural Supreme Court (SSC) keeps an uncomfortably close eye on the mythical populace to make sure they stay in line… but they are known to take things a little bit too far. From accepting bribes to being outwardly cruel toward the people they are supposed to protect, it's hard to trust in the governing force.

You will play as either a Normie or a Supernatural (we have a list of available races) when you enter our modern-fantasy world (you are allowed multiple characters). Will you make a big impact in changing everything as we know it? Or are you more partial to slacking off by the pool and sliding under the radar? In this malleable world you become precisely what you are most interested in writing about. Show us what you can do!

.・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。. .・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。.
✭ Must be able to write 100 words within 15 minutes unless a different posting time is requested. (We do live writing sessions, not forum.)
✭ Must be able to write with legible English grammar and punctuation.
✭ Let us know if you are younger than 18.
✭ Must be willing to learn our super basic dice system. (You won't need to use it that often, only for very significant attempts.)
✭ Have common decency in letting people know when you need to leave a session.
✭ Must be able to join in rp frequently enough. Don't just disappear for weeks or you'll find it very hard to make connections.
✭ Needs the mindset of wanting to join something long term.
✭ Must be able to handle occasional dark themes.
✭ Must be full of creativity and originality!
Midnight Lights is a chill server to meet and play with tons of other people! With over 15 obtainable roles, music, games, you'll always have something to do!
A place for those interested in lolita and/or ouji fashion. We have a link to a great beginner's crash course for all those new and learning about the fashion. We are a friendly group of people who will give advice and laugh with you. Join us for Tea Time, Challenges, and good times all around. This server is new and in the works so please don't be afraid to also give suggestions. Join us now!
We are a Russian Military RP looking for great roleplayers anyone is accepted just be nice and listen to higher ranks and higher authority
☆ The Art School ☆

Believe you can't draw?
Welcome to our Art School Server, in here, you will be taught a variety of art forms in our diverse set of classes, and perhaps acquire useful skills in the process!

~Current Classes~

- Pixel Art
- Minecraft Building
- Anime
- Electronic Music
- Realism
- And more to come in the future!

~Other details n' stuff~

》Active Owners! ~
》Frequent lessons! ~
》Actually decent lessons! ~
》Not dead! ~
》Nice members! ~
》Hey did you know we offer Minecraft Building as a class?! ~
》Art Evolution channels, everyone was an amateur at some point! ~

Sounds nice? Cause it is, feel free to join at any time.
The Kensa Krew is a server made by a group of best friends looking for more people to hangout with and play Splatoon 2 with. We have many self assignable roles, like colors, timezones, splatfest, etc. If you’re looking for online friends to play splatoon with or just people to talk to, join this server!
Strictly 21+ ONLY We cater to the discerning fetishist. Master/slave. Dom/sub. Gothic. Dystopian. Dark perversions. Find your kinky friends and playmates here. Small. Selective. AGE VERIFICATION REQUIRED.
This server is about the great show Bob's Burgers but you still can talk about random stuff and you can play and talk about games. We hope you have a good time.