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Surging Ember is a fantasy/combat roleplaying group where you start out with a weak character and climb the ranks through trainings, events and kickin' monster ass. However, PTK is always active so be careful of your choices or X_X

I hope you enjoy the group! :D
A fun public server were you can chat with gamers and people who just want to meet new people.
Hello and Welcome to our kingdom. We're a new rp server and are accepting anyone who follows our rules. Ask our admins about our lore if you are curious about joining.
An OC and Worldbuilding server encouraging artists, writers, and developers of all sorts!

Here at Fantastic Worlds, we want to help fuel your world and creative capacity! We're a 16+ community with 30+ sfw and nsfw channels, some pretty neat bots, and voice channels so that everyone can be involved how they want to be and at their own pace. All characters and stories are welcome!

No beginning, no end.

MidWorld sits in a universe of its own, it is a parallel to all conceivable universes and times. Past, Present, and Future all meet and exist in tandem. The Sovereign selects adventurers from other worlds with a divine Algorithm, many adventurers arrive near-death or at a point of something significant in their lives. Those who prove themselves worthy of this gift can bring forth untold prosperity and ascend to God-hood.

The planet of MidWorld has all sorts of creatures inhabiting it either born from the world itself, or travelers from distant universes. Midtown is the primary center of civilization for this world, and is the most welcoming.

- Heavy OC Oriented
- Powerbalancing
- Active Admin and Events
- Elections held every 25members
- Est 12/26/2017
Small server with only one person, I hope you will join, we may not have many people but we have a cum slut ready for anyone that wants her
Dead server dedicated to hosting Riley Reid emotes for nitro users. No chats are enabled, it's sole purpose is to host Riley emotes.
Our server is new, very small, and budding. We focus on fun and quality conversations alike, and have rooms for venting and "intellectual" conversations such as politics and other serious talk.
Hello, welcome to Fur Town. We are a very chill and laid back community where everyone is welcome. Be sure to read the rules as they are enforced daily. Our staff is very kind and understanding and would be glad to help you in anyway possible. We have accommodations for everyone. Pokemon channels, teen channel and for those who are over the age of 18 have NSFW channels. We have channels for memes and various other channels. We have customized roles to describe you and who you are. Please enjoy your stay and have a wonderful time.
Welcoming community and a place to relax and make new friends!

We are a Tokyo Ghoul Anime Text Rp Server its Tokyo Ghoul: Redo no Main Character.. Our own Heroes, Villains, Humans, Ghouls, Hybrids & all!

We have everything from Manga to the Tv Series yes their different which is why we will be selecting our OWN Main Character(s) & our Main Hero (s)!

We want you all who are looking for a Serious Text Rp, Strict Rules & Follow those Rules.. We are looking for people who are serious no Trolls, Idiots or ignorance we want True Rpers or people willing to Learn are also Welcomed!

Please when joining the Server Report to the Rules & Rp Rules there are two Rule Channels who for Discord Server/Rp & one for the Text Rp I did it this way for a Reason & you will notice that reason & if you don't then not my fault. cx

But seriously! This is a Family place a place to come & be you we are all Equals here! It does not matter what you are Straight, Bi, Gay, Other, Gender Fluid, Atheist or Religious does not matter your an Equal here! Disability or no Disability! Your an Equal here! This is your chance to join a Safe, Caring, Fun, Real Text Rp Community!

Whether your a Single Pringle or Taken, We welcome All at 18+ Single and friends. Come join us in this (Dating/relationship Oriented) Server where you can participate in the Anime room, Videogame Room, Talk in general, or post your photography skills!~
(Includes rooms for every Continent, and lots of interest; As well as A level system and Plenty of roles, So if you look at someone's roles you should instantly be able to tell their Gender, Age range, Orientation, Continent, And interest (if they have given themselves roles yet).

So please join us Sometime~
Hi. Welcome to the music industry! We hope you enjoy it here with the many genres of music you can make! You may work with a group or take the career on solo. Make a decision before you get stuck in one of the frequent music battles. Have fun here, and don’t get stuck working part-time at McDonald’s! The city of Hakodate is full of places to visit, so be sure to check that out as well! have fun here and pursue your dreams!!!

(Timezone: 2019)
Hi! And Welcome to 'The K-Pop Café'!

This is an SFW K-Pop/Chill server.

What do we have to offer?

✧ Over 200 K-pop group roles, solo artist and company rolea to choose from!
✧ Fun events and channels to talk in like spam and meme channels
✧ Company update channels
✧ LGBTQ+ friendly as well as sexual, romantic orientation and pronoun roles.
✧ A Mee6 level system up to 50 as well as an uno bot
✧ Even an idol dump channel for you to share your bias pics in!

...And much, much more!

✨ Pull up a chair, and have a nice cup of tea at The K-Pop Café!✨
☕️**Welcome to The Alley Cat Café!**☕️

This is a server created to be a calm, relaxing and fun place for people aged 16-29 to come and unwind after a long day or for people to hang out and feel at home.

Make friends, have interesting & fun conversations or even fall in love! The Alley Cat Café is the place to accomplish all of that and more. We cater to all kinds of interests from video games & anime, to photography & music; there’s no end to the range of topics you’ll be able to discuss. Is there something we don’t have? Simply make a suggestion and our staff will work hard to ensure that, no matter what floats your boat, we will make you feel welcome!

So pull up a chair, enjoy a warm drink and make yourself at home. The Alley Cat Café is always open!
*Star Wars Galaxy welcomes you to a Star Wars The clone wars roleplay!

**🎧- use our music bot while Roleplaying!
💶- use are economy bot to make a fleet and conquer planets!
🔨- rp and build houses and businesses for a slight fee!
⚔️- fight in hectic battles !
🚀- fly across the galaxy!
📦- be a smuggler and deliver goods for a price and much much more !
🤝- we are looking to partner as-well !
🍆- We also Have NSFW !**

•Need more discord server members?
•Finding it a challenge to grow your server?
•Want to meet new people?
•Want to make new friends?
•Want your server to get hundreds or thousands of members?
•Do you want find more gamers?
•Do you wanna advertise your twitch or youtube channel to get more followers or subscribers?
•Do you want to find more discord servers to partner with?
•Do you want more entertainment?

If so, here is the place to go!
We are still a growing community server hoping to change in as many possible ways which benefit our members
So far we have got:

•Would you rather questions
•Available partnerships and staff applications
•Advertising channels for discord, twitch, youtube, facebook, websites and much more
•Gaming roles and channels
•Dank memes and jokes
•Spam channels
•Fun facts
•Emoji channels
•Food and art sharing channels
•Sparta and anime
•Holiday chats
•Open bot and roles requests
•Riddle channels
•Superhero, villain and monster 1v1 fights, chats and voting every two weeks!
•Venting channel
And so much more to come!

We have over 100 members and are are open for partnership. Just DM me
We do not ping everyone unless its a ping for a ping. Your server must have 10+ human members. However we do not partner with NSFW servers, (NSFW channels must be locked). We are also looking for a trustworthy partner manager and staff members

We hope you have a great time there!
The Divide by Zero Advertising and community server

A sfw server about a broken timeline with monsters and other perils lurking in the shadows. Play as either monsters or humans and play against your friends in a unique roleplay like no other!
You have been invited one of the greatest UnOrdinary RP servers!
The server allows a lot of utilities to its members, here are a few examples :

* Turf wars set up by the admins.
* A hierarchy for the highest levelled people on the server! You can even battle for a place in it!
* You can create your own ability and use it irp!
* A specific NSFW role for erp! (Please no)
* A rolling system designed for the ability scores!
* Irp training to increase your character's Ability score!

What are you waiting for! Join now!
Invite :
Server looking for more new friends to join in on the fun! We are a chill server, just enjoying good talks and good friends. You can really do anything, just not the things in the rules (which isn't a lot) , other than that; hope you join in on the fun! i really don't know what else to say my dude
Hello there!
My name is Axel and this is my server
I made this server as a small place to talk and make friends.
So enjoy?