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Just a fun server that me and my friends made
The lab is a place where scientists get to do experiments on their large selection of test subjects,alot of fucked up shit happens there,would you be a test subject who has to suffer the pain of these experiments for the rest of their life or try to escape and become a free man,become a scientist and construct different experiments on the poor helpless subjects,or a security unit to make sure everything is right and no subjects escape (my grammar is shit,but cut me some slack)
Welcome to S I R E N S! A role-play based in the 1700s where mystical sirens have surfaced from the oceans; striking terror into the lives of sailors and pirates. Here, you may join one of three role-player types: sailor, siren or pirate where you can experience: buccaneer work, trade and murder.

We’re super chill, and i’d like to think that we’re a friendly server. We have extensive maps, lore, and different channels for different characters!
-Roleplay to the Max otherwise know as {RM} is somewhat a brand for roleplay servers

-This allows a deeper partnership between servers by building a little community

-This is somewhat like a social hub were you can find server details and links to th server

-Servers who wish join this will be inspected and checked that they follow some standards such as:
-Basic rules enforced
-At least a small player base
-A server developed and ready to go
-The Owner and admins are willing to co operate with other {RP} members
It is the legion of the Hentai Hunter and it is also where he keeps his stash
=====) [email protected] a ''Pepe's Army'' (=====

=( Necesitamos )=

| 50+ Pepes/Usuarios |
| Admins y Moderadores |

y algunas cosas más.

Porfavor... no soy el único pepo que voy ha estar ahí.
We're a new server looking for more members! This is a JoJo rp set in Morioh but not the Morioh that you know. Morioh is our template that we welcome you to interact with as we make our own JoJo adventure!
Si toi aussi les émotions font partie de ton quotidien & que le sujet t'intéresse !

This server is only partially complete and I am unsure of what to add to it because I am trying to let it grow. After this server is less dead I will edit this desc. to the best of my ability.
Idk do whatever u want we have free speech pokecord and memes and shiz so join pls I’m desperate we have like no members so kinda guaranteed dead but u can help with that I guess also uhh if u join u will get a lambo and a house and Gucci flip flops (u won’t but still join pls ;-;)
This is a gravity fall rp server. We accept oc and characters from the show.So here is a little lore for the server:

After bill ciphers so called “death” dipper and Mabel grew up to the age of 19 cause this is 6 years after.Stan still has a part of bill wondering in his head. Will ,bills younger brother, is now freeing his brother. Now that bill is free who knows what chaos is coming.

Now that you know the lore let me tell you somethings we have to offer:
1)A owner that wants to rp or erp with you
2)a bunch of admins that wanna rp
4)tones of rp spaces

Hell's Little Paradise has returned with changes to it. Come back for another round of drinks and possibly more ~
This is a kpop server with self assignable roles, lots of channels, bots, and much more for everyone to make friends and talk about kpop
A growing nihilistic wasteland full of music, memes, and voice and bot channels. Come hang with us.
What we have to offer
- Memes
- Music channels
- Voice chats
- Bots
- NSFW (gore, lewds and nudes)
And much more
The worlds always been in chaos. Theres something menacing that's recently brought back the heroes of old. These heroes that once protected the people have turn into monster ad are causing problems. There are four standing kingdoms that have been successful in surviving.
- The kingdom of Gammouzra; a strongly fortified kingdom with a king that can't ever die.
- The kingdom of Ethossia; a weak country that is strong in religion.
- The Unicorn kingdom; a small and humble land that has new ideas for war and defense. It also has a strong naval presents.
- The kingdom of Silverborough; a country covered in controversy. But strong in defense and magic.
With these four kingdoms in place, the world had hopes to fight back.
The Lost Kingdoms Await You
Imagine a world similar to our own, yet different in so many ways. The Lost Kingdoms takes place on a continent called Armonia split into 4 kingdoms. Empire of Scuro, Territories of Eanasír, Sovereignty of Lumen and Rauch Kingdom. Become a magical creature and fight for your beliefs! Defend yourself against powerful animals, or support dangerous revolutions. And remember, nothing remains lost forever.

The Lost Kingdoms is a fantasy Roleplay created by yours truly. It has been worked on for years with incredibly detailed lore and world mechanisms. It’s easy to get into with interactive and friendly staff. It’s fun for casual role plays and intense ones too! (I use the word RP like 10 times)
So, what is Yurrenvenns? Well, Yurrenvenns is one of my many Medieval Fantasy worlds. Some of those being Ocerem, my first one, and the world which has a novel being written about it. Yurrenvenns has many things to offer, such as roleplay, in roleplay, you will travel many parts of Yurrenvenns with your character. This world is entirely fiction and should be seen as such.
Now, how do I roleplay? Well, you start by making a character, this can be done in bios. If you wish to know how to make one, got to How-to-character, this will show you the basic needs of a character.
But what makes of different from other Roleplay servers? Well, You, yes you, can change to the world around you. You see, no more just trying to get a date with that fantastic woman is the only reason to roleplay, You can have goals, you can start from nothing to something. You can become stronger and more powerful, and most importantly > Your choices. < You can Save an entire city from a goblin horde or even destroy a city. Example, you assassinate the Human King and forever change to the storyline, This is a roleplay where YOU the roleplayer matter.
Now, I know I said you can change the world around you, but that doesn't mean you can go crazy, as you saw in rules, You cant be to OP, sure you can, but you can't MAKE your character OP, No one is born a god (Unless you parents are a god, but that won't be happening.) You can't blow up the earth or take over Yurrenvenns, maybe you can own your castle one day, but here, you start as a simple Adventurer.
Fun, Friendly Server.
There are sfw channels for those who want out of the NSFW sections.
Great Community
Friendly Admins
Active Owners

*We belive in being respectful to our members so if anyone is disrespectful dont be afraid to ask for help!!*
Hello! Welcome to F A T E
! Here We Have Dating,NSFW, And Much More! What we have to offer, 24/7 Moderation, And A Little Bit Of rping if you like that
A strange place with strange Warrior Cat clans, what could happen in this strange place next? What could it hold? What could be done?
We're a friendly and loving server dedicated to the rookie boy group, Stray Kids ! We offer a wide variety of things in this server such as; fun and friendly chats dedicated to Stray Kids, The Rose and other kpop artists.
We will host fun activities like QOTD and occasional events when the server hits 80 members~
We have galleries dedicated to each member of Stray Kids! We hope you enjoy your time in our server, we have many fun channels, colourful roles, and more to come as the server grows!
This is just a server I made for hanging out.
A Political server dedicated to all sides of the spectrum where you need not be worried about getting banned for disagreeing with a mod. You are also allowed to debate with people you disagree with so long as you remain civil for the most part, and an ad hom or two won't bother us.