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🎉〔{〔NEO N CITY〕}〕🎉
🕋 ↱〔Worship Allah.〕⟳
🎁 ↳〔Epic booster perks.〕⟳
😳 ↳〔Daily question and many epic channels.〕⟳
🎉 ↳〔Color & Ping roles.〕⟳
💯 ↳〔Weekly games.〕⟳
🦍 ↳〔Cool shop items using Unbelievaboat.〕⟳
🥵 ↳〔Get moist with the bois.〕⟳
🖕 ↳〔Free advertising.〕⟳
🤡 ↳〔Unfunny people.〕⟳
😎 ↳〔We like to fart.〕⟳
لحظة لول هاها أحب البوبلحظة لول هاها أحب البوبلحظة لول هاها أحب لحظة لول هاها أحب البوبلحظة لول هاها أحب البوبلحظة لول هاها أحب البوب

We hope we've convinced you to join our gamer city.
🔷Welcome to Miris!🔷
Welcome to the world of Miris! This is a growing world with a mix of D&D and custom lore. We are very open to adding more lore and playable material submitted by users! We have an easy application system and simple rules to follow. We are a new server looking for people to add to our lore and to join our mod team. We also need normal users to kick off the RPing and help get things active.

🔷About Miris🔷
A kingdom far beyond the reach of any other, Miris is a peaceful and prosperous place. Their castle and town are well protected by a well trained army and stone walls surrounding them. They are not the only kingdom within the world of Staranach, but they are isolated from the other two kingdoms and their only connection is from migrants and trade caravans. Miris is home to all kinds of species, both human and animals alike. Humans, elves, tieflings, shapeshifters, and many more. All of which will be elaborated on later.

But what is Miris most known for? The Legends. Legends are an elite group of soldiers who specialize in taking down threats that the normal knights and guardsmen struggle with. This often means taking down monsters and other such large threats. There are a few retirements every year from the Legends, and they will start accepting new trainees around that time. There are 3 ranks for Legends: Mentors, Warriors, and Trainees. There is no official leader for Legends other than the King, but there is usually someone regarded highly who advises the group and helps keep things organized. But the Legends do more than protect, they give the people hope and something to admire. They are both protectors and public figures. And as such, every Legend has some sort of title or nickname.

🔷Make Your Own Story🔷
But you don't need to be a part of any of that to enjoy yourself. Make your own little side plot and interact with characters. You can watch the story unfold without being a part of it if you choose.

🔷Come Explore Miris!🔷
▶We are an 18+ server but we only verify with reasonable suspicion or if you want access to our nsfw chats.
▶We expect 5+ sentences per post with some effort put in to maintain a creative and literate environment!
▶Characters have a good standard of detail and realism that makes the world and the characters feel more alive.
▶We encourage users to submit their own races, beasts, factions, etc.
▶We have plenty of things to do, different quests and paths in life to follow.
▶Royalty and Legend spots are open!
Spojený svaz
> Zdravím, rádi bychom tě pozvali na náš nový server s aktivním a pohodovým A-teamem. Naším cílem je se rozšířit a mít zábavu..
» Eventy a giveawaye
» NSFW kanály
» Aktivní a spravedlivý A-Team
» Přátelská komunita
» Vlastní role
» Hlasové kanály na hudbu i na komunikaci
» Časté updaty

⭕ Emporium is a market based community that aims to provide a multitude of services with it's e-commerce stores and public markets

⭕ Our services are provided by highly vouched & trusted inividuals

⭕ We aim to grow this server into a hub for any service needed

⭕ Join us today and enjoy what we have to provide


We are a brand new warrior cats roleplay server
we have:
❀ Custom clans
❀ Seasons
❀ Weather
❀ Starclan
❀ The dark forest
and more!

We have any roleplay channels and more could easily be added, we take anyone's suggestions. Feel free to come and join us! we wont bite. We want this server to grow and with your help it can happen.

! Looking for Staff !
A server where you can meet and keep up with the Gaming With RANDOM0USER YouTube Channel! On this server, you can talk with your friends, play music, get notified whenever a new video comes out, be a part of our giveaways, and MORE!! I hope to see you here!
This is just a homey server with some bots. It's kinda dead, so we need some more people to bring it back. Just chill, talk, and use the bots here.
Hey! Are you an aspiring writer? Or want to start writing but don't know how to? Or are you simply a reader who dabbles in fanfiction? Be it expert or novice, TWS is the 'write' place for you.
Here are some booktastic features about our server:
• We have a supportive community, which is active, and ready to help.
• A book of the month, to read and discuss with the community!
• An endless supply of writing prompts from the subreddit r/WritingPrompts!
• Fun VC events, like movie nights, group reading, and more!
• Monthly writing competitions!
• Channels to play games, and chat with your friends!
• 10+ off-topic channels for memes, music and more!
• A team of Admins to monitor the server, and help out!
A couplet in your honor, the future member of TWS:
TWS is waiting for you,
You won't let us down, now, will you?
**Hey 👋 ! Je vais te présenter ^-^ ! 💖
C'est un serveur Discord où vous trouverez :**

*「💬」Une communauté active avec une ambiance chill et détendu !
「🎉」Des Animations, concours, évènements et giveaway réguliers !
「🌍」Des lieux de partage pour vos memes, dessin ou oeuvres, etc
「🔊」Venez discuter en vocal avec nous et écouter de la musique ou la radio !
「🤖」Si vous aimez jouer avec des bots comme pokécord, enderbot ou d'autre c'est possible sur ^-^ !

🔒 Tout cela dans un serveur discord optimisé et sécurisé par ses bots et son staff !
💵 Le serveur possède également une économie unique permettant d'acheter des gardes spéciaux !
💖 Le serveur est boosté donc venez profiter des avantages de ^-^ !

Recherche Partenaire [✅]
Recrutement Staff [✅]

Je n'ai plus qu'une chose a te dire prend le lien ci dessous et rejoins nous vite !*
A new ERP server I created after realizing many of them... kinda blow in terms of management. A new place I am really hoping to grow with new members. Give us a chance. A place to be super weird and super kinky. More extreme types definitely welcome. We all wanna let our degenerate fetish flags fly here. No furry characters though sorry <3 18+ only.
Welcome to the city of Eden! The busiest city around!
Eden’s government is wildly corrupt, seeking total control of the world! The only people that seek to stand against them is Cardinal. A resistance that hopes to destroy the Eden government and restore peace. You can choose a side or stay neutral. The choice is yours. Of course if you don’t, there are other factions to choose from.

Possible Character Races: Human, Vampire, Werewolf, Dwarf, Djinn, Nymph, Orc, Elves

Possible Factions To Join: Eden Government, Cardinal Rebellion, The Sunhoods Mercenary Guild, Angels Of The Dark (Illegal Dark Magic User Group), The Crimson Ravens Gang, Student At The School Of High Magic

Everyone is welcome, though some mature themes may be present, so our suggested age range is 15+. This is a (semi)literate roleplay, just try your best! Any questions you have can be answered in the server, and you are always free to leave if you find it's not quite for you. There is a magic based system and rules on magic and weapon use, but it's not unbearable.

I am not the server owner, I am just an admin! We are looking for new members and would love to have you be apart of this group!

Current Plot: The Cardinal Rebellion has made advancements towards coal power reactors that are key parts to how the city is run. The government is trying to stop them, the possibility of other factions getting involved is now getting higher and higher. Will the government succeed and regain control, or will the rebellion pull through and overrun the corrupt officials?
Welcome to Power Politics!
Discord Politics is long dead, and it's time to change that. Join here for a server where one will not be banned for petty words, and laden with debate! Old faces and new, from Discord and Twitter, come together in this server to debate aspects of philosophy, politics, history, and religion!

This server offers:
-Daily VC's
-Friendly and fair moderation
-Freedom of speech - you will not get banned for any political sentiment or any word you say!
-A fun and friendly community
Jackin' House

-▷ Lots of NSFW channels!!!
-▷ Mature Community!
-▷ Variety of Topics!
-▷ Lots of Memes!
What to Expect from this server:

Friendly Environment with an Active Community
Anti Spam methods to keep conversations healthy!
Very much category's

What we provide for the community:

A well moderated 18+ ONLY memberbase!
Fun Chats & Bots to make the server more alive!
A friendly server to join for chatting, memes and most importantly lewds 0/ / / /0

We are a accepting trap apperication server, that accepts all kinds of people and kinks. Traps welcomed. so give it a try...We have cookies. 0w0

Age 16+ minimum.
┏━━━━ °⌜ Sakura⌟° ━━━━┓

➶ Hello, our future kidnapping victim!

[🍓] This discord server has almost everything you need & desire
[🕵️‍♀️ ] An amazing society of loving people!
[🍥] Many many bots and admins to make sure the server is as great as possible!
[🍡] We have many different channels for different purposes such as media, lounge, and the amazing party channels
[💫] We have many custom bots!
[🍉] We offer much more, come join and see for yourself!

➶ Thanks for reading!

└───── °⌜ Sakura ⌟° ─────┘
A place where mythical creatures roam, The Mountains of The Dragons is a mythical creature roleplay server. We offer:

•Kind staff
•Mass server roleplays (when it has enough people)
•And more!
•• ━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━ ••
Spill the tea
•• ━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━ ••

Welcome to Spill the tea, the most entertaining server on discord!
We offer..

◢ Friendly and helpful staff members!
◢ An online 24/7 bot // Reporting system.
◢ Coin bot - You can earn gold to buy in-server items such as roles!
◢ A lot of fun and interactive bots.
◢ Tons of voice and text channels to explore.
◢ A lot of roles that you can earn.
◢ This is a SFW (safe-for-work) server.
◢ We have a suggestion channel that we always take in account and try to implement your ideas!
◢ We do partnerships!

●・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・● ●・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・● ●・○・●・○・●・○・●・
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a remote town where humans must coexist with races that threaten them? Look no further than Arkwood Creek.

Arkwood Creek is a remote, fictional town in the American midwest which has been home to a number of races for well over two centuries. Cut off from the rest of society and absent of federal intervention, this little town has become lawless and almost totally self-catering. Humans, vampires and sorcerers all reside within seperate districts in the town. With segregation in full swing, tensions have begun to rise between residents of the town: particularly in regard to the vampire hunting militias setting up here and their strife to end the supposed "threat" of vampirism on the human populace.

With a weak police department mainly subsidised by the more powerful vampire-hunting militias; assaults, illegal parties, street races and all out riots have been a popular attraction to the town in recent years.

We are attempting to build a friendly and mature community of literate roleplayers that will help us expand our lore. We also have a range of social activities and bots for those who want to use them.

So where do you fit in here? Are you a vampire? Are you a regular, peace-loving citizen? Or do you have a point to prove against these vampiric invaders? Perhaps you’ll join the ‘Hunters Guild’. Wherever you stand: welcome to Arkwood Creek.

(Aged 16+ Only)

PS: The first 10 members of the server will gain the "Founding Member" role.
Midnight is an RP server that explores the magical and advanced world called midnight. There is plenty of lore to learn and a multitude of channels to help cover the globe. Explore until your heart is content, run around town or fight off monsters the choice is yours.
Hey, you there. Do you want to create a server, but don't know where to start? Just want some help? Then this is fhe perfect server for you...

✧》I, the owner of this server will help you create your server.

✧》There is already made layouts here that i can give to you.

✧》I can help you make a server from scratch (add bots, roles, templates for chats, rules... literally make everything for you in your server!!!.. besides emojis..)

✧》I can even stay if you are in need of staff members.

✧》This is completely free. I just enjoy making servers and helping people... If you're interested please consider joining.
✽ The Last Of Us ✽

❀ Lots of friendly/ active people ❀

✾ Level 3 server ✾

❃ Friendly staff ❃

❊ robux and nitro gw events ❊

ꕥ Premium Bots for extra fun ꕥ

Hello there! Give us a shot. We are a new community we are working hard on our server to make it perfect and active chat and hoping for the best.

We also take suggestions from our members if we like them so join us and help us build the community!