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Server looking for more new friends to join in on the fun! We are a chill server, just enjoying good talks and good friends. You can really do anything, just not the things in the rules (which isn't a lot) , other than that; hope you join in on the fun! i really don't know what else to say my dude
Hello there!
My name is Axel and this is my server
I made this server as a small place to talk and make friends.
So enjoy?
🎊The Lost Ones || A Warrior Cat RP🎊

Greetings! We are a fun, active, and interactive Warrior Cats roleplay server set on an ocean surrounded territory. Simply make your cat, pick a clan, and start roleplaying!

What We Are:
💓 An active, growing and friendly community!
🌈 LGBTQ+ inclusive!
✈️ Open to everyone from around the world!
🐱 A Discord roleplay server about Warrior Cats!
📚 A semi-literate server!

What We Have:
✏️ Lots of roleplay channels and many roles for OOC and roleplay!
🤖 Cool bots that you can use and have fun with!
🤗 Great and helpful staff members!

What We Offer YOU:
📝 The freedom to create your own characters and storylines!
🎁 Monthly events that you can attend in roleplay!
🌟 The possibility of becoming a Leader or Med. Cat!

🔮 Knowledge of the books is valued but isn't required.🔮
All are welcome!

Current Plot:
Long ago there were four clans. GroveClan: the brave and arrogant, TideClan: the fair and calm, CloudClan: the quiet and protective, and BearClan: the battle-hungry and arrogant. They lived in relative peace with mild border skirmishes. One horrid day, Twolegs started to invade the clan’s territory, cutting down lumber and poisoning water. Finding this territory unfit for clan life, GroveClan, TideClan, and CloudClan left the territory. BearClan, on the other hand, claimed they would fight for this territory and called the other 3 clans cowards and not loyal to StarClan. A few decades later, BearClan is still living in the old territory peacefully. It turned out the Twolegs quickly left, leaving only a small bit of damage on the territory. Soon the 3 clans returned, having once more been driven from their territory. They presumed BearClan was dead and settled back to their original territories. BearClan quickly realized what was happening and now the clan has to take sides. Come back to the clans or plot revenge? Will the clans survive in peace or kill each other?
Friendly Cat loving Community, Fun server with loads of Bots
⛧ BBY ⛧

A quicky building community that's accepting of anyone! We offer a server where you can be yourself and everyone finds something to enjoy! We have mainly active chats and vcs and we'll even start to host events soon! Our humor is edgy and offensive so don't join if easily offended, thx.

we're kinda like a soft goth kawaii themed server ♡

⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚═════════════˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆

We just meme around a lot so

⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚═════════════˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆

We're not a dating server and if it seems so we're just memein around

⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚══════════════˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆

We mainly just like to hang out and talk and even gather together to share music in vc!

❖20+ self roles !
❖mostly active chat !
❖upcoming emotes/nitro !
❖chill rule system !
❖30+ colors to choose from !
❖starting events soon like movie night and .io games !
❖nice members and community !

we're accepting partners with 50+ members

Join and maybe we can all have a good time ♡
To Bee Honest is a peer support server dedicated to helping people with mental illness and other problems.
This server is an active, fast growing community here to help you and talk to you whenever you need.
Our mission is to provide a safe place for people to go to whenever they need anyone. We want to remind all that no matter what, you are never alone.
We do giveaways for roblox and different things, join our new server :)
Right now I don't have anything but I'm looking admins to help me make the server. After I get 5 admins I'll lock the server for a bit and when I'm done I will release it back into the server list.
Roblox related discord community server/giveaway
-nsfw channel
-music bots
Skeletøn Clique is a multifandom server for you to meet people who enjoy the same bands as you. It is mainly focused on tøp, though we do have chats for other bands as well :)
ShreksSwamp is a server where you can socialize and meet new people.
Camp Half-Blood, where demigods stay. With 22 Greek gods and primordials given out once every two months, you have a kinda large variety! Friendly staff and an LGBT+ community friendly server!
Altiria is a modern-fantasy RP set in a post-apocalyptic world- the evidence of that previous world lays in spaceship ruins that litter the desert and other places throughout the world. It's as if someone hit the reset button on society. We began to advance as a civilization once again; going through the motions of history once more. This leads us to the modern, current day - 2072.
A brand new server for meme lords and normies alike.
Join if you like shit memes and cockroach pizza
just be random
N1: no spamming
N2: be random
N3: don't be mean
Welcome to our wonderful server! We may be small but we are a welcoming community always willing to chill and chat with new members!

• We have a cool level up system that gives you a new role with cool perms the more you chat

• Alot of cool artists that you can ask for advice and even trade art with!

• Custom roles depending on what species you are, even an nsfw channel for anyone 18+ (don't worry we check before we give anyone the role)
The Astral - a lost place for lost creatures.

There is no sun, no real stars and no moon. But everything stays the same. The rain and snow still come, though cloudless, and the waves still shift. And even as the cliffside ends, as the fog and sea flourish into the darkened abyss, the Lost still come, and the land grows.

- - - - -
Welcome to ‘The Astral’, a place that features a large play space for roleplaying!

This server consists of over 40 channels categorized under :
-A village area
-The Manor
-OOC Areas for discussion, and VCs.
-NSFW Designated areas (role accessible only)

Many of us are para roleplayers looking for new, active members. We also do server partnerships for those that want it.

We invite anyone that's interested to enter and have a look around!
Hi welcome to the house, we’ve been expecting you and we hope you enjoy your stay! Walk around the house, go anywhere except for the basement and other peoples rooms
13+ Mature semi-advanced+ large friendly & open server

:|: Welcome to Central Europe :|:
To ancient forests, old cities, open moors, crystal rivers, snow topped mountains and wild seasides. Where everything is challenging your right to survival. Can you survival and thrive?

(o) Four main clans - Timberclan, Breezeclan, Nightclan and Streamclan
(o) Two Tribes fighting over the modern and ancient ways - Tribe of Warm Sunlight & Tribe of Broken Antler
(o) A Deadly rouge group out for blood - The Blood Tusks
(o) Two kitty pet groups of very different sides of the fence - The Racers & The Royalists
(o) More to groups to come as well as being able to create your own

Where will your story lead you? What challenges will you face? Can you survive and thrive? Find out in Forever Starlight!
We are just a couple of dudes, who made a shitty server, so... join, we got memes, we got pron, we got no love from our parents, we got lovely people, we got all sorts of shit for you and me
a server for chatting as lewd as u want 16+ tho lel