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We got memes, people who game every day and every night, we got otakus, we got clans, we got nsfw, we can add stuff too!
this server is all about giving our members a fantastic experience for them to do what they please, when they please.
we love each and every one of our members.
come down and give us a try.
This is a realistic school server. A new server just created and hopefully will soon grow in members so why not come check us out and read over our lore? The rp is pretty much about students in cliques so like normal realistic high school life?

🌹ㅁㅁThe Ghetto Roleplay.ㅁㅁ🌹

Be any character you please, within realism, in this modern setting the spotlights on you as you battle the problems you hide from everyone.

Are you an alcoholic?
Maybe you're secretly a spy?
It's all up to you.


The town of Ravender is split up into three social standards, where you live depends on what character you want to play.

Uptown; the rich and famous.

Midtown; the normal and mediocre.

Downtown; the druggies and criminals.

You decide who you're going to be.


Choose what part of town you live in.
ㅁWhat air do you breath?
ㅁWhat life will you lead?
ㅁWhat stories will you create?


We offer:
+Friendly Staff.

+Chill atmosphere and relaxed rules.

+Ranking systems and other bot functions.

+Housing channels: To throw parties in and deal drugs.

+Ravender Social: Social media for your characters.

+Anonymous User: Gossip Girl like function for some juicy tea.

+The Raven: An MTV like news source for our celebrity characters.

+WARNING: There is 18+ topics, drug use and crimes, continue at your own risk.


Just a chill new server when you can be toxic just don’t be a bitch to the owners aka durix and kadie he will ban instantly but you can be toxic to everyone else cause we don’t give a fuck
In a dystopian future where a A.I controls government, life, and even ...humans.... how will you survive? Will you be a controlled slave to the A.I or possibly a Rebel trying to destroy the A.I’s grasp on the world. The choice is yours!
What we offer
— a inclusive story that will fit your OC perfectly!
— Staff to help you out on your experience!
— Fun bots to play with!
— Lots of channels and locations for you to roleplay in
— A great and strong Lore antagonist
— future possibilities of events and encounters in the world

Note: we are currently looking for staff and in roleplay leaders so join and you have a great chance of joining the team!
We hope to see you soon! ^W^
❀ | Come join this new Milk and Mocha server with high quality emotes! Our 2 cute bears want to be shared by all!
Growing server,there will be sex,nuds of girls,meeting and fun.join now!!
This server is a new server for master and slave- roleplaying. You can create your oc, and be a master or a slave in this server. The server is very new and doesn't have a lot of members, so join and make those numbers higher!

A few years ago, a great wizard had found an island which he liked, it was rich of resources, mountains, lakes, and had a good climate.

He decided to claim it for his own and took it over with ease. He named the island after himself, Eclipsis, and made his own mini-world.
Everyone who opposed the reign of the new ruler would never be heard of again.
The emperor now lives in a palace, where he relaxes as he looks over his kingdom..

On this island, the rules are different..
Unlike on the normal Earth land, not everyone is considered equal. There are differences in power on his island.. those 'differences' are based on the race of the inhabitants most of the time.
Some races, that he considered 'submissive' would have to serve the more 'dominant' races.
The submissive races would often find themselves enslaved, and if not, they'd be poor people, struggling to survive.

'Submissive' races would be races such as Nekos, Humans, Mixes between animals and humans, etc.
'Dominant races would be races such as Demons and Vampires etc.
Now, there are always exceptions, some Nekos could be considered dominant, and some Demons submissive, but this was just a general idea of how things went.

Do you dare to set foot on this island for some fun erp and become a slave? Or will you become a master? The choice is yours.

Only join this server if you're 16+ and hella kinky
This is a server for Diaper RP in the Wings of Fire book series universe. If you don't know what the series is I have resources in a lore tab to help you understand.
A random emoji server. Must have nitro to use outside the server.
Laid back server that has a nsfw channel(you can request to view it~), art, music, and chill people who love meeting others!! We have a shit posting channel for the meme gang out there.
Hi! want to make friends? or socialise with awesome and kind people? This server is for you!! All our members are cute little cherry’s. This server is very new so please try it out and give aome love❤️. Our admins and Me (the owner) will gladly listen to your advice and complaints. I hope you will concider joining <3 - All the cute little cherrys.
Calypso is a RP server which is trying to extend further frorm the stereotypical school RP trope. Persona, JoJo, Pokemon, Homestuck, and other fans reside here and are able to be a part of an evergrowing storyline involving the fate of this city.
There's gangs related to Diavolo, Tartarus and the Dark Hour are back here, and the crime rates and disappearances keep rising. There's an aura of mystery in the air, and revelations and fights grow evermore.
The amazing city of Casteliose, and the universe of Calypso await! It's your decision of what fate resides in this urban metropolis.
Hey, si tu recherches un serveur tranquille où tu peux parler de cinéma / vidéos / photos ou autre alors tu frappes à la bonne porte ! Ce serveur est fait pour trouver des personnes qui veulent s'améliorer ou donner des conseils sans prise de tête. Si tu veux des conseils sur le matériel nécessaire pour faire des photos des vidéos ou du stream il y a sur ce serveur des channels prévus pour ça ! Tu peux même si tu le souhaites faire des vidéos ou des lives car des channels sont également prévues pour cela. Des événements sont bien évidemment prévus comme une diffusion de film, concours photos, vidéos ou bien même des choses plus tranquilles... Si tu es motivé à rejoindre le serveur alors je t'en prie tu es le ou la bienvenu(e) !
A storm has struck the lands causing a fire in Timberclan that has burned their once group forest down to ash blowing in the wind. Streamclan are trapped in a string of murders and grief. From Quaildust to Tigerheart. Nightclan's past leader Hawkstar has left the young Skystar in command of the clan. A she-cat not even 20 moons yet. The clan is dived between accepting the young leader and questioning her skill in the role. Breezeclan exiled the young Hickorypaw who has now returned as Hickorystar with a clan at his back to worship the Dark Forest with each passing day they grow stronger. The Tribe of Warm Sunlight was just attacked by the deadly rogue group from the mountains, the Blood Tusks. Those lucky to have survived the battle are hidden deep in the cracks of the cave. Over in the Tribe of Broken Antler things are relatively peaceful as the cats creep into the shadows of the Antler Rocks to connect with the great cats from before. What secrets will they unlock?

- A humble, kind and active community with often conversation, always looking for new members to join them!
- 4 Clans similar to the original, 1 New very different clan, 2 new clans on the way. One modern tribe + one ancient tribe. 1 deadly rogue group. 2 Kittypet groups. Plus other animals too!
- Literate to Semi-Literate roleplay
- Over 50 creative channels to roleplay in and explore!
- A kind staff community that makes sure all things stay balanced
- Developing, action-filled plot & sub plots!
- Troll Proof setup
- 50+ Basic & Animated Emojis!
- Fun and useful bots + a channel just for Pokecord!
- Two separate AU servers, Human Apocalypse and Canine!
NEW Canine RP server based off of the server Warriors: Forever Starlight. Join four re-envisioned packs of wolves and dogs struggling to survive in the ancient landscape of Europe.

- A humble, kind and active community with often conversation, always looking for new members to join them!
- 4 Different Packs + Good & Evil realms
- Literate to Semi-Literate roleplay
- Lots of incredible interesting territory to explore!
- A kind staff community that makes sure all things stay balanced
- Developing, action-filled plot & sub plots!
- Troll Proof setup
- Based on a Warrior Cat's Server + Very own Human Apocalypse AU Server
Zapraszamy na nowo stworzony serwer roleplay!
Naszym celem jest stworzenie zgranej społeczności i dobra zabawa!
Oferujemy :
- Roleplay w świecie greckiej mitologii
- Stań się Półbogiem i poznawaj swoje umiejętności
- Miłe towarzystwo i administracje
- Aktywny czat!
- Boty dla jeszcze lepszej atmosfery
Serdecznie zapraszamy!
A welcoming multi-RP community with built up yet flexible lore, multiple settings to choose from, and an ever-expanding multiverse from which to carve your adventure. Many of our settings are open-world, and you are able to make your own RP in the community as well. One-liners, multi-para, and everything in-between welcome.
Hey! You there! Do you like roleplaying? Do you like hanging out with a bunch of likeminded degenerates? Do ya like jazz? If you answered yes to any of these three, then head on over to our server! Currently at over 310 members, we're growing rapidly, so there's no shortage of new people to meet! All in all, come on in and hang out!

We cater to just about every kink with its own channel, along with a universal roleplay prompt chat for people to put out advertisements to prospective partners!
Simulating Sports Is A Server Where U Can Manage A Football Or Formula 1 Team
⚽️ Football ⚽️
🏎 Formula 1 🏎
Multiple Divisions
Customs Teams , Players + Drivers
In Depth Management
Welcome ! On this discord server you can earn daily gift like random steam game / Minecraft account / Spotify premium account / PayPal money / gift card . Join and enter in giveaways to try to win some prizes 😉