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Welcome to Witherstone, a beautiful Kingdom full of secrets and a dark stories. The kingdom starting with three sons, one turned greedy and two mysterious murders. But, now we wouldn't want to much getting out... join the village and see for yourself, the wonderful and mysterious kingdom that lay ahead.
just a small discord server where we do stupid shit and have fun and talk about random stuff like gaming, anime, and memes
we are also very laid back and won't ban anyone for a dumb reason, in fact, we have no rules so do whatever you want, just don't be an ass lol
This our best Slav Server!
We have :
Bots Fun
And more stuff!


Welcome to the Black Light City the city of luxury and pleasure a place of fantasy and mysterious happenings. Black Light City is based in 2019 with all the same technology standards as we have now, it's a modern city that is is one of the most popular city for young adults, adults and the elderly. Each person is drawn to the city for different reasons most of the time for the young adults it's the large underground parties that the police don't disturb as long as they don't disturb other residents of the city. Most adults come here for work opportunities as of the vast amout of jobs that are available to all with qualifications and with no qualifications. The elderly for the health care that is hugely funded for its people to live long happy lives.

These are the main selling points of Black Light City but this city is like the Internet, that is only the tip of the iceberg. All of the serious stuff is under water and it reaches deep under water, Black Light City has various illegal activities from games such as the hunting ground and animal fighting. Nearly everything that is wrong in this world is able to be done within this city.
The year is 2080, and the world has only gotten meaner. Magic came back into the world nearly seventy years ago, bringing orks, elves, trolls, dwarfs, dragons, and all kinds of spells and magical critters. Dragons and megacorporations alike gather their hoards, uncaring of who they stomp on to amass their treasure. Government power has faded as the corps wrap international economies around their bejeweled fingers. Most people survive by selling their souls to the megacorps, slaving away for their entire lives to stay safe and fed.

Some people, though, aren’t willing to sell out. They don’t fit into the mold the corporations have prepared for them. They live in the cracks and margins of society—in the shadows. To survive, they do the things others won’t, performing the grey ops the megacorps need in order to keep up with the competition.

You are one of them. There are cracks in the world. They’re slender, dark, and often cold, but they are the only things that keep you hidden. Keep you alive. They are the shadows of the world, and they are where you live. You are a Shadowrunner, thriving in the margins, doing the jobs no one else can. You have no office, no permanent home, no background to check. You are whatever you make yourself. Will you seek justice? Sow seeds of chaos? Sell out to the highest bidder? It’s up to you, but this much is certain—if you do nothing, the streets will eat you alive.
So, chummer, think you got what it takes to make a name for yourself in the shadows?
This server is a Camp Half-Blood remake and is really new, so please join and jump into some fun roleplay topics. We have bots, a leveling system, and is LGBT+ welcome and descrimination is not tolerated.
Channel Samples:
-Character Creation Station
-Bot Commands
-Camp Locations from the books

*Looking for Partner Managers*

𝒇𝓵𝓸𝓻𝓲𝓭𝓪 𝓵𝓲𝒇𝒆
Hi there we are a small community/ new made server. We are trying to grow the community and get people together to make friends. Down here are the Features of what we have!
• 𒆙 • Brand new server with rapid growth!
• 𒆙 • Leveling System
• 𒆙 • Economy
• 𒆙 • Fun, interactive bots & channels
• 𒆙 • Gaming, interactive, and social channels
• 𒆙 • Staff applications open
• 𒆙 • Give your self roles
• 𒆙 • Make new friends
• 𒆙 • Socialize
• 𒆙 • Partnerships
• 𒆙 • Partner Manager is needed

We'll be happy to meet you people! <3

Perma Invite Link:
Ceci est un serveur discord français sans prises de têtes
Welcome to Anvidium, a medieval fantasy roleplay featuring ever-expanding lore, races, and classes. Come join us for a time of adventure living in a new world. Travel the nation, form of join a guild, take on great monsters and becoming a great hero or an infamous villain. Settle down and raise a family. This world is growing, grow alongside it how you wish.
In a facility containing the most dangerous entities both known and unknown to this world, which roll will you fall under? A contained being? A personnel? Leader or victim? Demon or docile? Compliance or rebel..? Climb the ranks in the laboratory or escape the cells in SCP!
Delofia is a large regular fantasy medieval world with high level magic but there is also a vast large cave system underneath the world where there are lots of monsters also above and underground.
it is mainly made for testing out bots in sense of seeing what commands they have or finding new bots of which you think they could fit in your server you can also ask for a new bot beeing added or ask for NSFW access if i figure out i can trust you. Talking is allowed everywhere except of the requests for new bots channel (except if its about adding a new bot) the join messages chat (which you wont be able to access for now) and the nsfw test channel access requests (if you get access to it). The server has a info channel where you can see if i updated the server (warning i am working with @everyone there). The server has pretty new gender roles and a furry role which is easy to add (but it requires sheri beeing online and NOT beeing broke at the moment) i wont show ANY mercy fo raiders. if you have ideas for an update just post the in requests for new bots. i hope you can have fun (even tho the server is currently a bit small).
FLOOFERS WANTED - We're a Pokémon-themed server centered around all Pokémon cute, fluffy, or both with the goal of making Discord's most awesome furry-friendly

What makes us stand out and stand strong:
- 36 non-staff text channels: Both SFW and NSFW available, including 5 RP-related channels!
- Relaxed rules and no annoying word filters so you can speak your mind- just be civil!
- Vibrant conversations that change topic every day. Gotta stay fresh, yo!
- Some fun and useful bots to play music or play around. We're even working on our own!
- Made a cool new drawing? We've got spot in our museum just for yours- no art degree required!

Sounds good? Come join us!
We're the floofiest server on Discord! And we know it.
This is a server to have fun with our large variety of bots:
We have many Helpful Staff, willing to help!
Lots of Friendly Players!
And Much Much More!
Welcome to Chill Lounge!

We are a small growing fast welcoming community, we're a mostly chill and laid back non-toxic community.

What we have to offer~

•Yggdrasil's userphone command with its designated channel!

•Active people!

•Chill laid back community and staff members!

•Self assigned roles!

•Music bots!

•We accept everyone! ^^

If that sounds any fun, come over join us at Chill Lounge!
Owned by a lesbian, we at Sweet Odyssey know people are going to use these servers regardless, we want to provide an environment that truly cares and understands those individuals.

LGBTQ+ | Over 150 roles | bots to play with | fast 24/7 hour moderation | a place for everyone here! | active chats | active voice | truly caring staff
On a planet few have heard of, in a far far away galaxy; Plaju.
Plaju is a place to escape from reality, a place you can go to talk,
Hopefully make some friends too!
We are a Percy Jackson roleplay group who are looking for other fans of the source to join and have fun.
Welcome to Plugin Dev Theme Park! We are a server striveing to help out fellow minecrafterss for FREE setting up a server or help them create a plugin.

we do NOT create plugin's for free, if you have QUESTIONS on how to do something plugin related, we help out for free, if you ask us to MAKE the plugin its up to the one doing the plugin if they want payment.

we DO help whit server setup for free. You may ask people if they are willing to help you at your own risk, we do not ban people who destroy servers but generally only use the staff whit the roles "ServerSetup" for setting up a server.

We are hireing(work is free, you dont get paid).

What we are looking for is:

Admin's age - 17+ age
Moderators - 15+ age
ServerSetup - 15+ age
PluginDeveloper's - any age, as long as you know what your doing.
TrailerHelper - any age, as long as you can make a good looking Minecraft trailer and teach people how to do so.

We ask you to prepare either:

A: a small plugin and be able to explain what the code behind said plugin does.
B: Show us previous work you have done(and still be able to explain what the code does).

For TrailerHelper and ServerSetup, we need proof that you can do that.
Welcome to Australia! This server is based on and around the Australian submarine HMAS Waller. We've just started this server with the hopes of expanding this RP to do large missions, operations and events. Help is always appreciated; whether that would be in the form of RPers or staff. We have specs for the sub, a fully functional ranking and combat system. Come join and be part of something new
100 Love Emotes
Must have nitro to use them