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🔞 Capitale des vices 🔞

Genre :
○ Medieval-fantasy - Dark rp - Hentai ○

Contexte :
Bienvenue sur le continent Hériphos enfin, si on peut dire ça comme ça, effectivement, ce contiennent est un peu différent, il y règne une atmosphère sombre, terrifiante.

Effectivement, la race humaine a prit le dessus sur toutes les autres, faisant régner le chaos et la tyrannie, réduisant en esclavage les non-humains, les envoyant même dans la pire des prisons, l'EUPHYCLIS.

Les non-humains sont forcés de vivre cachés, fuyant comme ils le peuvent les humains et cette prison terrifiante.

Sur ce serveur vous fera face à :

{🥀} Un univers dark fantaisiste prenant.

{🤝} Des alliances entre races pour survivre.

{🏃‍♂️} De nombreux serveurs divers et variés pour vous mouvoir en toute liberté !

{💋} Et évidemment, des violences sexuelles : humiliations, viols..etc

Alors n'hésitez plus et plongez dans ce sombre monde où la peur et la tyrannie règnent ~
I'll keep this pretty short and simple. In my discord server, we offer many different services, tools, and guides:
Deals - We tell you what to buy and how to resell it on Ebay to make a profit.
Coupons - We provide coupons that will allow you to get free stuff and discounts on the stuff you already use (FREE CHIPOTLE, FREE CHICK-FIL-A, FREE ARBYS)
Tools - We have a variety of tools at the moment, such as eBay view and watcher bots, with more coming soon!
Guides - We have guides that will teach you anything from how to spoof your location to how to get free products.
Welcome, here you'll find a shit ton of porn, we'll post on daily basis. Nice active members and lot more to be discovered when you join!
Hello, I'm Fishing Sneakers' owner.
I'm going to introduce you Fishing Sneakers.

Currently FREE TO JOIN cook group

This is officially a ROBLOX sex condo!

•for people who need more information•

💡 This server is ran by 2 important people doing two different roles.

-What do we OFFER you guys?

💪 We upload fresh roblox SEX games everyday for your content.
💛 No bull-shit pinging
Every channel auto-moderated so don't worry about spammers and have a peaceful chat and share memes!

You can join us and find about us more, see you there 👋
This is my first time making a sever. Welcome to the Retro Kingdom where we roleplay a kingdom. Im going to need some more Knights/Admins to help me out. This Server is still a work in progress. There will be some 18+ stuff going on and yeah, thats about it!
-Lady Retro
We are chads, its in our duty to serve the giga chad. In this server you can find : chads, bros, hoes, and toes. If ur a raider, and ur reading this, i hope you didnt go easy on us :)
Hi my name is Christina ❤️❤️. I’m 20 and just lost my job. I’m in need of money so I’ll try to do what ever u want😉😉😘
Looking to sell my sexy pics and videos 😏❤️💕
Hmu to Buy my nudes 😉
The Crimson Dawn:

Modern day, corruption spreads through the world. What is tackling the crisis of terrosim, corrupt cops and deceitful politicians. I’ll tell you what or well who, The crimson dawn is the secret organisation of operatives from five different factions; Noctis the spy and research faction, Torriku the con and tricks faction, Reaper the assassins and one person army faction and lastly Exercitus the military faction dedicated to protect the people who can't protect themselves. The last faction is the leader of the crimson dawn himself Shizuka Aurora; his faction is called Zendaka meaning balance he uses each one of the factions forms of combat he only takes on two students to be his successors and inner circle that aren't the faction heads.

In a world full of evil The Crimson dawn stands as the last hope for humanity, you may question their methods but what they do is what helps this world in reality. Of course you don’t have to roleplay as the a member you can select one of the many jobs, be a political good or bad, a terrorist leader/member (Don’t not go to far with this respect that it is a crisis in the real world), a drug lord and lastly a company ceo that can either support the crimson dawn or not aid it at all. Based in Japan the world only hopes that their mission is completed.
Esse e o melhor servidor de divulgação entre, aqui voce pode divulgar tudo, tudo mesmo e com areas de entretenimento varios bots, varios parceiros, varios staff e tudo mais, go go
fazemos parcerias com servidores ou youtubers, eventos semanais etc, sempre colocando coisas novas
A friendly relaxed server where users can buy and sell online products and services. We have no tolerance for scammers and do our best to protect each other. Enjoy your stay :)
Can't find the right server? Well that's a problem... luckily United Roleplayers is here for you! We have four different categories that you can roleplay in, a friendly community, and understanding admins!

We accept all levels of roleplay because we believe there’s always room for improvement. Currently, we are looking for active roleplayers that will join the server. Remember, enjoy your stay and have fun!




Miscellaneous (literally anything here)

And Furries (animals)!
This is a new 18+ furry server. looking for people to help out and fix some issues and for members to join and just have a fun time
Welcome to The Nerf Agora! You can chat about modding, gameplay, blasters, youtubers, buy/sell/trade or just Nerf in general. We focus on Nerf but you can just chill in off topic if you prefer. :)
By the way, this is not a server for GTA discussion.
Hey toi oui toi qui regarde cette pub !!! Tu connais un serveur pub sympa. Moi oui attend je te le décris….

🎯 Tu peux y faire ta pub facilement

⌚️ Des pubs chronométré

🚨 Un staff à l’écoute pour tout problème

💠 Des mini-jeux pour patienter entre le temps des pubs

🎖 Un serveur sécurisé qui s’améliore de jour en jour

✅ Une communauté active

🎁 Des giveaways toute les semaines

🔎 On recherche du staff comptent

🔗 Il y a aussi des partenariats

🚨 Et plus…

🎫Ton ticket BG ▶️
We are a chill server that promotes making friendships and just hanging out with one another. We are a very welcoming community and also play minecraft! Come join us we r cool,, promise <33
Welcome. Its a new countryhuman/oc roleplay server. Every country have one/two magic powers.

We have :
- Nice peoples i think xD
- Bots
- Roleplay
- We add events.
- NSFW Chats.
- And More

Just a normal server...
This is a Star Wars rp server, where you are free to be anything you wish to be. Custom creations are allowed and the economy system to earn money is easy! Join today and choose your fate in the galaxy far far away.